Best Desktop Document Scanner Reviews 2017

Using scanners to convert hardcopy documents into digital copies has become what you can call ‘de rigueur’ for many businesses, whether single-person startups or enterprise-level operations. Whether you are looking to have a paperless office, reduce paper clutter in your home office, or just dream of locating your paper files just as easily as you find your digital files, then a desktop document scanner will prove to be a valuable addition. But don’t be too quick to buy any model you come across online. Read on and find out is available from some of the best brands in the market. We review a great scanner from each one of them to make you shopping hassle-free.
Scan Speed
Size / Weight
Our Top Choice
Fujitsu ScanSnap Document Scanner
Fujitsu is one of the most established leaders in the document scanners market. The ScanSnap iX500 is a reliable and capable scanner, offering a speed of 25 pages per minute!
Very fast scanner. Great optical character. USB and Wi-Fi connectivity.
Support not very responsive.
Two-sided scanner
600 dpi
25 ppm
Wi-Fi, USB
15.5 x 10.9 x 9.8”/ 3 pounds
Best Value
The Neat Company Desktop Document Scanner
The Neat Company offers some of the highest quality scanners at decent prices. The NeatConnect offers Wi-Fi in addition to USB connection for more functionality.
Manages business cards and receipts. Can scan directly to cloud. Best value.
Included software is limited.
Two-sided scanner
600 dpi
24 ppm
USB, Wi-Fi
13 x 9 x 9”/ 7.9 pounds
HP ScanJet Enterprise Document Scanner
HP is a household icon when it comes to scanners and printers. The ScanJet Enterprise gives offices high-volume scanning performance at a speed of 75ppm.
Very fast scan speed. Space and energy saving design. Built-in OCR capabilities.
A bit pricey because of its high end features.
Two-sided scanner
600 dpi
45 ppm
Wi-Fi, USB,
7.3 x 12.2 x 7.2”/ 11.8 pounds
Brother Image Center Desktop Document Scanner
Brother is dedicated to excellent customer service and product quality. The Brother ADS-2000 is a two-sided document scanner able to handle up to 50 sheets!
Can scan to USB. Great OCR performance. Two-sided scanning.
A bit slow on default settings.
Two-sided scanner
600 dpi
24 ppm
8.7 x 11.8 x 7.1”/ 7.3 pounds
Canon CononScan Document Scanner
Canon is a leading provider of business digital imaging solutions. The CanonScan can handle document and photo scanning, delivering amazing quality!
Quality photo and document scans. Uploads images to cloud. Affordable. Auto document fix.
Lower speed scanning.
One-sided scanner
4800 dpi
6 ppm
9.9 x 14.4 x 1.6/ 3.4 pounds

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What is the Best Desktop Document Scanner?

First things first; what size of documents do you want to scan? Do you want a scanner with an automatic feeder that lets you load your papers, hit scan and walk away? How about a scanner that can handle 2 sides of a page simultaneously? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself when buying a desktop document scanner. Fortunately, we have considered all of these factors, including scanner resolution, connectivity, portability, scan speed and of course the budget to ensure that everyone gets what they want.
Our Top Choice
Fujitsu offers state-of-the-art scanning solutions, helping businesses and individuals maximize their productivity. The ScanSnap iX500 provides both Mac and PC users with an effective solution to reduce paper clutter, thanks to its high 25ppm speed and an advanced automatic document feeder. Looking for a more compact scanner built in flatbed design? We recommend the FUJITSU Image Scanner fi-Series. It is offers a speed of 40ppm in simplex mode.
Fujitsu Image Desktop Document Scanner ScanSnap iX500

Fujitsu Document Scanner PA03656-B005

Fujitsu has been in the market of computers, scanners and printers for decades, designing and distributing quality devices. Their expertise has since expanded to encompass other products, including storage systems, servers and software. Whether you are looking for a basic scanner for your home office or a high end model for your medium-size enterprise, you can trust the brand to help you digitalize your documents.

Think about those multiple scanning operations that you do again and again. You have piles of papers to scan and store on your computer or USB device, forcing you to stand beside your scanner and keep on adding one paper after another, turning the pages when there need be. It’s so repetitive, right? Now imagine the money and time you could save if you could do all this at the touch of a button. That’s right. The ScanSnap iX500 features an advanced paper feeder that handles up to 50 sheets at a speed of 25ppm. Retailing at around $480, this scanner will also let you scan wirelessly to a Mac or PC as well as Android or iOS mobile device.

Although the center of attention of the ScanSnap iX500 is the fast speed and wireless connectivity, this scanner offers more. Here are the features that you will enjoy with it.
  • Better Quick Menu Productivity
  • Faster Searchable PDF with just a single button
  • Scans wirelessly to Android and iOS mobile devices, as well as Mac and PC
  • A more advanced paper feeder that handles up to 50 sheets at a time
  • A blazing 25ppm speed for color scanning
  • Handles USB 3.0 or lower
  • Comes with an advanced built in GI microprocessor
  • Package includes Nuance PDF converter for Windows and Mac
Whether you want to digitalize all your tax files or dream of a paperless office, you can trust Fujitsu to help you with your needs. The featured model will do just fine for home offices, start-ups and medium-size businesses, but if you want something different you can check out their other models within the ScanSnap and FI series.
Best Value
The Neat Company offers scanners that allow you to extract information from your documents and receipts and convert them into digital files. The NeatConnect Wi-Fi Scanner simplifies your work thanks to the additional feature of Wi-Fi capability. Thinking of getting a less expensive model without the Wi-Fi feature? We recommend the NeatDesk. It’s also very fast, scanning at 24ppm.
The Neat Company NeatConnect Document Scanner and Digital Filing System Home Office Edition

The Neat Company Document Scanner 2005434

The Neat Company is all about scanners. With superior performance and latest technology, their scanners have become increasingly popular among business owners, making the brand an industry leader among other big names, such as Epson and Brother.

The NeatConnect Wi-Fi Scanner offers something other scanners don’t: it scans to cloud through a Wi-Fi connection. Amazing, right? If we were to define it, we would say it is simply a marriage of software and hardware, kind of like Apple products. The scanner sends scans to its software, which is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows, making your work easier. Better yet, the scanner itself looks stylish, making it a great addition for any office that cares about its aesthetics. It has nicely rounded corners, a shiny white finish and a black plastic base. Moving on to the technical areas, it offers up to 600ppi and a speed rating of 24ppm in simplex mode.

If you are a pro-paperless person, then you should get the NeatConnect Wi-Fi Scanner at just $399.95. Here are the features in store for you if you do:
  • Can scan one- or two-sided documents, both black/ white and colored
  • Scans at a speed of 24 pages per minute, handling 50 pages at a time
  • Has a maximum scan area of up to 30” long
  • Can scan documents, business cards, and receipts all in a single batch, helping you eliminate paper mess
  • Easily creates export information and expense reports
  • Helps you streamline your workflow by allowing you to send your data to outlook, software for H&R block tax, TurboTax and Excel
The Neat Company offers three main scanners in its series of document scanners. These include the featured model, NeatReceipts (a portable scanner) and NeatDesk (a portable scanner). The good thing with these scanners is that they are easy to use and offer a variety of destinations to send your digital documents. All you need is to tap, wake the scanner up, and scan to a computer, network file, SD card or USB drive. Get one that suits your needs!
HP has never disappointed when it comes to scanners. The ScanJet Enterprise Flow 7000 operates at an incredible speed of 75ppm and 300-page duty cycle, making it perfect for most businesses. Want the same quality at an affordable rate? Check out the Scanjet Pro 3000 s2 Sheet-feed Scanner. It offers duplex scanning at a speed of 20ppm.
HP ScanJet Enterprise Desktop Document Photo Scanner Sheet Feed Scanner

HP Document Scanner L2730B#BGJ

HP has been in the market of computers and peripherals for long enough to understand what’s needed for a good a good quality device. The brand has become a household name for a good reason. Whether you want a document scanner or a photo scanner, you are sure to get top-notch quality with HP!

Achieving organization with the ScanJet Enterprise Flow 7000 s3 starts with a touch of a button, ending with a number of productivity features that are tailored to help you make your paperless trail a reality. This model captures two sides of a document with just a single pass, allowing you to load up to 80 pages. You could just load your tax papers and go grab a cup of coffee or attend to other matters and have it do the rest unattended. You get this and more for around $999.

The ScanJet Enterprise Flow 7000 s3 is made for peak workflow performance, delivering smarter scanning. Here are the features it offers:
  • Allows you to integrate the unit into your existing systems seamlessly
  • Quickly scans all pages of document using the advanced HP EveryPage Technology
  • Captures data and then saves the scans in a number of file formats
  • Scans at an incredible speed of 45ppm and 90ipm whether in color, gray cycle or black-and-white. This helps improve productivity
  • Comes with a 3000-page duty cycle, which is one of the highest in the market
  • Energy- and space-saving design. This means that you can now keep more of your work space to yourself
HP is an industry leader in the world of scanners, so it shouldn’t be surprising that they have a dozen of other scanners in their product page. Yes, we decided to go with the ScanJet Enterprise Flow 7000 s3, but you could also get other documents scanners with different speeds and designs. Depending on your budget, check and see what they have for a perfect fit.
Brother has a rich history of making quality scanners. It scans at a speed of 24ppm, handling up to 50 sheets. It’s perfect for medium enterprises and startups looking for a decent scanner. Thinking about getting a higher-end model that scans at 50ppm? You can dig deeper into your pockets and get the ImageCenter ™ ADS-3000N. It is highly recommended as well.
Brother Document Scanner Image Center ADS-200e High Speed With Two Sided Scanning

Brother Document Scanner ADS-2000e

Established in 1954, Brother has become an industry leader when it comes to business, home office and home products. It is committed to providing industrial solutions to revolutionize our way of life, and truthfully it has delivered with the innovative scanners and printers they have released to the market.

Your personal documents like tax forms, medical records, bills and receipts are likely to fade over time. Your academic and business papers are also not safe; they too can also decay if not stored properly. The best way to ensure you have all your documents anytime you need them is to simply scan and digitalize them. This is where the Brother Image Center can come in handy.

The Brother Image Center packs a number of nifty features into a scanner priced at just $349.99. It handles high-volume of documents, providing you with two-sided scanning as well as a document feeder for up to 50 sheets to make your work easier. Having to open the lid to set a page in place can be a minor chore, but doing it more for than 10 times for a 5-page document is certainly a tiresome annoyance. Whether you are looking to scan stacks of receipts, multiple-page documents or household bills, this scanner will do the job perfectly.

In our mind, a desktop scanner should be easy to use and flexible, otherwise your paperwork will likely pile up with time. Apart from these two important factors, here are the rest of the features you will enjoy with the Brother ADS-2000.
  • A robust software suite to make your job easy
  • High speed scanning for up to 24ppm for both single and double-sided documents
  • Two-sided scanning with a single pass
  • Automatic document feeder that handles 50-sheet capacity
  • Supports Windows, Linux and Mac
  • Can scan to various destinations, including E-mail, Image and File, as well as USB flash memory and your Android device
  • High resolution of up to 600 dpi
  • Advanced features such as desk support, blank page removal, background removal and milt-feed detection
  • Flexible media means you can scan a wide range of documents, including plastic ID cards, business cards and other documents
  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty, including free phone support
Brother offers a number of desktop document scanners and portable scanners to suit every user. Some are small and compact, packing lots of punch and able to connect in several ways, making it even more convenient for you. So whether you want mobile page scanners, multi-page document scanners or all-in-ones with scanners, you can check out what they have. You will love their options.
If you want to convert your family photos, business cards and stacks of documents into digital files, then the CanonScan Document and Photo Scanner will prove to be a worthy companion. It allows you to scan your documents at a maximum resolution of 4800dpi and save them directly to Cloud. Looking for a higher end model with a maximum resolution of 9600dpi? We recommend the CanoScan 9000F. It’s also built to handle both photos and documents.
Canon CanonScan Desktop Document and Photo Scanner

Canon Document Scanner LiDE220

Canon has been in the business of producing digitization products for sixty years. That’s six decades of service, offering clients technologically advanced products to make their lives easier. From Digital cameras to printers, and now scanners, Canon is a digital power you will want to associate your business with.

If you have noticed, all our picks are specifically made for document scanning to suit individuals and businesses. After thorough research, we thought that it would be nice having an inexpensive model that can handle both document and photo scanning. The CanonScan Document and Photo Scanner happens to be a great model; one, because it is made by a reputable brand, and two, because it offers some great features, such as excellent optical resolution and fast scan for color documents, all for a price of around $89.99.

Here’s what more the CanonScan Document and Photo Scanner promises to offer you:
  • Auto Document Fix that allows it to automatically employ area-by-area correction, guaranteeing nice, easy-to-view scans
  • Allows you to send your scans to Cloud services such as Dropbox and Evernote
  • Can scan a letter-sized document in about 10 seconds, which is a decent speed for a scanner going for less than $100
  • Designed with Auto Scan Mode that helps the scanner adjust settings automatically by simply detecting what the photos or documents you are scanning
  • Supports most operating systems, including Windows and Mac
The CanonScan Document and Photo Scanner is built to move; it’s small enough even to fit your briefcase or backpack. But if you are looking for a bigger scanner – one that can handle more documents at a faster speed, you can check out the various models within the imageFORMULA series. Different designs, different speeds and different prices!

Get the Best Desktop Document Scanner of 2017!

If you have boxes or files full of papers gathering dust in one of your closets, a desktop document scanner is the item to help you keep them handy (just in case) but de-clutter at the same time. Luckily, today’s scanners are highly specialized and come with sophisticated features to make the experience even better. As you have read, we gathered such information and featured it in our picks, all of which are made by top brands in the market. We hope that you have not left empty handed, but rather found a document scanner that meets your needs.

Our Top Choice
Fujitsu ScanSnap Document Scanner
Best Value
The Neat Company Desktop Document Scanner
HP ScanJet Enterprise Document Scanner
Brother Image Center Desktop Document Scanner
Canon CononScan Document Scanner