Best Curio Cabinet Reviews 2023

Whether they be trophies, or fine china, or handmade dolls, or grandpa’s urn, there’s got to be that vantage point where these things can be placed to be seen so we can remind ourselves to cherish all the memories those things hold for us. A curio cabinet is that point. And you’ve just gotta get the right one. Thankfully, a detailed review of five of the best curio cabinet makers in the market has been done for you already. Go through and pick the right one, even if it isn’t our featured product. What really matters are you and your fine things.
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Our Top Choice
Kings Brand Furniture Curio Cabinet
Kings Brand Furniture has, for many years running, gained a name for itself as the home of tasteful, quality furniture solutions that always exceed expectations.
Made of strong, sturdy, and durable wood. Comes in a brilliant white finish. Finish also increases durability. Easy assembly in a short time. Doors slide smoothly and all the way.
Finish gives off temporary, strong odor at first.
China display
Glass sliding doors
40 x 16 x 36 inches; 80 lbs
Two finishes available
Best Value
DisplayGifts Shot Glass Display Cabinet
DisplayGifts seeks to put your keepsakes and mementos in the best possible light with its assortment of elegant curio cabinets that are guaranteed to blow your mind.
No assembly. Removable shelves for tall shot glasses and shooters. Comes with mirror behind for a nicer display. Features brass hinges and latches. Comes with wall brackets.
A spotlight might have been a good idea.
Shot glass holder
Hinged glass doors; 72 slots
19.5 x 3.5 x 24.5 inches; 18 lbs
Wood; glass
Southern Enterprises Corner Curio Cabinet
Striving for continuous improvement, Southern Enterprises believes that affordable furniture can and should be amazing. So, it goes right ahead to make it available!
Mirrored background for an enhanced display. Spotlight keeps items nicely displayed in the dark. Simple design with a mahogany finish. Tempered glass. 9-foot cord.
Assembly is difficult and time-consuming.
Corner display cabinet
. Lighted; mirrored-back; 2 shelves
15.5 x 21.2 x 70 inches; 83 lbs
Wood; glass
Two finishes available
Coaster Home Furnishing Glass Curio Cabinet
Over time, Coaster Home Furnishings has successfully made living spaces come back to life with its incredible and unique pieces that are affordable and stand the test of time.
Comes with 3 glass shelves. Features large 17-inch length for several items. Sturdy and stable. Corner curio that works with small spaces. All assembly tools included.
Assembly is tedious and directions are difficult.
Contemporary glass
3 shelves
17 x 14 x 63.8 inches; 88 lbs
Cappuccino top and bottom
Elegant Home Fashion Floor Cabinet
Elegant Home Fashion uses wood as the material of choice in its quest to craft stunning pieces that’ll turn your living space into a home that you always love to come back to.
Solid MDF shelf construct for durability. Tempered glasses for safety. Easy assembly. Directions also in French and Spanish. Classic brass hinges and handles. Adjustable shelves.
Classic antique look might not appeal to all.
Floor cabinet
2 hinged glass doors; 6 shelves
12.5 x 34 x 26 inches; 44 lbs
Wood; glass
Oil Oak

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What is the Best Curio Cabinet?

Now that you’ve read the preceding guide, you’re definitely armed with all the necessary info you need to get the best bang for your buck when it comes to purchasing a curio cabinet. Go over to our reviews and see what’s totally hot among curio cabinets right now.
Our Top Choice
The Kings Brand Furniture Wood Curio Cabinet with Glass Sliding Doors is a great alternative to a bookshelf. It’s made with really strong wood and coupled with a brilliant white finish for a tasteful, yet sturdy design. Or how about something simpler yet stylish, more affordable, in a gorgeous black color, and easy to assemble? Then see the Kings Brand Furniture Curio Bookcase Cabinet.

Kings Brand Furniture Wood Curio Cabinet with Glass Sliding Doors – Available in 2 Colors

For many years, Kings Brand Furniture has provided many homes with lasting furniture solutions that are simple, stylish, and affordable. Being family-owned, the brand is not unfamiliar with the day-to-day living needs and challenges of the average family, which also includes the challenge of managing living space. Taking up this challenge head-on, it has committed to inventing and reinventing stylish solutions relevant to a wide range of living needs, from high-end to budget-friendly. There’s always something for everyone at Kings Brand Furniture. With this brand, you can be sure of quality pieces that last, because as we know, quality is almost always determined by durability. Again, it delivers on that score.

So, we heard you’re looking for a fantastic curio cabinet that won’t slice your pocket in half with a Samurai sword. In that case, you need to see the Kings Brand Furniture Curio Cabinet. It is indeed a cabinet for kings. How are we sure?

It’s made of solid wood. This is not some cheap bookcase with flimsy wood that will rot in a blink of an eye. No. Go look for that elsewhere. This wood is strong and durable, and will stay for years until you tire of it—if you can tire of something so darling and sweet to your pocket, that is.

To reinforce the structural integrity of the wood, the cabinet comes in a beautiful white finish. Now you can be doubly sure that your cabinet isn’t going to be fodder for termites and their ilk (terrible lot, those termites!).

Also, with this finish you can be sure that year after year, season after season, this cabinet will stay with you. It’s not going to up and die on you, no matter what. It’s like a loyal dog that doesn’t die. Now, wouldn’t you just love that?! This thing is a true BFF!

A slight issue with the finish though, is that it does tend to smell a wee bit too much for comfort the first few days. To be candid, it can be a little too much for those who are chemical-sensitive. But there’s good news: a simple wipe-down with soft soap and water, and some air, will get your cabinet smelling like roses, or whatever fragrance of soap you used to wipe down. And you’re good to go!

Assembly? Forget it! Way easy. Okay, the gist is this: in the instructions, the manufacturers say you need two people to setup, but many customers handled it alone (we owe them for their bravado though). And in under an hour too! So you see, sweet!

Although it doesn’t come with a center panel, the doors open all the way and they slide open so smoothly and easily like a dream. It’s like swiping on a really great trackpad. That smooth. No hindrance at all. All 36 inches of width are open for your total, unhindered access! Cleaning, placement, anything you want to do, you got a whole 3 feet at your command. Think; what can’t you do with all that easily accessible width?

So, whatever your display needs—you wanna display your books, some really expensive fine china, or just need a fancy place to hide your electronics? Hey, the Kings Brand Furniture Curio Cabinet is at your service. Plus, it even comes with a three-year warranty.
Best Value
The DisplayGifts Shot Glass Display Cabinet with Mirrored Background is a superb idea for all shot glass collectors. You’ll love the sturdiness of the solid wood frame and the beautiful display the mirror offers. Would you prefer a smaller, more affordable cabinet with removable glass shelves and a mirrored background? Then check out the DisplayGifts Small Wall Mountable Curio Cabinet.

DisplayGifts Shot Glass Display Cabinet with Mirrored Background

At DisplayGifts, it’s been a story of research, consultation, and innovation. Having been in the business for a while now, it has expectedly become one of the major key players, consistently paving the way in the market with cabinet pieces that come in beautiful and futuristic designs. Marrying latest technologies with mind-blowing, creative designing skills, all resulting products have never failed to charm the potential customer, turning many of them into long-standing patrons and volunteer advertisers for the brand. From a team of experienced craftsmen to a crew of amiable customer support agents, DisplayGifts is more than fully staffed to take care of your every display need.

To cut a potentially long story short, the DisplayGifts Shot Glass Display Cabinet is an awesome piece, especially for you shot glass collectors. Don’t even think of passing up the chance to own this amazing display cabinet—here’s why:

First of all, it’s made from high-quality wood. Not impressed? Okay. What if you knew that its frame is made of high-quality hardwood, hand-selected by experienced craftsmen? And it was sanded to smoothness over and again just for that elegant surface that DisplayGifts knows you’ll absolutely love. Does that not just boost your confidence to high heavens? We knew it would.

And that’s not all! The wooden frame also comes in an elegant black finish so your wooden frame isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It basically remains unchanged and saves you the heartbreak of parting with your Franklins again so soon. Coming with a hinged glass door (brass hinges, by the way. As in real-life, honest-to-goodness, no jokes brass), all your shot glasses are protected from any accidental impact and dust.

It then comes with a mirror behind to display your glasses beautifully, because if you’re gonna show off, then you’ve got to show off well. Let’s just put it this way, you can get the “oh so many shot glasses” reaction from your guests or the “oh so many beautiful and exotic shot glasses, how on earth did you snag this amazing collection?” response. This display cabinet with its mirror behind will obviously give you the latter. So, pick your camp wisely.

Now, we know that you might be an avid shot glass collector (or know someone who is) and that’s probably why you’re here shopping for a display cabinet. So, granted, you most likely have shot glasses of varying heights. Well, first off, the space between rows is about 2.5 inches, which is a fantastic start but as usual, it gets better. Every other shelf in this cabinet is removable. So tall, short, tall-short, short-tall shot glasses can literally have several seats in this thing.

And we didn’t tell you; it can take 72 shot glasses! 72! That’s more than the number of states in the United States—and it is the United States! Another plus for this cabinet is that it doesn’t even require assembly. It comes prepared and ready to work! No long stories. Just receive package, mount, and display shot glasses. Period!

For an easy mount, the DisplayGifts Shot Glass Display Cabinet also comes with wall brackets. You really don’t need to get any extraneous material with this piece. This big boy looks out for itself and comes with everything it needs. Now you can save that money and collect more shot glasses that’ll be the envy of all in your display cabinet.
Tight space? Then check out the elegant Southern Enterprises Lighted Corner Curio Cabinet. With a lighted corner design and a mirrored background, it works cleverly with your space for a five-star display. Would you love a unique fireplace-curio combo, with adjustable shelves and a remote-controlled thermostat? Then see the Southern Enterprises Townsend Fireplace Curio.

Southern Enterprises Lighted Corner Curio Cabinet – Available in 2 Colors

From media storage to fireplaces to home organization solutions, all products offered at Southern Enterprises are bestselling home furnishings. It boasts incredible designers who go to great lengths to discover the newest trends in color, style, and fad. This translates to the unique and beautiful statement designs that the brand is well-known for. It has a specialty for multifunctional pieces that work well with small living spaces for different kinds of lifestyles: modest or lavish. Placing a premium on value-conscious products, means that you always get the run for your money every time you purchase any of its stylish pieces.

If you’re tight on space and still need a sharp curio cabinet for all your treasures, then you’ve got to get the Southern Enterprises Corner Curio Cabinet. It’s every bit worth every penny you’ll spend in getting it. And don’t take our word for it; ask other happy customers who’ll only be too glad to offer information.

Like the name implies, it’s a cabinet that doesn’t feel bad staying in the corner. Not at all. It stands there tall and proud displaying all your keepsakes elegantly. Even in the corner, you cannot take the shine off this guy; it commands your attention all the same. You just can’t help but notice its simple antique design, made elaborate by its elegant mahogany finish, and decorative arch-top. It’s a piece for the elite, we tell you.

With its solid look, also comes its solid stance. It’s made of anti-tipping hardware so that your cabinet doesn’t develop a mind of its own (or your kids’ own) and decide to tip over. Still on the case for this piece’s durability, although almost entirely made of glass, which can be admittedly scary (who will not be scared of attending to more than one foot of entire glass, top to bottom?), all glass panels are tempered. So, no, they won’t crack one bit. Not during shipment. Not during assembly. Not during display.

When we tell you this thing is solid, take it. It is solid. Each layer can support up to 10 pounds of weight! For a terrific display, this piece comes with a mirrored background, and then takes genius a step further by adding a 25-watt bulb complete with a 9-foot power cord!

So, let’s count it: even at night, your treasured friends shine bright like diamonds. All day, there’s no dull moment either with the mirrored background that puts them in the spotlight. And proximity to a power outlet isn’t a big deal because you have 9 feet of convenience to play with. Judge for yourselves; have we got a champ here or not?!

You can hardly go wrong with this curio cabinet; it’s affordable and lest we forget, it also comes with adjustable shelves to display any and every souvenir you have.

Although assembly is a bit taxing (actually, a job for two agile people), at the end of the day, you’ll be glad you spent all that time. Looking at your now-tall and proud cabinet will almost be like watching your kid score the winning goal that earned him that trophy that now sits sharply in your beautiful curio cabinet.
The Coaster Home Furnishings Glass Curio Cabinet is a fantastic curio made entirely of glass with a 17-inch length from left to right, giving you enough space to display all your collectibles with pride, from every angle. Would you prefer something with wooden frames, a mirrored background, and a spotlight for an enhanced display? Then take a look at its Casual Curio Cabinet.

Coaster Home Furnishings Contemporary Glass Curio Cabinet

There’s nothing more encouraging to a potential buyer than knowing that a brand has a proven track record of delivering on what it promises, and this is what Coaster Home Furnishings has in abundance. Testimonials keep pouring in across several retail platforms about how durable, functional, and classy its pieces are. Each piece always stands out from its competitors’, so customers are assured of something unique every time they make a purchase. A culture of research and going the extra mile to keep abreast of not just what’s new, but what will sell in the nearest future, keeps the brand churning out statement pieces that end up leading the market. Fully staffed with an intelligent workforce, and adequately-equipped with the latest technologies, the best is yet to be seen from Coaster Home Furnishings. You might want to keep up.

The Coaster Home Furnishings Glass Curio Cabinet is an amazing corner cabinet that comes in a beautiful, straight-forward design, with a brilliant white color that will blend in nicely with your home décor. Made entirely of glass, it displays your beautiful collectibles with pride from every angle possible. And it boasts a lot of space to do that!

It’s got a 17-inch space, left to right, that allows you to display as many pieces as aesthetically possible without cramming up. With this piece that features 3 glass shelves, none of your keepsakes have to live under the others’ spotlight. The 15-inch space in-between each shelf ensures that all your pieces have their own space to shine and be admired with their heads held high!

The Coaster Home Furnishings Glass Curio Cabinet does not come assembled, so you’ll have to do that yourself. Well, before you say “no biggie,” you might want to know a few things. Range of difficulty for this piece is widely varied. Some customers say it was way difficult, while others say it’s just “kinda difficult”. All agree that the instructions are kinda crappy.

So, let’s just say that if you’re friends with your toolbox (this set comes completely with everything you need for assembly, by the way), then hallelujah!
The Elegant Home Fashion Anna Floor Cabinet with Two Doors provides a workable solution for storage space anywhere in your home, with a crown molding and adjustable shelves to easily hold various items. Would you also like a cabinet with a solid wood construct, adjustable glass shelves, and three cubbies for added space? Then check out the Elegant Home Fashion Grayson Wall Cabinet.

Elegant Home Fashion Anna Floor Cabinet with Two Doors

In the hustle and bustle that today’s world is known for, the home can be a flicker of hope spurring us on towards the end of yet another day. Elegant Home Fashion seeks to contribute its two cents to making that “home” the most comfortable it can be—all so that that hope burns even more brightly, seeing you through your day and so that your place is charming enough to sooth you when you get back. Working with wood as the primary material of choice, while employing the best and the most cost-effective means, this brand makes quality furniture-making look so easy. Elegant Home Fashion just wants to spruce up your crib with a touch of charm and elegance, and you can trust it because it has been doing this consistently for years with overwhelming success.

Do you need additional storage in your bathroom, or any place else for that matter? Then it’s time to check out the classic Elegant Home Fashion Floor Cabinet. It’s a piece built to last. Even from the looks of it, you can only agree with us that you won’t be coming back to look for something else any time soon—unless you have a tantrum-throwing individual at home who specializes in breaking curio cabinets. Yea, really.

It comes in a solid MDF shelf construction which ensures that your cabinet endures and retains its structural integrity for years. Its wood grain and finish (oil oak) are equally excellent. Completing its classic, antique look, are its brass finish door hinges and handles.

To ensure that all your objects have room in this cabinet, tall or not, all shelves are adjustable. And with its crown top design, you have even more room to store more things. Every bit functional. Its glass-paneled double-door equally ensures that you have access to every nook and cranny of your cabinet.

The glass in this cabinet comes tempered, which means that it’s not going to crack just because you dared to literally play “knock knock” with your cabinet. The cabinet is not that grumpy.

Setting up this cabinet is about the easiest thing in the world, we tell you. A happy customer was so elated she went out of her way and wrote a review dedicated entirely to the ease of assembly of this thing, and guess what? It was a grandma with arthritis in both of her hands. We kid you not!

So, if grandma can do it, and with arthritic hands, then there isn’t a single body who will find assembling this thing anything but a breeze.

It also comes with all requirements for assembling and directions are so easy and straight to the point. To ensure that this gift is still practicable for your amigos, the instructions are offered in Espanol and Francais! Nous aimons! Gracias! (We love! Thank you!)

How Do I Choose the Best Curio Cabinet?

Did you see this 2016 movie? Err… Central Intelligence, that’s it. The one with Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson. Amazing movie.

You remember that one time when Bob Stone (Dwayne Johnson) and Calvin Joyner (Kevin Hart) met up at the bar and then went on to their alma mater just to check the place out?

If you recall, Calvin was known as the “Golden Jet” in his high school days and was also voted “Most Likely to Succeed” (humans be acting like they’re all-sovereign), but guess what? At that point in his life, life had other plans for him aside from succeeding.

So back to the story: they went to their school and started walking through the hallway till they got to the Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame was like a magnificent curio, with glass doors bordered by brilliant white frames. And behind these glass doors held all the trophies, from generation to generation, of students from different eras, achievers in different fields who had become more behind glass doors: success kin.

When Bob looked at that Hall of Fame, which was almost a shrine for the Golden Jet, memories came pouring in. He could hear the crowd chant “Golden Jet”, he could see the mascots, the cheerleaders with their pompoms, even the teachers, all of them with one chorus: “Golden Jet!” “Golden Jet!!” With all that reverie, he could motivate Cal to do the flip.

And Cal, being reminded by all these trophies and plaques properly positioned in front of him of whom he once was (that never really went away), he tried the flip.

No, he didn’t land on his feet like a cat, but he tried, and from that moment, he never really stopped trying until he eventually joined the CIA. From an unfulfilled junior accountant to a failed flip, to many other tries, and finally to a successful intelligence agent.

Everything began with a curio.

Now imagine those plaques and trophies were never placed in that curio. The Golden Jet would have become scrap metal.

There are many things in life that inspire us: people, places, things, our first self-made painting, or a thrilling game of basketball, but in the end, the human mind is still largely fickle; out of sight can tend to be out of mind. When we keep these things in sight though, we might get the chance to re-inspire ourselves and forge ahead like we owe ourselves to. Like the Golden Jet did.

A curio cabinet might just seem like a piece of furniture or office décor, but placed properly, a curio cabinet can fire you up for that job, or help you make that decision to call home—or even get you to finally say “yes” to the most wonderful man. Yes, just by displaying trophies and awards of excellence, or the urn with grandpa’s ashes just beside the family picture where you were all together for one last time, or that expensive handmade doll he got made specially for you on your birthday.

Sometimes all the nerve you need is really in a thing as simple as a curio cabinet.

And don’t let anybody make you feel guilty for trying to show off your stuff. Jeez! You’ve been virtuous enough with the patience of Job it took you to collect every single item. Please! Flaunt them every day and twice on Sunday.
Of course, there are good and bad curio cabinets and they can easily be spotted by different markers, some of which we will be discussing in the next section. But one tell-tale sign is the word “cheap”. Don’t look for it. Cheap curio cabinets cannot be the best, as you well know. Many are made with poor materials and methods, and even lack the elegant appeal that you should be looking for.

On the other hand, really great curio cabinets can cost anything between $90 and about $300, so realistically, there’s a curio for every lifestyle: modern, conservative, lavish, or modest. There really isn’t any need spending on a cheap curio cabinet since you’d have to spend again to replace it later. And that rarely ever takes long.
So just before you up and buy a curio cabinet, there are some features you must know by heart so you don’t end up being sorry about your purchase. The most basic ones are listed here:
  • Type
  • Your Space
  • Design
  • Material
  • Personal Preferences
Let’s get into the details already!
Construction and Design
Curio cabinets aren’t as straightforward as they seem. There are actually different types, materials and uses. Usually, the purpose dictates the “type”. Let’s delve further in.


For instance, there are China curios. No, they aren’t necessarily made in China. Remember what we said about purpose dictating type. So, do the math again. Yep. These curios are used to display china and glassware.

Like you probably guess, curio cabinets have to be a certain kind of big to take all the pieces in question. If you’re showcasing smaller items, then you might need a corner curio. There are those that come with three shelves or fewer so you can display your smaller items without worrying over the space left. We all know how excess space can just make a space look deserted, or haunted. Both are uncool options, by the way.


Another thing is to ask yourself: what kind of person am I? A meditative old soul or a cheerful social butterfly. If you’re the former, then you’d most likely favor the classic look. In which case, you might be leaning towards wooden curios. Match your curio cabinet with your home décor in tone and color; you’ll definitely find something that matches what you already have in your home. Nature is that magnanimous.

Wooden curio cabinets also come in various forms and dimensions. They can be majestic and tall (fitting your wall) or pretty and short (fitting that spot behind your couch). Some can even stay in the kitchen for functional purposes and still add that elegant touch you’ll love. Antiques always speak a certain kind of sophistication and elitism that only a precious few understand. So if that’s you, the wooden curios are at your beck and call, in various shapes, sizes, and designs that’ll dazzle you.

If you’d rather not do antique or classic, then of course turn it up with your modern and luxurious sense of style. All-glass cabinets readily come to mind for this purpose. They don’t come with wooden tones, so all your luxury pieces get the love they deserve, unhindered. Every angle in an all-glass curio is a vantage point, and if it’s your flavor, then by all means splurge. It’s a beautiful deviation from antique or classic.

The glass should be tempered, not something flimsy, especially since most of these cabinets come in parts that you have to assemble. If the glass isn’t tempered, then you might have a lethal weapon in your hands instead of a cabinet. The glass will easily shatter at the slightest “provocation” and that’s a recipe for disaster. In essence, stay away from a non-tempered glass part.

Less common but equally sweet, is the metal curio. It gives a modern appeal, and maintaining it is hassle-free. Some come with glass panels, others do not, depending. They are the most portable of the curio designs available since they aren’t as heavy as wood or glass curio cabinets.
Performance and Ease of Use
Having the ideal curio to meet your needs depends on just that. What do you need to store, how much space do you need and how much attention do you want it to get?
A curio cabinet should not come and compete for attention with the million-and-one things already found in your room, nor should it cower in a tiny space somewhere in the shadows either. Be certain of the amount of space you’re working with before selecting a curio. A curio is naturally an attention-seeker in the first place. It’s not a bad behavior, it’s just the way it was built to function. It has to be in a place where it will command attention, or else your purpose for purchasing the cabinet is totally lost.

That said, if you’re working with a little space, you might want to consider a thin corner curio cabinet; it will grab the space from both walls and shine through with pride.

But if you want to keep your dinosaur brain, the last one in the whole wide world, away from prying little fingers, then a wall cabinet is a more sensible idea. Hopefully your munchkin is not a monkey.

Having looked at the basics, let’s look at some other non-essentials that can make your curio cabinet stand out even more:

Lighted curios are so in right now and why not? They make so much sense. This means that even in the dark you can still see your collections glowing sweetly—and in the day, you get an enhanced view of them all the same.

For added convenience, you might also want to get curios that come with adjustable shelves. This way you can always maneuver the cabinet to accommodate all your items, including the tall, the short, and those in-between.

Also, for cabinets that will house really pricey and rare pieces, it just makes sense to get the lockable types. This way your pieces remain safe and sound, and no risk of danger is posed to them at all.

Many cabinets come in one piece; others will require you to assemble. If you’re going to assemble, then do be careful to get a cabinet with clear instructions. Curios aren’t exactly “not tedious” to assemble, so if you must do it at all, then you shouldn’t have to set it up only to tear it all down and start afresh. Not only will it be frustrating, but it’ll be unnecessarily time-consuming. And you don’t want that.

Finally, how to clean your curio will be dictated by the cabinet itself. For wood, dusting occasionally as the need arises works. As for glass, dusting has to be more frequent as fingerprints will begin to show after a while. Sure enough, a good glass cleaner will be a loyal friend, so keep that close.

Get the Best Curio Cabinet of 2023!

You made it to the end of this review! Yay! Now go ahead and order the cabinet like you already own it!

Our Top Choice
Kings Brand Furniture Curio Cabinet
Best Value
DisplayGifts Shot Glass Display Cabinet
Southern Enterprises Corner Curio Cabinet
Coaster Home Furnishing Glass Curio Cabinet
Elegant Home Fashion Floor Cabinet