Best Desk Pad Reviews 2023

Desk pads provide a great way of spicing up your workspace and protecting your desk from the scratches and knocks of everyday use. They serve their primary purpose of protecting your desk while at the same time adding a touch of style. You’ll find a wide range of desk pads on the market and choosing the right one may be confusing. That’s why we’ve reviewed five of the best desk pad brands to make your work easier as you seek to add comfort and elegance to your workstation.
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Our Top Choice
KINGFOM Desk Mat & Mate Desk Pad Protector
KINGFOM’s range of products is making it easier for people to stay organized both in the office and at home.
Numerous uses. Faux leather adds elegance and class to your workspace. Has stain-resistant surface that is easy to clean. Has a non-glare surface that reduces eye strain.
The color fades in some areas.
Non-slip, Non-glare
23.6 x 17.7 x 0.2’’ / 2.9 lbs
Available in 5 colors
Used as mousepad
Best Value
SEESO Vintage Designed Desk Mat
SEESO helps you organize your workspace with classic and simple office products.
Waterproof top takes care of spills. Anti-slip bottom keeps the desk pad in place. Two pockets for keeping items while working.
The edges tend to fold up after some time.
Non-slip, Waterproof
25 x 13.2’’ / 3.5 lbs
Mint or Pink
Pen holder, Side pocket
Artistic LT61-2M Rhinolin II Desk Mat
Artistic LLC makes products with attractive original designs to allow you choose the best ones depending on your needs and style.
The microban antimicrobial protection keeps your desk mat clean 24/7.Ultra-smooth writing surface that is easy to clean.
Leaves an oily residue behind, which could ruin your furniture
36 x 20 x 1’’ / 1 lbs
Microban antimicrobial
Satechi Computer Desk Mat & Mate
Satechi helps people get connected by designing products that comfortably integrate into their daily lives.
Comes in a variety of colors. Features a wide surface area. Synthetic leather to add elegance to your desk. Comfortable surface for resting hands. Can be used as a mouse pad.
Non-slip backing is not efficient enough and causes the desk pad to move around while working.
Non-slip, Non-glare
24.4 x 13.8 x 0.1’’ / 1.2 lbs
Synthetic leather
Available in 10 colors
ES Robbins Rectangle Desk Pad
ES Robbins is dedicated to making quality products with benefits and features valuable to anyone in an office-type environment.
Non-slip surface prevents it from moving around. Premier writing surface that does not indent or stain. Excellent for keeping notes underneath.
The surface scratches easily
Non-slip, Non-glare
24 x 19 x 0.1’’ / 1.3 lbs
Clear, Matte
Available in 2 sizes

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What is the Best Desk Pad?

Why would you own a desk you’re not comfortable writing on? Now you’re enlightened on what to look out for when choosing the best desk pad, it’s time to go out and find a decent model that matches your style and expectations. Let’s look in detail at our top 5 suggestions.
Our Top Choice
The Desk Mat & Mate Desk Pad Protector comes as a complete writing surface and a soft flannel non-skid back fused together during manufacturing to produce a durable one piece construction with numerous uses.. Have a small desk and want a desk pad with different features and size? Check out the KINGFOM 18''x14'' Large Rectangle A3 Desk Writing & Drawing Board Writing Pad.

KINGFOM Desk Mat & Mate 24” x 18” PU Leather Desk Pad - Available in 5 Styles

KINGFOM is working very hard to help you stay organized both at home and at work. Their range of products includes card holders, stationery organizers, mouse pads, makeup mirrors, cigar ash trays, card book holders, facial tissue boxes, blank note papers, remote controller holders, pens/pencils holders, trash cans and waste paper baskets, files/letters collection trays, restaurant/hotel menu holders, and file document folder boxes.

The KINGFOM Desk Mat & Mate Desk Pad Protector will enhance any desk and is excellent both as a writing or reading surface as well as a housing for your mouse and keyboard, and with enough space for a journal or sketchbook. Available in different colors and styles, and featuring a stylish textured surface, this desk pad is indeed a perfect addition to any workspace.

Other features that come with this desk pad include:
  • Made from strong synthetic leather for easy cleaning
  • Wide surface area accommodates various devices
  • The synthetic leather feels good to the touch. It’s also fused with an anti-glare surface, so your eyes will not strain
  • Stain resistant surface for easy cleaning
  • The integrated writing surface as well as the soft flannel non-skid back is fused during the manufacturing process to produce a one piece durable construction that will last you a lifetime.
If you plan on purchasing this desk pad, you’ll be glad to know it comes in 5 different styles: choose from black or brown or a desk pad with a pen slot too!
Best Value
The SEESO Vintage Designed Desk Mat measures 25.20 X 13.39 inches and comes with a waterproof top to take care of spills and an anti-slip bottom to keep it in its place no matter the intensity of your work. Willing to add just a dollar and get different exciting features? We’re sure you’ll love the Vintage Desk Pad Ver.2 that comes with 12 Monthly Planners.

SEESO Vintage Designed Desk Mat Ver.2 in Mint

SEESO is giving you a classic and simple lifestyle at the office with a range of office products including planners, desk pads and blotters, and memo and scratch pads.

The SEESO Vintage Designed Desk Mat will bring new life to your old hand-me-down desk or add more class to your new cherry executive desk. The waterproof top of this desk pad is prepared for any spills, while its slip-proof bottom keeps it in place.

It also comes with two pockets where you can keep your business cards or photos. The bigger pocket can even fit calendars and schedulers. There’s a corner pocket where you can keep loose leaf pages and a crevice at the top for your pen and pencil. Underneath the cover, there is a place where you can put notes and pictures.

The entire mat of the Vintage Designed measures 25.20 X 13.39 inches, while the clear cover measures 21 x 12.5 inches. The top pocket is about 3.75 x 2.25 inches while the bottom pocket is around 3.75 x 3.75 inches. The thickness of the mat is about 1/8 inch.

If this is your kind of desk pad, you may prefer it in pink. So, choose according to your style and office décor.
The Artistic LT61-2M Rhinolin II Ultra-Smooth Writing Pad Desk Mat comes with an ultra-smooth matte writing surface that self-heals to remove pressure lines and dents, giving you a premier writing experience. Want a bigger desk pad with different features? Check out the Artistic 24" x 38" Sagamore Executive Designer Flip Side Panel Desk Pad that is made of rigid core materials for durability.

Artistic Black Rhinolin II Ultra-Smooth Writing Pad Desk Mat - Available in 4 Sizes

With offices in Hauppauge and New York, Artistic Products LLC manufactures desk pads and desktop accessories in a broad range of materials, sizes, and shapes. Since its inception in 1921, the company has been supplying nationwide retailers with the finest desktop organizers and accessories.

The Artistic LT61-2M Rhinolin II Ultra-Smooth Writing Pad Desk Mat provides an array of benefits. The desk pad comes as a complete writing surface and excellent non-skid foam back fused during the manufacturing process to produce a durable one-piece product that will serve you for a very long time. The anti-skid backing ensures the mat stays put during use and also offers protection to any surface.

Created from natural biodegradable materials, this desk mat provides an ultra-smooth, self-healing writing top with an antimicrobial treatment, so you will not only have a premier writing experience but also not agonize about leaving behind indentations or pressure lines. The surface is excellent for drafting, drawing, or writing with a pencil or pen.

You can get this pad in 4 different sizes, so choose according to the size of your desk. Choose from:
  • 12 inches x 17 inches
  • 17 inches x 24 inches
  • 20 inches x 36 inches
  • 24 inches x 36 inches
The Satechi Desk Mat & Mate comes in a variety of colors and features a wide surface area to protect your desk from spills and scratches. Want your workspace to exude royalty? Get the Satechi Desk Mat & Mate 24" x 14" v2.0, in Violet.

Satechi 24" x 14" Desk Mat / Pad with Protector Mouse Pad for Desktops and Laptops – Available in 3 Colors

Since its founding in 2005, Satechi’s single mission has been to help its customers live their lives efficiently. Their sleek line of Smartphone, tablet, Bluetooth, audio, and office accessories will make sure you remain connected in the most affordable, attractive, and efficient way possible.

The Satechi Desk Mat & Mate comes with an easy-to-clean synthetic leather top that makes it ideal for any workspace. The desk pad will protect your computer as well as mouse from rough surfaces, and also stop your devices from scuffing up the desk. It’s available in 10 different colors, so you can choose whatever complements your desk space.

Here are other features that come with this desk pad:
  • Tasteful synthetic leather adds class and elegance to your workspace
  • Has a comfortable resting surface
  • The surface can also be utilized as a mousepad
  • Can be used for reading or writing and also as housing for your keyboard and mouse
  • The large surface area can accommodate a variety of other devices in your workspace
  • The synthetic leather texture feels good to the touch and comes with a non-glare surface that reduces eye strain
If you feel this desk pad will be a perfect addition to your workspace, then it will interest you to know it comes in 10 different color variations to match your style and office décor.
The ES Robbins Rectangle Desk Pad is crystal clear and provides a premier writing surface that does not indent or stain. Want a desk pad that is GREENGUARD Certified and produces low chemical emissions that do not pose a health concern to you? Get the ES Robbins 120797 Natural Origins Desk Pad.

ES Robbins Rectangle Desk Pad - Available in 2 Sizes and 2 Colors

ES Robbins is dedicated to designing unique products and programs that reflect the very best in materials, technology, design, and service. Their product range includes chair mats, desk pads, carpet runners, anti-fatigue mats, drain mats, chair mat displays, and runner displays.

Protect, organize, and personalize your desk with the Rectangle Desk Pad. This desk pad offers a high quality writing surface that doesn’t indent or stain. Its smooth surface will help reduce writing fatigue.

Although it’s not as elegant or interesting as the rest of the desk pads reviewed, the ES Robbins Rectangle definitely performs its job well by protecting your desk. Perfect for those looking for a simple product with basic features, it’s crystal clear, has a non-slip surface, and helps protect and organize notes and cards.

It is good to note this desk pad comes in 2 sizes and 2 different color variations.

How Do I Choose the Best Desk Pad?

Are you tired of seeing your costly office desk get scratched and tarnished? It doesn’t have to get that ugly! A decent desk pad could be the magic you’re waiting for. A desk pad works like a mouse pad, but it’s large enough to accommodate your keyboard as well. Most models look professional and are a simple way of spicing up your workspace.

Desk pads may seem like simple office accessories, but they could be the difference between a boring, fatigued day in the office and an exciting and productive day at work.

When you write on a hard desk surface, especially with a fountain pen, you realize it’s not the best of experiences, with the pen poking through your writing materials. The desk pad is designed to provide a flat smooth surface that you can effortlessly write on. It also acts as a barrier from the ink that can easily spill on your expensive desk and soak into the furniture. Even with the emergence of ball pens and computers, desk pads still offer much-needed comfort to your workspace.

Regardless of your style or preference, you can be sure to find a desk pad that looks fantastic with your office theme. There are several materials and colors to choose from to ensure your work station looks perfect, feels comfy, and is protected as well. Even if you have a detachable keyboard tray, a desk pad is still important as it safeguards your desk from scratches and offers a comfortable writing surface.

With that said, lets jump to the features to look for before you choose an ideal desk pad that will transform your workspace for better productivity.
Desk pads are not among the most expensive office accessories, and finding a decent pad that suits your budget shouldn’t be a problem. For a budget of between $10 and $50, you can find a good quality desk pad that will serve its purpose for years to come. You’ll find cheap desk pads on the market, but we don’t recommend them to our clients since they are made from basic, light materials that won’t last and may not perform to your expectations. The major determinant of price is the material used to make the desk pad. Synthetic desk pads are the simplest and the cheapest, followed by faux leather and real leather pads.
Wonderful! Who knew there was so much to consider when purchasing a simple desk pad? They may seem to be the simplest of office accessories, but you don’t want to pick any junk material you come across at the local store. Now, there are a few types of desk pads to choose from and your choice will be guided by the following features:

Non-glare surface
    A good desk pad should have a non-glare surface that doesn’t reflect light from desk lamps or any lighting sources in your office. Reflected light can be very distracting and annoying when you’re busy working hence hindering productivity (not to mention bad for your eyes).
Clear/Opaque desk pad
    If you’ve just bought an elegant office desk and you don’t want to cover up its beauty, you can opt to protect it with a transparent desk pad while maintaining the looks. Additionally, you can place calendars, pictures or colorful posters under it and still feel great. However, if you’re going for an opaque desk pad, consider decent colors or textures that match your style in the office.
    Most desk pads are clear, black, or brown. However, colored mats are quickly penetrating the market and you can choose what suits your office theme. Plastic mats are generally clear, but you can still find matte colors. Leather or faux leather pads are generally black or brown, which look classically professional.
Custom desk pads
    If you’re looking for something unique, consider custom desk pads. They are usually made from rubber and work the same way as other desk pads but have custom images like popular cartoons, scenes, and game animations. It can get that interesting if you want to add some personal flavor to your workspace.
Construction and Design
Desk mats can be as simple as a plastic cover on your desk or as extravagant as a customized leather desk mat that leaves your guests ogling every time they stop by. The basic component of design and construction is the material used. Let’s now look at that in further detail.

Synthetic Materials
    Most people consider a standard desk pad to be made from synthetic materials. Polycarbonate plastics and PVC (vinyl) plastics are the most common synthetic materials used on desk pads. Their simplicity is an attraction on its own. Most brands come in black color, but a few manufacturers make a variety of colors including pink. The pads also come with anti-slip backing to keep them from shifting position during use. The material is quite easy to clean even if you spill some coffee on it.
Faux Leather
    Faux leather desk pads are much more expensive, but offer more durability, comfort when writing, and professional class. Faux leather pads look quite marvelous and come in a variety of colors to choose from. If you plan to write on your desk pad, faux leather pads provide a comfortable and smooth platform to write on. Its firm enough so the tip of your pen won’t puncture the paper, but soft enough for smooth and consistent writing.
    Leather desk pads are the most expensive and offer a professional look. They are also anti-static and will keep your laptop free of dust. Even if your mouse has a ball, a leather desk pad will allow for easy rolling and navigation on your screen.
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to performance and ease of use, you should consider how easy it is to clean your desk pad. This depends on the material it’s made from. Plastic desk mats, including polycarbonate and PVC (vinyl) are the simplest to maintain. You will simply spray it with a glass cleaner and wipe down with a soft cloth.

Faux leather mats can be cleaned using soap and a scrub. You can follow up by wiping down the pad with a damp rag to get rid of any remaining soap. Leather pads can be wiped down with a damp cloth to clear any dust or dirt.

Another critical factor to consider is whether your desk pad will accommodate all mouse types. Some mice like laser ones don’t work on clear desk mats like plastic mats. Always check the specification of your mouse to be sure it will work on clear mats. If it doesn’t, it would be safer to purchase an alternative color or matte. Generally, black desk pads work best with laser mice.

Get the Best Desk Pad of 2023!

Getting a stylish and durable desk pad will do a fantastic job of protecting your furniture while at the same time adding a splash of class and style to your workspace. You can even get textures that accommodate different mouse types and ditch your old mouse pad or coasters. We hope our review helped you find an ideal desk pad for your office. Also, feel free to check out other alternatives from these brands if you didn’t find a perfect match.

Our Top Choice
KINGFOM Desk Mat & Mate Desk Pad Protector
Best Value
SEESO Vintage Designed Desk Mat
Artistic LT61-2M Rhinolin II Desk Mat
Satechi Computer Desk Mat & Mate
ES Robbins Rectangle Desk Pad