Best Disc Golf Bag Reviews 2023

Disc golf has captured the interest of the world, and the sport has grown tremendously over the last three decades. Organized tournaments, sponsored teams, and casual courses everywhere are seeing an explosion of players. To help you get ready for your next game, we’ve reviewed the best disc golf bag brands so you can make a decision.
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Our Top Choice
NutSac Disc Golf Bag
Nutsac designs great disc golf bags using American manufacturing and high-quality materials.
The cannonball canvas looks great, and securely holds six discs for light, casual fun.
Although six discs may be perfect for a beginner, intermediate players may benefit from larger options.
6-8 discs
16 ounces
Extra-long strap
2 compartments
Best Value
Innova Discs Standard Disc Golf Bag
Innova was one of the first creators of the modern disc, and its disc golf accessories show its tradition of excellence.
The 8-12 disc range makes it easy to carry for casual play. It includes a water bottle holder and zipped compartments.
It is water-resistant, but not waterproof (so not suitable for extreme rain).
8-12 discs
16 ounces
Padded strap
3 compartments
Latitude 64 Luxury Disc Golf Bag
Latitude 64 is a leading provider of disc golf equipment for amateurs and professionals alike.
The 20-30 disc capacity is massive, and it comes with a rain cover and extra padded shoulder straps.
Since it's one of the best disc golf bags on the market, it may be a little pricey if you’re just getting started.
20-30 discs
5.5 pounds
Two padded straps
Waterproof with rain cover
12 compartments
Fade Gear Crunch Box Disc Golf Bag
Fade Gear is dedicated to unique, colorful disc golf equipment with attitude.
With extra pouches for accessories and a design that prevents tipping, this colorful bag has function and form.
The Crunch Box is spacious, but tournament competitors may want more room.
10-12 discs
19 ounces
Padded strap
5 compartments
Dynamic Discs Cadet Disc Golf Bag
Dynamic Discs is invested in the disc golf community with tournaments, equipment, and accessories!
The 8-10 disc capacity and water bottle storage holds everything you need for a fun game of disc golf!
If you need to carry more discs, you may want one of this brand's larger disc golf bags.
8-10 discs
16 ounces
Simple strap
5 compartments

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What is the Best Disc Golf Bag?

Now that you understand the most important factors to consider, you can confidently choose a disc golf bag for your needs. Let’s take a closer look at the finalists in our countdown for the best disc golf bags.
Our Top Choice
The NutSac Disc Golf Bag is a six-disc holder with durable canvas and a button-down look. Need more space? Check out the Double Nutsac with 12-disc capacity!

NutSac 6-Disk Canvas Disc Golf Bag – Available in 3 Colors

Nutsac was founded by two disc golf enthusiasts in Corvallis, Oregon. Since then, its disc golf bags have become worldwide bestsellers due to quality assured manufacturing, excellent materials, and outstanding customer service. It has a variety of disc golf bags to choose from, and the Nutsac Disc Golf Bag is stylish and functional.

This bag is designed to be light and comfortable. It holds six to eight discs in a featherweight satchel. It snaps shut easily, and has a simple, durable strap. It has a large pouch and a smaller front pocket, and both are covered by the top with an easy-to-use button. The cannonball canvas is extremely tough — similar to what you would find on overalls for welders or construction workers. It comes with a lifetime guarantee for its high-quality American construction and ultra-durable materials.
Best Value
The Innova Discs Standard Disc Golf Bag is practical, affordable, and lightweight for travel. Need more storage? Check out the Innova Champion Discs Competition Bag!

Innova Discs Champion Discs Standard Disc Golf Bag – Available in 4 Colors

For anyone who's into disc golf, Dave Dunipace is a name worth remembering. As the creator of the modern disc, he founded Innova for the rapidly growing sport in 1983. Today, Innova is the leader in disc golf technology, from its large selection of discs to the accompanying disc golf bags and accessories.

The Innova Discs Standard Disc Golf Bag is aptly named. It's designed for players who don’t wish to carry a large bag. It holds 8-12 discs comfortably, with room to spare for a pencil, scorecard, or cloth towel. The cinching bottle holder fits 32-ounce water bottles, and it features a quick-access front putter pouch and a zippered compartment in the rear. The strong strap easily holds the weight of your gear and comes with extra padding for comfort. This bag is available in four colors for personality and style.
The Latitude 64 Luxury Disc Golf Bag is loaded with features for storage, function, and comfort. Looking for a lightweight pack with easy access? See the Latitude 64 Easy-Go Backpack Disc Golf Bag!

Latitude 64 Luxury Backpack Disc Golf Bag Holds 15-20 Discs – Available in 4 Colors

Lattitude 64 is a major contributor to professional and club level disc golf players. Besides its sponsored teams and tournaments, it has a huge selection of discs, shoes, course equipment, apparel, and disc golf bags. The Latitude 64 Luxury Disc Golf Bag is a top-of-the-line golf bag with premium features, materials, and storage space.

With its capacity for 20-30 discs, there are pockets everywhere. Multiple side, front, and top pockets can hold everything you need in any configuration. The pocket holder for water can carry 50-ounce or 1.5 liter bottles with ease, and an included easy-open rain cover and umbrella holder make this pack an all-weather all-star.

Two large plastic ridges at the bottom of the pack and a pre-installed plastic floor make this bag durable and moisture-resistant. With its YKK zippers, carefully designed pockets for common accessories, and easy-to-reach openings for your favorite discs, this is an amazing piece of equipment. It's available in four colors.
The Fade Gear Crunch Box Disc Golf Bag is an over-the-shoulder 8-12 disc bag for casual play. Need versatility? Try using the Fade Gear Weatherguard Harness Strap!

Fade Gear Crunch Box Disc Golf Bag Holds 10-12 Discs – Available in 7 Colors

Fade Gear is an undeniably colorful choice. As a small startup with a dedicated fan base, it has grown to supply quality disc golf bags to players worldwide. No matter how large its following, Fade Gear remains dedicated to its mission: "Freaking Awesome Disc Equipment." The Fade Gear Crunch Box Disc Golf Bag is its signature disc golf bag, and it has plenty of storage for casual and intermediate players.

The Crunch Box has a simple design for 10-12 discs and enough storage for a long day of golf. The 600-D polyester canvas is durable and tough, but the bag itself is light and comfortable for extended use. With two zippered pockets for discs and dedicated storage for pencils, scorecards, and a one-liter water container, this water-resistant disc golf bag is an amazing value. It's available in ten different colors!
The Dynamic Discs Cadet Disc Golf Bag is a lightweight bag that's perfect for beginners or for taking with you on vacation. Looking for more features? Check out the Dynamic Discs Sniper Backpack Disc Golf Bag!

Dynamic Discs Cadet Disc Golf Bag Holds 8-10 Discs – Available in 6 Colors

Dynamic Discs recently celebrated 10 years of disc golf history, and it has many more years ahead to look forward to. Its extensive line has expanded over the years, from discs to apparel and accessories. Dynamic Discs sponsors teams, hosts tournaments, and supplies players of all levels and ages. The Dynamic Discs Cadet Disc Golf Bag is available in five separate colors and has plenty of space at an affordable price.

The main compartment holds 8-10 discs, with space for two putters in the specially designed putter pocket. It’s lightweight, with an adjustable, padded shoulder strap. A mesh pocket holds your pencil, scorecard, minis, and mobile phone, and a separate drink holder pouch will carry a standard 20-ounce water bottle.

How Do I Choose the Best Disc Golf Bag?

Disc golf is a unique sport: part frisbee, part golf — and always fun! Over the last thirty years, disc golf has surged in popularity, with courses popping up all over the globe. All you need is a few discs, a disc golf bag, a handy towel, and maybe some sunscreen! Major tournaments host dozens of competitors on some of the nicest courses around the world. From disc golf shoes to swirling discs, we’ve chosen five reputable brands that are influencing the game.
Price is an important factor in nearly every buying decision, but luckily, disc golf bags are very affordable! From simple $14.99 beginner bags to full-featured professional backpacks, capacity, material quality, and extra features account for the range in price differences. Although it can be tempting to settle for cheap disc golf bags, a great bag will keep your discs protected and carry everything you need for a lifetime.
The first feature you’ll want to consider is capacity. Beginners may have a limited number of discs for casual play, and a small disc golf bag could work perfectly for that. If you’re really getting into disc golf, you may want room to grow with a larger bag. Ease of access is equally important, so having special pockets for mini-discs, putters, or your most frequently used discs can be a real timesaver.

You’ll also need compartments and clips for the usual accessories: towels, pencils, scorecards, and water bottles. An adjustable shoulder strap needs to be padded and comfortable — even more so for high-capacity bags. Look for durable materials and waterproofing, and try to find a disc golf bag with sturdy construction.
Construction and Design
Quality materials matter, especially if you're carrying heavy discs or large water bottles over time. When you look at a disc golf bag, check the seams, zippers, and canvas for any imperfections or flaws. Heavier material may weigh a little bit more, but the difference is negligible when it comes to quality workmanship and design.
Performance and Ease of Use
Durability is going to be the ultimate measure of performance for most disc golf bags. Accessibility and ease of use are just as important. Zippered compartments are nice for water resistance, but the most frequently used discs — and that includes your putter — need to be easy to access without opening a zipper every time. The best disc golf bag may be different for each individual, but reachable discs are important to everyone.

Get the Best Disc Golf Bag of 2023!

Hopefully you’ve found a container for all of your discs and accessories. Remember, the best disc golf bag is a personal choice. If you didn’t find the exact bag you need, each of these brands has a variety of high-quality, durable, and dependable alternatives!

Our Top Choice
NutSac Disc Golf Bag
Best Value
Innova Discs Standard Disc Golf Bag
Latitude 64 Luxury Disc Golf Bag
Fade Gear Crunch Box Disc Golf Bag
Dynamic Discs Cadet Disc Golf Bag