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When your garage, patio or front deck looks like the wreckage of a train, you need a deck box so you can tidy the mess. But the search for the right deck storage box can be a problem owing to the many options available online. Because we know you can’t stand the clutter, we've done the job for you by searching for great storage boxes from some of the best deck box brands. In this review, we focused on one deck storage box from each brand, but the featured companies also have other deck storage boxes that you may want to check.
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Our Top Choice
Rubbermaid Deck Box with Seat
Rubbermaid has over eight decades of consistent dedication to innovation, durability and customer satisfaction.
Double wall interior for extra protection. Can seat up to three adults. Maintenance-free. Dent- and weather-resistant. No leakage issues. Large storage capacity. Lockable.
Doesn’t come with a lock.
Seat & storage; double-walled
60 x 25.7 x 27.6 in; 53 lbs
120 gallons
Best Value
Starplast Rattan Style Storage Box
Run and owned by a family since 1967, Starplast is a globally recognized brand that has consistently delivered customer satisfaction in the plastic industry.
Two wheels for mobility. 88-gallon capacity for storage. Waterproof lid. Pro-ventilation design. Easy assembly. 200-kilogram maximum capacity seats two adults. Lockable lid.
Lock has to be purchased separately.
Seat and storage
22.8 x 22 x 45.7 in; 19.2 lbs
71 gallons
Lifetime Outdoor Storage Box
Lifetime is a company that truly lives up to its name. Since 1976, it has been producing durable and long-lasting items that enhance the quality of life for all.
Lid opens greater than 90 degrees to prevent slamming. Sturdy construction. Water- and weather resistant. UV-protected lid and panels.
A few isolated reports of difficult assembly, probably due to a defect or not paying attention to assembly instructions.
Bench and storage
50.3 x 25.2 x 26.4 in; 42.9 lbs
116 gallons
Brown, beige
Keter Circa Outdoor Storage Deck Box
Keter gives all its products careful attention to ensure excellent design, durability, and functionality. It is truly a global leader.
Weather-resistant. Waterproof. UV-protected. Resistant to surface defects. Built-in handles for easy movement. Maintenance-free. Easy to assemble without tools.
Difficult to take apart at will.
Seat, table and storage
17.1 x 27.4 x 27.4 in; 15.5 lbs
37 gallons
Suncast 22-Gallon Deck Box with Seat
With over 25 years of experience as a leader in making wood structures and high-grade resin products, Suncast maintains its legacy of style and functionality!
Attractive stay-dry design. Easy assembly. Comfortable sitting area. 22-gallon storage capacity. Sturdy resin construction. Moisture- and water-resistant.
Doesn’t have handles or wheels for easy movement.
Seat and storage
22.5 x 17.5 x 22.5 in; 16 lbs
22 gallons
Light taupe

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What is the Best Deck Box?

Deck storage boxes are available in different sizes. They're made from a wide range of materials and designed for various purposes. Keep these differences in mind when making a choice. After consulting our buying guide, you should be fully in the know and able to make the right selection of a deck storage box. Check our carefully selected featured products for one that suits you perfectly.
Our Top Choice
The Rubbermaid Deck Box with Seat features a double wall construction that provides extra protection for your items and firmness for up to three sitting adults. Want another sturdy storage bench like this one, but with back and arm rests for extra comfort? Check out the Rubbermaid Outdoor Patio Storage Bench.

Rubbermaid Deck Box Storage with Seat – Available in 3 sizes

Rubbermaid’s success is a product of decades of innovation. Its initially simple product line of durable houseware has expanded into a robust array of home, garden, commercial and seasonal products. Rubbermaid products are in many drugstores, supermarkets, home centers and department stores all over the world. It continues to maintain its standards of durability, customer satisfaction and improved quality of life.

Without a deck storage box, your patio, garage, shed or outdoor space may look like a hurricane was let loose in your space, with tools, toys, and furniture strewn all around. This is why the Rubbermaid Deck Box with Seat was made. Available in three sizes, it is a rectangular box with a double wall construction specially designed to give extra protection to your items and support the weight of three adults. You can utilize its bench feature, having two of your old friends sit with you while you catch up on what everyone has been up to. This means you can trust this box on the grounds of its strength and sturdiness. This storage box also has a very large internal capacity of 12 gallons, or 16 cubic feet of "home sweet home" for your grill accessories, cushions, garden tools, sports equipment, and toys.

This deck box will not rot, rust or get affected with mildew. You will also have zero issues with dents, leakages, and inclement weather because of the strong resin material used in its construction. It is easy to assemble, and you can set it up with everyday household tools. This box can also be locked with your own lock.

Rubbermaid has a number of other deck storage boxes you may like. They include:
  • Rubbermaid Patio Storage Trunk with Dark Teak Basket Weave Design: Features side grips for ease of mobility
  • Rubbermaid Small Deck Box – Available in Stone and Mocha Color: Has a lid that shuts tight for protection
  • Rubbermaid Outdoor Split-Lid Storage Box with 18 Cubic-Feet Capacity: Comes with a floor mat
Best Value
The Starplast Rattan Storage Box is designed for safety, storage, and sitting comfort. It has a shut-tight lid, and a maximum capacity of 200 kilograms to carry the weight of two adults. It has wheels for mobility. For a storage box with a larger capacity, get the Starplast Deck Storage Box. It's available in three sizes and three colors. It also has a sturdy lid for sitting.

Starplast Rattan Storage Box with Wheels and 71-Gallon Capacity

Since its opening in 1967, Starplast has been run by a close-knit family with a great deal of experience and commitment to high-quality plastics. The company has expanded into the global market while maintaining its values and principles. Since 1976, its production has been in high demand in Japan, Australia, Europe and North America. Starplast’s mission is to enhance the quality of lives of many people through innovation, prompt market delivery, and customer satisfaction.

The Starplast Rattan Storage Box is made from high-grade plastic, and is suitable for yards, patios, and garages of any size. It has a capacity of 71 gallons, which is large enough to store such things as garden tools, pool toys, and sporting equipment conveniently and safely. It also has a sturdy top and frame that makes it suitable for sitting outdoors. With a maximum weight capacity of 440 pounds, this storage box can seat up to two adults comfortably.

This storage box has openings for proper ventilation, so that fresh air is constantly in circulation, even while the box is closed. This helps prevent mold and mildew inside. The box offers safety and protection for your items with its lockable lid. The lid is also waterproof, so your box will not be affected by heavy sun or rain.

Moving this box is simple, as it features wheels underneath for great ease of mobility. Assembly is easy and requires no skill or expertise.
The Lifetime 116-Gallon Outdoor Storage Box has a large capacity for storing all your outdoor items. It features a pair of molded handles for easy transport. Do you want a larger space for your things? Try the Lifetime Extra Large Deck Box, with a 130-gallon capacity. It also comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

Lifetime Outdoor Storage Box with 116-Gallon Capacity – Available in Brown and Beige

Lifetime Products opened in 1986 as a result of a basketball-loving father’s desire to design a basketball hoop that would serve his family better. His first invention was Quick Adjust, a first-of-its-kind, world-standard basketball hoop that allowed owners to raise or lower it quickly. Its founder called the company "Lifetime" as a reflection of its commitment to building long-lasting products. Over the years, it has grown from a world-renowned basketball company into a manufacturer of picnic tables, folding chairs and tables, sheds, and even kayaks.

Available in beige and brown colors, the Lifetime 116-Gallon Outdoor Storage Box is a perfect solution for your storage problems. This high-density polyethylene box is suitable for storing outdoor toys, grill accessories, pool equipment and gardening tools. Its lid and panels are protected against the UV rays of the sun, so it won't crack, peel or fade. The interior has double walls that promise low maintenance and durability. This feature, combined with its 600-pound weight capacity makes this deck box suitable as a bench.

With the firm molded handles, you can move this box to another location safely and easily. The spring-hinged lid can be locked for safety purposes. It opens to an angle that exceeds 90 degrees, so your fingers don’t get caught between the lid and the box when it is being closed.

The water- and weather-resistant seal ensures that the interior is kept dry at all times, so neither rain nor shine can damage this box or its contents. The assembly and setup is hassle-free and straightforward. This product also has a 10-year limited warranty.

Want to check out other deck boxes from Lifetime? Here they are:
  • Lifetime Deck Storage Box with 130-Gallon Capacity and Free Padlock: Comes with a four-pin security brass padlock
  • Lifetime Horizontal Storage Box – Available in Tan Color: Has a pair of lockable doors and a latch for security
  • Lifetime Deck Storage Box with 130-Gallon Capacity: Weather- and water-resistant
The Keter Circa Outdoor Storage Deck Box functions as a storage box, a side table, and a patio bench. It is lightweight, comes with built-in handles for ease of movement and can be assembled with no hassles at all. An exquisite and durable deck storage box is also ready to grace your space. For a deck box of this sort, consider the Keter Rockwood Plastic Outdoor Storage Box. It has a 150-gallon capacity.

Keter Circa Wood Outdoor Storage Deck Box with 37-Gallon Capacity

Multi-award-winning Keter is a world-leading manufacturer of garden and household consumer products. It makes a remarkable array of storage, furniture and organization solutions. For every product Keter creates, you can rest assured careful attention was given to its design, durability, and functionality. These qualities make Keter stand out in the global market. Over 25 years after its founding, it still maintains its commitment to innovation, functionality and customer satisfaction.

A cluttered yard or outdoor space is always an eyesore. This is why the Keter Circa Outdoor Storage Deck Box was made. It can function as a patio table, a storage box, and a seat. This barrel-shaped box has a 37-gallon capacity to serve your outdoor storage needs. You can rely on its 308 pound-weight capacity and heavy-duty lid to provide a comfortable sitting arrangement for one adult. Although it is made from high-grade plastic, it has a wooden appearance that makes it appropriate as a centerpiece on your balcony or as a side table in your living room.

This box is roomy enough to house your pillows, toys, blankets, garden tools and yard equipment. Should you need to move it, it is lightweight and has a pair of handles that allow you move it easily to your desired location. Because it is made from high-quality material, it is absolutely maintenance-free. Its dark color means it show any stains or spills. Moreover, it will not warp, rust, rot, or dent as a result of its durable construction. The assembly process for this box is fairly straightforward and easy.

The Keter Circa Outdoor Storage Deck Box is waterproof, weather-resistant and UV-protected. It also comes with a two-year limited warranty, so you can go ahead and purchase this box with confidence.

Keter also offers other amazing deck storage boxes, and they include the following:
  • Keter Westwood Plastic Deck Storage Box with 150-Gallon Capacity – Available in Brown Color: Provides a comfortable seat for two adults
  • Keter Brightwood Resin Outdoor Storage Box with 120-Gallon Capacity – Available in 2 Colors: Automatic mechanism for opening and closing
  • Keter Novel Plastic Deck Storage Box Outdoor with 90-Gallon Capacity – Available in 2 Colors: Has a lockable lid that provides security and safety
  • Keter PatioPost Wicker Deck Storage Box – Available in 2 Colors: Sturdy frame with aluminum coating
The Suncast 22-Gallon Deck Box with Seat doubles as a great storage box for your outdoor and indoor needs. Assembling this box requires no tools or technical skill. If you are particular about large storage, get the Suncast Wicker Deck Box. It features handles for easy movement and has a 99-gallon capacity.

Suncast 22-Gallon Deck Box with Seat with Attractive Stay-Dry Design

Suncast combines durability and excellent designs to produce high-quality products that will enhance both home and garden spaces. If you want uniqueness and quality in your outdoor and indoor furniture, you can rely on Suncast’s carefully designed and detailed products to meet your needs.

If you are passionate about aesthetics and a beautiful environment, the Suncast 22-Gallon Deck Box with Seat is your loyal companion. This deck box has a wainscoting design that makes it suitable for outdoor and indoor use. It also doubles as a storage box and a small bench. Moving to another apartment? You can trust this box to store your yard, grill, pool, sporting, and garden equipment. It's made from a durable resin material, so it can withstand all kinds of weather, ensuring there’s no damage to your precious possessions.

The top of this deck box is designed as a bench. In the cool of the evening, you can take your favorite book outdoors and enjoy a good read while sitting on this storage box. Its flat panel and arched back rest promise to give you sitting comfort and convenience. Assembly of this box is hassle-free and requires no tools or technical skill. All you need to do is follow the instructions, and you’ll have this wonderful box all set and ready to serve you optimally.

Other deck storage boxes offered by Suncast include:
  • Suncast Taupe Deck Storage Box with 73-Gallon Capacity: Easy to use and maintenance-free
  • Suncast Wood and Resin Deck Box: Pre-drilled and cut pieces make assembly easy
  • Suncast Vertical Deck Box with 195-Gallon Capacity: Has a generous storage space and is lockable
  • Suncast Resin Rattan Deck Box with 122-Gallon Capacity: Piston closure and a latching lid

How Do I Choose the Best Deck Box?

Deck storage boxes are life savers! Owning a deck box helps you keep your space tidy and clutter-free. When the kids have had a nice day with their toys and need to cool off in the house, a good deck storage box will be a safe haven for their things, if you don’t have a toy organizer.

Some deck storage boxes come as storage seats, meaning that they have sitting areas on the top. These boxes are to the outdoors what an ottoman is to a living room, except that they don’t have the overstuffed quality of ottomans.

Deck storage boxes are made from a wide range of materials, such as wood, plastic, and resin. Plastic is the most common because of its durability and weatherproof nature. These boxes come in a wide price range, so you can always get a deck box that's budget-friendly.
Deck boxes usually cost between $20 and $200. The price variation is a result of differences in style, functionality, material, capacity, and size. Those with extra features, such as security locks for safety and wheels for mobility, usually cost more than those without special features. The type of material used can also significantly affect the price of a storage box. Wooden storage boxes, especially those made from teak and cedar, tend to cost more than boxes from other kinds of material.

On the other hand, plastic storage boxes are often more affordable than most others. There are also cheap deck boxes out there, but because we care about providing you with value and quality, we left them out for their failure to meet the standards of a good deck storage box.
Wanting deck box storage is one half of the equation; knowing what to look for is the other half. Here are few important things to note before making that purchase:
  • Design – Traditional deck boxes, table and storage benches
  • Size – Dimensions and weight
  • Material – Resin, wood, wicker/rattan, plastic
  • Capacity – Storage
  • Color – Beige, black, brown
  • Assembly – Is it easy to set up?
  • Extras – Security lock, cooler, wheels
Construction and Design
The style and design of a deck storage box matter a great deal to your needs and the purposes you hope it will serve. There are three main types of storage box designs:
  • Traditional Deck Boxes – Double as storage and sitting boxes
  • Storage Benches – Shaped like conventional benches with padded arms and back rests and
  • Cushion Bins – Designed to safely store fabric pieces, including pillows and outdoor cushions
There’s nothing as annoying as having your beautiful deck box destroyed by rain or shine. Be sure your deck storage box can withstand moisture, rain and the elements. If your storage box is to serve you outdoors, it must be weatherproof and moisture-resistant. If it is going to be indoors or in a garage, any material will do just fine.

Wooden boxes are more expensive than boxes made from other materials, while boxes made from resins are more affordable and come in natural colors to blend easily with your landscape. Plastic storage boxes are more popular because they are relatively lighter in weight, more durable, and less prone to surface defects such as peeling, rusting or rotting. For a stylish and sophisticated look outdoor setting, you can rely on deck boxes made from wicker. One issue with wicker boxes is that they deteriorate when exposed to the elements unless they're coated with resin-based paint. This is an important detail to check for if you prefer this type.
Performance and Ease of Use
Weatherproof deck boxes are easy to maintain, because they can withstand moisture. Hosing one down may be all the magic you need to keep it clean. This is why plastic deck boxes are top choices for buyers, because they retain their color a long time and are easy to clean.

If you are looking for a storage box for your deck with a sitting area, check the weight capacity to know how much weight it can carry. This way, you can have an estimate of how many people it can hold. Of course, longer deck boxes will seat more people than shorter ones, but their capacity is of utmost importance.

Does the safety of your valuables rank high above other features on your priority list? Then look for deck boxes with locks. Some boxes come with installed locks, while others come with slots to use your own lock in. Either way, these boxes have your security needs at heart. You only need to decide which type suits you best.

Most of us don’t like carrying things. If you are in the greater fraction of the world’s population who could use a little help with moving things around, deck boxes with wheels are your best bet.

Get the Best Deck Box of 2022!

Thank you for taking the time to read this informative review. We know that you are now well-informed and can pick a deck storage box that suits your needs. For more options from these brands, please feel free to use the navigation links we have provided on this page.

Our Top Choice
Rubbermaid Deck Box with Seat
Best Value
Starplast Rattan Style Storage Box
Lifetime Outdoor Storage Box
Keter Circa Outdoor Storage Deck Box
Suncast 22-Gallon Deck Box with Seat