Best Dead Blow Hammer Reviews 2023

Dead-blow hammers are a great way to work on delicate materials without damaging or marring the product and are relatively safe too (ensuring you use them correctly!). To help you choose the perfect dead-blow hammer for you, we’ve selected some of the best dead-blow hammer brands on the market today - featuring a product from each to give you a better idea of what different brands have to offer as well as what types of dead-blow hammer are available to you.
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Our Top Choice
Thor Thorace Dead Blow Nylon Hammer
Founded in 1910, Thor is an English brand that specializes in manufacturing Rawhide hammers and mallets to over 80 different countries worldwide.
Available in 5 different sizes. Made from durable die-cast aluminum with an easy-grip rubber handle for safety.
Larger sizes may be too heavy for some users.
Dual Face
65.6 oz (other weights available)
6.5” x 2.7” x 14.5”
Best Value
Tekton 3 Piece Dead-Blow Hammer Set
Tekton is a hand tool brand that creates innovative and skilled tools for those with a love for DIY and the smaller details.
Set of three steel-shot dead-blow hammers. High-impact poly jackets for a firm strike and use on softer metals. Hammers also sold individually in 5 different weights.
The hammers in this set aren’t as durable as others.
Dual face
Set of 16, 32 and 48 ounces
14” x 15” x 2.2”
Armstrong Dead-Blow Ball Pein Hammer
Armstrong has been creating industrial tools for both at work and in the home since 1890 with its high-quality, USA made designs.
Steel-shot filled canister for a dead-blow effect and features a textured, non-slip handle for accuracy and safety. Also available in other weights and non-ball pein styles.
Isolated reports of slippery handle, despite non-slip grip.
Dual face
32 oz (other weights available)
13.5” x 4.7” x 1.4”
Lixie Dead Blow Hammer with Hickory Safety Handle
Lixie has been creating high-quality, traditionally-made, commercial and industrial striking tools for well over 70 years.
Head constructed from iron and spark resistant aluminum. Replaceable urethane faces prevent the marring or deforming of struck surfaces. Grooved hickory handle to prevent slipping.
Higher quality brings with it a relatively higher price tag.
Dual face
14 oz (other weights available)
1.5” x 5” x 1.4”
Nupla Power Drive Dead Blow Hammer
Nupla are an American brand and one of the leaders in the manufacturing of both industrial and specialty hand tools, producing over 1600 different tools.
Sturdy design with a comfortable, easy-to-use grip handle. Durable and won’t mar or damage a struck material.
Some customers felt this hammer was only suitable for smaller jobs, but other weights are available.
Dual Face
19.2 oz (other weights available)
12.2” x 5.4” x 1.7”

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What is the Best Dead Blow Hammer?

We’re hoping that after reading through our buying guide you now have a better understanding about what sort of dead-blow hammer is most suitable for you and your work as well as the different features that matter the most to you. This will make it a LOT easier when it comes to narrowing down your options and ensuring you choose the ideal hammer for your needs. So let’s check out our top 5 picks shall we?
Our Top Choice
Thor’s Thorace Dead-Blow Hammer is ideal for a number of household chores as well as assembly, fittings, shop fitting and engineering. If, however, you are after a hammer with a wooden handle then don’t forget to check out Thor’s Nylon Hammer with Wood Handle instead!

Thor 2020 Thorace Dead-Blow Nylon Hammer - Available in 5 Sizes

Founded in 1910, Thor is an English brand that manufactures drive belts, Rawhide hammers and mallets. Today, Thor export its products to over 80 countries worldwide and also exhibit them at the Cologne Hardware Exhibition in Germany. Thor uses the same techniques to make its signature products as it did over 100 years ago, ensuring quality products every time.

We wanted to feature the Thorace Dead-Blow Hammer due to its great ratings on Amazon and multiple buying options. The hammer features a cavity in the head which is filed with steel shot, adding weight to the hammer and preventing rebound for maximum force and safety. All the faces in the hammer are one piece molded and are designed for wear and easy replacement. There are also serrations in the metal head of the product to prevent any faces coming loose; the faces themselves have a shoulder to prevent fractures and to add extra strength as well.

This multi-purpose tool is ideal for sustained blows without recoil and can be used in most assembly and fittings including toolmaking, shop fitting and engineering. Thor’s hammer is made from die-cast aluminum with a rubber grip and easy-to-use screw in polyurethane faces.
Best Value
Tekton’s Dead-Blow Hammer Set is ideal for those looking for a variety of hammers suitable for a wide range of uses. Depending upon your needs, you may also want to check out Tekton’s Fiberglass Handle Rubber Mallet, available in 16 and 32 ounces, with 3 different color/design options.

TEKTON Dead-Blow Hammer Set with 16, 32 and 48-Ounce Hammers – Also Sold Individually with 5 Weight Options

Tekton is a tool brand for those who have a passion for high-quality DIY’ing! Its skilled, organized and innovative tools are perfect for those who care about the details. Tekton’s hand tools are a firm favorite amongst its customers due to their top-quality, perfectionist design.

We are big fans of Tekton’s Dead-Blow Hammer Set due to its large size, multiple buying options and great reviews on Amazon! This set includes 3 steel-shot hammers in sizes 16, 32 and 48 ounces. Don’t need all three, or need a different weight? You can purchase this particular Tekton dead blow hammer individually, in your choice of 16, 24, 32, 48 or 64 ounces.

These hammers eliminate post-strike rebound and transfer the energy of each blow directly into the work piece itself. Moreover, Tekton’s hammers require fewer blows and reduce the likelihood of deforming the piece you are working on. Their high-impact poly jackets incase the all-steel head and handle of the hammers entirely, giving a firm strike and preventing marring in softer metals. The handle also contains a diamond tread pattern for a non-slip grip and better precision.
Armstrong’s Dead-Blow Ball Pein Hammer allows for a variety of uses such as punching, chiseling, shaping and straightening. If, however, you’re after a little bit more force behind your hammer then take a look at Armstrong’s 5-Pound Sledge Head Dead Blow Hammer instead!

Armstrong 32-Ounce Dead Blow Ball Pein Hammer – Other Weights and Styles Available

Armstrong is an American brand that has been creating industrial tools since 1890. For over a century, then, Armstrong has been manufacturing high-quality, USA made hand-tools for both industrial and at-home use. Whether you’re repairing a boiler, building reduction gears or working on transmission lines, Armstrong has the tools for you!

We decided to feature Armstrong’s Dead-Blow Ball Pein Hammer due to the brand’s overall popularity and the fact the product has great ratings on Amazon. This hammer features a steel-shot filled canister which is ideal for a dead-blow effect. This means that the hammer sustains impact as well as maximizing force, reducing rebound and absorbing shock. The hot cast urethane cover on the steel-shot chamber offers incredible strength as well as reinforcing the steel handle. The handle is also textured for a non-slip grip and features a flanged butt end too. The steel face of the product allows for a variety of uses such as punching, chiseling, shaping and straightening.
Lixie’s Dead-Blow Hammer is ideal for both at-home and industrial use due to its impressive features and easy-to-use design. We’ve featured the lightweight 14 ounce model, however, you’re after a much larger hammer then take a look at Lixie’s 100 Oz. Dead-Blow Hammer instead (or one of their many other weight options).

Lixie 14 Dead Blow Hammer w/Replaceable Orange and Red Urethane Faces – Hickory Handle, Made in USA

Lixie has been creating high-quality, industrial and commercial striking tools for over 70 years. Whether you’re working around your house or at your profession, Lixie has the right tools for you. With a passion for quality, tradition and fair prices, Lixie is one of the oldest and trusted tool manufacturers in the world.

We loved Lixie’s 14 Oz. Dead Blow Hammer due to the brand’s traditional designs and overall popularity. This dead-blow hammer is constructed from iron and spark resistant aluminum with a hollow head casting filled with iron shot. This allows the head to move towards the struck surface during impact which prevents rebound and blow transfer.

Lixie’s hammer also contains replaceable urethane faces which prevents marring or deforming on struck surfaces and won’t be damaged by oils or solvents. The product’s unique handles are crafted from hickory for a comfortable, safe grip. The handle is also joined to the hammer castings through a patented wedge that’ll prevent separations.
Nupla’s Power Drive Blow Hammer is ideal for a variety of uses with its specialty design that’s economical too! If, however, you’re after a bigger, more powerful hammer, then check out Nupla’s Extreme Power Drive Dead Blow Hammer instead!

Nupla Strike Pro Power Drive Dead Blow Hammer - C-Grip Yellow

Nupla is one of the leaders in the manufacturing of industrial, specialty hand tools. The American brand is one of the innovators of TCP and produce the strongest fiberglass-handled tools that are super safe too! Nupla produces over 1600 hand tools that include steel hammers, rakes, axes, shovels and so much more!

We decided to feature Nupla’s Power Drive Dead Blow Hammer due to its sturdy design and great reviews on Amazon. The hammer has a comfortable, sturdy grip design with a 5.75” long head. The product’s power drive features allow for a more economical configuration and aren’t only durable, but non-marring too! This particular model hammer weighs about 2 pounds, but of course there are other weight options available.

How Do I Choose the Best Dead Blow Hammer?

Whether you have a passion for DIY, a flair for carpentry or are a professional handyman, you’ll know that having the right tools for the job is incredibly important. Choosing the right tools, for those in the know, is a fairly straight forward task; axes are for chopping, wrenches are for tightening and glue guns are for sticking materials together. Easy.

Unfortunately, not all tools are this straight forward, this claim being no more accurate than in the case of the trusty hammer. Now, at this point you might be thinking, ”Of course I know what a hammer is for! Don’t be foolish!”, and you would be correct… in some cases. Not all hammers, however, are created equal. This is especially true for the daddy of all hammers: the dead-blow hammer.

Dead-blow hammers are specifically designed to dislodge a material that’s in a particularly narrow space without causing damage to the surrounding materials. They’re also used for hammering more delicate metals that are prone to marring due to the hammers ability to create a fine and precise finish. Many dead-blow hammers have a hollow head that’s either filled with sand, lead beads or a steel shot that’ll absorb the energy of a hammer strike without rebound or damage to the surrounding materials. Moreover, dead-blow hammers are often made from a flexible material such as plastic or rubber with hard, non-slip handles for both safety and sturdiness. There are, however, more traditional designs of dead-blow hammer available in either wooden, metal or fiberglass materials if this is something you would prefer.

If you’re in the automotive repair industry then a dead-blow hammer is ideal for removing small parts such as hubcaps or working on a painted surface. Normal hammers often damage the paintwork of polished surfaces and scratch easily; this isn’t the case with a dead-blow hammer. This also makes them ideal for artwork, photograph frames or delicate carpentry. If you have a passion for woodworking then a dead-blow hammer is also perfect for tapping in pegs, joints or wooden materials joined together with glue. Even plumbers can use these handy tools for both PVC pipes and drainage uses, with electricians also using dead-blow hammers for in-between framing boards or for long electrical wires.

When choosing the best dead-blow hammer for you this is going to depend on what you are using the hammer for. Dead-blow hammers come in a range of sizes from small 6 ounce hammers to larger 2 pound models, with smaller hammers being more suited for tighter spaces. You can also purchase dead-blow hammers that don’t have a handle at all which are ideal for particularly tight spots. A good idea when purchasing a dead-blow hammer is to pick a product made from a softer material than the one you’re working on. This is where a dual-face dead-blow hammer comes in handy as it allows you to swap the head of the hammer depending on the kind of material you’re hitting.
When it comes to the cost of your new dead-blow hammer you can expect to pay anywhere between $15 to $115, depending on the size of the hammer set, what the product is made from and the size of the product. Dead-blow hammers at the lower end of this scale tend to be smaller in size and weigh around 15-20 ounces; it’s also more likely that they’re only a one piece set. Larger hammers will fall at the higher end of this scale weighing 30 ounces and over, and they also tend to include more than one hammer or a dual-face system that makes them interchangeable.

Hammers made from steel or aluminum also tend to be a bit pricier in comparison to wooden or nylon products as they’re more durable and are less likely to mar or damage surrounding materials. Cheap dead-blow hammers are available ($13 or lower) but be aware that these types of products often don’t last as long as more expensive hammers and can be damaged easily after repeated use.
When it comes to choosing the best dead-blow hammer for you this is going to depend entirely on the type of material you’re using it on as well as price range and your own personal preferences. There are a few handy features, however, that we recommend keeping an eye out for to ensure you choose the best possible product for you.

Here are some key features to look for:
  • Dual-head system
  • Hammers in a set
  • Head filled with lead shot or sand
  • Easy-grip rubber handle
Construction and Design
A feature we recommend looking for in your new dead-blow hammer is a product that includes a dual-head system. This basically means that the hammer’s head is interchangeable and will allow you to work on a variety of different materials using one tool. It also means that the product can fit in a range of different spaces without the need to purchase another hammer size. If, however, you aren’t all that keen on a dual-head system then we highly recommend purchasing a dead-blow hammer set instead. Although more expensive, each hammer is often cheaper individually in a set and will allow you to work on a variety of different materials in different spaces easily and efficiently.

When it comes to construction and design, dead-blow hammers that feature a head filled with either lead shot or sand truly trump the rest. This is because the filled cavity in the head will absorb the energy of the hammer and prevent rebound as well as damage or marring to the surrounding materials you’re using. If you’re working on a particularly delicate material then this feature is a must!

Finally, we recommend selecting a dead-blow hammer that features an easy-grip rubber handle. This might seem obvious, but it allows you more stability and control of the hammer for a more precise and accurate hit. If you’re using the product for some time it’s also a lot softer on your hands and will prevent any nasty sores from developing.
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to caring for your new dead-blow hammer there really isn’t much to it. They are, after all, hammers and purposefully built to take a bit of a bashing. As long as you keep the product clean after use then you should have no problems at all in this department. Those who have selected a dual face hammer, the hammer heads simply screw on and off with a few turns so no major assembly is really required. If you’ve selected a wooden based product then try not to let the hammer get too wet as this could cause mold and fungus to develop in the long term.

If you’re looking for a dead-blow product that really stands out from the rest then we highly recommend selecting a dual-face product with a filled head cavity. This will make the product MUCH easier to use, prevent damage and allow you to use the hammer in a variety of spaces, getting you as much bang for your buck as possible!

Get the Best Dead Blow Hammer of 2023!

Fingers crossed, by now you’ve found the perfect dead-blow hammer for you and are now planning all the new things you can do with your trusty new tool! If, however, this isn’t the case then don’t worry! We’ve purposely chosen brands that not only provide the best dead blow hammers in the market today, but also offer a wide variety of products. Simply browse through the brands’ other products to find the best dead-blow hammer for you!

Our Top Choice
Thor Thorace Dead Blow Nylon Hammer
Best Value
Tekton 3 Piece Dead-Blow Hammer Set
Armstrong Dead-Blow Ball Pein Hammer
Lixie Dead Blow Hammer with Hickory Safety Handle
Nupla Power Drive Dead Blow Hammer