Best Dartboard Reviews 2023

Well-respected and beloved in bars and pubs throughout the world, a dartboard is a must-have for any place of leisure and companionship, where bitterly feuding, dart-wielding frenemies gather to have a good time and compare their skills in this knightly game we call 'darts!’ And it’s not only the pubs, either. Since you can hang a dartboard virtually anywhere, the possibilities with it are innumerable—you can play at home, in your backyard, or any other venue of your choosing! Out of appreciation for this great pastime, our eager team of researchers has assembled a top five list of the best dartboard brands currently on the market. Read on and get yourself one if you haven't already!
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Our Top Choice
GLD Products Viper Hudson Dart Center
With each of their new models, GLD Products strives to make their dartboard as convenient and efficient as possible. They always have their customers as well as good value on mind.
Staple-free bull’s eyes. Low bounce-off rate. Solid pine cabinet. Self-healing sisal fiber.
The board is pretty hard and tends to sound louder.
Best Value
ActionDart Soft Tip Dartboard Set
ActionDart is a reputable brand that markets and sells high-quality dart products in the USA, UK, Italy, Germany, France, and Spain.
Excellent dartboard for kids. Plastic pieces are safe for kids.
A little light for professional darting
Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Dartboard
Arachnid is a renowned powerhouse in electronic dartboards and accessories. Their high-quality dartboards are clearly unrivaled on the market.
Micro-thin segment dividers reduce bounce offs. Selectable bull’s eye. Includes AC adapter. NylonTough segments.
May not score your throws while the heckler is still talking.
Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Dartboard
World-renowned and heavily televised, the Winmau darts-producing company strikes once again with this Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Dartboard!
An experienced company producing darts and related equipment. Thinner dynamic sector wires and radial wires. Reduced blade angles. Carbon diffusion technology. Highly durable.
Isolated cases of darts not sticking.
Marky Sparky Doinkit® Dartboard
Coming from a cheeky toy-producing factory called Marky Sparky, this magnetic dart board is a cartoonish take on the famous pub game!
A widely beloved toy-producing company. A colorful kid-friendly design. Uses strong neodymium magnets.
Not necessarily the best option for a professional player.

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What is the Best Dartboard?

Even though throwing darts in itself is always a rather pleasurable experience, doing so without an appropriate dartboard WILL take away at least 33.33% of the fun, and if you ask us, that's 33.33% too much! Step up your dart game and get yourself a dartboard with printed score numbers, in color! If you already have the standard one, you might like some of the newly developed magnetic ones, too! Check out our top five list and see for yourself!
Our Top Choice
The GLD Products Viper Hudson Dart Center is the official tournament dartboard. The board is made with self-healing bristle/sisal fibers stuffed together, offering unsurpassed durability. However, if you prefer more accessories, check out the Viper Championship Wood Framed Dartboard Backboard Set, which includes a dry-erase scoreboard, a removable flight pouch, and a black felt backing that protects its wall from missed darts.

GLD Products Viper Hudson Sisal/Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard & Cabinet Bundle, Available in 4 Different Sets.

For over 30 years, GLD Products has provided the American market with top-notch gaming products of all kinds. For the most part, the categories in which they excel include billiards, table games, home casino products, and, of course, darts. If you've ever been to a classic casino, or if you've been frequenting your local pub, chances are you've seen some of their gaming platforms in action!

The GLD Products Viper Hudson Dart Center can complete your game room with everything you need to begin playing darts. Any dart professional will tell you that the dart makes the centerpiece of your dart experience. The Hudson bundle comes with a Viper Shot King Dartboard with high-quality finish, the trademark of Viper. The Shot King is made of compressed sisal fibers, which is the latest technology used in steel-tip darting. Such a tough construction gives the dartboard a new life, since the special technique allows the sisal fibers to self-heal to their original shape after a rigorous play time. These dartboards often last several years longer than the traditional wood or paper dartboards.

The Shot King dartboard also features a 100% staple-free bull’s eye that greatly reduces the chances of bounce-offs, hence, increasing your scores. Other regular dartboards secure the spider with staples, which significantly increases bounce-offs and frustration.

Other features of the GLD Shot King dartboard include:
  • Includes a Hudson Dartboard Cabinet made of 100% pine for housing the Shot King Dartboard.
  • The cabinet is made with box joints and brushed nickel hinges for utmost durability.
  • The mahogany finish of the dartboard cabinet matches any traditional decor.
  • Convenient cricket scoreboard and dry-erase marker and out-chart built on the cabinet doors.
  • Convenient dart storage in the cabinet.
  • Two sets of steel-tip darts allow you to begin gaming immediately.
  • Easy-to-use mounting hardware.
  • The galvanized rounded wire spider helps darts to glide easily into the board, hence, reducing bounce outs.
The GLD Products Viper Hudson Dart Center is available in four different sets, so choose according to your needs.
Best Value
Built with great craftsmanship, the ActionDart Soft Tip Dartboard Set comes with solid stipples to ensure a rugged performance. The six safety-tip darts ensure there is no damage to people, making this an excellent dartboard for kids of age six and above. Here are extra ActionDart Soft Tip Plastic Darts that come in two sets of three each.

ActionDart Soft Tip Darts and Dart Board Set, Excellent Games for KidsProduct Model Number ActionDart Dartboard GY-HMV1-7GWM

ActionDart is a renowned online retailer that sells and markets dart products and has its offices in San Francisco, California. The brand is known for sourcing high-quality dart products based on their experience in the industry. You can find ActionDart dartboards on their shopify platform or on

The ActionDart dartboard comes as a full-size dartboard measuring 16 inches. It’s made of solid plastic stipples for a rugged performance. The dartboard is pretty easy to install and comes with a built-in metal bracket that allows for tabletop play and a reinforced nail hole for easy mounting on the wall.

More features include:
  • Safe and fun to play on. It comes with six safety soft-tip darts that will cause no damage to users or items at home or office under normal use.
  • It’s perfect for kids age six years and above.
  • This dartboard makes a perfect gift for birthdays.
  • Comes with 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t like the dartboard.
  • Great craftsmanship improves your indoor décor.
The Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 is a tournament-quality dartboard with a target area of 15.5 inches. Recommended for kids ages 12 and above, this dartboard comes with 40 games, coupled with 179 variations. Want to save a few bucks? Get the Arachnid Bullshooter Marauder 5.0 Electronic Dartboard Cabinet Set with only 38 games, including 137 options.

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Tournament Series Dartboard

Arachnid is among the leading manufacturers of electronic dartboards and is the innovator of soft-tip darts. Arachnid is a household name when it comes to premium electronic dartboards and accessories. The company continues to uphold their reputation for quality and innovation, something they’re known for globally.

You will enjoy hours of competitive dart games with friends and family with the high-tech Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Tournament Dartboard. This dartboard comes with 40 different games and 179 different options. With trademarked tournament colors, this Cricket Dartboard has a regulation 15.5” target area. The board has NylonTough segments that are designed to enhance durability and playability.

The Cricket Dartboard also comes with micro-thin segment dividers to reduce bounce-offs during play. By purchasing this dartboard, you are entitled to a free AC power adapter and easy-to-use mounting hardware for displaying the dartboard.

Other features include:
  • Selectable bull’s eye to improve scoring
  • X/O Cricket with 4-player and 8-player LED score displays
  • Comes with an optional 3-level heckler feature for extra fun.
Endorsed by the British Darts Organization (BDO), the Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Dartboard is a professional bristle dartboard with an increased scoring area and 14% thinner wiring system compared to its predecessor, the Blade 4. This means you get higher scoring potential with this new model. If you want to spend less but get the same high scoring potential, check out the Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard, which also comes with reduced bounce-rates.

Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Bristle Dartboard

Boasting an enviable roster of world-class players affiliated with their organization, the Winmau company represents a truly global business dedicated to darts, and have been on 'active duty' for over 65 years! Thanks to their avid sportsmanship, the Winmau crew secured themselves the prestigious spot as the world-leading corporation dealing in anything darts-related. This would include the wide-scale production of the darts equipment, their very own sports league with some of the best players in the world, and a number of televised events for good measure! The British Darts Organization loves them—very posh indeed!

The secret to the massive success of the Winmau corporation in this gentlemanly sport is really not much of a secret at all—they've just managed to assemble a team of people that absolutely adore darts, and the rest is history. Ever since they established their company, these people have been improving the designs of their boards. The result is a range of high-quality darts platforms, with each of them sporting its own quirks and unique characteristics!

The Blade 5 Dual Core dartboard represents the pinnacle of technology and innovation in the dartboard industry. Exclusive Dual Core technology offers lower compression on the outer core, which improves point penetration for higher scores and fewer lost darts. A higher compression at the inner core, on the other hand, improves resistance below the surface, which absorbs more kinetic energy for improved durability.

The outer core is made with uniform density and a highly visible playing surface to increase scoring and enhance proper vision. The new Blade 5 wiring system gives the scoring area an extra nine square millimeters for doubles and six square millimeters for trebles. The 14% reduction in web surface area means higher scoring and fewer bounce-outs.

Other features include:
  • Thinner dynamic sector wires (20% thinner) and radial wires (10% thinner) enhance scoring potential.
  • The blade angle is reduced from 90 degrees to 60 degrees inclusive, while the ultimate tensile strength on the dynamic sector wire is increased by 20% to allow dart points to easily glide past the wire to the scoring bed.
  • A new bull’s eye with 25-ring carbon diffusion technology provides an extra-hard surface that allows the dart point to seamlessly glide past the angled rings into the scoring board for improved durability and scoring.
  • The Rota-Lock triple-wheel level-and-lock system allows for easy rotation and a secure fit.
  • The professional bristle dartboard is endorsed by the exclusive British Darts Organization (BDO).
Sporting the happy-go-lucky appearance of an item that the Mad Hatter might have lying around his house, the Marky Sparky Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board can be a perfect game for your entire family! If you like the look of this board for yourself or even your kids, you might be wondering what will happen when those darts inevitably go missing. Well, your solution is here; grab some Doinkit Darts Refills too!

Marky Sparky Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board

A long time ago, a young boy at the tender age of 9, Mark Rappaport, invented his first-ever toy and, in his innocence and creative vigor, decided to pitch the design to an unappreciative, stuck-up bunch of exquisite mentlegen (pardon our French) called Mattel. Surprise, surprise! The Barbie-producin' gang of overestimated fashionistas rejected young Rappaport's toy, leaving the poor boy only slightly discouraged. Unabashed by this unjust experience, Marky Sparky (as he's known today) went on to construct more toys with a renewed strength, eventually establishing his own company!

Nowadays this versatile business produces a number of high-quality, reasonably priced toys for children of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers. Some of the products you can stumble across browsing through Marky Sparky's web page would include faux bows, Blast Pads, “Animails,” and the world-renowned California Chariot, a three-wheeled chariot-like bike that is well-sold even in Japan, where odd and cheeky products abound!

One of his best designs to date, however, would, at least in our humble opinion, be the Doinkit Dartboard, a magnetic platform with specialized darts with which you can make your first steps in the world of darts! Or just throw some randomly for laughs, your call.
The list of features for the Marky Sparky Dartboard:
  • 16-inch magnetic dartboard
  • Six flexible neodymium magnetic darts
  • Suitable for ages six and up
  • Hook for easy hanging
Oh, how the tables have turned! Fast-forward a decade or two from that fateful rejection: Marky Sparky produces fully functional magnetic dartboard of leisure and cheeriness, and Mattel produces Alan the Ken Doll's cousin or something (quite the third wheel!). Not so classy now, huh Mattel people? Anyway, Marky Sparky’s magnetic board is loads of fun for the entire family. Get yours now!

How Do I Choose the Best Dartboard?

It's never really been a secret that beer can dramatically improve any given activity. What's more, if you look at the phenomenon of darts, you can see that beer can also transform a friendly, lighthearted pastime into an international competitive sport! Whether they're taking place in pubs or big sports arenas situated in a variety of locations around the globe, the knightly darts bouts have become revered for the displays of skill from the players, and the cheeky, 'pubbish' warmhearted atmosphere that surrounds even the biggest of arenas with loads of cameras and sponsorship banners.

If this idyllic description of the game makes you want to hit your nearest bar and try your luck with no experience, do mind that people there will be begrudgingly competitive and possibly beat you up if you display too much beginners’ luck! Jokes aside, darts can be a great way to socialize and also develop some wicked wrist action that can a) turn you into a pro darts player, and b) open to you the possibility of moonlighting as a shuriken-throwing ninja hitman! This is a dartboard-related review, though, so don't expect to hear precious information on how to become a professional assassin. (We charge for that sort of stuff, big bucks too - we're not PETA.)

So, if you've already decided to get onboard this happy-go-lucky, beer-induced bandwagon, we'd like to help you pick out the best possible dartboard for you, so that you can improve yourself and maybe even start winning some of the competitions!

First off, when choosing a dartboard, you need to decide what sort you'd like to go with. For instance, the most popular boards are those made out of wood or cork, such as the Hathaway Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard and Cabinet Set. Depending on the kind of wood, its quality, and its availability, the price may vary of course, but since these materials are most commonly found, they tend to be the least expensive.

After wood, the second-best material of choice seems to be metal, though these models usually come with a set of magnetic darts and are predominantly made for kids. There are, of course, a fair number of magnetic models made for adults as well, but the kid-friendly ones are more prevalent in the world of magnetic 'dartery.'

Another rather interesting design choice that’s been introduced into the world of darts recently is the electronic dartboard, which features a bunch of premade holes, into which a specifically designed dart should enter to register a hit. Thanks to its design, this board is then able to automatically calculate a player's score, which may not be that big of an advantage, in all fairness, but it's still an interesting property nevertheless.

Since darts isn’t really a sport that requires a number of props, various manufacturers have found various ways to make their dartboards seem more attractive to the buyer. For example, one of the most popular versions of these boards you can find are those made with a wooden case that looks like some sort of cupboard. Once you open the doors of these elaborate dart chests, so to speak, you can find a dartboard and some neatly organized playing darts, as well as a chalkboard with a piece of chalk for recording the score! So it's a whole package, really!

Another ongoing theme with the manufacturers of these boards worth checking out would be the tendency to include custom-made team logos on their dartboards. This can be a great asset for you if you're already into darts as a competitive sport and have your own team as well. If you're looking to fully kit out your game room, then why not check out our reviews for some of the best pool tables and air hockey tables too?
As far as dartboard pricing is concerned, about the most important thing that determines it would be the type of dartboard you're dealing with. Traditional wooden models typically occupy both the least expensive and the most expensive ends of the spectrum, as different kinds of wood have different properties and are sold at a variety of price points. On the other hand, some more recently developed models are filled with electronic circuits and those kinds of modern gadgetry, so they may come at a slightly higher price point on account of that. Of course, the manufacturing brand may also play a role, as more prestigious names will surely sell more expensive goods.
In the world of darts, there are only a few things you need to start playing the game: a dartboard, some darts, and maybe a chalkboard with a piece of chalk to keep track of how good and dominant you are (or not)! In the following list, we'll give you a list of properties you should look out for when buying yourself a brand new dartboard.

The list of features to look for in a dartboard:
  • Material Used
  • Whether There Are Darts Included
  • Chalkboard Scorer
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Team Logo Graphics
An attractive display of graphics on your dartboard may be a great team spirit-boosting element that can propel your team straight to victory!
Construction and Design
When it comes to construction, most boards are built rather straight-forwardly - they're round with a bit of wiring to separate the scoring sections. This basic property of a dartboard can be further enhanced by some electronics, which many manufacturers actually ventured to do, so that you, an avid darts player, can choose between traditional and modern playing surfaces for your future darts-related feats! Perhaps the biggest stepping-out from the norm would be the inclusion of entire cabinets and other pieces of supportive equipment around the board itself, which can come in handy, especially if you're a beginner.
Performance and Ease of Use
Since dartboards aren't exactly the most complicated sporting utensils out there, using them isn’t going to be a major challenge for you, even if you've been living under a rock until now, with no Internet whatsoever! You throw the dart, and if it sticks to the board, chances are you've managed to score; if you hit the wall or the waiter, you've not scored. Simple as that.

Perhaps the biggest perplexity you'll encounter when playing darts would be with electronic models, which can sometimes malfunction and not count the darts you graciously managed to sneak onto the board. Other than this small inconvenience, using dartboards and playing darts in general is always a pleasurable experience, and as long as you're practicing regularly, you're sure to have some competitive results as well!

Get the Best Dartboard of 2023!

Featuring a new range of exciting builds that nowadays include neon lights, magnetic darts and what not, dartboards have become top-tier sports props that one would want to have, even if they don't play darts! To get your dart-wielding hands on a high-quality dartboard, check out our top five review and pick the perfect model for you!

Our Top Choice
GLD Products Viper Hudson Dart Center
Best Value
ActionDart Soft Tip Dartboard Set
Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Dartboard
Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Dartboard
Marky Sparky Doinkit® Dartboard