Best Disc Sander Reviews 2023

When you’re ready to put the finishing touches on a plastic or woodworking project, your best bet is to use a disc sander. The versatility, power and myriad uses of this power tool make it a must have for both beginners and seasoned professionals. But buying the best disc sander is similar to finding that diamond in the rough — given the plethora of options available, it’s more complex than ever before. To help you make the right decision, we’ve rounded off 5 of the best disc sanders available to you with a mix of price, power, features and so much more.
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Disc Size
Our Top Choice
WEN 4 X 36-Inch Belt and 6-Inch Disc Sander
Founded over 4 decades ago, WEN has been busy designing and manufacturing power tools that showcase superior quality and long service life.
Comes with both a 6-by-6-inch disc sander and 4-by-36-inch sanding belt. Belt tilts up to 90 degrees. Tension release lever to change grits easily.
Not enough power for larger projects.
Disc/belt sander
Cast iron base/41 pounds
3600 RPM, 4.3 amp motor
2 years
6 inches
Best Value
Makita 5-Inch Disc Sander
Makita started off with just a motor over 100 years ago is today a global brand with a footprint in over 40 countries and 10 manufacturing plants in 10 countries worldwide.
Features ball and needle bearing structure for durability. It has a soft, comfortable yet firm grip. Insulated twice-over. 440W input.
Its power can be hard to handle.
Disc sander
Handheld/2.6 pounds
4500 RPM, 4.2 amp motor
1 year
5 inches
POWERTEC Wood Belt Disc Sander
POWERTEC is a well respected name in the power tools space, and boasts a rather massive portfolio of products from reputed brands such as Wilton, Bosch and Craftsman.
Powered by 1/3HP Induction motor. Comes with a 0-45 degree work table and miter gauge for exact sanding; comes with removable back plate and idler roller guard.
Inconveniently-located power switch.
Disc/belt sander
Aluminum base/52.8 pounds
3000 RPM, 5.5 amp motor
1 year
8 inches
Grizzly 1 X 30-Inch Belt and 5-Inch Disc Sander
Grizzly Industrial is one of the largest machinery companies in the Unites States and offers a wide selection of products from woodworking to metal-working machines.
Highly portable unit. Outfitted with a 45˚ tilting table and removable belt platen for smooth sanding. Features 2 ports for easy dust collection.
Not ideal for continuous sanding for longer periods.
Disc/belt sander
Aluminum base/20.1 pounds
3450 RPM, /1/3 HP, 110 Volt
1 year
5 inches
DEWALT 5-Inch VS Disc Sander
Dewalt has a history of guaranteed tough products, and that dates back to 1924, when this American brand of power tools and hand tools was conceived.
Mid-handle design features soft grip for improved balance and comfort. Can use 5-inch, 8-hole sandpaper that’s easy to switch out. Can be attached to vacuum for cleaner jobsite.
It may be hard to maneuver for beginners.
Disc sander
Handheld/4.7 pounds
3700 RPM, 6 amp motor
3 years
5 inches

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What is the Best Disc Sander?

The best disc sander must be lightweight, compact and a joy to use; it should make you smile with the end results. Even as basic in design as they may seem, disc sanders can be ordered in several different sizes and with different features. Before you head out shopping for a disc sanding tool, you may first determine the size of sanding disc that’s appropriate for your project. For example, 8-inch sanding discs will work best for sanding large pieces of wood, whereas 5-inch disc sanders are just the right size for sanding in tight spaces. But if you’ve read our disc sander buying guide, you should be able to easily choose the best disc sander from our top 5 options, so let’s get right to them!
Our Top Choice
The WEN Belt and Disc Sander can be ordered in 4 different variants and is a great choice for jobs that require you to remove larger pieces of materials quickly, and can be used to sand several different materials including aluminum and plastic. However, if you’d like to sand curved surfaces, you’ll need a tool such as the WEN 6510 Oscillating Spindle Sander. Powered by a 1/2 HP 3.5 Amp motor, this sander features onsite storage and even a dust collection port for easy cleanup.

WEN 4 x 36-Inch Belt and 6-Inch Disc Sander with Cast Iron Base — Available in 4 Sizes

Founded in 1951 by Nick Anton, WEN is one of the leading names in the power tools space, and today boasts a massive portfolio of everyday tools such as electric soldering guns, chainsaws, electric engravers, electric jigsaws and knife and wheel sharpeners.

Powered by a 4.3 amp 1/2 HP motor, this WEN Belt and Disc Sander is able to sprint at an impressive 3600 RPM and rests sturdily on a cast iron base. It offers you the best of both worlds, the features of both disc and belt sanders, making it a perfect candidate for several tasks including sanding plastic and aluminum materials. It’s also great for other practical jobs where you need to remove large pieces of material quickly.

The WEN Belt and Disc Sander rings in with a wide range of features including:
  • Can be ordered in 4 different variants
  • Adjustable belt allows you to rotate it anywhere
  • Long blade guard for enhanced safety, and also directs excess sawdust into a collection spout
  • Integrated tension release lever can change sandpaper grits easily
  • Belt can tilt up to 90 degrees
  • Comes with both a 6-by-6-inch disc sander and 4-by-36-inch sanding belt
  • Cast iron base stops heavy vibrations
  • Appointed with special, sturdy, cast aluminum table and miter gauge for steady sanding on angled edges
  • Backed by 2 year manufacturer warranty
Best Value
The Makita 5-Inch Disc Sander is powered by a robust 4.2 AMP motor that delivers an impressive 4,500 RPM. However, if you’d like a larger disc sander with a little more power, the Makita 7-Inch Disc Sander is worth exploring. This 7-inch disc sander is powered by a 5.2 AMP motor that’s good for 4000RPM and is appointed with a lock-on button for uninterrupted use.

Makita 4,500 RPM 5-Inch Disc Sander with Powerful 24.2 AMP Motor and Ergonomic Soft Grip

Conceived over 100 years ago, Makita is an innovative leader that manufactures nothing short of the best in class products and retails them in over 40 countries worldwide. The unmatched quality and durability of the company’s products is a result of strong R&D capabilities, which has resulted in a long roster of loyal customers across the globe.

The Makita 5-Inch Disc Sander boasts a ball and needle bearing structure for superior service life. It’s outfitted with soft grip handles for great comfort when working across longer periods, and an inventive and well-designed exterior. Furthermore, to seal the deal, it’s powered by a class-leading 4.2 AMP motor that delivers 4500RPM resulting in fast and efficient sanding across a variety of surfaces.

There are several great features that make the Makita GV5010 worthy of our #2 spot including:
  • Double insulated for increased comfort on the job
  • Lightweight at just 2.6 pounds
  • Engineered for industrial sanding applications
  • Package includes plastic pad, abrasive disc, side handle and hex wrench
  • Backed by 1 year manufacturer warranty
The POWERTEC Wood Working Belt Disc Sander can be ordered in several different sizes and is powered by a 1/3HP Induction motor for top notch performance. If you’re looking for some high grit sanding discs to accompany your new sander, check out the POWERTEC 5” PSA 240 Grit Sanding Disc. Each of the 20 discs in this package is crafted with premium aluminum oxide grain for unmatched sanding efficiency.

POWERTEC Wood Working 1" x 5" Belt Disc Sander with Robust 1/3HP Induction Motor — Available in 5 Sizes & 2 Styles

When shopping for the best power tools, you’ll likely stumble upon the name POWERTEC and for several good reasons. The company is a wholesaler for several industry-leading brands including Dewalt, Delta, Craftsman, Makita, Jet and Hitachi.

The POWERTEC BD1500 Wood Working Belt Disc Sander arrives complete with 0-45 degree interchangeable work tables and miter gauge for exact sanding, and a removable back plate and idler roller guard. It’s equipped with a dust collection system for fast removal of wood chips and features easy belt change, making it highly simple to maintain.

The POWERTEC BD1500 is accompanied by several great features including:
  • Can be ordered in 5 different size variants
  • Powered by a robust 1/2 HP (peak), 5.5 amp motor
  • Measures 22.5 x 15 x 14 inches and tips the scales at 52.8 pounds
  • Runs on 110v power
The Grizzly Belt and Disc Sander is equipped with a 4" x 7-5/16"table, and is a great choice for sanding small wooden items from furniture to guitars. If your project(s) requires a bigger table size and a larger disc diameter, then the Grizzly Combination Sander should fit your needs perfectly. It features a dual position table that tilts roughly 45 degrees and rests on a cabinet stand with storage locker.

Grizzly 1 X 30-Inch Belt and 5-Inch Disc Sander with 3450 RPM Motor and 4" x 7-5/16" Size Table

Grizzly Industrial is regarded as one of the largest machinery companies in the United States. The company founded in 1983 boasts the widest product selection under one brand, which includes woodworking machines such as table saws, band saws, jointers, and metal-working machines such as surface grinders and drill presses.

The Grizzly H6070 belt and disc sander is powered by a 1/3 HP, 110v, 3450RPM motor and is appointed with 2 dust ports for easy cleanup. It’s equipped with a 4" x 7-5/16" table for the disc sander and 5-1/8" x 5-1/8" table for the belt sander and comes with a removable belt platen and idler roller guard.

There are several great features that make the Grizzly H6070 worth a second look including:
  • Powered by a 1/3 HP, 110V, single-phase, 3450 RPM motor
  • Both belt and disc sanding tables tilt 45 degrees
  • Ideal for sanding small to medium size components, making it a great choice for professionals and hobbyists alike
  • Although it churns out speeds comparable to bigger sanders, it’s surprising how quiet it is
  • Measures 12.5 x 16.7 x 11.5 inches and weighs 20.1 pounds, making it highly portable
  • Constructed from highly quality metal and plastic so you can expect nothing short of long service life
  • Backed by 1 year manufacturer warranty
The DEWALT 5-Inch VS Disc Sander is fitted with a dust shroud and a high performance 6 amp motor. If you’d like to tone it down few notches with a rectangular shaped compact sander for light sanding tasks, the DEWALT Palm Grip Sander is perhaps a better fit for you. It’s powered by a 2.4 amp heavy duty motor, and features 100% ball bearing construction for superior service life.

DEWALT 5-Inch VS Disc Sander Powered by 6 amp Motor and Appointed with VSR Trigger Dial

Founded by Raymond E. DeWalt in 1923, Dewalt, which is today part of Stanley Black & Decker, is an American brand of hand and power tools for the manufacturing, construction and woodworking industries. Headquarted in Towson, Maryland, U.S., Dewalt continues to design and optimize class-leading workhorse accessories, tools and service for the toughest jobsite conditions — something that’s in line with their slogan: Guaranteed Tough!

The DEWALT 5-Inch VS Disc Sander is appointed with a mid-handle design complete with soft grip for improved balance and comfort especially when working over longer periods. This truly ingenious variable sander is powered by a robust 6 amp motor that delivers top notch performance to speed up the sanding process. Further, it’s fitted with a VSR (variable speed trigger), 0-3700 OPM trigger dial, which offers versatility in various sanding applications, and an adjustable dust shroud, which when connected to a vacuum works miracles in providing a cleaner working environment.

For a rather inexpensive disc sander, the DEWALT DWE6401DS comes with several great features including:
  • Compatible with 5-inch, 8-hole hook and loop paper
  • Measures 9.2 x 9.2 x 4.6 inches and weighs just 4.7 lbs
  • Motor delivers up to 3700 RPM
  • Backed by a 3 year warranty

How Do I Choose the Best Disc Sander?

Many homeowners and DIY enthusiasts agree that sanding isn’t their favorite activity, and there’s no surprise there! But it’s also an unavoidable task, especially if you're an active do-it-yourselfer. There are several different types of sanders to choose from to make what could be an excruciating task much more pleasant. These include power sanders, belt sanders and orbital sanders, but if you’re only looking to go through the finishing touches, disc sanders are undoubtedly the easiest, quickest and possibly most affordable way to go about it.

Some disc sanders are mated with belt sanders to give you the best of both worlds. The belt allows you to shape contours and smooth inside curves, while the disc works great for more precise edgework such as truing outside curves and fitting miter joints. If you’re ready to add this type of power tool to your professional toolbox, our disc sander buying guide will provide great insight into selecting the best one.
The price of disc sanders will vary depending on the features you opt for. For example, belt disc sanders will cost a bit more than handheld disc sanders because they can be used for a wide range of sanding applications. A cheap disc sander will probably get the job done, but the results aren’t going to be what you had in mind due to several reasons, including a slow motor or lack of stability features such as a miter gauge for steady sanding. And keep in mind that, apart from the price of the disc sander, you’ll need at least a few sheets of sandpaper, and that some manufacturers include a stack with the package to save you some money on initial startup costs.
At the end of the day, there are several different models of disc sanders to choose from, each with their own advantages. But it’s important that you choose the right features that make your tasks a whole lot convenient to get through and also one that offers great service life.

That said, here are a few features to look for in a disc sander:
  • Disc sander or belt disc sander — if you’ve got long, wide boards, consider buying a 2-in-1 tool that is mostly equipped with a tilting work table. This range of sanders are also appointed with a miter gauge so you can use the disc sander to precisely sand both square and angled workpieces
  • Power — disc sanders are powered by a motor, which determines the actual speed for the sanding process
  • Weight — if you’re going to buy a handheld disc sander, look for tools that are lightweight and easy to carry on the go
  • Comfort grips — since you’re going to be holding the sander from the top, comfort ergonomic grips are nice to have, especially when working across long periods of time
  • Variable speed — although most disc sander models offer a single speed, some offer the ability to regulate the speed and tone it down as and when you need, especially when working on delicate types of wood such as pine. This is done with either an onsite trigger switch or speed control dial
  • Vibration reduction — this is an important feature to have if you’ll be using the tool for longer periods as it reduces user fatigue and tingling sensations in the hands
  • Dust collection system — whether big or small and regardless of the type of sanding, it’s a messy affair. The best disc sanders are fitted with a dust collection system which can be in the form of an attached dust bag or the ability to connect the tool to a vacuum
  • Easy belt change — eventually, just like changing sanding discs, you’ll have to replace the sanding belt when it has worn out, which is generally an easy process
  • Warranty — most if not all disc sander manufacturers offer at least a 1 year warranty, which guarantees the life of the product for that specific time
Construction and Design
Belt sanders are more powerful than their disc counterparts — an important aspect to keep in mind if you buy a combination tool. Although they offer a lot of power and brute strength, they can also ruin a project faster, so when possible it’s best to clamp several boards together and sand all the edges at the same time. Just like there are several different sizes of disc plates, belt sizes are available in several variants, most commonly 3 x 18”, 3 x 21”, 3 x 24” and 4 x 24”. Standalone disc sanders are easy to control, lightweight and extremely quiet, making them a great choice for knocking down dried coats of paint or varnish or ultra smooth sanding. Disc and belt sanders require sand paper to do what they do best, so make sure you use the best one for the job and that it’s readily available.
Performance and Ease of Use
The single best reason disc sanders are known to deliver a smooth finish because the disc moves in one direction to prevent gouges and swirl marks on the wood. If you’re going to be working with soft wood such as cedar, pine or fir, buy a disc sander that offers VSR (the acronym for variable speed control), which basically allows you to control the speed of the tool. Some high end models are fitted with a trigger lock that allows you to lock the tool in the on position so that you’re not constantly tinkering with the on/off switch. Since both the belt and the disc of belt disc sanders operate simultaneously, given that there’s one motor that powers the entire setup, and you can only work on one type at a time, you may unintentionally come in contact with the abrasive movement of the other. Belt shrouds help you avoid this by covering the bottom, back and top of the belt, and generally are standard accessories with most tools.

Get the Best Disc Sander of 2023!

We hope that the information provided in our disc sander buying guide along with our best 5 selections have helped you make a uniform decision to buy the best sander for your project. If you’re still on the hunt for the right one, these terrific brands have plenty of other disc sanders for you to look through!

Our Top Choice
WEN 4 X 36-Inch Belt and 6-Inch Disc Sander
Best Value
Makita 5-Inch Disc Sander
POWERTEC Wood Belt Disc Sander
Grizzly 1 X 30-Inch Belt and 5-Inch Disc Sander
DEWALT 5-Inch VS Disc Sander