Best Date Stamp Reviews 2023

Anyone with any office experience knows that it’s the small things that differentiate an extraordinary project from an ordinary one. On that note, stamping is one of those details that can easily be overlooked but which actually plays a pivotal role in establishing credibility, building authority and securing trust. Those who already know this are faced with a fresh challenge of choosing a suitable date stamp for their needs. We’ve eased the burden on you by researching many options and choosing five of the best date stamp brands available today. Read our review to make a suitable choice, but bear in mind that the reviewed brands have other product variants that might interest you.
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Print size
Ink color/s
Our Top Choice
Shiny Do-It-Yourself Date Stamp
Shiny is a stamp manufacturer that deploys technological innovations towards creating quality stamps for personal and official use.
Text changeable platens. Customizable message. Flexible. Stamps in blue and red colors. Multiple lines of lettering.
Small letters may fall off the letter bank.
2 lines; 4mm characters
Red and blue
10-year bands
Best Value
Sparco 4 Band Rubber Date Stamp
Sparco is a respected name when it comes to quality office supplies. Its date stamps are designed to provide premium quality value for users.
Nickel-plated steel frame. Makes great impressions. Top quality wheels. Great price. Stamps neatly and boldly.
The years on the dial are fixed at 6 years, meaning it’ll eventually expire.
27 x 25 mm plate; 4mm characters
4 bands; six-year
Trodat Professional Custom Date Stamp
Trodat deals with everything stamp. This singular focus has helped it grow its expertise and spread across the world providing self-inking and laser stamps.
Top quality build and materials. 7 essential office phrases. Ink cartridge is available in two colors. Extremely simple to change the date.
Requires manufacturer’s help to customize.
Heavy duty -self-inking
41 x 24 mm plate; 4mm characters
Black, red, blue, green
11-year band
ExcelMark Self-Inking Date Stamp
ExcelMark makes life easier by creating innovative office products and accessories that increase productivity and still manages to make them affordable.
6-year date band. 2-sided ink pad. Double color impressions. Date stamps in red while customized text types in blue. Easy to change ink.
Ink might spill out if not properly aligned.
Heavy duty; custom; self-inking
Up to 5 lines; 24 x 43 mm plate
Red and blue
7-year band
MaxMark Large Self-Inking Date Stamp
MaxMark proves its mettle through the wide array of quality stamps it produces to meet different tastes and needs.
12-year date range. Smooth wheel rotation. Easy to re-ink or change.
It requires manual changing of date.
3 custom lines; 38 x 38mm plate
Red and blue
12-year band

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What is the Best Date Stamp?

Now that you’ve come this far, you already know that there are specific features that’ll place a particular date stamp above the rest. We implore you to read our review of brands/products to know which of them possess the features you consider critical to meeting your needs. Then you will have found the best date stamp for you, and hopefully at an affordable price too.
Our Top Choice
The Shiny DIY Date Stamp gives you the freedom to create your own texts. You just need to choose letters from a collection and place them on the stamp’s platens. Easy as ABC! If you want an all-inclusive package with 2 detachable platens, 2 type plates, a stamp pad, a set of tweezers and a printing stamp, opt for the Shiny Self Inking Custom Text Printing Kit.

Shiny Custom Do-It-Yourself Date Stamp with Stamp Pad and Set of Tweezers

Established in 1957, Shiny has made a name for itself in the stamp-making industry. With a concentration on quality assurance, environmental sustainability, and self-improvement, Shiny produces stamps that have gained worldwide appeal and global satisfaction among its users. Thus, the company, which sells to over 100 countries, has two ISO quality certification awards.

If you’ve had to ditch some stamps because they appeared cheaply made and their letterings were too small, or if you’ve had to manage stamps without giving full expression to your messages, then the Shiny DIY Date Stamp is the stamp for you. With this stamp, you’ll soon discover that date stamps don’t have to follow the strict rigidity that makes them seem so forbidding. This date stamp allows you to use two lines of texts to create your message around the date. Even though you can’t change the format of the date, you can add text in front of it. This is especially useful for those who need to add “due” or “exp” to dates for better indication.

This little date stamp is self-inking, so your effort is reduced by half as you don’t have to stamp on an ink pad first. It can stamp in two colors, the date in red and the texts in blue, creating an obvious distinction in the presentation. You must be wondering how difficult it’ll be to change tiny letters like these. Well, here’s the good news, Shiny made it sweet and easy with the oversized tweezers included in the package. This is what you use to pick individual letters from the rich collection of letters, numbers, and symbols to place on the stamp platens. Not only do the tweezers make it easy, they also let you accurately place the texts in the platens.

The beauty of this date stamp is capped by the prints it makes: neat, well-spaced, and colorful; just imagine the kind of contrast you get from a blue and red lettering. The sharpness of the prints can also be attributed to the self-inking mechanism, which, by the way, is a cinch to refill. You might not fully appreciate the value of this date stamp if you haven’t been stuck with one of those rigid date stamps. Another awesome thing about this product is the price. When you use it, you’ll be praising the manufacturer for making such a time– and effort-saving product so affordable.
Best Value
Deep-face characters in good ink will make crisp, neat, and legible impressions all the time. This is exactly what you get from using the Sparco Rubber Date Stamp. If you want a stamp with bigger characters for better legibility, you can consider the Sparco Date Stamper Size 2, which is also made with superior quality materials.

Sparco Date Stamper, 4 Bands, Size No. 1’1/2 – Available In 4 Pack Sizes

Sparco is a renowned name in the manufacturing and distribution of office supplies. Its tentacles cover the provision of different office equipment including stationery, stamps and other tools. With a deliberate consideration for quality and innovative techniques, Sparco continues to provide its clients with different options adaptable to varying degrees of needs and preferences.

The superior craftsmanship put into the Sparco Rubber Date Stamp is evident in its appearance. It’s compact and handy; its appearance and feel prove its level of quality. It has a steel frame which is plated with nickel, keeping it strong and resilient. You can easily scroll through its 6-year date set using the wheels protruding from the side of the stamp.

The characters on this stamp are one-inch wide and 0.25 inches in length, which are big enough for legibility and the deep indentation of each character means the impressions it creates will be bold, sharp, and well-finished, as long as you use it with a good ink pad (not included).

You may have noticed that there are only 6 years on this stamp, but there’s space for 12 months on it. The remaining spaces on the year side let you make additional entries such as PAID, P.M., A.M., REC'D, ANS'D, and ENT'D, adding some more expression and definition to your communication. Its size also makes it more adaptable to more standard forms and you’re not restricted to where you can use it. Its application spans several walks of life, making this little worker highly versatile.
The Trodat Professional Custom Date Stamp covers a date set of 11 years, which is a clear indication that it’ll serve you for quite a long time before it’s retired. For a date stamp that has two lines of customization text and that lasts 12 years, you may want to consider the Trodat 4750 Self-inking Date Stamp.

Trodat Professional Heavy Duty Custom Dater Date Stamp

Trodat is a rooted company when it comes to stamp manufacturing and distribution. Due to its singular focus on stamps and stamp-related products, Trodat successfully produces stamps that exceed customer expectations. Since its establishment in 1912, it has committed itself fully to customer satisfaction, and the most obvious way it’s been doing that is by consistently delivering superior quality products to its clients all over the world. Spread across 150 countries, Trodat isn’t resting on its laurels as it still strives to grow in all areas.

Imagine having to stamp 70-100 letters every blessed day, having to change the letterings as often, and slamming down on the counter. Even you, the operator, can feel the strain, never mind the stress of the stamp you’re using. Not every stamp can survive that kind of use, but the Trodat Professional Date Stamp isn’t tagged ‘heavy duty’ for nothing. It won’t only take that abuse, when you’re done for the day and set it down, it’ll almost be calling out, saying, “is that all you’ve got?”

It’s a breeze to change the date on this stamp, and did you know that the date set covers eleven years? Now that’s one heck of a long time for this loyal staff to serve you. This date stamp is fitted with a Power Bar, a new addition to reinforcing the date mechanism for extended durability. Furthermore, it’s ergonomically designed to fit nicely in your hands as you use it so you don’t feel strain after extended use.

The characters are deep-set and will make sharp, legible, impressions. Some stamps require you to slam down hard to make a clear print, but this date stamp only needs a gentle tap on both the ink pad and where you need to make the impression. This particular stamp impresses in red for dates and blue for texts, but other colors are available to suit your preferences.

This professional date stamp is one piece its craftsman can be proud of as its well-aligned design is what makes it tough and easy to use. Its steel core keeps the frame in position, while the two-way locking mechanism, as the name implies, locks the stamp to avoid accidental stamping. The band cover ensures your hands won’t get stained as you make adjustments to the date bands.
You can easily customize 2 lines of texts around the date with the ExcelMark Date Stamp so you can add better expression to the impressions you make with this stamp. If you’d like a different design that prints in red ink, go for the ExcelMark Self-Inking Rubber Stamp, which also has a reversible ink pad.

ExcelMark Self-Inking Heavy Duty Date Stamp – Available In 8 Colors and Text Lines

ExcelMark is a brand that embraces innovation to create value for its customers. This brand uses contemporary designs and methods in the manufacture of its products. It creates patented designs that provide unique benefits for its esteemed customers through its products. This also explains why it went all the way to create a patented double-ink stamp pad to provide long lasting value. ExcelMark has proven over the years it can be depended on through consistent creation of quality products.

Self-inking date stamps not only save time, they save effort too. In fact, it’ll cut your work by half since you don’t have to first stamp on an ink pad before making your impressions. The ExcelMark Date Stamp is heavy duty and designed to endure repetitive usage without faltering.

It’s easy to change the lettering on this stamp and can be done without having your hand stained with ink. Reinking the ink pad is also not a bother and you can choose between an all-black impression or one that stamps dates in red and texts in blue. You can adjust the customizable lines to say whatever you want, which lets you have more expressions for your stampings. There are other variants with more customizable text lines than this featured product, so, if you happen to need a date stamp that can impress more lines, just make the selection you prefer.

The following are some other quality date and stamp products from the stables of ExcelMark:
  • ExcelMark 12 Phrase Dater – Has 6 years of date and features 12 common office phrases used on stamps
  • ExcelMark Self Inking Stock Message Date Stamp – Dates till 2022 and has 12 stock messages you can impress
  • ExcelMark PAID Date Stamp – Has 10 years of date, impresses “PAID”, and is available in black, red, and blue, ink color
The MaxMark Large Self-Inking Date Stamp sports a new and improved design with smooth rotating wheels, making stamping and adjustments effortless. If you’d like a stamp for indexing and labeling, try out the MaxMark Self-Inking 12 Phrase Message Date Stamp, which is both lightweight and easy to use.

MaxMark Large Self-Inking Date Stamp with RECEIVED and Custom Text

MaxMark has made a name for itself in producing uniquely designed date stamps and, indeed, different kinds of stamps. This brand is well-known for its long year band and all the room it makes for custom phrases. With interest in making office work and other paperwork as efficient as possible, the brand has produced several stamps that make that possible. You’ll also notice a bias for aesthetics in the brand's design as your project comes to life with the vibrant colors the stamp inks are available in.

With up to 3 lines of customizable texts and up to 30 characters per line, the MaxMark Large Self-Inking Date Stamp is a dynamic date stamp for getting your message across in a professional way. This date stamp has an overall print size of 1-1/2" by 1-1/2”, which makes it clear enough and suitable for standard documents. The two-color impressions you can make with this date stamp bring your stamping to vibrant, invigorated life.

The ease of use of this office equipment is another thing to like about it. The stamping is quite smooth; you’ll almost not even notice the thud against your palm. The wheels rotate smoothly which makes changing dates and making adjustments a breeze, and definitely not a wet work as you won’t have your hands smeared with ink. This stamp will last you so long that date stamps will have become obsolete before it needs to be retired. The year range reaches 2027, so you can continue using this stamp to date-mark received documents till then.

Other great products from the stables of MaxMark are as follows:
  • MaxMark Self-Inking Rubber Date Stamp with ‘MAILED’ – It has a 12-year date range reaching till 2023
  • MaxMark Self-Inking 12 Phrase Message Date Stamp – Self-Inking with multiple office phrases and 10 years dating. Available in black, red, and blue ink
  • MaxMark Self-Inking Rubber Date Stamp with ‘POSTED’ – New and attractive design with a 12-year date band extending to 2028

How Do I Choose the Best Date Stamp?

Have you ever seen those teachers, secretaries, librarians and students that are bizarrely comfortable about the chores that their counterparts seem to dread? If you search well enough, you’ll also find some tools such as laminator or hole punch that those people use to ease their chores..

A date stamp can be used to date-mark documents and projects. However, most of them have features beyond the date itself, making their application more versatile. It often begins with good printer paper as that’s where most of your stamping goes. If the paper isn’t of good quality, it might not hold the ink well or, worse, it’ll smear. Some date stamps have essential office phrases that let you label documents for sorting or archiving.

When choosing a date stamp, consider the type, as this has a serious role to play in how you use it and for how long you can use it. There are self-inking date stamps and they come in different shapes and sizes as some can stamp more contents than others.

The best date stamps are versatile and can be used for many applications. They have a wide date range, allowing you to use it for longer periods. You don’t want to get a date stamp with half of the years already past. Some date stamps allow you to customize texts around the date so you can add expressions to your stampings. As you read on, you’ll encounter more information that’ll guide you towards choosing the best date stamp for you.
There are different kinds of date stamps for different uses. These variations cause differences in their features, too, and all these affect the price of individual stamps. Thus, a high-end reversible stamp with dual ink pad goes for about $45 while a simpler stamp can cost under $10. There are cheap date stamps out there, and they cannot necessarily be identified by their price alone (but they usually come outside the range we mentioned), but by things which we hope to teach you about in this guide. They won’t provide the quality you desire and deserve because they’re poorly made and won’t give you anything but a poor result. To this end, we’ve ignored them and have only featured products we’re really proud of.
Date stamps are a great way to tag and label documents, communicating their status to others. Most offices, schools, libraries, etc. require stamps for many different reasons. If you’re looking to get yourself one, here are some features you may want to consider:
  • Type
  • Shape
  • Band
  • Ink Color/s
  • Print Size
These features often determine the efficacy of a date stamp and how well it’ll serve its purpose.
Construction and Design
The type of date stamp determines to a large extent how it’s used. A self-inking date stamp doesn’t need a separate ink pad and won’t dry up easily, unlike traditional date stamps. Custom stamps also allow users to make the kind of phrase or text they want, whether it’s above or below the date line. While most self-inking stamps would suffice for personal use, there are heavy duty stamps that are more suited for official and industrial use.

Date stamps come in different sizes and shapes. Some shapes are fixed, such as the rectangular and square stamps, which can be used on various forms and documents. Rotary and custom stamps provide different alignments depending on how you arrange the letters. Date stamps offer multiple lines of texts, some allowing up to six lines of customizable texts. Needless to say that the more the lines of text a date stamp allows, the bigger the stamp will be.

With most date stamps, there are date, month, and year options, but some also have additional bands and phrases such as Paid, Received, Mailed and others. Some also come with text-changeable platens that can be used for different documents.

Different date stamps have different impression sizes. You can see some with an impression area of 15/16 by 1-11/16 inches, a text size approximately 1 5/8 inches wide, a date size of 1 1/8 inches wide and ¼ inches high. Others have numbers which are ¼-inch in height and 1¼-inch wide with a maximum text plate of 41 x 24 mm.
Performance and Ease of Use
Most date stamps impress in black, but blue– and red-colored date stamps aren’t uncommon nowadays. There are even several date stamps that are dual-colored; they usually impress in red for dates and blue for texts. Those date stamps that impress phrases are often unicolored; whether it’s black, red, or blue, the color they come in is entirely at the discretion of the manufacturer. It’s only left to the user to decide which color works best for what they need it for.

Now that you’re well and truly informed about date stamps, you can make up your mind on which features are most important to you.

Get the Best Date Stamp of 2023!

We hope we’ve been able to supply enough information to help you choose the best date stamp for your needs; it has been our pleasure to help you. Now that you’re certain about what you want, you can make your purchase and start stamping to create that perfect finish.

Our Top Choice
Shiny Do-It-Yourself Date Stamp
Best Value
Sparco 4 Band Rubber Date Stamp
Trodat Professional Custom Date Stamp
ExcelMark Self-Inking Date Stamp
MaxMark Large Self-Inking Date Stamp