Best Dehumidifier Reviews 2018

Mold and mildew can be such a problem whether you pulled out that leather bag and it has something growing on it, or just that musty smell that accumulates in living spaces, kitchen sinks, walk in closets, boats or RV’s. This is where a dehumidifier proves helpful and after reviewing several products, we’ve rounded off the best dehumidifiers that are for large, small and even a highly portable model.
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Our Top Choice
Frigidaire 70-Pint Home Dehumidifier
Frigidaire is a renowned brand, who created this fantastic dehumidifier than can dehumidify up to 1400 square feet.
70 pint humidifying capacity, adjustable humidity levels, casters with handles, LCD electronic controls, onsite air filter.
Slightly small water tank for its class
1400 square feet
9.2 liter
Front of unit
70 pints per day
Best Value
De’Longhi 50 Pint Home Dehumidifier
De’Longhi strives for development and this is evident in the DD50PE dehumidifier and its innovative features.
Can dehumidify in temperatures as low as 41 degrees, patented no gravity pump, 3 drainage options, 5 year warranty
Only two fan speeds, no auto start feature
Up to 1000 sq. ft.
6 liter
Front of unit
50 pints per day
EdgeStar 30 Pint Home Dehumidifier
EdgeStar’s passion for functionality and affordability is mirrored in the 3.5l dehumidifier, with adjustable humidity levels.
30 pints moisture removal capacity. 3.5 liter water bucket. Energy Star certified. 50 pint and 70 pint models also available.
Noise insulation could be better
Up to 400 sq. ft.
3.5 liter
Front of unit
30 pints per day
Handles and casters
Keystone 70 Pint Home Dehumidifier
Keystone strive to create quality dehumidifiers – this 70 pint unit is as strong as they come, with a range up to 4500 sq. ft.
Large 5 liter water tank. Front fitted water reservoir with water level indicator. Can be ordered in black or white.
LED display not that great
Up to 4500 sq. ft.
5 liter
Front of unit
70 pints per day
Eva-Dry 500 Wireless Home Dehumidifier
Eva-Dry have come up with a solution to your portable dehumidifying problems; the mini-dehumidifier can be used anywhere.
Up to 10 year service life. Non-toxic and wireless with no cords. Perfectly suited for small spaces such as gun cabinets and closets.
Cannot replace a standalone compressor based unit due to lack of features and power
Up to 500 sq. ft.
6 to 8oz every 4-8 weeks

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How Do I Choose the Best Dehumidifier?

The main goal of buying a dehumidifier is to extract excess moisture out of your space, and the damper your area is, the bigger capacity dehumidifier you will need. Fact is that humidity levels are almost everywhere, but tend to be a concern when these levels reach in excess of 50 percent, bringing in mold, mildew, triggering allergies or breeding dust mites. Along with dehumidifying, some models are even fitted with an air filter to clean the ambient air of impurities and other features such as auto start to restart the unit with your settings in the event of a power outage.

We all know what it’s like, living in a humid, hot area. You relish the moment you step into a supermarket and feel the refreshing blast of cold air on your face. If you live in an area that gets to this level of hot, you might want to consider investing in a window air conditioner for your home. This’ll give your home that same refreshing feeling as when you walk into a supermarket.

Alternatively, a window air conditioner may not be ideal for you, if you move around the house a lot. You don’t want to have to invest in an AC unit for each room. In that case a portable air conditioner might be the best option. Although they are portable, it’s to an extent. You cannot, unfortunately, walk the streets with your own personal AC-unit following you around, although wouldn’t that be nice!

When the air is humid, it can make the heat feel that much worse. Some of the AC units include a dehumidifying feature; however, if the humid levels are particularly suffocating where you live, you will probably want to invest in a solitary humidifier. That way it’s likely to be more effective as it’s a focused machine on one task. By the way, if you are suffering from the opposite, dry heat in the winter, then a home humidifier is the appliance you need.

Let’s take a look in more detail what to look for when you commence your search for the best suited dehumidifier.
Before getting started on the price of dehumidifiers, it is important to know if you need a dehumidifier or a humidifier. While both a dehumidifier and humidifier help improve the quality of air in your home, the difference lies in how they function. A dehumidifier basically is designed to remove the excess moisture in humid environments, whereas a humidifier adds moisture to the air if your room is dry. Adding to this, both units can potentially eliminate respiratory ailments such as chest congestion and asthma, but a humidifier will do a better job at moisturizing your passage and airways when you’re suffering from sinus and chest congestions.

A hygrometer is a device that can be used to measure the humidity in your home, and it’s rather inexpensive at Amazon, many available for just under $10. The ideal humidity level in your space should be between 40%-50%, and lower than 40% RH to avoid condensation in the winter months. The size or capacity of a dehumidifier plays a crucial role towards the price, and it is rated as pints of moisture eradicated per 24 hours or day. So for example, a 30 pint dehumidifier is basically a model that is designed to eliminate 30 pints of total moisture per day.

This pint capacity loosely indicates the square footage area the particular unit is best suited for, so it is important to know the area and the individual room conditions (slightly damp, moderately damp, very damp and wet) when shopping for the right model. A 30 point capacity standalone dehumidifier is a good fit for moderately dry basements or crawl spaces of up to 1500 feet.

If your room is really damp and the area shows clear signs of excess moisture such as damp stains, musty odors and visible mold growth, then you will have to go big with a 40 to 50 pint rated dehumidifier. The largest dehumidifiers can collect up to 90 pints of liquid per day and they are best suited for areas that are larger than 2000 square feet regardless of the conditions and level of humidity. So basically the bigger the dehumidifier and the more features, the higher the price tag.
Apart from coverage area, capacity, and type of humidity problem, dehumidifiers can be had with a wide range of features such as easy to adjust control panel, digital humidistat, full bucket overflow protection, programmable timer, continuous drainage options and castor wheels. Look for energy efficient models such as class leading De’Longhi dehumidifiers that dehumidify at the same level as traditional models only use 10 to 20 percent less energy.

And in order to do your part towards the environment, consider buying a dehumidifier that uses the eco-friendly refrigerant R410A. Many, if not all, dehumidifier models specify the collection reservoir capacity and this is for good reason. Simply put, if you’re looking for a low maintenance dehumidifier, one that you don’t have to empty often, consider a model with a large capacity reservoir.
Construction and Design
It might not matter what a dehumidifier looks like, but it really should because regardless of its size, it is going to occupy a prominent space in your home. With regards to aesthetics, dehumidifiers can be had in a choice of several different colors and finishes, with the most common being glossy and matte.

A dehumidifier is similar to a portable air conditioner, and is fitted with more or less the same parts, which needless to say aren’t exactly lightweight. These parts include the compressor, evaporator so the first thing you’ll want to check is portability of the unit especially if you’re going to be moving it around the house or down a flight of stairs. The weight of each unit directly relates to its pint capacity, where a 70 pint model weighs roughly 70lbs and a 30 pint unit roughly 30bs.

Good news is that most if not all dehumidifiers are fitted with a handle on the top and two on the side. But our research indicates that it is much easier to pick up a dehumidifier with a top handle than it is with the two side pocket handles. Given that most models are heavy and bulky, it is also a good idea to check the quality of the wheels, as this is an area where cheap dehumidifiers suffer the most, and provide pegs instead of castors.
Performance and Ease of Use
There are several different types of dehumidifiers available, all divided into three main categories – small, medium, large and whole house capacity. Small capacity dehumidifiers are designed to remove roughly 30 pints of excess moisture per day and are best suited for small, damp spaces. Next up, medium capacity dehumidifiers can remove about 50 pints of moisture per day, and are a great choice for damp medium to large size spaces.

And lastly, large capacity dehumidifiers can remove and upwards of 75 pints of moisture per day, and are mostly used to treat a wider range of humidity problems from excessively wet to damp conditions. Whole house humidifiers are the big boys that are generally integrated with your home’s HVAC system, and can dehumidify spaces measuring upwards of 3000 feet. Often referred to as single room dehumidifiers, is it highly important to consider power efficiency when shopping for the best dehumidifier.

Most models have a bucket that can collect water and must be emptied when it fills up, but there are others that can be set to automatically drain as long as you set them near a drain, and are best fits for basements that have floor drains already installed. Many dehumidifiers are equipped with a humidistat, which is basically a device that’s allows you to “set it and forget it” or set the humidity levels, and then have the unit shut on/off when this temperature is reached.

If you’re going to be using a dehumidifier in temperatures colder that 65° F, consider buying a unit fitted with an anti-frost sensor to avoid frost from forming on the condensing coils consequently affecting the performance of the product. Placing your dehumidifier in the right location is critical to achieving top notch performance, and most manufacturers recommend placing it six inches away from walls or any structure that may block the airflow into and out of the unit.

All dehumidifiers are fitted with a fan, which helps circulate the dehumidified air. Along with a fan, these units are also appointed with a compressor and combined make some level of noise. Dehumidifiers can get pretty loud at high settings, but there are some models that are quieter than others such as those from Danby. Noise shouldn’t really be a concern if you’re using a dehumidifier in crawl spaces and basements, but to give you a rough idea, 50 to 60 decibels is the sound level emitted from a refrigerator in operation and as high as a properly functioning air-conditioner.

What is the Best Dehumidifier?

Dehumidifiers are one such appliance that is specific to your needs such as space and the level of humidity in it. Adding to this, you want a unit that is convenient to use and even do other important tasks such as purify the ambient air from impurities such as pollen. Here are 5 of the best models to choose from, each with their own set of features and designed to suit varying user needs.
Our Top Choice
If you’re looking to keep your family comfortable by removing up to 70 pints of moisture from the air, the Frigidaire FAD704DWD is a great investment. However, if these doesn’t pack the punch you need, Frigidaire also offer a larger, 95 Pint Capacity Dehumidifier.
Hyperlink: 95 Pint Capacity Dehumidifier
Frigidaire 70-Pint Dehumidifier for Spaces up to 1400 Square Feet

Frigidaire Dehumidifier FAD704DWD

Frigidaire is one of the biggest names in home appliances and their 70 liter dehumidifier is yet another great addition to their lineup. If you’re looking for a dehumidifier that does most of its tasks on auto-pilot for the most part and even auto starts after a power outage, the Frigidaire is worth a second look.

Let’s take a closer look at this Frigidaire dehumidifier-
  • Effectively dehumidifies medium size spaces
  • Onboard antibacterial filter removes impurities form ambient air
  • Easy to select options with electronic controls
  • Auto shutoff when water reservoir is near full to prevent spillage
  • Continuous drain option so you don’t have to empty the water bucket
If you’re thinking that this product has great features but it’s too large for what I need, then you’re in luck. This is part of a line of dehumidifiers ranging from 30 liter to 70 liter capacity. And, to top it off, they all come the same fantastic capabilities, so you won’t be missing out by down-sizing.
Construction and Design
The Frigidaire FAD704DWD dehumidifier is a robust unit that is able to remove up to 70 pints of water every 24 hours, and is perfectly suited for rooms as large as 1400 sq. ft. Although it still offers top notch durability, features, value and functionality, traits that most other models in this segment lack, it is a predecessor to the latest Frigidaire FFAD7033R1. There are a few key differences between the old and new models starting with the lack of an LED light to alert you when defrost mode is activated which is present on the newer FFAD7033R1 70 pint dehumidifier.

Both units are easy to setup, but the filter on the FAD704DWD model slides out from the bottom at the front (easy to access), and at the rear on the FFAD7033R1 model. This means that you will have to literally move the FFAD7033R1 to access the rear fitted filter at the time of maintenance. Another notable difference between the two models is the water tank size on the latest FFAD7033R1 dehumidifier is 20 percent smaller than its older sibling, and in terms of numbers, that’s a 13.1 pint bucket compared to a significantly larger capacity 16.3 pint reservoir.

Speaking of the water tank, it is fitted with a brace, which makes it easier to empty the tank. Also, it is conveniently located at the front of the unit, and fitted with a handy splash guard that prevents water from spilling out. Adding to this, it has a capacity of 16.3 pints of water, which reduces the number of times you need to empty the reservoir. Frigidaire steps it up a few notches by adding auto-shutoff, which as you may have guessed shuts of the unit automatically when the bucket is almost full.

This Frigidaire dehumidifier model is also outfitted with a host of other features that help with water removal starting with the collection reservoir full alert. Next is the continuous draining feature, which allows you to attach a drain pipe to the unit and extract water directly into a drain. It is appointed with a humidistat, which helps regulate/adjust humidity levels in your home in 5 percent increments. In addition, this model also features a timer that you can adjust in several increments including continuous mode. The package of the unit however does not include a drain pipe or hose so you will have to buy one separately. One of the noteworthy features of the FAD704DWD Frigidaire dehumidifier is that it also serves as an air purifier, and is fitted with a washable air filter that captures large air pollutants such as dust, dust mites, mold and pollen. It is not exactly lightweight at 46 lbs, but is fitted with carry handles on both sides and caster wheels to easily move it around.

The FFAD7033R1 dehumidifier does feature a top extendable handle, but no side pocket handles, which shouldn’t affect how you maneuver the unit as it’s said to be easier to carry from the top handle anyway. Even though this is a larger unit with two fan settings, it doesn’t do anything more than whisper at 51 dBA. Despite its size, this Frigidaire 70 pint capacity dehumidifier is Energy Star Certified translating to excellent energy efficiency, and in terms of numbers that works out to an impressive 745 watts when in use.
Performance and Ease of Use
These are areas where the Frigidaire 70 Pint Dehumidifier takes center stage, and in short works just as it’s supposed to – dehumidifying 70 pints of moisture per day. It is not the fastest model in the market, but this is often a good thing. The model is fitted with 2 fans with low speeds resulting in low noise and of course less overall energy consumption. In terms of usability, the first noteworthy feature of the Frigidaire Large Dehumidifier is its bigger 16.3-pint collection bucket. Even though a bigger reservoir makes it heavier to remove, it also means that you do it less often resulting in less work for you.

One of the pitfalls of this top of the line dehumidifier is lack of an auto defrost mode, but on a brighter note does have frost control that allow the unit to perform well in colder rooms. The FAD704DWD Frigidaire Dehumidifier is one of the quietest models in the market thanks to the lower speed fans, and to seal the deal tends to last much longer than its manufacturer one-year warranty on the unit and five years on the refrigeration system. If you’re looking for the best standalone dehumidifier, and one that will protect your home from mold and mildew caused by excess moisture, we truly recommend the Frigidaire 70 Pint Dehumidifier.
Best Value
The De’Longhi DD50PE is capable of dehumidifying spaces of up 1000 square feet. If you like the idea of having a patented pump system that allows you to drain the water vertically but need to dehumidify spaces of up to 1400 square feet, the DD70PE De’Longhi is a wise choice.
De’Longhi 50 Pint Dehumidifier for Spaces up to 1000 Square Feet

De’Longhi Dehumidifier DD50PE

If you haven’t heard of De’Longhi, then don’t worry, they are one of the go-to brands for home appliances. After you try their 50 pint dehumidifier, you will see why. It not only features a unique and darn useful patented pump technology but comes suited with a plethora of other features.

Here are some of the features to get you off the fence.
  • Continuous mode to drain into a nearby drain
  • Monitor humidity and temperature levels on the easy to read LCD panel
  • 50 pint dehumidifying capacity great for large size rooms
  • 24 hour timer with alarm
  • Superb energy efficiency even though this is a larger unit
  • Easy maintenance with a washable top loading air filter
These great features can be enjoyed in a smaller 45 pint size or the big boy 70 pint, depending on your personal dehumidifying needs.
Construction and Design
De’Longhi is one of the biggest names in the kitchen and home appliance arena, and their 50 pint dehumidifier is yet another great addition to their lineup. Capable of removing up to 50 pints of water every 24 hours, and from up to 1000 feet of space, the DD50PE dehumidifier is a serious machine that is in a class of its own owing to its patented pump technology. This patented internal condensate pump allows you to pump water out of the unit up to an astounding 16 feet vertically, which means that you can route water easily upwards into a nearby sink or even a window.

The package also includes a 3 feet gravity drain hose and 16 feet hose so you don’t have to go out and buy one separately and of course a user manual. Apart from the pump, the other two drainage options are storing water inside the included reservoir and emptying it periodically or running the hose directly into a drain. Tipping the scales at 40.1 lbs, the De’Longhi 50 Pint Dehumidifier isn’t exactly lightweight, but De’Longhi was kind enough to add handlebars and rolling castors to easily carry/move the appliance across rooms.

A perfect fit for kitchens, basements, living rooms, bathrooms, storage spaces and garages, the De’Longhi quality dehumidifier is crafted of regular plastic materials albeit high quality, and is possibly one of the most aesthetically pleasing units we’ve come across. The six liter capacity tank is located at the front of the unit for easy access, and will not overflow due to the unit’s auto-shut off feature when it’s full. Furthermore, the reservoir is also fitted with a handle, a transparent water level window and even emits a pleasant audible sound to let you when it’s full. Just like most other dehumidifier models, the DD50PE model is appointed with a washable air filter to capture dust and other harmful contaminants from the air.

With regards to operation, this De’Longhi dehumidifying unit doesn’t disappoint with a user friendly LCD panel and electronic controls to navigate through the settings. The screen displays your settings along with the relative humidity levels, and the electronic soft touch controls allow you to access the humidistat, adjust the fan and timer and switch between all the different modes.
Performance and Ease of Use
The De’Longhi 50 Liter Unit brings onboard an adjustable humidistat, which allows you to set the desired humidity level. Once this level is reached, the mechanics of the unit prompt it to stop dehumidifying, with the fan staying on at minimum speed. Once the humidity rises above your desired level, the compressor starts up again and the process repeats itself resulting in reduced energy expenses and longer service life of the unit.

There are two modes to choose from, which is something that we haven’t seen on any dehumidifier models we’ve reviewed. The first – dehumidifying mode gets the compressor up to par with the desired humidity level, and automatically shuts off when not in use to conserve energy power. Second mode aka continuous mode when activated runs the fan at full speed, and is a convenient setting when you need to dehumidify in a really short period of time.

Speaking of power, the De’Longhi DD50PE is classified as an Energy Star and eco-friendly R410A refrigerant compliant model, which translates to 10-20 percent less energy consumption than non-compliant models. And with regards to noise, this 50 pint dehumidifier by De’Longhi is much quieter than other models in its class, and in terms of numbers that’s an impressive 53 decibels. The unit also features frost control, which shuts down the unit automatically when frost accumulates on the coils.
The EdgeStar 30 Pint Dehumidifier represents all that the company has to offer – and is a perfect choice for small to average spaces. If you want a portable dehumidifier for a range of room sizes, the EdgeStar 70 pint unit for up to 1500 feet is worth exploring.
EdgeStar 30 Pint Dehumidifier with 2 Drain Options, Up to 400 Square Feet

EdgeStar Dehumidifier DEP301EW

EdgeStar are committed to providing you with quality, durable products and coming up with solutions to make your life easier. Their EdgeStar 30 Pint Dehumidifier will make any 400 square feet space a joy to be in. Here are some of the reasons why-
  • Direct drain option and auto shutoff feature when water reservoir is full
  • 3.5 liter water reservoir located at the front for easy access
  • Quite operation and can be moved around easily with its casters and handles
  • Precision humidistat with electronic controls
  • Adjustable humidity levels from 34% - 85% relative humidity
If this unit is a little on the small side for your space, then EdgeStar has a solution; they also offer this dehumidifier in 50 and 70 liter varieties.
Construction and Design
EdgeStar’s motto is “Accenting Your Life-on-the-Go” and long story short; this is exactly what their 30 pint dehumidifier is designed to do. Their rather extensive lineup of class leading appliances does include larger 50 pint and 70 pint models.

It is appointed with electronic controls, with which you can set the desired humidity levels between 35-80 percent to be displayed in increments of 5 percent on the digital display. The 3.5 liter water reservoir is located at the front of the unit for easy access and even features a transparent window to display the water level. This unit’s direct drain option allows you to drain the water through a connected hose into a basic or other water outlet.
Performance and Ease of Use
With regards to performance, this 30 pint dehumidifier from EdgeStar is surprisingly quiet thanks to its two fan speeds, and is also Energy Star certified. Its auto restart feature automatically restarts the unit after a power failure and once power is restored. Lightweight at just 30 lbs and measuring 10 x 14 x 20 inches, this 30 pint model offers great mobility and is fitted with a handle and casters to move it across rooms with ease.

If you’re worried about overflows from the water bucket, EdgeStar even at this affordable price point was generous enough to include an auto-shutoff feature. With this feature engaged, the unit will automatically turn off when the water reservoir is full or when the desired humidity levels have been reached. The filter of the unit is located at the top so you can remove it independently of the water reservoir when it’s time for maintenance. Simple, efficient and affordable are adjectives that best describe the EdgeStar 30 pint dehumidifier so if you’re looking for a unit that’s great for crawl spaces, small offices or basements, and one that is backed by a 1 year manufacturer warranty, this dehumidifying machine will not disappoint.
The Keystone KSTAD70B dehumidifier is the beast of the dehumidifier market, able to dehumidify up to 4500 sq. ft. If this seems a little excessive for you, then Keystone also have a unit for areas up to 3000 sq. ft.
Keystone Dehumidifier for Spaces up to 4500 Square Feet

Keystone Dehumidifier KSTAD70B - White

Given that the Keystone KSTAD70B can dehumidify up to an astounding 4500 square feet of space, one might think it’s a bulky, noisy unit, but surprisingly it weighs even less than our top pick and offers 3 settings - Normal, Turbo and Auto-Defrost.

Here are its best features at a glance.
  • For large spaces up to 4500 square unit, this is the model you want
  • Most energy efficient and quite in its segment
  • Even with its inexpensive price tag offers tons of features including defrost mode
  • Continuous drainage option with standard garden hose
  • Auto-restart remembers your settings after power failure
If you’re looking for something a little different, this unit also comes in black.
Construction and Design
Keystone is one of those brands that think outside the box especially in an industry that’s dominated by leading names such as Frigidaire and De’Longhi. If you’re one of the lucky ones looking to dehumidify up to an expansive 4500 square feet of space, the Keystone 70 Pint Dehumidifier is possibly the only non-commercial unit that can easily achieve this. It is designed to pull up to 70 pints of water in a day, and does it without any hiccups.

The unit is suited with a clear LED display complete with electronic controls that can be easily programmed by the user. With two fans settings to choose from – normal and turbo, the KSTAD70B Keystone model is extremely versatile in that it allows you to choose the settings best suited for your environment be it a room with sensitive equipment or a dank space in your home or office. Tipping the scales at 40lbs, the KSTAD70B dehumidifier by Keystone is a joy to move across rooms with its 4 durable rolling casters, and restarts automatically in the event of power outage.
Performance and Ease of Use
The 70 Pint Unit can be plugged into an electric outlet located up to 7.22ft away with its onsite cord. Any appliance fitted with a compressor will emit some level of noise and with regards to the KSTAD70B, that’s just 56 dBA. Easy to maintain, this Keystone dehumidifying appliance features a removable filter located at the top, which can be washed or vacuumed. The auto-defrost feature eliminates the occurrences of frost that accumulates on the evaporator coils, and the clean filter alert of the unit alerts you when the filter is clogged.

Although the water reservoir capacity could’ve been a bit bigger, it’s just right at roughly 4 liters and features a water level indicator and even a unit auto-shutoff feature when it is full to prevent spillage. You can also drain water from the unit into a nearby drain using a hose, which is an ideal option if you live in high humidity place or you aren’t always available to empty the onboard reservoir.
Eva-Dry created the E500 unit for small areas such as RV’s or cupboards. For even smaller spaces, the Eva-Dry 333 is also a great fit and comes in with more or less the same features as its bigger brother – the Eva-Dry 500.
Eva-Dry 500 Wireless Dehumidifier - Portable for Spaces up to 500 Square Feet

Eva-Dry Mini-Dehumidifier E500

Even RV’s, closets and boat cabins can get moldy, which is where the Eva-Dry 500 proves extremely useful. Not only it is wireless, it has no daunting buckets to empty and is small enough to even haul around in your purse (not that we can imagine many people doing this!)

Often times you just need to retract moisture from areas with a smaller footprint and where a large model just won’t fit, which is where the Eva-Dry 500 proves useful. Here are some of its best features-
  • Wireless and consumes no energy and makes no noise
  • Odorless and non-toxic
  • Plug and use with no buckets to empty
  • Great choice for safes, electrical compartments, cabins and RV’s
  • Service life of up to an astounding 10 years
  • Removes up to 6 to 8 ounces of moisture every 4-8 weeks
Construction and Design
No buckets to empty, wireless, needs to be recharged every 4-8 weeks depending on humidity and under $30, that describes the Eva-dry EDV500 wireless dehumidifier. The E-500 is one step above its immediate cousin – the E-333, and offers somewhat the same features, there are a few differences starting with its bigger stance. The second most noteworthy difference between the two models is the EDV500 wireless unit can remove up to 6 to 8 ounces of moisture every 4-8 weeks, however that’s just 4 to 6 ounces every 2-4 weeks with the 300 model.

In terms of numbers, the E-500 is a great choice to dehumidify spaces up to 500 square feet, while its younger cousin can only manage up to 333 square feet. All differences aside, both the E500 and E333 are compact, spill free, non-toxic and last up to an amazing 10 years. This rechargeable mini dehumidifier consists of a plastic shell that can be hung in a closet or placed in a drawer. The inside of the shell however is where the magic happens with water absorbent silica gel crystals that absorb moisture from the ambient air.
Performance and Ease of Use
When the gel has reached its capacity, you simply need to plug the unit to a power outlet to allow the non-toxic chemical to replenish itself. The electricity from the power outlet heats up the gel and relieves it of any moisture so you have basically a new unit ready to go within a few hours. There’s no guesswork to when this wireless dehumidifying device needs to be recharged considering it is appointed with an indicator window, which even changes color as the device dehumidifiers.

There are no moving parts in the unit, and it will last 30-60 days for the E-500 model and 20-30 days for the E-333 wireless dehumidifier before it needs recharging. Although both the E500 and E333 Eva-dry models work brilliantly in terms of performance, make no mistake they are a great fit only for spaces that are mildly humid such as refrigerators, boat cabins and closets and not viable alternatives to full size compressor based dehumidifiers for use in larger areas with more sever humidity such as bedrooms, basements, bathrooms and other crawl spaces.

Get the Best Dehumidifier of 2018!

Like it or not, regardless of which of the 50 states you live in, including least humid states such as Denver, Phoenix and Las Vegas, humidity is inevitable. Adding to this, pollen and air impurities are native to literally any area you reside in, which is why buying a dehumidifier should be a priority. We’ve narrowed off on the best units available so all you need to do is buy one and breathe easy.

Our Top Choice
Frigidaire 70-Pint Home Dehumidifier
Best Value
De’Longhi 50 Pint Home Dehumidifier
EdgeStar 30 Pint Home Dehumidifier
Keystone 70 Pint Home Dehumidifier
Eva-Dry 500 Wireless Home Dehumidifier