Best Die Grinder Reviews 2023

Are you a DIYer? Do you run a professional workshop? A die grinder is an essential tool for you as it’s one of the most versatile power tools available. It’s also difficult to decide on a particular one to buy as there are numerous options out there. But we have you covered as we’ve taken our time to research many of those options and have come up with 5 of the best die grinders from trusted brands. Go ahead and read our review, and note that the brands we featured have other variants you can choose from if the die grinders you see don’t suit you.
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Our Top Choice
Makita Cordless 1/4" Die Grinder
For over a century, Makita has been offering state-of-the-art power tools with superior performance and durability.
LED battery level indicator; comes with backup battery, ¼” inch collet, spanner wrench, and tool bag; its vents emit exhaust gases away from operator.
No variable speed.
14 x 7 x 5 inches; 4.4 pounds
10,000 RPM
18 Volts
Slide switch with lock on
Best Value
Ingersoll-Rand Angle Air Die Grinder
For over 100 years, Ingersoll Rand has been manufacturing superior performance power, industrial, and vehicle service tools for professionals and DIYers alike.
Built to handle heavy-duty usage; it’s small and lightweight; it has a safety lock throttle to prevent accidental start up; front exhaust keeps things clean.
It releases a lot of water vapor from the compressor.
Air Angle
5.3 x 1.3 x 2.9 inches; 1 pound
21,000 RPM
Safety-lock throttle lever
Bosch Cordless Die Grinder
Bosch is a world renowned manufacturer of power tools that allow you get creative on your wood and metalwork for both personal and commercial projects.
Ergonomic handle. Reduces fatigue. 22,000 RPM. Weighs under 4 pounds. Battery is protected from self-discharge and over heating. Compact and portable.
No variable speed options.
13 x 3 x 3 inches; 3.8 pounds
22,000 RPM
18 Volts
Collet chuck enhances user safety
Milwaukee High-Speed Die Grinder
For over 85 years Milwaukee has been manufacturing high-quality and superior performance heavy-duty power tools that cater for individual and commercial use.
Has a ball and bearing system to reduce vibration; comes with a versatile chuck that accepts ¼ and 1/8-inch collets; includes a limited warranty that’s good for 5 years.
It’s a bit noisy.
4 x 2 x 16 inches; 4.7 pounds
21,000 RPM
120 Volts
Convenient on/off toggle switch
Astro Pneumatic Pencil Die Grinder
For over 30 years Astro Pneumatics has been a renowned supplier of large collections of superior quality automotive and power aftermarket tools.
It’s lightweight to reduce fatigue; has a 5-foot guarded-hose for minimum vibration; its on/off switch is conveniently and safely placed.
It doesn’t come with the wrench required to install bits.
7.8 x 5.7 x 1.9 inches; 0.8 pound
56,000 RPM
Lightweight for ease of use

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What is the Best Die Grinder?

Now you know your die grinders and have decided on the features that are critical to your needs. Proceed to our review of individual brands/products while watching out for the combination of your favorite features. We hope that this will make it easy for you to find a product that’ll turn out to be the best die grinder for you.
Our Top Choice
The Makita Cordless 1/4" Die Grinder sports a powerful motor that runs at 25000 RPM and has a circuit for over-torque protection and a compact design that weighs just 4.4 pounds. If you want a more affordable corded die grinder, go for the Makita GD0601 1\/4-Inch Die Grinder which also reaches a speed of 25000 RPM and weighs in at 3.7 pounds.

Makita 5.0 Amp 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 1/4" Die Grinder Kit

Founded in 1915 as a motor repair and sales company, Makita Corporation is now a renowned brand in the manufacture of technologically advanced and innovatively crafted power tools and motors, thanks to its dedicated R&D capacity. It has an operational presence in more than forty countries and ten plants in eight countries. There’s no doubt about how big this brand is or how good its wide range of products are.

The Makita LXT Cordless 5Ah 1/4" Die Grinder is a fairly new installment to the popular and reliable LXT Lithium-ion cordless power tools. It has a powerful motor that runs the grinder’s ¼-inch collet to a speed of up to 25000 RPM and has a well-crafted barrel that is comfortable to grip and weighs just 4.4 pounds. This battery powered die grinder is ideal for extended us as it’s lightweight and comes with a backup battery pack.

The following are other features of this reliable grinder:
  • Sturdy aluminum housing
  • Compact barrel for comfortable grip
  • Convenient slide power switch with lock
  • LED indicator for battery level
  • Built-in protection for over-torque
  • Comes with 2 units of Lithium-ion battery packs
  • Long lasting and fast charging battery
  • Has a step-back neck to reach tight spaces
  • Package includes 2 18V LXT batteries, rapid charger, ¼-inch collet cone, 2 wrenches, tool bag
  • Lightweight at only 4.4 pounds
  • 3-year limited warranty on batteries, tool, and charger
Best Value
The Ingersoll Rand Angle Air Die Grinder is an ideal tool for general purpose grinding with its 0.25HP motor that runs at 21,000 RPM and a right-angle design to access corners. If you’d rather have a straight grinder, go for the Ingersoll Rand 1\/4" Air Die Grinder which also comes with 2 wrenches.

Ingersoll-Rand Angle Air Die Grinder with 2 Wrenches and Collets

Operating out of Dublin, Ireland, Ingersoll-Rand is a brand specializing in the manufacture of industrial and vehicle service and other power tools. It has a variety of products in the HVAC, food preservation, industrial efficiency, transportation industries, among others. As a company, Ingersoll-Rand is committed to sustainable business practices to help improve people’s quality of life as well as the environment.

The Ingersoll-Rand Air Die Grinder is compact and lightweight with a 0.25HP motor that runs at a whopping 21,000 RPM and is enclosed within an aluminum housing. It’s constructed in a right-angle shape that lets you access tight and hard to reach corners and is built to withstand heavy-duty usage. This portable air grinder lets you polish, grind, de-bur, and port almost any surface faster because of its high-speed motor.

The following are some more features if this high-performance grinder:
  • Powerful motor for superior performance
  • Rugged aluminum housing for heavy-duty use
  • Suitable for multi-purpose application
  • It has a front exhaust to keep work surface clean
  • Small and lightweight
  • Well balanced and vibrates less
  • Right-angle design to easily access tight corners
  • Safety lock to prevent accidental start up
  • Low noise and smooth operation
  • Comes with ¼ and 6mm collets and 2 wrenches
The Bosch Cordless Die Grinder has a motor that runs at 22,000 RPM and weighs less than 4lbs even with its lithium-ion battery which is protected from over heat and self-discharge. If you’d like an angle grinder for other applications, go for the Bosch 4-1\/2-Inch Angle Grinder which has a 6 amp motor that runs at 11000 RPM.

Bosch Bare-Tool Lithium-Ion Cordless Die Grinder

Bosch Power Tools, a division of Bosch Group, is a world market leader for power tools and accessories. The real reason behind its success is its dedication and furious pace of innovation. Each year, Bosch launches new superior quality and reliable power tools into the global market. Its worldwide development, manufacturing, and sales network have immensely helped further its growth since its 130 years in existence.

The Bosch Cordless Die Grinder has a superb power-to-weight ratio as it is fitted with a high-performance 4-pole motor that runs at 22000 RPM and still weighs in a mere 3.78 pounds even when loaded with its Lithium-ion battery. This 18V cordless die grinder has Flexible Power System (FPS) which makes it compatible with both the big and slim battery packs.

Check below for more features of this awesome die grinder:
  • Uses high-performance battery (not included)
  • Powerful motor
  • Lightweight enough for extended use
  • Superior ergonomic design
  • Electronic Motor Protection to prevent overload
  • Electronic Cell Protection for the battery
  • Compact size for a good grip
  • Compatible with the big and slim battery packs
  • Built-in battery gauge
  • Easily accessible on/off switch location
  • Easy to switch the grinding heads
The Milwaukee High-Speed Die Grinder is a tough build that’s designed to handle heavy-duty use with its 2-inch grinder and a powerful 4.5 amp motor that rotates at 21,000 RPM. If you’re also looking for an angle grinder for larger projects, go for the Milwaukee 7-Inch\/9-Inch Large Angle Grinder which has a 4.2HP motor that runs at 6,000 RPM.

Milwaukee 4.5 Amp Corded High-Speed Die Grinder

Milwaukee Tools as a company was founded in 1924 with the aim of providing innovative and superior performance heavy-duty tools to help craftsmen and industries carry out their projects with ease and precision. It liaises with professional craftsmen to know what they want and also monitors the demands of the changing workplace and uses the feedback to create its tools. This is why Milwaukee’s tools always seem custom made for every challenge a craftsman encounters.

The Milwaukee High-Speed Die Grinder is powered by 120V AC/DC through its 8 feet cord which lets its 4.5-amp motor run at 21,000 RPM which is more than enough grinding power for shaping and deburring different work pieces of varying shapes and sizes. Its versatile chuck allows you to use multiple collets with this grinder.

The following are some other features of this die grinder:
  • Heavy-duty metal housing
  • Powerful high-speed motor
  • Uses ball and roller bearing for durability
  • Convenient location for on/off switch
  • Versatile chuck that works with multiple mounted wheels
  • Comes with 11/16 and ½-inch open end wrenches
  • Also comes with a ¼-inchh collet
  • 5-year limited warranty
The Astro Pneumatic Pencil Die Grinder is a compact grinder that lets you work on small parts and reach tight areas; it also has variable speed control and can reach up to 56,000 RPM. If you’d like a full grinder kit, you can go for the Astro ONYX Die Grinder Kit which consists of a straight and right angled grinder with a collection of bits.

Astro Pneumatic 1/8-Inch Pencil Type Die Grinder

Operating out of South El Monte, California, and with branches in Taiwan and China, Astro Pneumatic has been serving the American automotive market for over 30 years. It offers a wide range of aftermarket tools that caters to individual and professional craftsmen, commercial and industrial usage, and auto repair garages. Its tools are of high-quality and provide reliable performances and it has a distribution system that covers the entire country and beyond.

The Astro Pneumatic Pencil Die Grinder is a minute-sized air die grinder that runs at a really high speed of 56,000 RPM when not loaded and is lightweight so you don’t have to worry about fatigue when using it for extended periods. Its 5-foot guarded hose has twist action for controlling the variable speeds and is ideal for use anywhere grinding is needed for small surfaces and tight corners.

The following are more features of this air pencil die grinder:
  • It requires just 4 CFM of air
  • It has an air pressure range of 90-120 psi
  • It uses a twist action variable speed control
  • Super-lightweight at just 1 pound
  • Runs at a free speed of 56,000 RPM
  • Operating noise at 73-75 dB
  • Vibration speed of 0.07 m/s2

How Do I Choose the Best Die Grinder?

More people are getting interested in DIY these days, fixing things at home or building things out of the garage. If you’re one of these people, you probably have already noticed how fun it is, and that feeling you get from seeing something you created with your own hands can be truly gratifying. As you continue to indulge yourself, you may start considering getting some tools to work with. Whether you work with wood or metal, or both, a die grinder will be a suitable buy as it’s a versatile tool that can make a lot of tasks easier depending on the attachment you use with it. Unlike the bigger angle grinder, it’s better suited for tight and hard to reach areas. A die grinder can be used for grinding, cutting, sanding, polishing, deburring, sharpening, sculpting etc., depending on the bits and attachments you use.

The best die grinders have powerful motors that run at high speeds regardless of how they’re powered. They’re lightweight and ergonomically crafted for a comfortable grip and extended use. They have built-in protection against damage to the tool and the user. Die grinders are powered either by pneumatics using air compressors or by electricity which could be corded or battery powered, which is similar to jigsaws and some other handheld power tools. Some die grinders have power switch locks to prevent accidental start up and some other safety precautions built into them.
The materials used, the power of the motor, as well as the amount of technology infused in a die grinder are usually what determines its cost. A high-end die grinder will cost almost $250 while a less expensive one, which might not have as much power, can go for less than $80.

A pencil grinder will cost considerably less, for obvious reasons. There are also the cheap die grinders we came across which are made with inferior materials. Normally power tools should last for several years, if not for a lifetime, but with these you’ll be lucky if you get a few months of service out of them.
Die grinders are used mainly for working on metals, but are also are sometimes used on wood. They’re mostly handy for corners and hard to reach areas because of their compact size. They’re the ideal tool for every garage or serious craftsman. If you’re planning to buy one, here are some of the features you should look out for:
  • Type
  • Size
  • Power
  • Safety
  • Attachments
These features, as well as your intended use for the die grinder, will help you determine the combination that’s critical to your ideal choice. Read on to find out how these features will make a die grinder meet your needs.
Construction and Design
What you need a die grinder for will determine the type you buy. Since you’re reading this, we’re guessing you’re out for a die grinder which can be categorized by how it’s powered and how it’s shaped. Die grinders are powered by either electricity, which can be AC/DC or battery, or pneumatics. Under the shape category, die grinders could be a straight grinder which runs straight from its base, through its shaft all the way to its head. There’s also the angle die grinder which is similar to the straight, but its head is at a right angle to its shaft. Lastly there’s the pencil die grinder, which is smaller compared to the other two, and is usually powered by compressed air.

Die grinders have a compact design as they’re usually handheld tools. Though some are bigger than others, they’re all more or less within the same size category and weight as most of them are lighter than 5 pounds. The pencil grinder is an exception as it’s considerably smaller than a regular die grinder. As the name implies, it’s quite small, and generally weighs about 1 pound.

Like we said earlier, die grinders are either electric or pneumatic. DC/AC grinders (corded) are usually the most powerful because of their steady flow of current. The battery-powered (cordless) ones have evolved over time to produce enough power to adequately work the motor for optimal performance. The battery packs, usually sold separately, fit at the base of the grinder and have been upgraded over time to deliver full power and to last longer, which is all thanks to Lithium-ion. The pneumatic die grinders use compressed air which flows through an inlet at the base of the grinder at about 90psi to spin the collet which consequently spins the bit attached to it. There are grinders that run at 21,000 Revolutions Per Minute (RPM); others may run faster or slower depending on how they’re powered or if they’re loaded with a bit or not. There is a certain pencil grinder that can run at a whopping 56,000 RPM!
Performance and Ease of Use
Grinders are versatile tools that can be used for a whole bunch of different applications, even though it doesn’t look that way when you see it straight out of the bag. There are several different types of attachments that can be used with a die grinder to achieve different purposes. You can polish metals if you attach the wool polishing wheel; you can sand if you use a sanding disc; you can sharpen if you attach a stone bit, etc.

It’s always advisable to take precautions when using power tools. Some die grinders have safety features designed into them. Some air grinders have power locks that prevent the grinder from starting up accidentally. The battery powered ones have overload and overheat protection that’ll prevent them from exploding.

We hope your newfound knowledge is enough to help you decide which combination of features are most important in the best die grinder for you.

Get the Best Die Grinder of 2023!

Great job getting to the end of our review. With all the information you’ve gathered, we hope you’ve been able to decide on a product that’ll be the best die grinder for you. In that case, what are you waiting for? Go get it today!

Our Top Choice
Makita Cordless 1/4" Die Grinder
Best Value
Ingersoll-Rand Angle Air Die Grinder
Bosch Cordless Die Grinder
Milwaukee High-Speed Die Grinder
Astro Pneumatic Pencil Die Grinder