Best Deadbolt Reviews 2022

Enhancing home security systems should be the #1 priority of every homeowner who loves their family and values their personal belongings. It’s a well-known fact that poorly protected homes get robbed the most. Luckily, a strong, durable deadbolt lock can give you more peace of mind! We have looked on the market and picked five excellent locks from some of the best deadbolt brands out there. Check out these locks and see which one you like the most!
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Our Top Choice
Schlage Camelot trim Keypad Deadbolt for Exterior Doors
Schlage is a prestigious lock manufacturer. The Camelot electronic deadbolt is reasonably-priced, eye-catching and it will enhance the security level of your property.
Top manufacturer. Attractive design. Available in many colors. Made from sturdy materials. Easy to use. Lifetime warranty on mechanical components.
Isolated complaints that this is not weatherproofed. The manufacturer states that it cannot be damaged by rain or snow.
Keypad Deadbolt
4.2 x 3.2 x 5.5 inches/ 5.3 lbs
Up to 19 access codes, no wires
9V battery required, provided
9 Stylish finishes
Best Value
Master Lock Tulip Style Entry Door Deadbolt
Master Lock is one of the most respected and popular padlock manufacturers in the world. The tulip-style knob entry door lock is affordable, durable and it can fit most doors.
Top manufacturer. Made from durable materials. Prevents bacteria and mold accumulation. Available in numerous styles.
Isolated complaints regarding functionality. Make sure you install it properly, according to the instructions provided.
Tulip Entry Knob with Deadbolt
9.9 x 8.1 x 3 inches/ 2 lbs
SilvaBond Antimicrobial Finish
No battery required
Antique Brass
Yale YRD240 Real Living Key Free Deadbolt
Yale is a reputable manufacturer of locks and security devices. The YRD240 deadbolt provides keyless entry and offers you more peace of mind.
Innovative, feature-rich product. Easy to install. Attractive design. Weather-resistant touchscreen. Easily programmable.
A bit expensive, but this is a highly-sophisticated door lock.
Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt
6.1 x 1.3 x 6.1 inches/ 5 lbs
Backlit touchscreen keypad:
4 x AA batteries, not provided
3 Stylish finishes
Kwikset Smartcode 916 Electronic Deadbolt
Kwikset specializes in making high-quality, technologically-advanced door locks. The Smartcode 916 is an electronic deadbolt with keyless entry and battery backup.
Attractive, elegant designs. Easy to install and operate. Excellent build quality. White LEDs for easy visibility. 20 minute fire rating.
Isolated complaints about the quality of customer service.
Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt
3.5 x 5.4 x 9.9 inches/ 3.5 lbs
SmartKey Re-key technology
4 x AA batteries, not provided
3 Stylish finishes
Brinks 2103-109 Tulip Style Deadbolt – 2 Pack
Brinks makes many different types of locks from durable materials such as stainless steel. The 2103-109 Tulip Style Deadbolt is reasonably priced and offers the best bang for your buck.
Lifetime warranty. Easy to install and operate. Comes with anti-picking features. Attractive, simplistic design.
Few customers complained that the lock doesn’t fit their doors. Make sure you read the instructions carefully.
Tulip Entry Knob with Deadbolt
3.2 x 8.1 x 8 inches/ 1.5 lbs
4-way adjustable latch
No battery required
Antique Brass

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What is the Best Deadbolt?

Deadbolts vary from model to model, so if you want the utmost protection and convenience, you should go for more sophisticated ones. For example, some of the deadbolts on our list offer keyless entry and backlit keypad, among other features. Set a budget from the start and then decide along with your spouse or housemates which one of the following five deadbolts is most suitable for you.
Our Top Choice
The Schlage BE365 CAM 619 electronic deadbolt is ideal for securing exterior doors and it can be bought as a standalone Camelot keypad, with a handle set, as a traditional design or as a Plymouth keypad, depending on your preferences. However, if you want a deadbolt with a built-in alarm system, then go for the Schlage Connect BE469 CAM 605.

Schlage Camelot Electronic Deadbolt, Weather Resistant and Six-Digit Programming Code – Available in 9 Colors

Schlage is a professional manufacturer of door hardware with more than 90 years of experience in the field. The products made by this company are crafted from the finest, toughest and most durable materials, so they can withstand wear and tear as well as burglary attempts. With a Schlage deadbolt, you will feel safer in your own property, whether it is a commercial or a residential one.

For our Top Choice, we have selected the BE365 CAM 619 Camelot Keypad Deadbolt because it is one of the most popular on the market and offers excellent value for money. This lock features a silicone-coated keypad, offers keyless entry for enhanced protection and a backlit keypad that is easily visible. It can remember up to 19 different codes and you can have it in 4 different designs as well as 9 different stylish finishes. In addition, the codes can be programmed easily from the keypad. Conveniently, you can operate it even if you have small hands.

We are happy to report that Schlage also makes other types of door locks which are worthy of your attention. For example:
  • Touchscreen Deadbolts – they come with an auto-lock feature, offer keyless entry and can be controlled you’re your smartphone
  • Built-in Alarm Deadbolts – the built-in alarm system has several alert settings and give you even more peace of mind
  • Keypad locks with levers – they are stylish and available in numerous beautiful finishes
  • Single cylinder deadbolts – simple, practical, efficient and pocket-friendly
What more can you ask for?
Best Value
The TUCO0605 Tulip Entry Door Knob from Master Lock provides a great way for securing your house, as it comes with a single cylinder deadbolt. You can buy it in different design variations, all featuring a beautiful antique brass finish. On the other hand, if you prefer a commercial lock with 2 deadbolt cylinders, check out the Master Lock DSC0732DKA4.

Master Lock Tulip Entry Door Knob and Keyed Alike Single Cylinder Deadbolt with Adjustable Latch

As previously mentioned, Master Lock is a prestigious name in the locks and security systems industry. This brand was founded back in 1921 and it produces top-quality padlocks, keypad deadbolts and various other security devices. Master Lock currently has its headquarters in Oak Creek, U.S., but it sells padlocks and combination locks all over the world.

For our review, we have chosen the TUCO0605 tulip-style deadbolt because it offers excellent value for your money. This type of lock can be bought in various styles such as entry, passage, entry with nightwatch or entry with a single cylinder deadbolt. This door lock comes with an Antimicrobial Protected Finish and it can fit most doors. It is easy to install, even if you haven’t done this before.

We would like to add here that Master Lock makes many other types of locks which can be useful in a residential or commercial property. Let's take a look at several types of security systems this brand sells.
  • Bluetooth padlocks – these locks use Bluetooth connectivity to allow/deny access in the house
  • Combination locks – allow you to enter a certain combination of numbers to gain access
  • Key storage boxes – not exactly a lock, but a wall-mountable safety box which can hold your keys when you leave home. When you get back, enter the right combination, get the key and enter your house
  • Bike and cable locks – these are different types of locks useful to protect your bike at school, work, or anywhere else
  • TSA locks – excellent for protecting your backpacks, bags, briefcases, etc.
The Yale YRD240 deadbolt comes with a backlit capacitive touchscreen keypad which allows you to effortlessly enter the opening combination. It is available in 3 stylish designs and it can even enhance the aesthetics of your door. If your budget is lower, then go for the YRD210-ZW-605 model from the same manufacturer.

Yale Real Living Standalone, Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt, Up to 25 Unique Codes, Battery Backup

Yale is a leading manufacturer of locking devices and security systems founded back in 1868. This company produces tailored door hardware solutions for residential and commercial properties. What makes Yale's products stand out from the crowd is the simple fact that they are visually appealing and easy to install.

However, we had to pick just 1 product for our list and we think that the YRD240 touchscreen deadbolt is perfect for our #3 spot. This deadbolt comes with an attractive touchpad which allows you to easily enter the code to open the door. Thanks to the capacitive touchscreen, the numbers will never wear off and this lock can remember up to 25 different codes. One of the greatest advantages of this security system is that you don’t need a key anymore to open your front door!

Before wrapping up, we want to take the time to mention several types of locks made by Yale, as maybe in the future you might have other security concerns which need to be addressed. Here are a few Yale products you can confidently rely on.
  • Touchpad deadbolts with Bluetooth – control your lock using your smartphone using Bluetooth technology
  • Double cylinder deadbolts – these offer enhanced protection for those moment when you want to protect important valuables or assets
  • Single cylinder deadbolts – available in numerous styles, finishes and designs
  • Wi-Fi Door Viewers – allows you to see who's at the door directly on your smartphone. This device features a camera with a motion sensor which activates when someone is close to your door
  • The Kwikset SmartCode 916 Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt can be installed using just a screwdriver, and once mounted it offers keyless entry. However, if your budget is smaller and you want an Amazon Best Seller then go for the Kwikset 92640-001 Contemporary Electronic deadbolt instead.

    Kwikset SmartCode 916 Touchscreen Deadbolt with Smartkey Re-Key and Home Connect Technology

    Kwikset is another big name in the locking industry, a brand that keeps innovating today's lock designs. The experts in this company have over 60 years of experience making locks and creating durable, user-friendly products that can help their customers sleep better at nights.

    While we were browsing Kwikset's products, we were impressed by the SmartCode 916 Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt, which is one of the most sophisticated door locks out there. This deadbolt is available in 3 stylish finishes, offers automatic door locking and comes with numerous innovative features such as SmartKey re-key technology (which allows you to easily re-key your lock), Home Connect technology (allows instant communication with home security systems) and more. Add to this already sophisticated product the fact that the deadbolt features quiet motorized operation, and you have probably found the ideal lock for your house!

    While we were doing our research, we also stumbled upon numerous other types of deadbolts from Kwikset and we are happy to briefly present them to you.
    • Bluetooth locks – operate them using your smartphone and quickly gain access inside the house without using a key
    • Single cylinder deadbolts with handlesets – stylish, safe and durable, ideal for almost every residential or commercial property
    • Privacy knobs – more suitable for the bath/bedroom doors, available in numerous colors
    • Smartkey entry levers – select from multiple beautiful door levers featuring Smartkey technology and a single-cylinder deadbolt
    The Brinks 2103-109 Tulip Style Keyed Entry Door Knob is an all-metal door lock featuring an attractive design and an enticing price tag. On top of that, you also benefit of lifetime warranty. However, if you prefer a double-cylinder deadbolt, then go for the Brinks 2718-119 model.

    Brinks 2103-109 Tulip Style Keyed Entry Door Knob, ANSI Grade 3 Standards Compliant, 4-Way Adjustable Latch

    Brinks is a popular brand specializing in security devices and home improvements. This company produces various types of safety devices that are designed to make you feel safer in the comfort of your own property. For example, you can buy practical security lights from Brinks, as well as security cables, pad locks and more.

    For our last spot, we wanted to come up with an affordable, yet valuable product, which we think we have found it in the 2103-109 tulip style keyed entry door knob. This item features an anti-pry shield, it can fit most standard doors and comes with lifetime warranty. In the package you will find 2 keyed-alike door knobs and 4 separate keys. Best of all, this lock is easy to install and it is highly-resistant to wear and tear.

    Just to give you more buying options, here are other types of locks made by Brinks.
    • Luggage locks – excellent for protecting your valuables during your business trips or vacations
    • Combination padlocks – made from anodized aluminum and other durable metals, this lock is ideal for lockers or gyms
    • Commercial discus locks – these are small, round-shaped locks made from stainless steel
    • Marine locks – heavy-duty locks designed using the toughest materials found on earth

    How Do I Choose the Best Deadbolt?

    A deadbolt offers great protection to a home or business. Usually, it is a bolt made of a hard metal such as steel that secures into a door frame when the lock is closed. This offers superior protection to other kinds of locks available on the market. The best kinds also come with guarding technology to make it extremely hard to unlock a deadbolt without the key intended for it.

    Some locks are easy to open by jimmying or picking them. Other locks on the market can easily be opened even without a key. Deadbolt locks, unlike spring bolt locks, ensure your property stays safe and secure all the time as they’re not easy to open.

    A deadbolt lock has three features to ensure it works properly. The first feature is the cylinder, where the key is inserted. A cylinder of this kind can either be tapered or non-tapered, with the former being the most recommended. The second feature is the bolt, a critical part of the lock. It’s usually made thick, using strong metals such as steel. When the key is inserted in the cylinder and moved, it moves the bolt into your door’s frame. A deadbolt lock also comes with a strike plate to ensure your frame is secure. Made of strong metals, the plate ensures the bolt stays in place as intended so the lock functions optimally. As a result, knocking the door down is virtually impossible, as the bolt won’t break through the strike plate.

    Deadbolts also come in various finishes, making them excellent home improvement hardware. They’re ideal for people living in insecure neighborhoods, businesses, new home builders looking to secure their properties and just anyone looking for a secure lock. Make sure you also secure your car in some way, such as with a steering wheel lock, and keep your eco-friendly bicycle safe with a bike chain lock. We hope this guide will help you find the right deadbolt to secure your property.
    A good deadbolt lock is essential because it ensures your house or business stays locked as you left it, protecting your investments. The price of deadbolts varies from one brand to another, with factors such as size, type and features influencing what you can pay for one. For instance, large locks cost more than their small counterparts. The materials used on any given lock can also influence its cost.

    The price of a deadbolt depends on how secure the lock is and the technological features that ensure your lock is impenetrable. Cheap deadbolts should be avoided completely because they can be compromised easily. Since the security of your property is important, opt for a deadbolt bound to offer just that. You’ll find a good deadbolt in the price range of $20 to $300 or more based on the factors mentioned above.
    When buying a deadbolt, you want one that will do the job of keeping your house or business safe. Consider the right type and size of lock for your home or commercial property. It’s important to ensure it comes with the right features meant to make it secure. Since the locks come in various finishes, you also want one that’ll complement or match the look of your door and home at large for an enhanced appeal.

    Here are some of the features to look for in a deadbolt to ensure your door stays closed and locked at all times:
    • The length and thickness of the bolt
    • The material used to make the side plate and bolt
    • Multiple deadbolt access methods
    • Certified and approved lock
    • Anti-picking or jimmying of locks
    • Long-lasting battery and low-battery notification
    • Use of multiple and temporary codes
    • Auto feature for electronic locks
    With the right deadbolt lock, you won’t just keep your home or business safe while traveling, but even when you’re indoors.
    Construction and Design
    Is the security of your home or business intact? Whether you’re upgrading your locks or installing new ones, here are the factors you need to consider to buy the best deadlock for your door:

    Type – Deadbolts are available as either single-cylinder or double-cylinder locks. The single-cylinder deadbolt has a cylinder that’s installed only on the exterior of your door. On the inside, the bolt is moved using a latch. This kind of deadbolt lock is suitable for homes because it makes it easy to exit. This is an important aspect if an emergency were to occur.

    The double-cylinder deadbolts, on the other hand, come with two cylinders, requiring that your door be opened using keys on both sides. This kind of lock offers more protection, especially for doors situated near a window. With a single cylinder, intruders can break the window and open the lock from the inside. For a double cylinder, they would not be able to open the door without the key.

    Size – Deadbolt locks come in different sizes. The size of a lock should suit the size of the door you intend to use it on. There are some models with adjustable sizes, meaning they’re able to fit on all doors. There are those that come with long bolts, which are recommended over short ones. Also, the bolt should be thick enough to ensure it can’t be compromised even if intruders kick the door or use a crowbar.

    For a big bolt, the cylinder and strike plate are also made in big sizes to accommodate it. The weight of the deadbolt is another critical aspect of size that’s important. The heavier the deadbolt lock is, especially for the mechanical ones, the better, because it means the metal used in making the lock is strong.

    Convenience – There are many features in deadbolts that are meant to enhance your convenience. First is the ability of the lock to be used on doors that open in any way, either left handed or right handed. Recent models of deadbolts come with a keypad for keyless entry or a biometric entry system. When a keypad is present, it should have keys that illuminate to make them visible at night.

    Touch screens should have numbers that are easy to read even under direct sunlight so you don’t make a mistake while keying in the code. The systems should also allow for many different codes so family members can have unique codes they can remember easily. Remote control is another feature that really adds to the convenience of deadbolt locks.

    With a remote control, you can open your door even before reaching it without the need for a key. Convenience has been enhanced further in some models by giving you the ability to connect your lock to a smart phone so you can remotely control it from anywhere. Smart keys are a good addition because they make your lock easy to rekey when need arises.

    Batteries – Keyless deadbolt locks that use keypads, biometrics and other electronic means to gain access to a house require a battery to keep the system working. These batteries can be charged, or sometimes, the door is wired to keep the system charged. A good deadbolt lock has a battery that can keep the charge for a long time. Such locks can also allow the use of normal batteries to gain access to the system just in case the internal battery has no charge left.

    Finishes – Just like any other locks on the market, deadbolts are available in different finishes. For mechanical deadbolts, metallic finishes with silver, chrome, gold, brass or matte are common. Some come with simple finishes that allow you to paint over the lock to match your door or bring out the look that you want.
    Performance and Ease of Use
    The installation process of a deadbolt is crucial because it determines how well the lock can secure your house. It’s recommended to find a professional to install your lock. However, if you choose to do it yourself, ensure you’re able to follow the installation procedures it comes with to the letter. You also need to ensure that you have all the required tools before you start installation. This means the lock you opt for should be easy to set up and use.

    When it comes to electronic locks, the batteries need to be charged to ensure you’re not locked out. For deadbolts with a key, ensure they come with cylinders that turn easily; if not, a little bit of oiling would be of great help. The finish of the locks is usually weather proof to ensure that rusting doesn’t occur. You also need to buy the right-sized lock that suits your door size and needs.

    Get the Best Deadbolt of 2022!

    Nothing compares to the peace of mind you get when you know you have done everything you can to protect your house and your loved ones. You should never postpone upgrading your home's security level. Do the right thing, pick one of these five locks and you will surely sleep better tonight!

    Our Top Choice
    Schlage Camelot trim Keypad Deadbolt for Exterior Doors
    Best Value
    Master Lock Tulip Style Entry Door Deadbolt
    Yale YRD240 Real Living Key Free Deadbolt
    Kwikset Smartcode 916 Electronic Deadbolt
    Brinks 2103-109 Tulip Style Deadbolt – 2 Pack