Best Desk Organizer Reviews 2023

Shopping for any item can be time-consuming, especially if you’re out to get the best that’s available. There are many desk organizers in the market, and as many fine and top-quality organizers are out there, there are also many low-quality products. Knowing the hassle and the stress that’s involved in browsing through hundreds of products and trying to make the right choice, we’ve done the groundwork for you. We’ve carried out thorough research on desk organizers and have come up with a short list of five brands and five products that are tested and proven to perform as advertised.
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Our Top Choice
Rubbermaid 12-Slot Organizer
Rubbermaid makes products that help simplify everyday living. It undertakes to strengthen and enrich communities, even as it provides functional and affordable products.
Ten detachable shelves. Comes with plastic tabs. Stackable organizer units. Beautifully designed. Solid black metal casing with mixture of a wooden top and bottom.
Not quite easy to assemble.
Removable organizer
11.9 x 21.1 x 16 inches; 14.2 lbs
Metal frame/composite wood
12 horizontal
Best Value
Victor Wood Desk Organizer
Victor, technologically savvy and “environmentally-responsible”, offers products that provide ergonomically-appropriate work spaces for users.
Multiple compartments. Ergonomically-designed holder for smart phone. Quality and durable material. Slip-resistant rubber feet. 90-day manufacturer warranty. Multipurpose.
It’s not as elegant as the price suggests.
With Smartphone holder
5.5 x 10.4 x 3.5 inches; 0.9 lbs
6 vertical
4 colors available
MMF Industries Steel Desk Organizer
MMF Industries, with a reputation for consistent supply of reliable and durable products, seeks to positively impact the lives of the people it interacts with on a daily basis.
Made of heavy-gauge steel. Rounded corners. 6 compartments. Non-slip bottom. Referred to as a "go green" item. Manufactured in the United States of America.
Vertical slots are flimsy.
Combo desk organizer
11 x 15 x 8.1 inches; 1 lbs
2 horizontal/3 vertical
Safco Products Onyx Mesh Desk Organizer
Safco believes that quality should go beyond mere expectations of functionality, striving for products that exceed customer expectations both in value and design.
Made of steel mesh. Long-lasting powder coat finish. Compact design. Eight compartments. Easily accessible. Multiple colors available.
It doesn’t have a back, which means that things can slip out of the other end.
Desktop organizer
13 x 13.2 x 11.5 inches; 7 lbs
Steel mesh
2 horizontal/6 vertical
4 colors available
MyGift Office Supplies Organizer
With a commitment to a great customer experience, is dedicated to making top-quality products available at the lowest prices possible.
Three drawers. Five open compartments. Slots on the sides. Beautiful and functional design. Multipurpose and versatile. Vintage brown varnish. Wood construction.
The wood may be prone to chipping.
Drawer organizer
7.9 x 11.8 x 5.5 inches; 4 lbs
8 compartments/drawers/shelves

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What is the Best Desk Organizer?

What’s the best desk organizer? It’s one that comes with features that provide the solutions the user requires. We’ll discuss these features in detail later, so it’s important for you to note them. They’ll help you find the right desk organizer for you.
Our Top Choice
The Rubbermaid 12-Slot Organizer with Ten Removable Shelves is beautifully designed and compact, ideal for keeping your desk clutter-free and organized. If you want something that’s smaller and less expensive, check out the Rubbermaid Regeneration Plastic Letter Tray 6 Pack.

Rubbermaid 12-Slot Organizer with Ten Removable Shelves – Available in 2 Package Quantities

For close to eighty years, Rubbermaid has manufactured functional and versatile products that are of top quality. Its goal is that those products would help to simplify the life of its user. It started with uncomplicated, long-lasting household products, but has grown through the years to have a dominant presence in different categories of commercial and consumer products. It has been acknowledged as one of the hundred companies that has impacted the lives of the American people.

Rubbermaid realizes that it’s important to be involved in communities. It endeavors to strengthen and encourage these communities by bankrolling programs that are important to the people it employs and enhance customers’ lives. Another way the brand helps others is through a philanthropic program which invests in communities. Buying products from Rubbermaid also contributes to this program, and the good thing is that its products are functional, versatile, and useful for the simplification of everyday life.

Working on a cluttered desk can be frustrating or disconcerting; wasting time looking for one file or the other, a particular marker, or a "post it" note with an important reminder. You don’t want to waste productive man hours looking for bits and pieces on your desk—get an organizer! The Rubbermaid 12-Slot Organizer is just right for the job. It has compartments that help you arrange files, office stationery and supplies, legal pads, and everything you can think of. This must-have office accessory has other great features that include the following:
  • Solid Black Metal Casing - This casing features a mixture of a wooden top and bottom, which makes it strong and long-lasting. It can carry the weight of everything that the 12 compartments can contain.
  • Ten Detachable Shelves - This allows you to rearrange the shelves any way you like, to accommodate taller files or other tall items.
  • Comes with Plastic Tabs - This is used to label each compartment. You won’t need to be looking for any item, as you'll readily see which compartment it's in.
  • Stackable Organizer Units - You can adjust it vertically or horizontally, and this makes it versatile.
  • Beautifully Designed – This adds to the aesthetics of your space.
Best Value
Eliminate clutter and confusion on your desk with the Victor Wood Desk Organizer with Smart Phone Holder. It gives you a brand-new outlook on how to organize desk supplies with functional and practical solutions. If you prefer a high-end product with more features, we recommend the Victor Wood Tidy Tower Desktop Organizer.

Victor Wood Desk Organizer with Smart Phone Holder - Available in Four Colors

Victor Technology, LLC is a manufacturer and supplier of office supplies, calculators of all kinds, desks, and accessories. It’s one of the leading innovators in the manufacture of calculators, and understands the health hazards associated with sitting for too long and bacterial infections that might be in office spaces. So as a sincere reaction to this increasing awareness, its products are painstakingly crafted to make available ergonomically-appropriate work spaces for users. It also pioneered the manufacture of built-in antimicrobial protection with eight of its product models. Apart from looking out for cutting-edge technology, Victor endeavors to provide products that are “environmentally-responsible”. At least fifteen of its models are made of twenty to fifty percent plastic that’s recycled. Products that bear its name are guaranteed to provide all-around value: monetary, health, aesthetics, health, and everything in-between!

The Victor Wood Desk Organizer offers a brand-new outlook on desk supplies by presenting solutions that are functional and practical. Not only does it help you de-clutter your desk, but it also adds a professional look to your space. This beautiful organizer has more features that make it a valuable asset:
  • Multiple Compartments - This includes three small cubbyholes and three large ones, giving you slots to arrange your stuff by category so that you can easily access them.
  • Moveable Holder for Smart Phone - This ergonomically-designed feature means you can move the holder wherever you want it on the organizer.
  • Made with Quality Material - The strong wood with a twice-coated black finish ensures that it lasts for a long time.
  • Slip-Resistant Rubber Feet - This makes it remain firmly placed on the desk and protects the desk from being scratched and scuffed.
  • Comes with a 90-Day Warranty from the Manufacturer - This shows you the confidence the manufacturer has in its product, and also protects you.
  • Multipurpose – You can use it in the office or at home.
Save yourself the stress that comes from a cluttered desk; get the MMF Industries Steel Vertical/Horizontal Combination Desk Organizer, which has different compartments for easier organizing. Thinking of an organizer you can mount on the wall? Consider the MMF Industries Horizontal Desk or Wall Mount Organizer.

MMF Industries Steel Vertical/Horizontal Combination Desk Organizer – Available in 2 Styles

MMF Industries started in 1954, and has consistently provided top-quality security, storage, and organization products for the financial, hospitality, banking, and retail industries. It has grown and expanded based on its reputation of consistent supply of reliable and durable products. It’s a socially- and environmentally-responsible manufacturer that makes its products with environmentally-safe and healthy materials, while endeavoring to impact the lives of the people it interacts with on a daily basis. All its products are manufactured in America, and emphasize its values of integrity, uncompromised product quality, and excellent customer service to keep it ahead in the market.

Imagine having an important meeting that you need to go into with a proposal; you’ve written this proposal, printed it out, and filed it. Unfortunately, you have over 100 flat files on your desk all lying at haphazard angles. You’re also working on a brief that a client needs to see ten minutes after the meeting, so you forgot to wade through the maze of files to locate your proposal until 5 minutes to the meeting.

In the confusion and haste of looking for the file with the proposal, you knock over the pencil holder, which knocks over the cup of coffee on your desk, straight onto the file with the receipts and documents you need to retire the funds for your last official trip. Phew!

You could have saved yourself all this drama with a desk organizer! The MMF Industries Steel Desk Organizer would help you organize your desk. It has different compartments into which you can sort and put away items in categories. It also has more great features that include the following:
  • Made of Heavy-Gauge Steel - This gives it maximum toughness and stability, ensuring that it lasts for a long time.
  • Rounded Corners - This ensures that the edges don’t injure someone if they accidentally bump into it.
  • Indented Shelves - This gives it more capacity to hold stuff that may otherwise have slipped off a flat shelf.
  • Non-Slip Bottom - The padded base keeps the organizer in place and ensures that your desktop isn’t scuffed or scratched.
  • Referred to as a "Go Green" Item - This means that the product is manufactured with environmentally-safe and healthy materials.
  • Manufactured in the United States of America - This is to ensure that the quality of the products remain uncompromised.
The Safco Products Onyx Mesh Desk Organizer with 6 Vertical/2 Horizontal Sections is a perfect solution to the issue of a cluttered desk, with lots of room to keep your files sorted and easily accessible. If you’re looking for something smaller and less expensive, we recommend the Safco Products Onyx Mesh Desktop Organizer with 5 Vertical Sections.

Safco Products Onyx Mesh Desk Organizer with 6 Vertical/2 Horizontal Sections - Available in 7 Colors & Pack Sizes

For close to fifty years now, Safco Products has been manufacturing office products that are designed to enhance the level of organization, convenience, and comfort in the workplace. It’s constantly researching and innovating to remain on the cutting-edge of ever-evolving market trends and products that make an office tick. Strongly committed to quality that goes beyond mere expectations of functionality, it strives for products that offer both value and design, and measures its success only by the level of satisfaction expressed by its customers.

As one of the leaders in the industry, Safco's goal is to maintain a high standard of environmental responsibility. It is part of the GREENGUARD Certification program and has many products that are GREENGUARD-certified. Its products are eco-friendly and produced in such a way that the negative impact on the environment is minimal.

We all know what a desk organizer is, but most often overlook its importance. Have you ever walked into an office where the occupant’s desk is overflowing with files and papers of all sorts? First impression that comes to mind is "slob". No matter how competent the person is, you just have that "something" in your mind about them. What if you are this person? Shouldn’t you do something to organize your desk?

The Safco Products Onyx Mesh Desk Organizer is a perfect solution to the issue of a cluttered desk. It has six vertical sections that are two inches wide and two horizontal file trays under it. This helps to keep your files sorted and easily accessible. This product has other features, which include the following:
  • Compact Design - It's small enough not to take up too much space on your desktop, but has enough compartments for your stuff.
  • Eight Compartments - This provides storage space for organizing items in categories.
  • Made of Steel Mesh - Its construction includes a long-lasting powder coat finish, on top of its fragile-looking design, which adds to the aesthetics of your space. The material itself is actually tough and durable.
  • Easily Accessible - The open-view storage allows you to reach your stuff easily.
Make your work surface clutter-free, more coordinated, and efficient. Use the MyGift Office Supplies Organizer with 3 Drawers & Desktop Mail Holder to store your office/desktop supplies for professionalism. If you want a product that has different features from this one, the MyGift Adjustable Natural Wood Desktop Storage Organizer is highly recommended.

MyGift Wood Office Supplies Organizer with 3 Drawers & Desktop Mail Holder

Features is a branch of MyGift Enterprise LLC. It’s a direct virtual outlet for factories and is dedicated to making the best products available at the most affordable prices possible. It has far-reaching industry connections, which helps it to combine a wide range of product selections with customer service that’s unrivaled and bargain prices. is concerned about the shopping experience of its customers, and guarantees that customers will always experience top-quality customer care—this includes giving a money-back guarantee of thirty days. This is a brand that creates unforgettable memories for its customers and makes them always want to come back for more.

Make your work surface clutter-free, more coordinated, and efficient. Use the MyGift Office Supplies Organizer to keep your office/desktop supplies nice and orderly. Its wood construction ensures that your things are stored safely, while the vintage brown varnish lends a professional air to your work space. It has many other great features that include the following:
  • Three Drawers - You can store things that you don’t want to be in open view, safely in these drawers.
  • Five Open Compartments - These allow you to store items that you need to be easily accessible in categories.
  • Slots on the Sides - These help you to store mail, other documents, and similar items.
  • Beautifully Designed - It offers a great combination of style and functionality.
  • Multipurpose and Versatile – It fits in with both home and office décor, so you can use it on any desk you want.

How Do I Choose the Best Desk Organizer?

An office desk that’s well-organized improves efficiency and productivity. How do you feel when you have a client sitting across from you and you’re scrambling all over your desk, through all the files, papers, odds and ends, looking for one small form that they need to fill out? It can be an embarrassing situation. With a desk organizer, everything is placed in its right compartment and all you need to do is reach into the compartment and retrieve the needed item. Clients are no longer kept waiting and you are not embarrassed or flustered.

Filing cabinets are useful office accessories, but they’re not handy or easily accessible. You store files and bulky items in the filing cabinet, but files or paperwork that are being treated are usually left on the desktop. Sometimes you’re working on multiple files at the same time; how do you sort the treated and the yet-to-be-treated? An organizer with an in and out tray helps a lot.

So, are desk organizers only for the office? Nope! As long as there’s a desk with clutter, you need an organizer. You may be a stay-at-home parent or an independent writer or freelancer who works from home—or even a student! Your home office desk will surely gather clutter over time unless you have only a desktop or laptop on it, without a printer; no pencils or pens or markers in a pencil holder, no reference books and materials, and no paper that you doodle on as you try to gather your thoughts. Your study desk can also benefit from a desk organizer; remember, wherever there’s a desk with clutter, an organizer is needed!
The prices of products vary based on a number of things. The material of manufacture, size, design, brand, and some other particular factors are all responsible for these price differences. We went looking for good desk organizers and found out that they are in the price range of $25 to $83. This is not to say that that’s the peg on prices, but this should give you a fair idea of how much you may expect to spend.

We also saw some cheap desk organizers, but most of them were flimsy, not very functional, and won’t get the job done properly. The brands/products featured here are of good quality and are sure to serve you well. Don’t be afraid to spend a little more to get good value.
There are different types of organizers and each has its own advantage and disadvantage. The benefits of an organizer can only be enhanced by its features. When shopping for a desk organizer, you need to look out for certain features that will enhance the benefits that you get from it. Here are some of them:
  • Design – What type of organizer is it? Does it have compartments, drawers, or a tray?
  • Size – This refers to the weight and dimensions of the organizer.
  • Material of Manufacture – What material is it made of? Plastic, steel, wood, or acrylic?
  • Compartments and Capacity – How many compartments does it have and how much stuff can it hold?
  • Color – This may affect the total ambience of your office or workspace.
Let’s examine how these features will determine the benefits you get from your desk organizer.
Construction and Design
Before you buy a desk organizer, it’s important to evaluate how much clutter you have to deal with, the size of your desktop, and the general décor of your workspace. In evaluating the clutter, you also consider the type of stuff you have on your desk. Do you have more paperwork, documents, or files? What about pens, pencils, markers, erasers, thumb tacks, paper clips, and other small items?

If you have varied items on your desk, you should be looking for a desk organizer that has drawers and different types of compartments. This will help you organize the different items properly. If the majority of what you deal with or have on your desk are stationery or files, then you may just need organizers with in-and-out trays/compartments.

The size of the organizer matters because you don’t want something that takes over the whole desk. While this is true, you also want an organizer with the capacity to hold all your stuff. So first of all, look at all the stuff on your desk and sort out the ones you need, throw out the unnecessary stuff, then go ahead and pick the right size of organizer. You should also consider the weight in relation to your desk. Most times, desk organizers are placed on one end of a desk, so if you get one that’s commensurately heavier than the desk, it may unbalance it.

A desk organizer is supposed to be both functional and appealing. You should consider the color that would fit right in with the décor of your office or whatever space it would be in.
Performance and Ease of Use
The number of compartments that an organizer has is an important feature because this makes sorting items into categories easier, and then makes these items easily accessible. Some organizers even have tabs that help you label the compartments, making it easier for you to locate what you need when you need it.

The material that the organizer is made of determines its durability and the overall effect it has on the ambience of your workspace. Look out for top-quality material, whether wood, plastic, mesh, or acrylic; it should be material that’s not treated with any toxic substances.

Remember that a desk organizer is meant to de-clutter your desk. If you get one that doesn’t have the capacity to hold all your stuff, you’ll end up over-stuffing the organizer. This would mean that you may begin to look for another organizer to de-clutter your organizer (lol).

Get the Best Desk Organizer of 2023!

Now that you’ve come to the end of this review, it’s time to go ahead and purchase a desk organizer—no more excuses for clutter on your desk. Increase your efficiency and productivity while adding a dash of class to your space. Keep in mind that these brands also have other products in this category, but for the purpose of this review, we’re featuring only one product per brand. Please don’t hesitate to check out others, as you may find one better-fitted to your requirements.

Our Top Choice
Rubbermaid 12-Slot Organizer
Best Value
Victor Wood Desk Organizer
MMF Industries Steel Desk Organizer
Safco Products Onyx Mesh Desk Organizer
MyGift Office Supplies Organizer