Best Deer Call Reviews 2020

Some deer calls produce specific grunt sounds, while others are only meant to bleat. However, some deer calls are made for all deer species, producing many different sounds to bring them closer to you. We have researched five of the best deer call brands on the market, showcasing a call from each, to help you find one that best meets your hunting needs.
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Deer Sounds
Our Top Choice
Illusion Extinguisher™ Deer Call
Illusion is a proud American manufacturer of premium hunting calls based on the most advanced technology in the industry.
Easy to use, effective, all-weather and easy to carry around for convenience. This deer call is also affordable and produces three different sounds in one product.
Doesn’t come with a rack rattling system.
Freeze-free design
Fawn, doe and buck
12 x 5 x 3 in, 1.2 lbs
DVD manual, NAHC approved
Best Value
Primos "The Original CAN" Deer Call
Primos is a top American brand manufacturing a range of hunting gear and accessories, including hunting calls, shooting accessories, lighting products, vests and packs.
It’s easy to use, all-weather, affordable, and made of high-quality materials. It also enjoys great reviews on Amazon.
This deer call is noisy when not in use.
Original can design
Doe, bleat
Rubber, PVC
5.9 x 3.9 x 2.4 in, 0.2 lbs
Hole locator, rubberized ends
Knight & Hale Deer Grunt Call
Founded in 1972, family-owned Knight & Hale is popular for its legendary calls and manufactures hunting calls for luring deer, waterfowl, turkey, big game, and predators.
All-weather, affordable, easy to use, durable, and noise-free when not in use. Made from a soft pliable material for cling-free use.
It’s highly fragile, as it’s made of soft material.
Freeze-free antler/bone-like
Buck sounds
Soft pliable plastic
10.5 x 4.5 x 2.5 in, 0.25 lbs
Dynamic volume
Hunter's Specialties True Talker Deer Call
Hunter’s Specialties is a brand with a focus on handcrafting hunting gear for use in all kinds of weather.
Durable and adjustable, affordable, easy to use and carry around, easy to disassemble and clean, all-weather and produces authentic buck sounds. Comfortable grip.
It’s designed only for deer calling.
Freeze-free design
Buck grunts, fawn bleat sounds
Hardwood, rubber
12 x 4.5 x 1.5 in, 0.25 lbs
Instructions, lanyard, bag
E.L.K. Deer Talk Call
E.L.K., Inc makes various hunting tools, such as calls, shooting sticks, blinds, bands, reeds and gadgets.
Affordable, durable, and easy to use. Works on all deer species and comes in a compact design for easy transportation. All-weather and pocket-sized.
Not for other game-calling.
Freeze-free design
Grunts, bleats; all deer sounds
High-density PVC/plastic
6.5 x 4 x 0.75 in, 0.05 lbs
All-season use

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What is the Best Deer Call?

Choose a deer call of the right design, sound, material, size and brand, and consider any other features it has. Freeze-free deer calls ensure that you can use them in all kinds of weather, all year long. A good deer call is small in size for easy transportation (pocket-sized is better). It makes the right sound to attract deer, and is made of the right material for durability. Find out if one of our recommended deer calls is what you need.
Our Top Choice
The Illusion Extinguisher Deer Call instantly adjusts from fawn to doe and buck sounds, effectively calling deer during your hunting sprees. The freeze-free design means you can use this call in any weather conditions. The Extinguisher Realtree Deer Call also comes in a freeze-free design, and transitions from fawn to doe to buck calls. Opt for this deer call if you want a high-end variation that’s easy to use, but without the instructional DVD.

Illusion Black Extinguisher™ Deer Call with Instructional DVD

Illusion Systems manufactures high-quality hunting calls to support your hunting endeavors. The brand takes advantage of the best technology to ensure you have access to innovative hunting calls. Whether your goal is turkey, waterfowl or deer hunting, the company has a call for you.

The Illusion Extinguisher Deer Call comes in a freeze-free design, and instantly transitions calls from fawn to doe to buck. The effective call comes with an instructional DVD to guide you on proper use of this product for high efficacy and results. It's approved and rated by NAHC at 99.6%. This deer call is the key for you to learn the whole whitetail deer language in a single call.

Here are a few other Illusion deer calls to consider:
  • Extinguisher and Black Rack Calling System (Camo)
  • Black Rack – Deer Rattling Antlers w/ Instructional Video
  • Illusion Systems Extinguisher Deer Call System, pink Camo
This deer call has a great design and a timeless black finish.
Best Value
The Primos "The Original CAN" Deer Call is designed to make "quivering" doe sounds, attracting mule, blacktail and whitetail deer. They come fast to find out what’s going on, because the sound produced indicates that a doe is in heat and ready to breed. The Primos Up Roar Deer Call comes in a different design, with three effective calls to bring the deer closer. Get this deer call if you want one with grunt, bleat and wheeze sounds. It comes with a built-in arm strap and compass.

Primos "The Original CAN" Deer Call with Grip Rings

Primos is a top American brand that makes high-quality hunting gear and accessories. It's trusted and popular for its hunting calls, lighting gear, decoys, archery, hunting apparel and scent control products, among other hunting essentials.

The Primos "The Original CAN" Deer Call is an original estrus bleat for pre-rut, rut and post-rut use. It features a raised thumb hole locator that you can easily seal for consistent sounds. It's available in an original CAN with true grip features. The top and bottom of this deer call is rubberized for non-slip calls.

Here are a few other Primos deer calls for your consideration:
  • Primos Hardwood Grunter Call
  • Primos 776 Revolver Grunt Deer Call
  • Primos Hunting Speak Easy Electronic Deer Calling System
  • Primos Buck Roar Call
This deer call comes in a unique CAN design with a black and green color finish to match a forest background.
The Knight & Hale Deer Grunt Call is designed in the form of an antler, and produces a buck sound to bring mature bucks into shooting range. It delivers booming sounds to capture the attention of bucks and soft sounds to bring them even closer. The Knight & Hale Pack Rack Deer Call comes in a super-compact design that’s easy to carry around. It produces realistic loud sounds of two bucks in combat. Try this deer call if you want one in a highly popular rattling model with extreme volume and unmatched sounds.

Knight & Hale Da’ Bone Deer Grunt Call

Knight & Hale is a popular brand that’s been manufacturing deer calls, among other hunting gear, for more than four decades. The American brand is family-owned by two previous hunters with roots in Kentucky. They know what you look for in your deer calls. These calls are made for hunters by hunters. They're of top quality, innovative and durable, and easy to use.

The Knight & Hale Deer Grunt Call comes in the form of an antler and produces real buck sounds to draw deer from the woods. The exhale style means you produce real buck tones with minimal effort. It comes in a freeze-free design and is made of pliable materials for all-weather use. Whether it’s snowy, rainy or even windy, this deer call comes in handy with top performance. Since the volume is dynamic, you can easily produce low to loud grunt calls, bringing bucks into shooting range.

Here are a few other Knight & Hale deer calls to look out for:
  • Knight & Hale Da Bonehead Deer Rattle Call
  • Knight & Hale Single-Reed Fawn Bleat Deer Call
  • Knight & Hale Rack Mag Rattling System Deer Call
  • Knight & Hale EZ Doe Bleat Plus Deer Call
This deer call comes in a great bone-like design with beige, black and brown hues to blend into your hunting environment.
The Hunter’s Specialties True Talker Deer Call produces the authentic pitches and tones of a deer herd, with sounds ranging from a dominant buck to lost fawn sounds. The patented fingertip controls roll easily for authentic fast and easy calling. The Hunter’s Specialties Bucgrunter Deer Call draws the bucks closer with threatening, tending and re-assuring grunts. It's designed to produce deep realistic guttural grunts in all directions. Try this deer call if you want one whose tone can easily be changed through hand cupping over its ends.

Hunter's Specialties True Talker Deer Call with Authentic Pitch & Tone

Hunter’s Specialties was established by passionate hunters. It's focused on designing innovative hunting products of top quality. It has over 500 hunting products in its portfolio, with a custom-made compact as its first hunting gear. In 1985, the company diversified its product portfolio and began manufacturing state-of-the-art hunting calls. It has been making serious innovative hunting tools for over four decades now.

The Hunter’s Specialties True Talker Deer Call comes with a flexible membrane, onto which you lightly apply pressure to produce whitetail deer sounds, from fawn bleats to buck grunts. The raised marks allow you to control the tone, pitch, intensity, duration, inflection and cadence of the sounds produced. The freeze-free design works in all weather. It's also easy to disassemble, adjust and clean.

The rubber coating provides protection and a comfortable grip, and minimizes noise when not in use. It also comes with an adjustable lanyard for versatile use and hands-free operation. This deer call can also be bought with an instructional DVD.

Here are a few other Hunter's Specialties deer calls to consider:
  • Hunter's Specialties 00412Nemesis Deer Call
  • Hunter's Specialties Carlton’s Calls West Coast Grunt Call
  • Hunter's Specialties Johnny Stewart Deer Attractor with Remote
  • Hunter’s Specialties Young Doe Estrus Bleat Deer Calls
This deer call comes in a combination brown and yellow finish.
The E.L.K. Deer Talk Call is designed to attract all deer species by producing all sorts of deer sounds. With this deer call, you can call does and bucks all year round on your hunting sprees. The E.L.K. Power Howler Coyote Call is specifically designed for government hunters. Opt for it if you want a deer call that barks, howls, and challenges, and is designed for K-9 distress.

E.L.K. Deer Talk “The Deer Stopper Call”

E.L.K. is a trusted brand when it comes to hunting gear. It manufactures high-quality deer calls with unique designs. It ensures you have access to pocket-sized deer calls with ease of use.

The E.L.K. Deer Talk Call is designed to work on all deer species, calling does and bucks into close shooting range. It's designed for durability and freeze-free. This deer call is meant for use all year long, regardless of the season and weather.

Here are other E.L.K. deer calls and related accessories to look out for:
  • Antelope Talk Call
  • Deer Talk Call Replacement Bands
  • Antelope Talk Call Replacement Bands
  • Trophy Buck Call
This deer call comes in a small rectangular shape and black finish with embossed writing in white.

How Do I Choose the Best Deer Call?

Hunting isn’t as easy as it might seem. Even with a deer in your vicinity, it’s important to know how to catch it. This is where a deer call, just like a duck call, comes in to help you lure animals closer without scaring them. The best deer call will help you bag a deer each time you go hunting.

While some deer hunters don’t know how to use deer calls, others question their effectiveness. Some hunters fear scaring the deer away with calls. However, this is a technique that has been in use since time immemorial and has been proven to work when used properly.

First, determine the type of sound you want your deer call to produce. Basically, bleat calls mimic fawn or doe sounds. Does bleat when they’re looking for their lost fawns; fawns, on the other hand, bleat when they’re lost and looking for their mothers, meaning you can lure a doe with a simple bleat sound.

Estrous does, on the other hand, bleat when being chased by bucks. This means you can also use a deer call with bleat sounds to lure bucks, as it indicates that a doe is in heat. Can deer calls are often used to lure does or bucks, as they make bleat sounds.

Bucks grunt when making rubs and scrapes, fighting or chasing hot does. When a buck is out of bow range, but in sight, you need to use a grunt call to lure it. Since bucks usually try to find out where the sound is coming from, only make a grunt call when the buck is looking in your direction. Use grunt tubes to make grunt calls during pre-rut.

Use rattle bags, antlers or factory-produced antlers to make rattling sounds that mimic buck fights. Make the rattle sound to attract big bucks. If you want to lure big, mature bucks, make snort wheeze sounds.

Although there are no guarantees, deer calls help take the mystery out of your hunting. They are effective when used properly and sparingly, making them perfect for deer hunting. With the market full of many deer calls, we hope that this guide will help you make an informed buying decision for the best call. Consider buying a deer call that matches your hunting knife.
Whether you hunt for fun or subsistence, you need the right deer call to lure bucks and does. If you’re often out hunting, it’s important to buy a high-end deer call designed to withstand regular use for many years. If you go hunting once in a while, go for a deer call that can meet your needs without breaking the bank.

With prices ranging from $5 to $50, you’ll find a deer call that fits within your budget. Antique deer calls and high-end models on the market can cost more. Cheap deer calls can work just as well, but be sure to find a durable one.
Deer calls play an integral role in deer hunting. You want to bring the bucks or does closer, without making a suspicious move or sound, so you can catch the deer easily. Deer calls are designed differently to produce different sounds, depending on the deer you want to call. Choose your deer call carefully to pick the right call for your hunting needs.

Here are the most important features to look for in your deer call:
  • Design - freeze-free, antler, can
  • Deer sound - grunt, bleat, buck roar, etc.
  • Materials - plastic, reed, all-season wood
  • Small, lightweight and portable size
  • Accessories such as instructional CDs, rubberized non-slip surfaces, etc.
With the right deer call and deer sound, you’ll have deer moving closer for an easy catch.
Construction and Design
Shopping for deer calls? Consider the following features:

Design - Calls come in freeze-free, can, antler and whistle designs. The design you choose depends on the type of sound you want your deer call to produce. For instance, can deer calls are mostly used to make bleat sounds.

Deer Sound - Choose a deer call that produces the sound you need to lure the type of deer you're looking for. Consider snort, grunt, wheeze, buck roar, and bleat sounds. Do you want a deer call that produces more than one sound?

Materials - Deer calls are made from various materials, such as plastic, all-season wood, and reed.

Size - Opt for a small and lightweight deer call that you can easily carry around with you when hunting.

Accessories - Look for any accessories or extra features your deer call comes with. Consider rubberized calls for non-slip use, instructional CDs, and pliable and soft materials.
Performance and Ease of Use
Find a deer call that’s easy to set up, if need be, and easy to use to effectively draw bucks or does closer. Look for instructional CDs to guide you on how to use your deer call for the best results. The weather conditions in your hunting area also determine the type or design of deer calls you can buy.

If you hunt in winter, make sure your deer call is freeze-free, to ensure it works optimally even in the coolest regions on the globe. Finally, choose a deer call designed for durable use, so you can use it for a long time before you need a replacement.

Get the Best Deer Call of 2020!

Whether you’re a professional hunter, hunt for fun, want to try it out for the first time, or simply want the best deer call to give a friend, there’s one out there to meet your specific needs. If you need something different, check out our other hunting call reviews.

Our Top Choice
Illusion Extinguisher™ Deer Call
Best Value
Primos "The Original CAN" Deer Call
Knight & Hale Deer Grunt Call
Hunter's Specialties True Talker Deer Call
E.L.K. Deer Talk Call