Best Cycling Helmet Reviews 2023

When was the last time you hit the trails on a mountain ride or a local biking competition? It may have been a while, but the rush never fades away. And nothing is more important to a great ride than having the right safety gear. A helmet always comes first, but it’s important to find the right one to keep you out of harm’s way. So we reviewed some of the best cycling helmet brands in the market to help you find one. By the way, we have another review called "Bike Helmets" - with even more options if you don't find what you need here.
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Our Top Choice
Troy Lee Designs A2 SPRAM MIPS Cycling Helmet
Cycling can be quite a risky business, but Troy Lee Designs makes some of the best quality cycling helmets to keep you safe while cycling.
The helmet is well ventilated. It is lightweight to offer proper comfort. The quality is uncompromised. It has adjustable dial for fastening your helmet for a great fit.
Might be big for some.
Built-in visor
2.2 pounds
Available in multiple sizes
Multiple Colors
Best Value
Bell Draft Cycling Helmet
When it comes to the racing scene, Bell is renowned in the speed and helmet field with quality products among cycling champions.
Designed with 25 spacious vents. It offers an ideal airflow. The dial offers a simple one-handed adjustment for easy use. It’s a combination of ultra light and great value.
Might irritate your forehead when worn too long.
Rounded compact profile
1.6 pounds
In-mould polycarbonate shell
Multiple colors
POC Tectal Cycling Helmet
Safety as the first priority on the road, POC ensures you are fully covered with solutions for improving ski racing by reducing transmission of force to the brain during a clash.
Has a uni-body shell making it sturdy and rigid for protection. Efficient ventilation offers proper airflow. Its lightweight design comes in handy for comfort.
Its rear adjustment wheel might slip, requiring frequent adjustment.
Uni-body shell construction
2 pounds
Available in multiple sizes
Outer PC shell
Multiple colors
Bern Brentwood Cycling Helmet
Every rider wants a range of gear to choose from, and Bern offers a wide variety of quality products for sports enthusiasts.
The flip visor ensures a high level of fly capability. An easy-to-adjust dial offering total control. Its sheer size gives comfortable accommodation for your head.
The helmet might feel like it’s riding down your neck.
Built-in flip visor
2 pounds
Available in multiple sizes
Polysterol hard foam
Multiple colors
Giro Scamp MIPS Kids Cycling Helmet
For any cycling enthusiast, your ride needs to go beyond just the ordinary. This is why Giro commits to building that connection and building the adventure to its customers.
A dial knob helps in adjusting the size. With inside cushioning, comfort is guaranteed. It is lightweight offering easy handling. A simple strap offers easy securing of the helmet.
The chin strap might not go as small as you want.
Built-in visor
1.2 pounds
X-small, small
In-Mould construction
Multiple colors

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What is the Best Cycling Helmet?

Now that you know which features to look out for, let’s jump to the reviews of the top five cycling helmets available. Remember these are reputable brands, so if you don’t like our featured helmet you can always check out other options in their product category.
Our Top Choice
The Troy Lee Designs A2 SPRAM MIPS Cycling Helmet is well ventilated to ensure you do not have headaches from poor airflow during riding. If you are looking for a smaller helmet but with the same attractive feature such as an adjustable visor, then check out Troy Lee Designs A1-MIPS Classic Cycling Helmet.

Troy Lee Designs A2 SPRAM MIPS Cycling Helmet – Bike Helmet Available in Multiple Colors and Sizes

Every cyclist out there needs a safe and fun ride. This requires a good helmet, and Troy Lee Designs is in the forefront for providing a wide variety of the best around. The company is also committed to offering reliable customer service.

The Troy Lee Designs A2 SPRAM MIPS Cycling Helmet is built with the ideal design for accommodating temple-to-temple head shape. But this helmet comes with even more features you cannot afford to miss out on.

We are talking about these features:
  • Designed with lightweight material for an easy and fun ride.
  • A well ventilated helmet for great airflow to prevent headaches after long hours in your helmet.
  • Comes in an XXL size to accommodate any head shape, it is definitely an ideal option for users looking for spacious helmets.
  • Not forgetting, an adjustable dial for fastening and securing the helmet to your head.
Don’t like this color? Well go ahead and check out the wide range colors available for this helmet, as well as sizes.
Best Value
With 25 spacious vents, the Bell Draft Cycling Helmet offers an ideal airflow so you won’t feel confined inside. If you are a fun of the famous Cars animation then check out Bell Cars Cycling Helmet, not only will the design blow your mind but the 4 vents designed will offer you ultimate comfort.

Bell Draft Bike Cycling Helmet— Bike Helmet Available in Multiple Colors

Every cycling champion out there needs trustworthy gear for the task, and Bell has been on the frontline making this a reality. They’re committed to giving you quality helmets and have been doing this for almost 60 years. And the customer service is just outstanding.

To make the most out of your ride time, you need to have the right helmet. This is where the Ergo Fit system’s slimmed down design and easy-to-use adjustment comes into play, giving you the ability to handle it with one hand on the go. Available in eight cool colors, the Bell Draft Cycling Helmet comes with a whole lot of other advanced features as well.

Some of the best things to look out for include the following:
  • The helmet is designed with 25 large air vents offering absolute airflow and drying out sweat.
  • An in-mold polycarbonate shell brings out the ultimate design and durability of this helmet.
  • Has a strap for easy adjusting to a perfect fit without risking chafing.
  • The ultra lightweight material offers comfort for long rides.
  • A rounded and compact profile offers an ideal design for a modern day ride.
Let's not forget the 8 amazing colors this cycling helmet comes in, from Matte force Blue/White, Matte force Emerald/Retina Sear, White/Silver, Red/Black Repose.
The POC Tectal Cycling Helmet’s uni-body shell makes it sturdy and rigid for protection in the case of an accident. If you are looking for a helmet made of polycarbonate and comes in different colors then check out POC Octal-Aero Cycling helmet.

POC Bike Tectal Cycling-Helmet— Bike Helmet Available in Multiple Colors and Sizes

POC embraces technology, concepts, and materials essential for body armour and helmets. As a result, they’re leaders in sports, brain scientists, specialists, and medicine field globally. The company has gained global recognition from its customers, which is why it never disappoints.

The first thing you will notice about the POC Tectal Cycling Helmet is the aramid fiber grid to offer durability and protection. Most importantly, it comes with a lot more features.

These are some of the other features to check out:
  • A unibody shell model gives it stability and rigidity to protect you on your ride.
  • Efficiently designed ventilation that has been evaluated by wind tunnel testing to ensure good performance.
  • Has size adjustment function, offering comfortable and secure fit.
  • With an ultra featherweight helmet, we are sure you will forget you even have it on.
  • Made from the best quality cotton for ultimate comfort.
If you are looking for variety in color, search no more, since this helmet comes in 7 size and 9 colors: talk of unobtanium yellow, actinium pink, adamant orange, harf green in L/XL, Medium/Large and much more.
The Bern Brentwood Cycling Helmet is one of their best products out there, and its flip visor ensures a high level of fly capability and deflects elements. If you are looking for a woman’s cycling helmet designed with 16 air vents to enjoy maximum air flow, then check out Bern Melrose Summer Women’s Cycling Helmet.

Bern Summer Brentwood Cycling Helmet with Flip Visor— Bike Helmet Available in Multiple Colors and Sizes

When cycling, head protection comes first. Bern offers new designs, developments, and engineering in head gear evolution. They offer a range of helmets to help in your comfort, performance, style, quality and the whole experience in your ride.

For every rider, a helmet is more than just gear for your session. And this one is built to perfection with its Zip mold liquid technology. It has a thinner profile over most helmets, with a relatively small helmet shape. But this helmet also comes with a lot more features.

The following are some of its other features:
  • Designed with a flip visor for increased fly capability as well as deflecting sunlight and other elements.
  • Securing or loosening the fit is easy and quick, thanks to this helmet’s Crank Fit dial function at its back.
  • Extra accommodation encompasses your head for ultimate cover and protection.
  • The helmet is well built and sturdy for lasting and solid performance.
  • Has an easy-to-adjust dial, which gives you absolute control even when on fly mode.
It comes in 8 sizes and 10 colors, so if matte black is not for you, get it in either matte steel blue, satin green, matte sand, satin charcoal and much more.
A dial knob on the Giro Scamp MIPS Cycling Helmet offers a great opportunity for setting the helmet on ideal size for your kid. If you are looking to pair your purchase with a quality woman’s helmet that is ponytail compatible, then check out Giro Saga Women’s Cycling Helmet.

Giro Bike Scamp MIPS Cycling Helmet for Kids – Bike Helmet Available in Multiple Colors and Sizes

Safe cycling requires a lot of gear, and Giro offers quality products for any cycling enthusiast. The company has committed itself to offering the best in riding, surpassing competitors for generations. With the best deals and prices in the business, the company is one of a kind.

When your teen is out there for a bumpy ride, having him covered is very important. Protecting his head is paramount, and a helmet is the go-to priority. One of the things you will come to love about the Giro Scamp MIPS Cycling Helmet is the “truefit” dial positioned at the back, which is essential for adjusting it to fit any young head. What’s more, there are a lot more features included with this helmet.

Here are some of its other features to keep an eye on:
  • A knob for adjusting the helmet’s tension for the perfect fit on either larger or smaller head.
  • The easy-to-adjust strap helps properly secure the helmet.
  • Nice cushioning on the inside offers your kid comfort as they ride.
  • Light weight ensures it’s comfortable, especially if your kid loves riding for long hours.
  • Numerous ventilations offer channel free airflow to prevent sweating.
If matte blue is not the color for your kid not to worry as this amazing cycling helmet comes in 11 colors from green, flame/lightning bolts, magenta/flowers, matte red rockets, pink. And you can get it in either the X-small or small size. Talk of being spoilt for choice!

How Do I Choose the Best Cycling Helmet?

Have you ever taken the time to look for the right helmet to safeguard you from a concussion or another serious injury in case of an accident on the road? That’s why the helmet such an important part safety on the road. There’s more to ensure your safety than you might think. Your head is by far the most important and sensitive part of your body when it comes to impact safety.

As we know, every safe and comfortable bike ride calls for a number of sports accessories. Whether you’re cruising the urban jungle or hitting the trails, a pair of cycling gloves, a water bottle or some sports goggles can go a long way to make your experience even better. Most importantly, you need a helmet to assure your safety.

If you are a biking enthusiast, this is a requirement. Most of them are built to withstand considerable force on impact and usually offer enough ventilation for comfort and sufficient airflow. The ultra-light nature of most helmets means it won’t weigh you down, and the overall design is tailored to offer a clear vision.

From the entry-level models to the top-of-the-line options, there’s something available for everyone. We combed the market and came up with some amazing helmet options for you, but here’s some features to get you started.

Get the Best Cycling Helmet of 2023!

By now, we hope you’ve picked the right helmet for you. But if you aren’t sure yet, don’t worry: browse our recommended brands and choose the best helmet for your cycling needs. Safe riding doesn’t get any better!

Our Top Choice
Troy Lee Designs A2 SPRAM MIPS Cycling Helmet
Best Value
Bell Draft Cycling Helmet
POC Tectal Cycling Helmet
Bern Brentwood Cycling Helmet
Giro Scamp MIPS Kids Cycling Helmet