Best Curved TV Reviews 2023

A curved TV doesn’t just provide a better visual experience. It also adds to the aesthetics of your living room, because it is simply something else! A curved, elegant TV set will also help you enjoy a better gaming experience. We picked five excellent ones from some of the best curved TV brands out there. Take a look and remember, they come in different display sizes to accommodate your preferences and needs.
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Display size
Our Top Choice
Samsung 49" Class Curved 4K SUHD TV
Samsung is a leading tech brand. Its products are based on clients’ needs and aim to provide an ideal visual and acoustic experience.
This TV is available in three sizes and styles. It also comes with four HDMI and three USB ports.
One complaint that the TV remote’s system is too complex.
49, 55 or 65 inches
4 HDMI and 3 USB
Edge-lit LED
Best Value
Hisense 43" Class H7 Series Curved TV
The Chinese multinational Hisense has an important role in importing internationally advanced technology. It produces a large range of televisions and computers.
It has 24 pre-installed apps, and it’s easy to connect with external devices through its seven ports.
One complaint that there was poor customer support.
43, 50 or 65 inches
4 HDMI and 3 USB
LED backlit
LG Electronics C6 Curved OLED 4K HDR Smart TV
LG Electronics is one of the world leaders in higher technology. It produces televisions, computers, mobile phones, washing machines, refrigerators and many other items.
Individually illuminating OLED pixels and Perfect Black create a lifelike image. It has a huge color palette that replicates high-end digital cinema at home.
One complaint that the TV is not so great for gaming.
55 or 65 inches
3 HDMI and 3 USB
Magic remote included
Sharp Curved 65-Inch Curved TV Set
Sharp designs and manufactures televisions, mobile phones, microwave ovens, and even printing calculators and alarm clocks. It is dedicated to innovation and quality.
It has 4K Ultra HD Resolution and LED technology that make the images lifelike.
One complaint that the screen was too big.
65 inches
4 HDMI and 3 USB
TCL Roku Curved 32-Inch TV Set
TCL is the third-largest TV manufacturer in the world, and one of America's most popular TV brands. It has now simplified the smart TV.
You can change your home menu in any way that you want. The TV comes with a Roku remote that has 20 buttons, instead of numerous useless ones.
One complaint that Wi-Fi sometimes drops.
32, 40, 48 or 50 inches
3 HDMI and 1 USB
LED, Direct-lit
Included with batteries

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What is the Best Curved TV?

A curved TV is not the most expensive thing in the world, but it's not a cheap investment either. Therefore, it is wise to not be in a hurry when you buy one. Take into account your budget, the size of the display, and the size of the room you are going to put it in. Let’s begin with a great model from a prestigious brand and see what it has to offer!
Our Top Choice
The Samsung 49" Class Curved 4K SUHD TV is designed to stimulate the senses with its lifelike colors and definite shades. It is available in three sizes and three configurations. If you want a curved TV, but your budget is lower, check out the Samsung 49-Inch Smart LED TV. This one is also available in 3 configurations for you to choose from.

Samsung Curved 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2016 Model) with Built-In Wi-Fi

For over 70 years, Samsung has provided its clients with products that make their lives better. This brand is a global market leader in high-tech electronics, manufacturing and digital media. It sells a large range of products, including televisions, phones, smart watches, tablets, computers, laptops, memory cards and even refrigerator water filters and batteries. Samsung has almost 65,000 products available for sale on Amazon, and many of them are Best Sellers!

After a long day at work, what’s better than coming home, sitting comfortably on your couch and watching TV? The Samsung's 49" Class Curved 4K TV is ideal for a relaxing evening. With its authentic images, you can see real-life colors, sunlight and any small details. This TV is available in 3 display sizes such as 49, 55 and 65 inches.

Check out more of its features:
  • Incorporated Wi-Fi
  • Available in three sizes and styles
  • LED technology
  • Three USB and four HDMI ports
  • Ultra Black property that enhances contrast and darker colors in bright rooms
Best Value
The Hisense 43" Class H7 Series Curved TV offers a bright, clear, colorful image with its 4K resolution and it always remembers where you left off in a show. However, if you prefer a more sophisticated TV which incorporates ULED picture technology, we recommend the Hisense Curved 65-Inch 4K Smart TV!

Hisense 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2016 Model) with LED Technology, Available in 3 Sizes

Hisense is a Chinese multinational corporation with 16 overseas companies. Its main role is to import advanced technology, along with production and detection equipment. It produces televisions, tablets, laptops, and even refrigerators. Hisense's refrigerators are Best Sellers on Amazon, and there are almost 500 other Hisense products available.

Televisions are some of the best selling electronics from Hisense on Amazon. The Hisense 43" Class H7 Series Curved TV allows you to watch your favorite movies and shows from your living room, without having to go to the cinema to have such an amazing experience. This TV is available in 3 display sizes such as 43, 50 and 65 inches.

Its features include:
  • LED technology
  • Smart functionality
  • Seven ports, including HDMI, USB and others
  • Four HDMI inputs and one LAN port for Ethernet
The LG Electronics C6 Curved OLED 4K HDR Smart TV brings the theatre experience home because of the image characteristics. It is available in two sizes and two different styles. If your budget is lower, we suggest you go for the LG Electronics 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV. Although this one is not curved, it offers excellent value for money and it is available in 3 sizes.

LG Electronics Curved 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV (2016 Model), 2 Sizes Available

LG Electronics is one of the world's leaders in producing flat panel TVs, mobile devices, washing machines, refrigerators and air conditioners. This company has four business units: Home Entertainment, Mobile Communications, Home Appliance & Air Solution and Vehicle Components. There are almost 2000 LG products on Amazon, and LG's DVD writers and audio systems are Best Sellers.

The LG Electronics C6 Curved OLED 4K HDR Smart TV has lots of image features, such as OLED pixels and Perfect Black, that provide an ideal contrast and are fundamental to a lifelike image. The TV has over a billion rich colors, making theatre-quality experience possible at home. It is available in display sizes of 55 and 65 inches and you can even buy it as a standalone product or with a $150 gift card.

Let’s find out more about this product:
  • OLED technology
  • Smart functionality
  • Three HDMI and three USB ports
  • Wide viewing angle
The Sharp Curved 65-Inch TV Set has a SPECTROSTM Quantum Dot screen that is able to make the colors more vivid than ever. However, Sharp also makes excellent flat-screen TVs if you prefer those more. We can direct you to the Sharp 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV which is available in no less than 5 different sizes.

Sharp Curved 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2016 Model) with Built-In Wi-Fi and 4 HDMI Ports

Sharp is a Japanese multinational corporation that creates electronic products to improve people’s lives. Sharp produces a large variety of electronics, including televisions, mobile phones, microwave ovens, printing calculators, digital alarm clocks and twin bell alarm clocks. It also has almost 10,000 products available on Amazon.

Sharp's Curved 65-Inch TV Set has the advantage of 3M’s Quantum Dot Enhancement Film, a specific feature of Sharp’s TVs that produces over 100% of the current color standard. With this feature, the colors are visible, even if the screen's dusty or smoky.

Here's what else this product has to offer:
  • Smart functionality
  • High dynamic range compatible
  • LED technology
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Four HDMI and three USB ports
The TCL Roku Curved TV is proof that smart technology doesn’t have to be complicated to satisfy people’s needs. It comes with a simplified menu design, and it is currently an Amazon Best Seller. If you prefer a TV which has FullHD resolution (1080p) then you should go for the TCL 48-Inch 1080p LED TV which is available in 3 different display sizes.

TCL 32-Inch 720p Roku Smart LED TV (2015 Model), Available in Multiple Display Sizes

TCL is the world’s third-largest TV manufacturer, and the fastest-growing TV brand in the United States. TCL has been creating high-quality televisions for over three decades. It has now simplified the smart TV, so people can instantly enjoy the benefits it has to offer.

TCL's Roku Curved TV comes with many features that will make you enjoy the experience. It comes with the property to change the Home Menu as you wish. The Roku remote has only 20 buttons, unlike the classical remotes that have so many useless buttons. You can also send photos or videos from your smartphone to the TV. If you download the free Roku app, you can turn your smartphone into a full-function remote for more interactive properties.

Check out this TV's other characteristics:
  • Threeavailable sizes such as 32, 48 and 50 inches
  • LED technology
  • Smart functionality
  • Three HDMI ports and one USB port
  • Incorporated Wi-Fi
  • Comes with a remote with batteries

How Do I Choose the Best Curved TV?

Curved TVs may not have received the attention they deserve in the TV space yet, but they do offer some definite benefits compared to smart TVs and LED TVs. They boast a wider field of view and an enhanced sense of depth and just look cool, similar to curved monitors. Before you set out shopping for the best curved TV, it is important to determine the amount of space you have to accommodate it, because some of these are simply massive. Some curved TV models also double up as smart TVs and offer Wi-Fi connectivity, while others are fitted with HDMI and USB to connect to other media streaming devices. The technology of a smart TV makes a world of difference in the viewing quality, and the most common options available are LED backlit, OLED HDR and Edge-lit LED.
First things first—there are not many cheap curved TVs available, and those at the extreme lower end of the price spectrum aren’t worth their salt. That said, the price of a curved TV mostly depends on its size and technology and the features it comes with. For example, a curved TV that measures 55 inches long and offers Wi-Fi connectivity is going to cost a few dollars more than a 32-inch curved display with HDMI and USB ports. To give you a rough idea, prices of curved TVs range from $400 for a model that offers 1080p Full HD resolution to upwards of $800 for one that offers class-leading and stellar 4K SUHD picture-viewing capabilities. Apart from the resolution and size, some curved TVs can be ordered with accessories such as a sound bar, which may add to the up-front costs, but it works out to be more cost efficient than buying them separately.
Curved TVs are available with myriad features and options, making choosing the right one a complex affair.

But here are a few features to consider when wading through the plethora of options.
  • Display Size – This is the size of the display, and is typically measured in inches.
  • Resolution – This dictates the sharpness of the TV picture, and common options are HD and 4K.
  • Wi-Fi – If you’re looking to stream videos from networks such as YouTube and Hulu without adding an extra device, look for curved TVs with wireless capabilities built in.
  • Refresh Rate – Expressed in Hertz (Hz), this is the number of times per second a picture is refreshed on the screen; the industry standard is 60 times per second, or 60 Hz.
  • Connections – If you’re going to be forking over some serious cash on a curved TV, look for a future-proof set that offers a minimum of 1 USB and 3 HDMI connectivity ports.
  • Remote – All smart TVs come with a remote control, and if the one you’re looking at doesn’t, skip it quickly and move on to the next model.
  • Warranty – Look for a curved TV that comes with some level of warranty to protect your investment for several years to come.
Construction and Design
Curved TVs allow for a more immersive viewing experience owing to the fact that they provide a more natural shape and leverage the benefits of our round eyes’ peripheral vision. Further, their curved design makes them aesthetically appealing, they and offer a wider viewing angle when compared to flat screen TVs. One of the other noteworthy features in terms of design is that the curve in curved TVs slightly increases the perceptible screen real estate, so a 65-inch curved TV would actually look bigger than a 65-inch flat screen LED TV. However, curved TVs are a bit bulkier at the back, which combined with the different shape, could make them hard to mount, but once in place, they will leave you in awe for hours on end.
Performance and Ease of Use
When shopping for a curved TV, there are two common types you’re going to come across—LED and OLED and everything in between. OLED curved TVs are generally more expensive than their LED counterparts and for good reasons, starting with their panels, which feature several LEDs, each of which can be controlled individually in terms of brightness. If you’re going to be hooking up several different devices to your curved TV, such as DVD player and surround-sound speakers, look for a curved TV that offers at least 1 USB port and several HDMI ports, so that you’re not constantly switching connections and can keep your devices plugged in. Most curved TV remotes are feature rich and provide easy access to several online apps with the touch of a few preconfigured buttons.

Get the Best Curved TV of 2023!

These TVs are specially designed to take your audio-visual experience to a whole new level, whether you are watching shows or playing games. Get yourself a gift now. Buy the one you like, and you will definitely feel much better and more comfortable in your house every day!

Our Top Choice
Samsung 49" Class Curved 4K SUHD TV
Best Value
Hisense 43" Class H7 Series Curved TV
LG Electronics C6 Curved OLED 4K HDR Smart TV
Sharp Curved 65-Inch Curved TV Set
TCL Roku Curved 32-Inch TV Set