Best Desktop Reviews 2017

Desktops have come a long way, in terms of cost, performance and design. Gone are the days of clunky towers and chunky screens. Now desktop PCs come in all shapes and sizes and carry even more impressive specs to handle whatever task we throw at them. The best part about it? They’re more affordable than ever! Whether it’s gaming, surfing the web, design, work or basic entertainment, modern day desktops can handle all these tasks effortlessly. But with all this variety and functionality, how’s a customer supposed to know which one they want? That’s where we can help. Check out our picks of five great desktops from five top brands in the tech industry.
Our Top Choice
Acer Revo One RL85 Desktop Computer
As a highly respected brand in computing and technology, Acer impressed us with the well designed and unexpectedly powerful Acer Revo One RL85 PC.
Space friendly. Stylish, sleek and compact modern design. Impressive storage. Good processing power. HD display and audio. I/O expansion unlike other compact models.
Remote control app could be improved.
Intel Core i3
2.10 GHz
4 GB
Intel HD Graphics 5500
1 TB
Best Value
Asus 6th Generation PC with Keyboard and Mouse
Asus is a company with great values and even better products. Their computers are functional, affordable and easy to use. Take the ASUS VivoPC M32CD for example.
Configurable. Impressive graphics. Great sound quality. Great price for the specs. Sleek. Powerful performance. Good number of ports.
Lacks a dedicated graphics card but not much of a problem with NVIDIA or AMD graphics.
Intel Core i3
3.7 GHz
Apple 21.5-inch iMac with Retina 4K display
Apple is known for their innovation and signature style which is pretty clear with the 21.5-inch iMac and its stunning 4K Retina display.
Impressive processing speed. Turbo Boost. Gorgeous 4K display. HD camera built-in. Sleek design. Configurable.
Pricey but a great investment.
Intel Core i5
3.1 GHz
Intel Iris Pro Graphics 6200
Dell XPS 8900 PC
Dell is a long standing name in information technology. They continue to innovate and produce top notch tech with desktops like the XPS 8900.
Upgradeable. Great sound quality. Good graphics. Ample storage. Load tray. Works well for gaming. Powerful processor and great processing speed.
SSD doesn’t come standard but can be chosen with your order.
Intel Core i5
2.7 GHz
8 GB
Azulle Quantum Access Mini Computer
Azulle may be a small company, but they produce great technology at a low price. Their Quantum Access PC Stick is a prime example.
Great pocket design. Simple HDMI connection. Carries Windows 10. Has an ethernet port. Micro SD card slot. Good performance for size.
Only one USB port, but there is a micro SD slot. Windows takes up a lot of space, but you can use cloud storage.
Intel Atom Z3735F
1.3 GHZ
Intel HD Graphics (Gen 7)

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What is the Best Desktop?

When you’re looking to buy a new desktop, there are a few things you need to consider: the processor, the processing speed, RAM and graphics. With these four things in mind, you’re sure to pick a PC that you’ll love. Also it’s good to think about the design of the overall system, too. Take a look at the five that we’ve chosen and see how they compare.
Our Top Choice
The Revo One RL85 compact desktop is stylish with its space-saving design and also performs well thanks to its Intel core i3 processor. However, if you want something more conventional, such as a tower PC, check out the Acer Aspire TC. It has an Intel Core i3 processor as well as 8GB of RAM which you can increase to fit your needs.
Acer Revo One RL85 Compact PC – Intel Core i3 Processor & 8GB RAM

Acer Desktop RL85-UR51 – Core i3

Acer is a multinational company that specializes in producing advanced and high-quality technology for a range of uses from televisions, display screens and virtual reality devices to laptops, tablets and desktops. Acer designs and manufactures award-winning tech that can be found in homes, labs, offices and schools around the globe. One of their more recent releases is the Revo One RL85, a compact desktop that is small but boasts impressive processing power, and can handle HD displays and audio that other PCs could only dream of (if PCs could dream). The RL85 is currently going for $499.99, which is a good price given its specs.

Check out the Revo One’s features:
  • 64-bit system
  • Comes with Windows 10
  • Stylish and compact design
  • Boasts an HDMI port for easy connection to your monitor or TV
  • Has a Mini PCI Express Slot for I/O expansion
  • You can use your smartphone as a remote when you play music through it
  • HD Audio is supported for crisp, impressive sound
  • Uses wireless mouse and keyboards
  • Two USB 3.0 ports and two USB 2.0 ports
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built in
  • Pre-loaded Acer BYOC apps for cloud storage and use across devices
  • Uses Gigabit Ethernet for LAN connection
The Acer Revo One RL85 compact desktop is a part of Acer’s Revo One line of compact desktops, each with a variety of specs to fit your budgets and needs.
Best Value
The VivoPC M32CD gives you great value with features like a 3.7 GHz processing speed and a 4K display support. But if you aren’t looking for a traditional PC and want something smaller and more affordable then check out the ASUS Chromebit CS10, a pocket-sized stick PC with the Chrome OS. Use it to turn any HDMI display into your own PC.
Asus VivoPC M32CD Tower Desktop – 3.7 GHz Speed & 1TB Storage

ASUS Desktop M32CD-AS31 – 6th Generation Intel Core i3

Taking its name from the winged horse in Greek mythology, Asus is a tech company that honors adventure, purity and strength through manufacturing technology that you can use to explore, play, learn, create and more. From gaming PCs and laptops, tablets, motherboards and other impressive technology, Asus is a company known around the world for delivering quality, design and performance at a great price. One of their better desktops is the ASUS VivoPC M32CD, a tower desktop that goes for $399.99.

Here are the VivoPC M32CD’s features:
  • RAM can be expanded up to 16GB
  • Storage can go up to 3TB
  • Model can be purchased with an Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 processor
  • Comes with Windows 10 Home Operating System
  • Has DDR4 memory which is 2x faster than DDR3
  • Supports 4K video for amazing display thanks to your choice of NVIDIA or AMD graphics
  • Crisp, clear audio thanks to SonicMaster
  • 6 USB ports in total
  • 2 USB 3.1 ports which are 2x faster than the 2 USB 3.0 ports and 20x faster than the USB 2.0 ports
  • Has a 5-in-1 card reader
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Comes with Bluetooth 4.0
The VivoPC M32CD is one of ASUS’ many great tower PCs, each with their own great features.
The 21.5-inch iMac with Retina 4K display is a high-end all-in-one desktop that’s simply ideal from its ultra-thin design to its built-in HD camera. However, if you are on a budget and still want the Mac experience, you should definitely check out the Mac Mini, Apple’s compact desktop. It’s just a fraction of the cost of the iMac, and it even comes with an Intel core i5 processor.
Apple 21.5-inch iMac with Retina 4K display All-in-One Desktop – Intel Core i5 & 1TB Storage

Apple Desktop PC MK452LL/A – 21.5 inch

As a company known for their innovation and design, Apple has cemented itself in our lives and changed the way we do many things, which is exactly what Steve Jobs wanted. It all started in 1976 with the Apple I personal computer kit, but it rapidly evolved from there. Apple is best known for how they’ve revolutionized the distribution of music through iTunes and storing music with iPods.

Decades later, Apple is a company whose products have become an integral part of our everyday lives from laptops such as the Macbook to tablets such as the iPad and the popular iPhone. Apple is a company that’s highly favored by amateur and professional alike.

Their desktops are also impressive. The 21.5-inch iMac carries the signature Apple design and has brilliant visuals. The price is a bit of a steep investment at $1499, but trust us when we say that if any desktop is worth it, it’s this beauty.

Check out its features:
  • Gorgeous Retina 4K display monitor with 9.4 million pixels
  • Turbo Boost increases processing speed from 3.1 GHz to 3.6 GHz
  • Has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Four USB 3.0 ports along with two Thunderbolt 2 ports
  • Equipped with an HD camera and FaceTime
  • 8GB RAM can be increased up to 16GB
  • Mac OS X El Captain operating system
  • Dual mics and speakers for easy and clear video conversation
  • Pre-paired with Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse 2
The 21.5-inch iMac with Retina display is just one of Apple’s iMacs, they have a 27-inch iMac as well, and each iMac is configurable which means you can get one for a lower price depending on the specs you choose.
The Dell XPS 8900 is a sleek tower desktop that offers great specs such as an 8GB DDR4 RAM and 1TB hard drive. It’s also upgradeable. If you’re more of a small business owner, you should check out the Dell Optiplex 9020 Micro. It comes built with Intel® vPro™ which makes managerial tasks so much easier.
Dell XPS 8900 Tower Desktop – Intel Core i5

Dell Desktop x8900-631BLK – Intel Core i5 – 8GB RAM/1TB HDD - NVIDIA GT730

Dell is a long-standing name in technology. Their computers and products can be found in offices, classrooms, computer labs and homes around the globe with some people going so far as to shop Dell exclusively. Their name is known not only for innovation but also high quality tech that you can often customize for your specific needs. One of those is the XPS 8900 desktop, a tower PC with a smooth, sleek design that would look great in any home and specs that’ll surely make your life easier. The XPS 8900 starts at an affordable $699.99.

Take a look at its features:
  • Comes with Windows 10
  • RAM is DDR4 which is faster than DDR3
  • RAM can be increased to 32GB
  • You can choose between a traditional hard drive or an SSD drive for faster storage
  • Waves MaxxAudio® software gives you rich sound quality you could only find in a studio
  • 10 USB ports placed at the top and in front for easy access and use
  • 19-in-1 card reader
  • Graphics can be upgraded to suit your needs
  • DVD Drive for playing and burning both DVDs and CD-ROMs
  • Top tray for easy storage of devices when they’re connected
  • 1-Year limited warranty along with onsite service
  • DirectX technology provides higher fps for improved gaming experience
  • Upgradeable
The XPS 8900 is a part of Dell’s XPS line of desktop and all-in-one computers.
The Azulle Quantum Access Stick PC is a small stick that you can take anywhere to turn any TV or other display monitor into a PC running Windows 10 that can support HD video. If the Quantum Access Stick isn’t for you, then check out Azulle’s Quantum Byte Mini Desktop, an affordable compact desktop with an Intel Atom (Quad-core) processor Z3735F.
Azulle Quantum Access Fanless Mini Stick PC – 2GB RAM & Intel HD Graphics

Azulle Desktop QS-1048-QA – Stick PC Only

Based here in the US, Azulle was once known as Quantum Suppliers. But while their name may have changed, their mission hasn’t. That mission is to bring innovative technology to businesses and families at a great price. Azulle is still a relatively small company but that hasn’t stopped them from partnering with big names like Microsoft to fulfill that mission.

One of their products, the Azulle Quantum Access Mini PC Stick, is a computer that you can carry around in your pocket and hook up to any TV or display screen with a HDMI port to turn it into a fully functioning desktop running Windows 10. And if that doesn’t beat all, the best part is yet to come. The Quantum Access Fanless PC Stick goes for under $100 at $79.99-$89.99 depending on your retailer.

Check out the Quantum Access PC Stick’s features below:
  • Windows 10 operating system
  • Processor and memory that can easily handle office tasks, video streaming and even some gaming
  • Built-in HDMI port for easy connection
  • Portable. Simply slip it in your pocket and go
  • Supports wireless and USB wired mice and keyboards
  • Comes with Bluetooth 4.0
  • Has a micro SD card slot
  • Has a micro USB DC port for charging
The Quantum Access Fanless[U1] PC Stick is a part of Azulle’s Quantum Access line of PC sticks and compact mini desktops. You can purchase the Quantum Access PC Stick alone, with a keyboard or with a camera and a keyboard. Whichever option is best for you.

Get the Best Desktop of 2017!

Thanks for checking out our desktop review. Whether it’s a tower desktop or something more compact or even a PC stick, we know there is something in this list for you.

Our Top Choice
Acer Revo One RL85 Desktop Computer
Best Value
Asus 6th Generation PC with Keyboard and Mouse
Apple 21.5-inch iMac with Retina 4K display
Dell XPS 8900 PC
Azulle Quantum Access Mini Computer