Best Desktop Scanner Reviews - Compact and Small Desktop Document Scanners for Home and Office

Using scanners to convert hardcopy documents into digital copies has become standard for both single-person startups and enterprise-level operations. Whatever the reason for your search, read on and find out what is available from five of the best desktop document scanner brands in the market.

While the document scanners we have featured are all relatively compact, if you are looking for a small desktop scanner, we’ve got a separate review for portable document scanners. These are great for desktop use, or take them on the go as a document and receipt scanner. There’s also a review for flatbed document scanners if you want a different type!

We’ve chosen one highly rated desktop scanner from each brand, but they all have more models if the one we reviewed isn’t perfect for you. To make it easy, within each review we provide additional information and links! We also want to give a shout out to Canon document scanners and HP document scanners. Both brands have quality options, we simply didn’t have enough room!
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Scan Speed
Size / Weight
Our Top Choice
Brother Wireless Color Document Scanner
Brother is dedicated to excellent customer service and product quality. They manufacture a huge range of printers, scanners and other office supplies.
Scans at fast speed, 35ppm. One-touch scanning. Easy to use controls. Detects when 2 pages are entered at once. Multiple connection options. Black and color.
Doesn’t automatically rotate images to the correct orientation or create PDF’s.
Black and color
2.8” touchscreen display
35 pages per minute
Wireless, ethernet, USB 2.0
11.8 x 5.8 x 7” / 5.8lbs
Best Value
Plustek ePhoto Z300 Document Scanner
Plustek is a leading imaging and surveillance solutions provider in the US. They’re high-quality scanners each fit a purpose, whether that’s for home use or commercial.
Scans both photos and documents. Photos scan in 2 seconds. Auto deskew and crop settings. Supports Windows and Mac OS. Auto start and save. Max scan area 8.5 x 11.7”.
Doesn’t work as well with Mac as Windows.
Black and color, photos
Scans automatically
Photo 2 sec, Document 5 sec
USB 2.0
6.3 x 11.4 x 6.2” / 3.26lbs
Fujitsu Color Duplex Document Scanner
Fujitsu is one of the most established leaders in the document scanners market. They’ve been manufacturing high-quality computer electronics for decades.
80-sheet ADF. Duplex scan speed up to 120 images/minute. Scans sticky notes and embossed cards up to 1.4mm thick. Paper protection. Resolution up to 600dpi. Daily duty cycle of 4000 pages.
Software available with this printer is not recommended by some.
Black and color
Easy to use buttons
Photo 120ipm, Document 60ppm
USB 3.0
11.8 x 6.7 x 6.4” / 9.26lbs
Epson 35ppm Desktop Document Scanner
Epson, formed from Daiwa Kogyo Ltd., was founded in 1942. They launched the world’s first ever miniprinter and since then have continued to grow and develop exceptional office equipment.
Scans images and documents. 50-page ADF. TWAIN and ISIS drivers. 4000 sheet daily duty cycle. Generates editable Word and Excel files and searchable PDFs. Extra long pages up to 240”.
Software has been said to cause glitches on computers sometimes.
Black and color
Simple buttons
Photo 70ipm, Document 35ppm
Wi-Fi, USB
11.6 x 6.6 x 6.9” / 8.1lbs
Doxie Go SE Intuitive Small Document Scanner
Doxie is a brand under the Apparent umbrella. Apparent was founded in 1998 and have since produced award-winning brands and products like IntelliScanner and Barcode Producer.
Highly portable, size of a rolled up magazine. Easy to use. No need for PC. Full color up to 600dpi. Deskew, smart cropping and auto contrast. Rechargeable battery.
Doxie produces file sizes bigger than that of some alternatives.
Black and color, documents
No controls, automatic
8 seconds per page
Works without PC, Wi-Fi available
12.2 x 2.3 x 1.75” / 1.3lbs

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What Is the Best Desktop Document Scanner? Read Our Desktop Scanner Reviews!

First things first: what size of documents do you want to scan? Do you want a scanner with an automatic feeder that lets you load your papers, hit scan, and walk away? How about a scanner that can handle two sides of a page simultaneously? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself when buying a desktop document scanner. Fortunately, we have considered all these factors, including scanner resolution, connectivity, portability, scan speed, and, of course, the budget to ensure that everyone gets what they want.

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Our Top Choice
The Brother Wireless Color Document Scanner can scan your documents in color or black and white up to 35ppm. Prefer a scanner with a faster speed? Try out the Brother ADS3000N High-Speed Network Document Scanner which scans at 50 pages per minute.

Brother Wireless High-Speed Desktop Document Scanner - Cordless Sheetfed Scanner with Touchscreen LCD, Duplex Scanning


Established in 1954, Brother has become an industry leader when it comes to business, home office and home products. It is committed to providing industrial solutions to revolutionize our way of life, and truthfully it has delivered with the innovative scanners and printers they have released to the market.

Your personal documents like tax forms, medical records, bills and receipts are likely to fade over time. Your academic and business papers are also not safe; they too can also decay if not stored properly. The best way to ensure you have all your documents anytime you need them is to simply scan and digitalize them. This is where the Brother Wireless Color Document Scanner comes in handy. It can easily scan all your important documents onto your computer and it’s speedy doing it, up to 35 pages per minute!

Here’s some more features to enjoy:

  • Works in humidity from 20%-80%
  • Many connection options; wireless, ethernet or USB 2.0
  • Secure scanning with security settings and locks
  • 2.8-inch color touchscreen makes using it a breeze
  • One-touch scanning and preset shortcuts optional
  • Supports many “scan to” destinations like File, Image, OCR, Email, Mobile etc.
  • Scans in both black and color
  • Space saving design and lightweight
  • Document Capture Event detects when two pages are fed through at the same time
Best Value
The Plustek ePhoto Z300 Document Scanner is a fantastic solution if you have photos that you want to make a copy of for safe keeping. It’s also pretty handy at scanning documents; one A4 page takes just 5 seconds. If you would prefer a dedicated document scanner, you could opt for the Plustek SmartOffice Plus High Speed Document Scanner which has an Auto Document Feeder and scans at 50 pages per minute!

Plustek ePhoto Photo and Document Desktop Scanner with CCD Sensor


Plustek is one of the best surveillance solutions and imaging providers around. They manufacture high-quality scanners for all occasions, from home-use to professionals. Also in their line-up are security devices, systems and solutions.

The Plustek ePhoto Z300 Document Scanner was manufactured with photo scanning in mind. Plustek understands how precious memories and photos are and therefore wanted to provide a solution to the issue of misplacing old photographs or them getting worn out and damaged. With the ePhoto Scanner you can scan a photo in just 2 seconds, meaning that you could probably scan about 1000 in one afternoon!

Let’s look at some more cool features of this scanner:

  • Photos are automatically scanned once placed in the scanner
  • Auto Deskew and Auto Crop features ensure your pictures look even better than the originals
  • Editing functions available with the ePhoto software
  • Supports Windows and Mac OS
  • Easy to share your scanned document or photo on Facebook, Google Drive, Twitter etc.
  • Auto start, update and save options available
  • Scans an A4 document in just 5 seconds
  • Minimum scan area of 1x1” and maximum of 8.5x11.7”
  • Connect with the USB 2.0 interface
The Fujitsu Color Duplex Document Scanner can efficiently scan up to 120 images per minute in Duplex mode and 60ppm for documents. If you don’t need something quite so advanced, the ScanSnap iX500 provides both Mac and PC users with an effective solution to reduce paper clutter, thanks to its high 25ppm speed and an advanced automatic document feeder. Fujitsu also has book scanners!

Fujitsu Workgroup Series Color Duplex Desktop Document Scanner – Paperstream Capture Pro, Also Available as a Bundle


Fujitsu has been in the market of computers, scanners and printers for decades, designing and distributing quality devices. Their expertise has since expanded to encompass other products, including storage systems, servers and software. Whether you are looking for a basic scanner for your home office or a high-end model for your medium-size enterprise, you can trust the brand to help you digitalize your documents.

Think about those multiple scanning operations that you do again and again. You have piles of papers to scan and store on your computer or USB device, forcing you to stand beside your scanner and keep on adding one paper after another, turning the pages when there need be. It’s so repetitive, right? Now imagine the money and time you could save if you could do all this at the touch of a button. That’s right.

The Fujitsu Color Duplex Document Scanner can help you do this and here’s how:

  • 80-sheet Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)
  • Duplex scanning speed up to 120 images per minute
  • Able to scan sticky notes, labels, receipts and hard or embossed cards up to 1.4mm thick
  • Advanced paper handling technology to reduce blockages
  • Intelligent Sonic Paper Protection (iSOP)
  • Scanning speeds up to 60 pages per minute
  • Optical resolution up to 600dpi
  • Daily duty cycle 4000 sheets per day
  • ISIS/TWAIN compliant
  • Long document support up to 18.3-feet in PaperStream IP

If you like the look of this scanner, you might be interested in the bundle offered by Fujitsu with the Paperstream Capture Pro software thrown in.

The Epson 35ppm Document Scanner is an excellent image and document scanner with fast scan speeds, up to 35ppm for documents and 70ipm for images. If you would prefer a small document scanner that it more dedicated to scanning high-quality photos, you should consider the Epson Perfection V39 Photo Scanner. And yes, it does documents too!

Epson 35ppm Document Scanner with TWAIN & ISIS Drivers – Non-Wireless Version Also Available


Epson, originally Daiwa Kogyo Ltd., was founded in 1942. They were asked to be the official timekeepers for the Olympic games in Tokyo and later developed the world’s first miniprinter, which led to the launch of Epson. Epson now manufactures printers, scanners, projectors and other office supplies for the home as well as a range of robots, POS printers and microdevices for the workplace.

The Epson 35ppm Document Scanner comes in two variations, one with wireless capabilities and one without. For the sake of this review we’ll focus on the one with, because all the other features have been kept the same. Being able to scan documents wirelessly is a great benefit because you can then scan directly to your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac without the need for any lengthy USB cables.

Here’s some more features you might enjoy:

  • Scans documents at 35ppm
  • Scans images at 70ipm
  • TWAIN and ISIS drivers
  • 50-page auto document feeder
  • Durable design; 4000 sheet daily duty cycle
  • Generates Word and Excel files that are editable
  • Can also generate searchable PDF’s
  • Scans receipts, ID cards and credit cards
  • Can scan extra-long pages up to 240-inches
The Doxie Portable Intuitive Document Scanner offers true portability in a casing the size of a rolled-up magazine. It can produce color scans up to 600dpi. We can also recommend the Doxie Q Wireless Rechargeable Document Scanner. It costs a little bit more but features an automatic document feeder and auto multi-page PDF functionality. This means you can scan stacks of paper at one time!

Doxie Go SE Document Scanner - Intuitive Portable Scanner, Amazing Software, Rechargeable Battery, Available with Wi-Fi and ADF


Doxie, is one trademark under the Apparent brand. Apparent was founded in 1998 and they’re proud parents to some award-winning brands and products including the Barcode Producer, used by graphic designers, the IntelliScanner, which is a barcode reader used by small businesses to organize, and of course Doxie, the amazing document scanner.

The Doxie Portable Intuitive Document Scanner is a totally portable scanner that doesn’t even need a computer to work. You can take it on-the-go, scan important documents to archive and then simply pop Doxie back in your bag or drawer. It’s the same size as a rolled-up magazine so when they say portable, they mean it!

Let’s look at some more cool features:

  • Couldn’t be easier to use, just turn it on and go
  • Full color up to 600dpi
  • Deskew, smart cropping and automatic contrast
  • Create searchable multi-page PDFs
  • Send to Dropbox, iCloud, Evernote or OneNote
  • Rechargeable battery last for 400 scans
  • Stores scans in an included SD card, up to 4000 scans

If you like the look of this ultra-portable document scanner, you might want to get the Battery Sheetfed + Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi + ADF or Wi-Fi Sheetfed options. If you love the look of this portable document scanner, you should consider getting the Doxie Go SE Carrying Case to go with it and make sure your scanner is safe during transport.

Best Compact, Small Desktop Scanner Guide – What to Look for in a Document Scanner

Few people like their work desks to be covered in messy piles of paper. We doubt that even disorganized folk appreciate the tower of papers that sits neatly in its designated corner on our office desks or in a cabinet, gathering dust, increasing the number of surfaces to be dusted and cleaned. If only there was a way to make the paper go away! Fortunately, there is, and it’s a nifty device called a desktop document scanner.

The document scanner is an electronic device that collects data from paper and converts it to digital form. The scanner embodies everything we love about technology: it saves time and energy (both human and electrical), produces a cleaner and more efficient result, and somehow makes a mundane task more interesting.

There are two types of document scanners: portable document scanners and desktop document scanners. Our focus for this review is on desktop document scanners. They come in two types as well: flatbed scanners and sheet-fed scanners. These devices can be used to convert all kinds of paper data to digital documents. After that has been done, the scanner sends them to your computer via USB or wireless interfaces, where you can proceed to edit the documents, store them, or send them to your family or work colleagues. These documents can be saved or stored in storage devices such as flash drives or USB drives. Desktop scanners are indeed helpful devices and depending on what you intend to use them for (and your budget, of course) you should be able to find one that’s best suited to your needs.

We’ve featured five awesome brands in our review, however there’s still more out there that we want to tell you about. Of course, no review for any office equipment would be complete without mentioning Canon and they’ve got some pretty sweet document scanners too. Their imageFormula DR-C225 Document Scanner is functional as a document and photo scanner but it’s also very energy efficient, which sets it apart from other options.

Some scanners will scan in both black & white and color, whereas others, like the HP ScanJet Pro 3000 will just scan in black & white. That’s not to say it’s not a good choice though. Sometimes that’s all you need and it’ll scan documents up to 35ppm and images up to 70ipm! Finally, some scanners are more portable and can be used on a desktop or to carry around with you. The Vupoint Magic Wand Portable Scanner is one of these. Even though it’s small in size, it can still scan documents up to 8.5-inches wide and 125-inches long!

Okay, now you’ve seen some of the varied options out there it’s time to look at some more consideration factors.

Video: What are the Benefits of Document Scanning

Why You Need a Document Scanner. | Courtesy of Microsystems

Desktop document scanners are available at prices as low as $80, to as high as $1,900 and even more. The reason for price difference lies mostly in the type of features a desktop scanner has. A desktop scanner with a sheet-feeding capacity of up to 100 sheets, USB 3.0 and wireless connectivity, and a 60ppm speed rate will cost more than one with a 20-sheet feeding capacity, USB 2.0 and wireless connectivity, and a 16ppm speed rate. Other factors such as quality of materials and construction also play a role in the price determination. We did find cheap desktop document scanners, but we doubt they’ll produce great or even accurate results.


How does one tell the difference between a fair desktop document scanner and a great one? Knowing the features to look for is great place to start, and we’ve listed the important ones here:

  • Type
  • Resolution
  • Scan speed
  • Connectivity
  • Size
  • Software
  • Double or single-sided scanning
  • Sheet-feeding capacity
Construction and Design

The two types of desktop document scanners are flatbed scanners (simply called flatbeds) and sheet-fed scanners. The flatbeds have a fixed, flat glass surface beneath their lids; it’s on this bed that you’ll place your document. The scan head then moves beneath the glass, up and down the document, taking detailed pictures. If you intend to scan different types of paper, including photos, books, and magazines, a flatbed is best. It’s large enough to scan open books, and it doesn’t move the paper while it’s scanning them.

Sheet-fed scanners are a better option if you’re scanning mostly paper documents. They are designed with a paper feeding mechanism that allows you to load them with the suggested number of sheets, instead of scanning them one after another. To transform piles of records into a digital format, they’re your best bet. The limit to the number of sheets a scanner can be load with differs with each model. The higher the sheet-feeding capacity, the more the scanner will cost.

Most document scanners are designed to perform double-sided scanning on documents. This is a time-saving feature, as you won’t have to turn the pages manually, and offices or businesses with high paper traffic will sure appreciate it. However, if your scanning needs aren’t large and you don’t do it often, a one-sided document scanner is a good buy, especially since it doesn’t cost as much as its double-sided scanning counterparts.

Video: Digitizing Vs Scanning Documents

Differences Between Scanning and Digitizing. | Courtesy of Record Nations
Performance and Ease of Use

The resolution of a scanner is a big deal if you’re going to be scanning pictures or documents with plenty of graphics. This is because scanners with a high resolution (expressed in Dots per Inch, or DPI) will produce digital copies with more accurate colors than those with lower resolutions. Scanners with 600 DPI and above will do just fine for text, graphics and photos. If you're scanning artwork or enlarging photos, you’re going to need a scanner with resolution that’s over 1000 DPI.

The scan speed is also important – after all, document scanners are supposed to save time. However, before you begin eyeing those high-speed scanners, ask yourself if speed is really of the essence for your scanning purpose. If you’re getting one of these for business, then by all get the fastest one your budget can accommodate, because that’s a major deciding factor. Document scanning speed is measured in ppm (pages per minute), and it can get as low as 16ppm and as high as 90ppm.

Desktop document scanners come with a USB interface, and many also include Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. The scanner’s connectivity affects how convenient it is to share scanned documents with your computers and other devices. Some of them even come with software that allows you to send scanned documents directly to cloud storage (Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, etc). Be sure that the scanner has optical character recognition (OCR) software that’ll help you convert the scanned image to editable text.

Of equal importance is the dimension or size of the scanner. Check that it’s going to fit the space that you’ll be placing it in. Flatbeds are bulkier than their sheet-fed cousins. Also ensure that the warranty is to your taste, as it wouldn’t do to be stuck with a scanner that you cannot use or return.

Get the Best Desktop Scanner of 2023!

It’s the end of this review. Now you can use this information to find the right desktop document scanner for you or for your workplace.

Our Top Choice
Brother Wireless Color Document Scanner
Best Value
Plustek ePhoto Z300 Document Scanner
Fujitsu Color Duplex Document Scanner
Epson 35ppm Desktop Document Scanner
Doxie Go SE Intuitive Small Document Scanner

Desktop Scanner FAQs

What is the best desktop scanner?
The best desktop scanner is one that you can use to capture hardcopy documents into simple electronic files. Since it will sit on a desk, it should be compact (incapable of occupying too much space). And, it should be affordable (at least based on your budget). Don’t forget to ensure that the scanner is compatible with your computer in terms of software and connectivity. Other things to look at include the scan speed, size, sheet-feeding capacity, and scanning orientation (double or single-sided). Check out our review for more details!
Where to buy a desktop scanner?
We recommend that you buy a desktop scanner from Amazon, the largest online retailer and the most affordable. If you are looking for a desktop scanner to buy, we have reviewed some of the best. How to program a desktop scanner?
How to program a desktop scanner?
To program a desktop scanner, you need to download and install the scanners software on your computer. Make sure you follow the steps in the process as directed by the specific software. However, if you bought the computer recently (it has the latest operating system), you might find the desktop scanner already pre-installed. Search the scanner among the available devices and click on it. That will take you through a short process that culminates in you fully installing the scanner to your computer.