Best Digital Thermometer Reviews 2023

Body temperature changes from time to time depending on our health and activities. A significant change can indicate that someone is sick. If you have children in your house, a digital thermometer can come in handy by determining whether they have a fever or not. It’s important to have the right, easy-to-use device in your house. Since there are so many available on the market, it can be quite difficult identifying the one you really need. That’s where we come in. We’ve researched the best digital thermometer brands, and selected the most functional and easy-to-use products from five of them. We hope that our review will lead you to one that will meet your needs.
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Our Top Choice
iProvèn Forehead & Ear Thermometer
iProvèn develops high-quality, affordable thermometers designed with the consumer in mind.
This thermometer consistently delivers reliable results and is ideal for people of all ages.
Users should read the instructions to ensure this device is used properly and displays accurate readings.
Infrared forehead/ear
3 seconds or 1 click
Ear or forehead
100-day money back guarantee
Best Value
Enji Prime Digital Medical Thermometer
Enji Prime is an American and Canadian manufacturer of beauty, health and personal care products.
You can use this thermometer three different ways. It’s easy to use and has been clinically tested for accuracy.
Some users say this model takes more than 10 seconds to measure temperature.
Digital rectal, oral, axillary
10 seconds
Oral, rectal, armpit
1-year warranty, money back
Innovo 2016 Forehead & Ear Thermometer
Since safety and reliability are Innovo Medical’s top priorities, you know you can count on the performance of its products.
A large screen, built-in fever alarm and dual modes make this thermometer a wise choice.
It requires AAA batteries. Dirt and grease can alter measurements.
Infrared forehead/ear
3 seconds or 1 click
Ear or forehead
AccuSense technology
Hylogy Digital Infrared Thermometer
Hylogy specializes in medical equipment, such as thermometers and blood pressure monitors.
A large LCD screen, two measuring modes and results in two seconds or less make this model great for home or medical use.
This thermometer doesn’t feature an ear or oral mode.
Infrared body/surface
2 seconds
Body, surface measurements
24-month warranty
Koogeek Bluetooth Digital Thermometer
Koogeek uses smart technology and big data to develop social media-compatible devices that would impress any modern consumer.
One-second ear and forehead readings, plus the ability to sync measurements via Bluetooth, make this a highly desirable thermometer.
Some users dislike this product’s app interface.
Smart thermometer
1 second
Ear or forehead
Bluetooth-enabled, money back

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What is the Best Digital Thermometer?

Anytime you need to check your child’s temperature, it’s vital you get it right and accurate. The readings you get depend on the type of thermometer you use, the place you insert the device, and the age of the child. Ultimately, the best digital thermometer is one that can give the most accurate readings. We’ve reviewed five products and written a comprehensive review to help you choose one or two thermometers. We’re confident that with this guide, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for.
Our Top Choice
The iProvèn Forehead & Ear Thermometer is easy to use and will give you an accurate reading in seconds. Looking for something a bit more affordable? Check out the iProvèn Medical Forehead and Ear Thermometer.

iProvèn Medical Forehead and Ear Thermometer - the Authentic FDA Approved Professional Thermometer – 2016 Model

iProvèn, which stands for Mothers Proven Intellect, lives up to its name! This Netherlands-based company has built a reputation for its high-quality, technologically advanced and reasonably priced thermometers.

The iProvèn Forehead & Ear Thermometer is an excellent option for anyone. It retails for about $60, but we saw it for less on Amazon. It's FDA-approved, clinically tested and features two functions: ear and forehead. Both functions have been proven accurate, so it’s up to you whether you opt for a quick three-second swipe across the forehead or a single click in the ear canal.

Don’t miss these other features:
  • Back-lit display for nighttime readings
  • Ideal for children or adults
  • Measures temperature in three seconds or less
  • Calibrated for medical applications
  • Includes fever alarm
  • Memory holds up to 20 readings
  • Two buttons for easy use
The iProvèn Forehead & Ear Thermometer comes with a 100-day money back guarantee.
Best Value
The Enji Prime Digital Medical Thermometer is perfect for growing families because it can be used orally, rectally or under the armpit. If you’re looking for a model specifically for infants – one that is infrared – look at the Enji Prime Best Baby Clinical Digital Thermometer.

Enji Prime 2016 FDA Fast 10 Sec Reading Digital Thermometer for Oral, Rectal, Armpit Body Temp – Available in 5 Quantity Options

Enji Prime specializes in personal care, health and beauty products for consumers in the US and Canada, including the Enji Prime Digital Medical Thermometer.

The Enji Prime Digital Medical Thermometer is a low-cost option for families or individuals that want to be able to take an accurate temperature reading in a variety of ways. It’s FDA and CE-approved, clinically tested for accuracy, and costs about $35.00.

Some of its other awesome features include:
  • FDA-approved
  • Can be used by adults and children
  • Reads temperature in 10 seconds
  • Switches between Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Waterproof design
  • One-button, hassle-free use
The Enji Prime Digital Medical Thermometer comes with a one-year warranty and money back guarantee.
The Innovo 2016 Forehead & Ear Thermometer is one of the highest-rated infrared thermometers on the market because it’s consistently accurate. Ensure everyone in your family is in exceptional health by rounding out your medicine chest with the Innovo Deluxe Fingertip Pulse Oximeter.

Innovo 2016 Model - Upgraded Forehead and Ear Thermometer (Dual Mode) - CE and FDA cleared

Innovo is a medical product manufacturer based in Texas. It believes that reliability and safety are more important than its personal profits, which means it has your best interests at heart – a philosophy that we think all companies could learn from!

The Innovo 2016 Forehead & Ear Thermometer is a sleek, aesthetically pleasing dual-mode thermometer with ear and forehead features. It costs about $115.00, is FDA-approved, and includes a wide array of cutting-edge features, such as the ability to store up to 20 measurements at a time.

We also love it for these features:
  • Large, back-lit LCD display for easy reading
  • AccuSense technology ensures readings are correct
  • Designed for infancy through adulthood
  • Ergonomic design for added comfort
  • Reflective coating to protect against infrared rays
  • Fever alarm at 99.5°F and up
  • Memory holds up to 20 readings
  • Measures in Fahrenheit or Celsius
The Hylogy Digital Infrared Thermometer takes extremely accurate readings without contacting the skin. If you prefer to take your temperature by ear, take a look at the Hylogy Digital Ear Thermometer.

Hylogy Digital Infrared Thermometer with Dual Mode, High Temperature Alarm Function for Baby, Adult, Surface of Objects Measurement

Hyology is an up-and-coming brand specializing in digital thermometers and blood pressure monitors.

The Hylogy Digital Infrared Thermometer stands apart from the crowd. This innovative device, which retails for about $50 (or less on Amazon!), takes precise readings in two seconds or less without ever contacting the skin! It features two modes, body temperature and surface temperature, making it ideal for babies, adults, pets, food preparation and much more. All you have to do is hold it within 1-3 cm. of a person or surface and click a button for a quick and accurate reading. Your purchase includes a carry bag.

Some other neat features include:
  • Large, three-color back-lit LCD display
  • Perfect for dozens of applications – even food prep!
  • Measures temperature in two seconds or less
  • Measures in Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Ergonomic design with non-slip handle
  • Memory holds up to 50 readings
  • Takes body temperature or surface temperature measurements
This model comes with a 24-month warranty.
The Koogeek Bluetooth Digital Thermometer features smart technology that makes it easy to log and share measurements. Want to track your blood pressure with this futuristic smart technology? Try the Koogeek Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor.

Koogeek Forehead and Ear Thermometer Bluetooth Non-Contact Handheld Infrared Medical Thermometer for iOS Android, Suitable for Baby and Adults

Koogeek offers a comprehensive “Smart Cloud System.” The company’s products can sync with smart devices, instantly monitoring health across multiple platforms and using big data analysis to offer valuable tips on health, exercise and diet. Its products also allow data sharing with social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

The Koogeek Bluetooth Digital Thermometer has all the basic features you’d expect in a thermometer, plus some amazing added features, such as smart technology. This handy device costs about $25. It can take ear and forehead temperature measurements in one second with an accuracy of ±0.2°F.

Don’t miss these unique benefits:
  • Large, back-lit LCD display
  • Uploads results to your smartphone instantly via Bluetooth!
  • Measures temperature in one second
  • Measures in Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Built-in fever alarm
  • Attractive, ergonomic design
  • Memory holds up to 30 readings
  • Made from environmentally friendly materials
This product includes a 30-day money back guarantee and 18-month replacement warranty. It also comes with lifetime customer support!

How Do I Choose the Best Digital Thermometer?

Having babies in the house is fun. It’s a joy to see your bubbly baby push his toddler car around the house, but can be traumatizing if they begin to cry consistently. If you’ve been observing your baby’s health consistently, they’re probably hungry, calling for attention, or just sleepy. There are times when babies catch a fever and cry uncontrollably. You can’t if they have a fever by simply observing them, but you can use a digital thermometer to determine their body temperature.

To get an accurate reading, there are some key aspects you should consider. It’s important that you understand the difference between core and surface temperature. Core temperature requires inserting the thermometer into a body orifice, while surface temperature requires you to place it on the skin. The two methods will give you varying readings, so it’s essential you inform the doctor on the method you used. We know you want your baby up and running, playing in his or her children’s play pen, so make sure you get it right.

While carrying out our research, we came across an interesting device that might also come in handy at home. Often, it’s very difficult to remove mucus from the nasal cavities of children below 3 months old. A nasal aspirator assists you in unblocking his or her nose.
Digital thermometers are small useful, and inexpensive devices. With just $5, you can get yourself a simple thermometer with limited features. These will give you temperature readings, but not storage spaces. There are some that cost upwards of $100. These are large devices with a broad temperature range, large LCD displays, infrared for accurate measurements, and high storage capacities that keep a record of measurements. You really don’t have to squeeze yourself too much if you’re working on a budget, since there are so many devices below $50 that serve their purpose. But if you want these advanced features, then sacrifice a few more bucks. There are some cheap digital thermometers out there that you should stay away from. They give incorrect readings and are not reliable.
A good digital thermometer should have the right features to give the most accurate readings. It’s important you consider the type of thermometer you want, since the different types available will give you varying readings. If for instance, you want one to measure the temperature of a three-month-old, go for a rectal thermometer since it’s more accurate than an armpit thermometer.

Here are some features you may want to consider:
  • Speed- Check the response time of your device
  • Accuracy- Consider how accurate the thermometer is. Getting the wrong readings might be detrimental
  • Modes- Check how many modes of measurement the thermometer has
  • Extras- Check out for extra features like infra-red, size of display, pop up lights, sounds, and more
Construction and Design
Digital thermometers are small devices that measure body temperature to show health status. They are small and light-weight devices placed at different parts of the body to check temperature. Different types of thermometers have different designs. A sensor is placed at the tip of the thermometer that meets the body to read the temperature. These sensors are different based on the type, but perform the same function. You should be careful not to use an oral thermometer in place of a rectal one. They also have a central display screen that shows you the reading or the measurement.
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to reading body temperature, accuracy is everything. You must therefore, go for a device that can give the most accurate readings. It’s critical to consider the type of thermometer/s you buy. There are rectal, oral, underarm, forehead, and ear thermometers. Each of these types is suitable for a certain age. For instance, you would get a more accurate reading with a rectal device in babies below three months than with all the rest. You cannot use an oral device with babies at that age, but the oral device is suitable for a four-year-old.

In addition to accuracy and type of thermometer, there are other aspects to consider. These include the display, the speed at which it shows you the reading, the storage capacity, and the number of readings it can take.

Get the Best Digital Thermometer of 2023!

Getting the correct body temperature for your child is essential in determining his or her health. You just need to ensure you have the right device and that you use it correctly. We’ve identified a variety of the best digital thermometers and hope you’ve picked one or two from the list. If you still want to see some more, check out the other options these brands have to offer.

Our Top Choice
iProvèn Forehead & Ear Thermometer
Best Value
Enji Prime Digital Medical Thermometer
Innovo 2016 Forehead & Ear Thermometer
Hylogy Digital Infrared Thermometer
Koogeek Bluetooth Digital Thermometer