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If you are a darts lover, then you know the importance of the kind of darts you use for your game. After all, what is a darts game without good darts? The dart-making industry is filled with many brands, each striving to outshine its competition with heavy advertising here and there, thus, making it somewhat hard for you to really know which darts to go for. This is the reason we have taken the time to research the best dart brands and whittle them down to what we consider the top five brands. Each of these brands has many darts in their kitty, but we have featured just one from each. So, do check out some of the other dart sets if the featured ones are not right for you.
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# of Darts
Our Top Choice
Ignat Games 12 Dark Avenger Darts
Ignat Games specializes in darts, dartboards and accessories for them. Its darts sets feature different colors and styles, making them suitable for a broad range of players.
Great value for money. Available in three colors. Durable construction. Free ebook included. Great gift idea.
Some darts arrived damaged, but they were replaced by the manufacturer.
Packs of 12 or 6 darts
Steel tip, aluminum shaft
Case, dart sharpener, ebook
20 grams
3 colors available
Best Value
CUESOUL Steel Tip Nickel Planting Darts Set
Cuesoul specializes in darts, pool cues and other accessories for these popular games. Its products are aesthetically pleasing and entice you to play indefinitely!
Available in five colors. Interchangeable aluminum shafts in two different colors. Lightweight, good for beginners.
Isolated complaints regarding the quality of the case.
3 darts
Steel tip, brass barrel
Case, additional shafts
20 grams
5 colors available
GLD Products Fat Cat Darts Set
GLD Products makes darts that can be used with either electric or sisal dart boards. Its use of alloys in the making of these darts means top quality at a great price.
Comes with travel case. Includes accessories. Improved precision and stability. Eye-catching aerodynamic flights.
Minor reliability problems encountered by a few customers. Make sure you read the instruction manual to assemble the darts correctly.
3 darts
Steel tip, tungsten/nickel barrel
Case, nylon shafts, protectors
23 grams
Silver with blue flights
Bullseye Steel Tip Dart Bundle
Bullseye makes a wide variety of products including dart sets, stuffed animals, clothing items, car washing accessories, barbecue sauces and more.
Come with protective plastic jar. Relatively light darts, excellent for people of all ages. Good value for money.
Some say that the jar is too small, but these complaints are very rare.
24 darts
Steel tip, nickel silver barrel
Plastic jar
21 grams
Silver with blue flights
Ohuhu Steel Tip Darts with National Flag Flights
Ohuhu puts soul and passion into each item it crafts, and it sells a wide variety of products including darts, garden tools, sports accessories, toys for kids and more.
Super-lightweight darts, ideal for beginners. Interchangeable flights and detachable dart body. 30-day money-back guarantee.
Some darts arrived without the flights, but these were quickly shipped by the manufacturer after a few days.
12 darts
Steel tip, PVC shaft
Pouch, 3 additional shafts
17 grams
Golden barrel, black shaft; flags

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What is the Best Dart?

The best darts for you could be influenced by whether you are a beginner or pro, and whether you prefer heavy or light darts. You should pay attention to the features to ensure that the darts you finally select are really what you need.
Our Top Choice
The Steel Tip Darts from Ignat Games are available in three color options and come with an elegant travel case for easy transport. This darts set goes well with the Professional Dart Board from the same brand. This board is tournament-ready and comes with a free ebook full of tips and tricks for playing darts!

Ignat Games  Steel Tip Darts - Professional Darts with Aluminum Shafts and Different Style Flights + Dart Sharpener + Case – 3 Colors Available

Ignat Games makes high-quality dart boards and steel tip darts in a variety of colors. Its products are well received by the general public because they are made of top materials including nickel, aluminum, brass and others. The manufacturer also provides its customers with a free ebook that contains darts-related tips and tricks, so if you're a beginner, you'll find it very helpful.

If you already know how to play this game, then you're probably interested in a durable and reliable set of darts. Take a look at the Steel Tip Darts from Ignat Games, as these products are available in three color options - Dark Avenger, Black Furry and Silver Shadow – and they come with multiple accessories included in the package, such as a sharpening tool, a travel case, aerodynamic flights in different styles and more.

This package contains 12 different darts which feature knurled brass barrels and steel tips. This design option allows you to have enhanced grip when aiming at the dartboard and improved precision as well. Each of the 12 darts comes with a protective tip to prevent unwanted accidents and the overall weight of a dart is 20 grams. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, this package will definitely provide hours of entertainment for you, and don’t forget that you also get the aforementioned ebook in pdf format, ready to be downloaded to your mobile phone or computer.
Best Value
The Steel Tip Nickel Planting Darts Set from Cuesoul is available in several color options and the darts have a length of approximately 6.06 inches, making them ideal for beginners as well as veteran players. If you want longer and slightly heavier darts, go for the Tungsten Steel Tip Darts, which are available in multiple color options too.

CUESOUL Steel Tip Brass Barrels Darts Set with Aluminum Shafts and Case, 20 Grams – 5 Colors Available

If you love to play darts or pool, then you definitely have to check out the Cuesoul brand. This company makes reasonably priced entertainment accessories such as darts, cues for pool, gloves and others. Its products come in a broad range of eye-catching designs, and they usually incorporate a beautiful protective case, so you don’t have to buy one separately. Cuesoul is all about making the difference through quality craftsmanship and stunning designs, so we're pretty sure you'll love its products.

For example, the Steel Tip Nickel Planting Darts Set from Cuesoul is available in several color options for the barrel and flights, such as silver, blue, black and others. These darts have a weight of just 20 grams, and they come with six aluminum shafts in two different colors. You also get six eye-catching flights, as well as a protective case, so you have everything you need to start playing darts at a professional level.

The brass barrels include several rings and grooves, which make it easier for you to grab and stabilize the dart. This is a game of precision, and these nickel barrels provide the right amount of stability and accuracy, allowing you to become more skilful with each throw. The steel tip is also virtually indestructible, so you can use these darts for years to come or offer them as a gift to a friend. When you examine the case, you'll see that it has three long pockets where the steel tips fit perfectly. This prevents accidents and gives you more peace of mind when transporting your darts to the next tournament.
The Fat Cat Steel Tip Darts from GLD Products come in a beautiful storage case, and they are made of a combination of tungsten and nickel, which gives them improved stability and durability. These darts weigh 23 grams each. If you want lighter darts, check out the Viper Super Bee Soft Tip Darts, which weigh 16 grams per dart.

GLD Products Fat Cat Predator 80% Tungsten, Steel Tip Darts with Storage/Travel Case

GLD Products is known by darts lovers for their flexibility of use, as their products can be used on both electric and most sisal dart boards. Its darts are plated with nickel, a method used to achieve high-end appearance and longevity at affordable cost.

The Fat Cat Predator Steel Tip Darts from GLD Products are very sophisticated and elegant, making them some of the most popular and appreciated toys among darts enthusiasts. They are made of a combination of 80% tungsten and 20% nickel with steel tips and aluminum shafts. The package also includes nylon shafts if you want to experiment with different materials and see which one is most suitable for you.

We like the fact that you get great value for your money with this product, as the package contains six aerodynamic flights, a special darts wrench, flight protectors and a travel case. Keep in mind that both the aluminum and nylon shafts contain multiple grooves and rings, which improve grip and add precision to your shot. The barrels come with a limited lifetime warranty, and the entire Fat Cat darts set is an excellent gift idea for yourself or for someone you love!
The Steel Tip Darts from Bullseye provide excellent value for money, as you get a jar full of 24 darts, so you're always going to be ready for a game! These darts come with nylon shafts and are ideal for both beginners and experienced players. If you want to take good care of your darts and diversify your game, take a look at the Dart Accessory Kit, which includes 30 assorted flights, wax, repair tools and more goodies!

Bullseye Steel Tip Darts with Flights in Handy Carry and Store Jar Carrying Case, 21 Grams, Nylon Shafts

Bullseye is a versatile brand which makes a wide variety of products, including darts, toys such as stuffed animals, jewelry items, car washing hoses and even barbecue sauces, which are apparently very appreciated by the general public. This company strives to surround its clients with a plethora of items that make their lives better. If you are in need of shelf paper, safety glasses, t-shirts or even pajama pants, Bullseye is the brand to go to.

Let's take a look now at the Steel Tip Darts from Bullseye. The package includes a large plastic jar with 24 steel tip darts, providing great value for money. The darts feature nylon shafts, and each of them has a weight of just 21 grams, so they're really suitable for players of all skill levels. This jar actually offers a convenient carrying method, so you should never lose one of your darts during your travels.

The darts also feature a nickel gripping point for enhanced stability and precision, as well as polyurethane flights. The flights feature a blue and silver color scheme, and the approximate length of each dart is about 6 inches. If you're into darts, but not ready to invest in more sophisticated dart sets just yet, this package might be ideal for you!
The Steel Tip Darts from Ohuhu feature the flags of four countries – USA, Germany, UK and France – on the flights, and they weigh just 17 grams per dart, which is highly convenient for beginner players. If you want heavier darts, check out the Professional Darts from Ohuhu, which weigh 24 grams each.

Ohuhu Steel Tip Darts with National Flag Flights in 4 Styles, 3 Free PVC Dart Rods, 17 Grams

The Ohuhu name was inspired by a Hawaiian island called Oahu, where the founder of this company spent his summer break during college. Ohuhu strives to create products which help you de-stress and live a better and more fulfilling life. It sells a wide variety of darts and dart-related accessories, as well as colored markers for kids, garden hoses, sports accessories and more.

Since this is a review about darts, let's take a look at the Steel Tip Darts from Ohuhu, which come with four different types of flights, featuring the flags of Germany, USA, France and the UK. Each dart weighs 17 grams, which is considered to be quite lightweight, so even absolute beginners will have an easy time hitting the bullseye while playing darts. When it comes to materials, each dart features a copper-covered barrel, which provides enhanced grip, as well as PVC shafts which are interchangeable. In the package you'll actually find three additional PVC rods for future use.

The manufacturer also offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you're basically able to try out these darts for free for up to one month. The package includes a small pouch where you can deposit your darts while traveling, and each of these 12 little arrows features a plastic protective tip as a safety feature. This darts set is for adults only, and we're sure that it will bring many hours of quality entertainment to you and your family!

How Do I Choose the Best Dart?

Darts is a game of precision and accuracy, and the smallest mistake can quickly put you on the back foot. When you’re holding the dart in the air, squinting at the board, nothing else needs to be considered but the dart in your hand and the board in front of you.

But everything leading up to that moment is also very important when it comes to giving yourself the best chance of winning. Everyone has a different way of preparing for a big game, and for some that even includes wearing particular items of clothing, like a lucky pair of shoes.

Now, if you’re a newbie to playing darts, don’t worry if you haven’t worked out your lucky charm or pre-game routine. You’re still learning and those habits happen over time! Although, just because you don’t have a routine doesn’t mean you can’t give yourself the best chance by wearing comfortable clothing…and enjoying yourself, sipping a cold beer from your glass whilst waiting your turn!

If you're in the mood for a game of darts, then you need to learn how to buy the right set and that's why we created this guide. There are numerous high-quality brands out there, such as Widdy, Harrows, Arachnid and others, which create professional darts, but how do you navigate this massive array of products? For a start, keep reading this article and you'll learn how to spot a good product and determine if it is suitable for you!
The price you are willing to pay for darts really depends on your budget, how committed you are to your darts game and what you are expecting from the darts you purchase. For example, budget-friendly darts can cost up to $19-$20, and they're good enough for everyone. Moderately priced darts can go from $20 to $40, and they might feature superior materials and build quality. Lastly, high-end darts can cost more than $40 and might even go up to $60 or $70, depending on what's included in the package.

The more money you invest in your darts, the better-quality material and shape you will have, so they should reduce drag and skim through the air with precision. The higher-priced darts are better suited to professionals or anyone who is well experienced and plays seriously.

Although we have found well-made, reasonably priced darts, there are some cheap darts on the market that may catch your eye. Even as a beginner or someone who just wants to play for fun, these darts can be problematic when they are not exactly alike, are inconsistent or just drag slowly through the air.
Even for experienced players, it’s a good idea to think about what you need before buying your new set of darts. Here are the important features to think about when dart shopping:
  • Weight - Weight is measured in grams and starts from around 16 grams to 26 grams.
  • Barrel Material - Brass, tungsten steel or silver alloy
  • Shaft Material - Tungsten steel, aluminum or plastic
  • Shape and Grip - Non-slip grip, knurled grip, slim shaft, etc.
  • Decoration - A variety of detail and flourishes to make your shot a thing of beauty when it flies through the air.
But what does all of this mean for your aim and shot? Let’s find out below.
Construction and Design
When it comes to the construction of your darts, you should consider a few main things: weight, barrel material and shaft material. These are all key to the overall quality of the darts, so let’s take a look at these factors in some more detail.


A heavier dart tends to give the dart layer more control; however, this comes with experience, so if you are a beginner, it’s probably best to work up to a heavier dart. The weight sits in the middle of the dart and allows you to achieve forward momentum with it. If your natural technique is rougher and vigorous, a lighter dart may soften your throw more than a heavy dart would. A general rule is, if your dart keeps going higher than you want, a heavier dart will help ground your throw a little and hit the bull’s eye!

Barrel Material

Tungsten is your heaviest barrel material out of the three metals, and is used widely among professional darts players. Silver alloy and brass are lighter, but still high-quality metals that are commonly used to make dart barrels. It mostly depends on the weight and fly that you need from your dart.

Shaft Material

Plastic is the cheapest option when it comes to choosing the dart shaft, so it’s suitable for games for fun or beginners who are just learning. Aluminum is a good option if you’re still sticking to a budget but want better performance than plastic. The one downside with aluminum is that the vibrations can cause it to come loose, which means you may require some rubber o-rings to make sure it’s completely secure for even the fiercest of shots. Steel is seen as the best of the three, with a strong and sturdy shape and structure, and it can hold its own through fast speeds and impact with the board; it will be a trustworthy dart shaft for many games to come.
Performance and Ease of Use
The performance and ease of use of your darts will depend mainly on their shape and grip. Last but not least, you should consider the decoration of your darts. Even though it may seem superficial, it can really help your mojo if you’ve got the right design on your darts!

Shape and Grip

Knurling is when the barrel has grooves in it to make it easy to grip and send it shooting right where you want it. This is the traditional design of a dart, and knurling can be quite subtle or more exaggerated to suit different preferences. You also can get non-slip surfaces on the barrel, which help to keep the dart firmly in your hand. This is a great alternative to knurling if you’re shopping on a slightly stricter budget.


Decoration and design just come down to what you find nice to look at and what fills you with energy and motivation when you see the dart flying toward the board. Some brands also offer their darts in a choice of colors, so now you can buy a set to match your lucky pair of shoes.

Get the Best Dart of 2023!

We hope after this review you have found the best darts for you to win your match! But if not, remember to check out the other products from these great brands.

Our Top Choice
Ignat Games 12 Dark Avenger Darts
Best Value
CUESOUL Steel Tip Nickel Planting Darts Set
GLD Products Fat Cat Darts Set
Bullseye Steel Tip Dart Bundle
Ohuhu Steel Tip Darts with National Flag Flights