Best Diaper Bag Reviews 2023

Ok, this is one of those times when we say “the best” we meant THE BEST – because we aren’t talking about cheap diaper bags that will either fall apart or you’ll through away when baby is done with them. This is a review of five of the top baby bags that you’ll be proud to show off!
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Our Top Choice
OiOi Satchel Diaper Bag - For Men or Women
Great multifunctional diaper bag. Has a spacious inner compartment and lots of pockets to keep things in place.
Unisex – for men or women. Insulated bottle pocket. Bag material easy to clean. Changing mat included.
Isolated reports of easily snapped straps
Best Value
Lekebaby Diaper Bag
Easy to dry material. Perfect for parents who need to have their hands free.
Soft shoulder straps. Back pack style so you have your hands free. Separate wipes dispenser. Insulated bottle holders.
Difficult to get stuff from the bottom of the bag.
Coach Multifunction Diaper Tote Bag
Great and durable diaper bag that can be used as a stylish lady's bag.
– Huge interior space. Stylish and modern style. Does not get dirty easily. Changing pad included.
Heavier than other bags on this list.
Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag
Reasonably priced. Comes in a variety of colors. Can easily be a stroller bag with lots of pockets for small items.
Lots of pockets for various stuff. Padded changing mat. Easy access pockets. Converts to a stroller bag.
Not waterproof. Bottle compartments not insulated.
Petunia Pickle Bottom - City Carryall Back Pack
Fashionable, multi-functional and durable diaper bag that ladies can use as a chic regular bag.
Spacious main compartment. 3-way carrying options; Versatile style. Water resistant. Changing mat included
Valet Stroller Clips sold separately. Bottle pockets not insulated. On the expensive side.

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What is the Best Diaper Bag?

Unsurprisingly, diaper bags are quite different one from the other. It is important to know your budget right from the start and assess your needs carefully. This will help you make the best decision when it comes to choosing high-quality baby bags. Here are 5 excellent products from reputable brands that might suit your preferences and taste.
Our Top Choice
OiOi Satchel Diaper Bags are great for those dad’s on the go – converts to great laptop bag when baby outgrows diapers. They also make some really stylish hobo style diaper bags for women, which will make a fantastic pocketbook later.

OiOi Men’s Satchel Diaper Bag – Available in Wax Canvas or Leather – Women Love Them Too!

Available in Wax Canvas and Leather, OiOi’s Satchel Bags look so good that no one will even know it’s hiding diapers and baby bottles inside!
The bold, spectacular and durable design is great not just for the things you need for your baby, but it’s a bag you will be happy to use later when your child grows up. Here are some of its remarkable features that make the OiOi Diaper Bag a worthy purchase:
  • Water resistant overall finish
  • Lining and accessories are water proof
  • Stroller straps are fixed for added convenience
  • Spacious internal partition with elastic pockets
  • Bottle holder that insulates up to two hours
Construction and Design
The OiOi Satchel Diaper Bag is a fashionable satchel that is ideal for modern-day parents who are looking for a non-traditional, hip but durable and stylish diaper bag. It has a lot of storage pockets perfect for all your needs and your baby's. With a water resistant finish, key or pacifier clip and a separate wipes case, you're never going to have a hard time finding what you need.

One of the things that stands out about this bag, as compared to most bags, is that it has a very masculine look. As a matter of fact, the manufacturer calls it a “diaper bag for men” – but we know a lot of women who love it too! We actually chose it as our top choice both because it is unisex and because it is well constructed, durable and provides a great convenience when comes to carrying your baby essentials.

These super stylish satchel style diaper bags are available in wax canvas and leather.
  • OiOi 6503 Diaper Bag – Chocolate Wax Canvas
  • OiOi 6573 Diaper Bag – Black Wax Canvas
  • OiOi 6667 Diaper Bag – Chocolate Leather
  • OiOi 6487 Diaper Bag – Jungle Leather
Performance and Ease of Use
This satchel combines practicality with a fresh, bold look that provides convenience and makes a statement year in, and year out. The OiOi 6503 Diaper Bag has plenty of pockets-- spacious enough for baby stuff while still having enough room for mom and dad's personal items.

Ample bag room and pockets allow you to organize everything well, so you don't feel stressed out trying to get something from the bag. The front buckle flap placed attractively with magnetic snap closures keep everything securely in place. OiOi Satchel Diaper Bag is beautifully made from easy to clean and hard-wearing materials perfect for everyday use.

Because of the design of this diaper bag, when you are done using it for your baby, there are many other uses for it. For example, depending upon what size your computer is, it makes a great laptop bag with compartments that can be used for accessories, your phone, keys and much more.
Best Value
This back pack style diaper bag by Graco® features a Smart Organizer System with a wipes dispenser and separate storage pockets. Graco also makes some nice hobo and duffle style diaper bags.

Lekebaby Diaper Bag Tote Purse Satchel Diaper Messenger for Mom and Girls

If you're looking for a functional, durable diaper bag at an affordable price then the Graco® Smart Organizer System Back Pack Diaper Bag may just be what you're looking for. This baby bag has padded shoulder straps that are adjustable and it has a top handle for easy pick up.
Here are more outstanding features:
  • Smart Organizer System that can fit all necessary stuff
  • Separate interior storage pockets
  • Special pocket for baby wipes
  • Easy to clean 100 polyester finish
  • Insulated bottle pockets
Construction and Design
The Graco® Back Pack Diaper Bag is made of polyester, which is perfect for daily use and dries quickly. The back pack style is great so your hands are free to carry the baby at any time. And though it looks just like any regular back pack, it is very roomy and can fit in multiple baby accessories and tools.

It has a padded and adjustable top handle and shoulder straps which definitely makes it extra comfortable to carry all day. The specific model in this review, Graco GA11075 Diaper Bag comes in a black-gray color combination. If you're looking for more color, check out Graco GA11546S Diaper Bag in Fern (Black/Green).
Performance and Ease of Use
The Graco® Smart Organizer System Back Pack Diaper Bag is very comfy and has soft shoulder straps that, even if the bag is super loaded, don’t put stress on your shoulders very much. Its pockets are strategically built for easy access. The outer wipe dispenser pocket definitely is a plus point so you don't have a difficult time reaching for one when you need it.

Time for a clean diaper? The removable changing mattress that comes with the bag makes it easy for parents to make a change conveniently. Another great thing is that this affordable diaper backpack has 2 insulating pockets to keep baby food/liquids the temperature you want them.
Carrying the Coach name, you won’t be able to wait until your baby grows up so you can start using it for your stuff. It’s available in other colors, or you can check out some of Coach’s great leather baby bags.

Coach Signature Multifunction Baby Diaper Tote Bag

The Baby Tote Bag by Coach has a long shoulder strap so you can carry it on your shoulder or across your body. For a durable diaper bag that's more on the high end, especially in terms of price, it is absolutely good to know that it can serve as your go-to office or everyday bag afterwards. And no one would actually think it's was originally built as a baby bag. To help you decide if the Coach Baby Bag is just the bag you're looking for, here’s a recap of its features:
  • Coated PVC Canvas that doesn't acquire dirt easily
  • Signature Coach C Khaki Print with pink trimmings
  • Dual pink straps; detachable and adjustable shoulder straps
  • Slip outside pockets for easier access
  • Matching pink changing pad included
Construction and Design
This Coach Multifunction Baby Diaper Tote Bag is definitely a great option for moms looking for a stylish bag built with supreme craftsmanship. With its chic design, it's actually more than just a diaper bag but is perfect for anyone looking for a bag that's multifunctional. Trust us, when the baby “outgrows” its use, you’ll find another reason to keep using it.

The bag comes with a pink detachable and adjustable shoulder strap for more versatility. The heavy-duty coated canvas has the signature "C" logo that Coach is known for. By the way, if pink isn’t your color, Coach makes other colors and styles of diaper bags.
Performance and Ease of Use
The Coach Signature Baby Diaper Tote Bag is a stylish, durable and certainly on the higher end spectrum when it comes to diaper bags. The great thing about it is that it's something any mom can use as a great fashionable purse later.

High quality leather straps can handle most of your heavy baby stuff. Interior and exterior pockets are great for organizing. It also comes with a pink changing pad so you can conveniently change diapers when the need arises.
The Duo Signature Diaper Bag by Skip Hop has all the features you want in a bag, including zip-top closures and an easy access tech pocket. Skip Hop makes a lot other stylish diaper bags.

Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag with Easy Access Tech Pocket

If you're looking for a reliable, durable, yet fashionable diaper bag that's BPA and Phthalate free, look no further. The Duo Signature Diaper Bag by Skip Hop comes in wide variety of colors and patterns – some are even great for dads! Let’s review some of the main features offered by the Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag:
  • Spacious main compartment with zip closure
  • Ten overall pockets
  • Shoulder strap that's adjustable with shoulder pads
  • Non-slip stroller straps and durable shuttle clips
  • Padded changing pad
Construction and Design
The Duo Signature Diaper Bag from Skip Hop takes your beloved diaper bag to the next level of style and practicality. It has a tote handle and an adjustable shoulder strap for versatility. The added front panel pockets allow for more storage space - great for smaller stuff and keeping them easily accessible.

This bag comes in 11 different colors so you'll surely find one that suits your taste. Choose from plain black, heather gray, and red. Or you can go for more colorful patterns such as charcoal and lime combo, chevron, onyx tile pattern, multi pod, triangles, connected dots, hearts and blue graffiti. Comfort, convenience and style are all remarkable traits of the Skip Hop Diaper Bag.
Performance and Ease of Use
This modest sized bag surprisingly offers great amount of storage space within easy reach. The back pocket on the outside is great for holding items you don't want to get lost inside the bag. It is also a great place to keep toys that you want to be able to easily get to keep your baby busy. Two front pockets with a magnetic snap closure gives you the space you need for small, yet essential, items such as your keys, pacifier or cell phone.

Another pocket in the front has a zipper closure for things you want to stay in place while walking around. And the extra side pocket gives you place to hold a tumbler or water bottle. Strategically placed clips even allow for parents to convert this diaper bag into a stroller bag.
Petunia Pickle Bottom’s Carryall diaper bag does more than just hold your baby’s stuff – it has a zip-out changing station with a removable changing pad. Available in other great colors too!

Petunia Pickle Bottom - City Carryall Back Pack Style Baby Bag - Union Square Stop

The City Carryall by Petunia Pickle Bottom is a practical diaper bag you can wear either across your body or on your shoulder. If you're looking for a bag that can basically hold all of your baby's essentials as well as some of your stuff - and will then convert to something you will be proud to carry later – Petunia Pickle Bottom makes some incredibly chic diaper bags. The style that we chose to review, the City Carryall Style Baby Bag, offers these great features:
  • Attached diaper changing mat with pockets for wipes and diapers
  • Large interior
  • Two pockets specifically for milk bottles
  • Additional 2 outside bottle pockets
  • Open pockets at the back of the bag for easy access
This fashionable bag will surely be something you can use and will last even after your baby's diaper phase.
Construction and Design
The Petunia Pickle Bottom City Carryall is inspired by sophistication and truly is in itself, a statement –making diaper bag. It is a great bag for picky moms who would like a stylish, roomy and interesting piece even if it simply sits on a stroller. It has a built-in changing pad, cleverly placed pockets, and several carrying options. Not to mention that it is available in a variety of fabrics and fun prints.
Performance and Ease of Use
This is a truly multipurpose bag perfect if you're looking for something that seems just like a regular stylish carry all, but at the same time has places designed for all your baby essentials. You can carry it three-ways: as a shoulder bag, sling bag or a stroller bag (with the help of stroller clips you can buy separately).

The Petunia CAPO-00-389 Diaper Bag comes with a changing mat zipped on the front of the bag so you won't ever forget to bring it. When not in use, this front zipped changing mat acts as storage space for diapers and baby wipes. So you have extra room in the interior compartment for your baby's and your personal necessities. In case you don’t need it, or for when the bag becomes “just yours,” the changing pad is secured by a Velcro and can be removed totally from the bag.

How Do I Choose the Best Diaper Bag?

It's super quick. But isn’t it possible that a diaper bag could do more and be multifunctional? What are the qualities that make a diaper bag the best one for you?

Before we go any further discussing the factors that you need to consider when choosing a baby bag, if all you need is cheap diaper bag, you won’t find it in this particular top five list. Every one on our is designed to not only look sharp while you are using if for your baby, but built with high quality materials so when your baby outgrows needing diapers and bottles, you can use it for other things. To put it bluntly, we are talking about some high end diaper bags.

Oh, by the way, even if you are looking for a more affordable diaper bag, all of these factors still apply. While we are discussing baby accessories, maybe now it is a good time to introduce you to a few high-quality, comfortable baby cribs that will make your little one sleep like an angel!
Let’s start off with the reality of things – you can get a budget diaper bag for under $20, and a good quality one for around $30. This is one time when we didn’t choose our short list based upon the price tag in comparison to other diaper bags.

For this review we are looking at diaper bags that will outlast the time that you need to use it for your baby AND you will still love it enough to keep on using it, but now it will be full of all your stuff! Because of this, you need to view the price in comparison to a really good back pack, purse or computer bag.
Today's higher-end diaper bags come with a plethora of features and options that will prove useful in the long run. For example, you can find baby bags with built in changing pads and wipe dispensers. Others have insulated pockets that will keep baby bottles at the perfect temperature. In a similar fashion, you will find baby bags in our list that can convert to a stroller bag. Various features make a diaper bag more sophisticated and practical, so make sure that you keep an eye on the "features" section of each product.
Construction and Design
The first thing to think about when choosing a diaper bag is the type or design style. Do you want one that can be carried across your shoulder? If so, you are going to need one with a longer strap – otherwise you will only be able to carry it over your shoulder. Or maybe you want a back pack or satchel style back pack. The bags on our top 5 best list all have a stylish design so that they don’t even look like “diaper bags.”

Once you know what kind of diaper bag you want, it’s time to look at size, compartments and organizational features. The last thing you want to be doing when you have a hungry baby or one with a dirty bottom is digging around searching for what you need. Good diaper bags have lots of compartments, are functional and have lots of roomy space. And there are bonus points if it has a spot for your mobile phone too!

Finally, it’s time to take a look at the material that it’s made from. Is it solidly constructed? Will it be durable? Easy to clean? Will it last until it’s your turn to use it?
Performance and Ease of Use
We already discussed how good, organized storage space is important in a diaper bag. There should be places for diapers, changing pad, creams and powder, bottles, wipes, toys, spare clothes and all the stuff that you need for your baby. But unless you want to be carrying another bag, it should also have spots for things such as your keys, wallet and phone. WOW! That’s a lot of stuff to put into one bag.

You also need to consider how easy the bag is to clean and take care of. This bag is going to go through a lot of abuse, but you want it to keep on looking as good as new.

Finally, since we are looking at multi-functional bags, we will take a look at how different baby bags are designed so that they will be perfect for later. For example, some are large enough to convert over to carry a lap top. Others will be the perfect back pack, tote bag or pocketbook.

Get the Best Diaper Bag of 2023!

By now we are sure that you will agree with us that these are some of the best diaper bags out there. Even if they are out of your price range, it can’t hurt to take a peek and dream a little…

Our Top Choice
OiOi Satchel Diaper Bag - For Men or Women
Best Value
Lekebaby Diaper Bag
Coach Multifunction Diaper Tote Bag
Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag
Petunia Pickle Bottom - City Carryall Back Pack