Best Disney Puzzle Reviews 2022

Disney puzzles are a great way of improving the cognitive powers of kids, and shopping for one needs a little bit more attention than shopping for an ordinary kid’s toy. To help you make the best choice, we’ve selected five of the top brands with some of the best Disney puzzles. For the purpose of this review, we looked at one Disney puzzle from each brand, but bear in mind that our featured brands have other great Disney puzzles you can check out if the ones reviewed don’t suit your needs quite well.
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Our Top Choice
Ravensburger Disney-Pixar Movies Puzzle
Established in 1883, Ravensburger is one of the oldest brands in the industry. With decades of experience, it has continued to make amazing products.
SoftClick seamless technology. High-quality, bend-resistant material. 1000-piece medium challenge for kids and adults. Pixar movies theme.
There are several reports of the puzzle missing some pieces or having duplicate pieces.
Pixar movies
Cardboard/linen paper
1000 pieces
27 x 20 inches
Best Value
Ceaco Thomas Kinkade Aladdin Puzzle
Ceaco is dedicated to creating challenging jigsaw puzzles that provide hours of engaging fun for individuals and the whole family.
750-piece jigsaw puzzle great for family bonding. Reference image on back of box. For young kids and adults. Challenging. Great for display.
Some of the printed painting on some pieces might be peeling.
Info not provided
750 pieces
24 x 18 inches
Tenyo Disney Stained Art Jigsaw Puzzle
When it comes to toys, artworks and games, Tenyo is at the forefront of innovation and creativity. Its user-friendly products are top-notch and durable.
Translucent plastic pieces. Stained glass effect. Great display with absolutely no glue. Well-made and seamless fit. Great family bonding game.
Requires advanced puzzle-solving skills.
Multiple characters
Translucent plastic
1000 pieces
29 x 20 inches
BePuzzled Tinker Bell Crystal Puzzle
University Games is a renowned provider of assorted quality and educational games. BePuzzled is one of its bestselling divisions, dealing with puzzles and brain teaser games.
Lovely 3D Tinkerbell image when completed. 43 translucent crystalline pieces. Quite challenging. Great for kids 12 years and above.
This puzzle will need at least two people to fix it. There's no way one person can hold all the pieces together to get the figure!
Kids/Adults; 3D
Tinker Bell
Translucent crystal
43 pieces
3.6 x 2.8 x 5.4 inches
Disney Frozen Floor Puzzle
Disney is a leading name in entertainment and information, with a range of distinguished brands and divisions in virtually all aspects of the industry.
Large, easy-to-hold pieces. Difficulty level 1. Floor puzzle design. Theme from the Disney movie Frozen. 46-piece puzzle. Colorful representations.
The cardboard pieces bend out of shape easily.
46 pieces
36 x 24 inches

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What is the Best Disney Puzzle?

A well-thought-out Disney puzzle is a great asset for any kid. After reading our informative buying guide, we are sure you’re fully armed with pertinent information to help you choose wisely. As you go through our individual product review, take your time to see the Disney puzzles we’ve lined up for you, and we bet you’ll find the one to wow your kid.
Our Top Choice
The Ravensburger Disney-Pixar Movies Puzzle features SoftClick technology that ensures each piece clicks seamlessly in place, for a smooth and continuous image devoid of breaks. Do you want a Disney puzzle for a five-year old, or prefer a puzzle with glitter? See the Ravensburger Disney Frozen Elsa's Snowflake Shaped Puzzle with Glitter.

Ravensburger Disney-Pixar Movies 1000-Piece Puzzle with SoftClick Technology for a Seamless Continuous Fit

Ravensburger was established in 1883 in Ravensburg, Germany, by Maier Robert Otto. It was originally known as a publishing outfit. By its second year of existence, its premium board game was produced, and by the dawn of the new century, its product base had widened to include fiction and non-fiction texts and children’s activity books. It also makes Happy Families games, activity kits, and children’s games. Its books and games are used by people from all walks of life and cater to various age groups from cradle to adulthood. Its tradition of quality and innovation has been strengthened over the decades, by being dynamic enough to adapt to technologies while, at the same time, maintaining its quality hallmark.

Watch your favorite characters from the Pixar movies you love the most take shape as you put together the Ravensburger Disney-Pixar Movies Puzzle. This puzzle is designed for children aged 10 and up to help improve on their ability to work together and master image recognition. The Pixar movies showcased include Finding Nemo, Wall-E, Toy Story 1 and 2, Cars, and The Incredibles.

Both children and adults may join in and help solve this 1000-piece puzzle, so it's great for a family after-dinner relaxation game or a sleep-over. This makes for a fun activity, especially when you don’t feel like watching movies.

This puzzle is made with SoftClick technology. Each piece clicks seamlessly in place for a smooth, continuous image. To ensure durability and best performance even if the puzzle is played with time and again, the pieces are made from sturdy, bend-resistant, high-grade, premium-quality cardboard and extra-fine paper linen-structure combination for a glare-proof image.

Here are other Disney puzzle games from Ravensburger that you might enjoy:
  • The Ravensburger XXL Children's Globe 180 Piece Puzzleball: 180 curved plastic pieces that fit perfectly to form a world map globe. It’s suitable for children ages eight and up
  • Ravensburger Eiffel Tower 216 Piece 3D Building Set: Gives a picture-perfect Eiffel tower image in 3D, with 216 plastic pieces that fit without glue
  • The Ravensburger Christmas Fun! - 300 Piece Christmas Puzzle: Make Christmas more fun and realistic while piecing together various familiar Christmas images
  • The Ravensburger Disney Planes Fire & Rescue: Glorious Rescue Team: Helps children ages seven and up discover the amazing world of trains and planes with its 150 well-fitting pieces
  • Ravensburger Tower Bridge 3D Puzzle: A replica of the famous London bridge with individually shaped plastic pieces that fit corresponding pieces seamlessly. Comes with plastic base so you can display your completed puzzle proudly
Best Value
The Ceaco Thomas Kinkade Aladdin Puzzle is an artful and awesome creation geared towards hours of fun with its 750 jigsaw pieces. There's a full image of the puzzle on the box for reference. If you’re looking for a bigger Disney puzzle in collage form, the Ceaco Disney Classics Collage Puzzle which has 1500 pieces might be just what you’re looking for.

Ceaco Thomas Kinkade Disney Dreams Collection Aladdin Puzzle

Ceaco was established in 1987 with a singular mission: providing top-quality and highly challenging puzzles that are sources of engaging family fun. It has a long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationship with several renowned artists, and a talented pool of game designers and professionals. It’s always in search of new and emerging trends, artwork, and technologies. All these help it maintain its lead over other brands in the puzzle industry, as its quality and innovation remains unmatched.

The Ceaco Thomas Kinkade Aladdin Puzzle is a masterfully designed Disney puzzle from the popular artist Thomas Kinkade. It consists of 750 pieces that are precisely cut to fit into corresponding pieces with no awkwardness whatsoever, and comes in different themes that are instant hits with both kids and adults. It’s designed for kids and young adults with well-developed motor skills and advanced image recognition capabilities, so they can easily complete it without getting bored.

When completed, this puzzle has a dimension of 24 inches by 18 inches, which is perfect for display. To make it easier, it comes with a glossy image on the box cover as a reference image, so you can see what your work should look like when finished or assembled.
The Ceaco Thomas Kinkade Aladdin Puzzle is made in the USA, thus the quality and durability are assured.

Other Disney puzzles from Ceaco that are worthy of note are:
  • The Ceaco Massive Munchies Collage Puzzle (550 Piece): Features a glossy cereal packs image, a colorful and instant hit with adults and children alike. It's medium-sized and great for display when completed, and the fact that it’s made in the USA adds to its quality assurance
  • The Thomas Kinkade Fantasia Lady & The Tramp Winnie the Pooh Tangled Disney Dreams Collection: A 4-in-1 puzzle with a total of 2000 pieces, 500 pieces for each puzzle in the set. There’s a reference image on the box cover of the package
  • Ceaco Disney Villains 5-in-1 Multipack Jigsaw Puzzle Set: Features the Disney villains in its 5-in-one puzzle design, so each person can take on a favorite villain and get it completed with a total of 2300 pieces
  • The Ceaco Luna - Whirling Blade Puzzle: A 750-piece puzzle work depicting favorite characters and themes that you can choose from. Its glossy reference cover image acts as a guide when completing the puzzle, and it's made in the USA for quality assurance
  • The Ceaco Funny Business - Fairytale World Puzzle: Lets you get into the fairytale world as you put the 750-piece puzzle together to get your magical world alive and complete
The Tenyo Disney Stained Art Jigsaw Puzzle features translucent plastic pieces that gives an amazing stained glass effect when the completed puzzle is displayed in front of an open window. If you want a single-themed Disney puzzle with fewer pieces, check out the Tenyo Disney Mickey's Dream Fantasy Glow in the Dark Jigsaw Puzzle.

Tenyo 100-Piece Disney Stained Art Jigsaw Puzzle

When it comes to toys, games, and artwork, Tenyo's quality designs have set it apart in the industry. Its products are constructed with user-friendliness and seamless operation in mind, coupled with durable and top-notch quality materials. Its products are found in shops around the world, and when you consider its unbelievably budget-friendly costs, you won’t be surprised that it’s a favorite among so many people. Its customer service personnel are always on standby to entertain your enquiries and concerns, thus ensuring that your shopping experience is fulfilling.

The Tenyo Disney Stained Art Jigsaw Puzzle is artfully fashioned from translucent plastic pieces that give it its unique stained glass look. It’s designed in such a way that you can display your completed work in either landscape or portrait with the same classic effect. When it's placed near an open window, the effect is amazing.

This 1000-piece jigsaw unit is perfect for getting the whole family engaged, or as a solo game for hours of non-stop fun, putting together an enchanting image of your favorite Disney characters. Its puzzle pieces are well made, with smooth cuts that click seamlessly in place without issues. There’s absolutely no need for glue with this great puzzle, so you can stick it in a frame and hang it without fears of it falling apart. Its difficulty level is medium, due to the fact that the pieces are translucent. You'll have to look at them more carefully to know the right side, and pay a bit more attention to all the little details.

Other carefully selected Disney puzzles from Tenyo that you might love include:
  • The Tenyo Collection Art Mickey Mouse Gyutto Size Series Jigsaw Puzzle (2000 Piece): Depicts Mickey Mouse in various activities. With 2000 pieces, you and the entire family will be set up for some hours of intense fun
  • Tenyo Nightmare Before Christmas Stained Glass Gyutto Size Series Jigsaw Puzzle (456 Piece): Features the American 1993 stop-motion fantasy horror picture in a classic stained glass puzzle for young children and adults alike
  • Tenyo Disney Brilliant Princess Stained Glass Gyutto Size Series Jigsaw Puzzle (500 Piece): Lets you fix up your favorite Disney princesses, including Cinderella and Ariel, in a single frame with a crystal stained glass effect
  • The Tenyo Walt Disney Animation History Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 Piece): A conglomerate of must-watch Disney cartoon series that reminds you of all the fun associated with them, and lets you keep your memories in a stained glass frame for as long as you wish
Take your puzzling world to a whole new level with the BePuzzled Tinker Bell Crystal Puzzle. It's a breathtaking 3D rendition of Tinkerbell that makes a lovely image for display when completed. If you need a more challenging puzzle set, try your hand at the BePuzzled Original 3D Crystal Puzzle - Skull Red.

BePuzzled Tinker Bell Original 3D Crystal Puzzle

University Games is a household name when it comes to classic board games. It was founded in 1985 by two friends based on their mutual love for family activities and bonding moments, hence their mission to create more diverse ways by which people can have fun and learn. Within the first five years of its existence, it expanded beyond the American market and has now established branches in 28 other countries, a testimony to the immense success and acceptability of its products. It has six highly dynamic and innovative divisions – BePuzzled (dealing with brain teasers and puzzle games), University Games, Great Explorations, Briarpatch, U-Create, and Fun Porch Classics. Each of these divisions is dedicated to a particular line of game creation for different classes of gamers.

Unveil one of Disney’s all-time favorite characters with the BePuzzled Tinker Bell Crystal Puzzle, and build a translucent, sleek and crystalline green image that you’re sure to fall in love with. This puzzle has 43 pleasantly challenging pieces that interlock firmly in place to give the image of a demure Tinkerbell seated on a flat surface, with her white wings raised high above her.

This unique 3D puzzle takes puzzling to a whole new level with its enjoyable and challenging nature. It also makes for a beautifully aesthetic piece for display when completed. It’s designed for children ages 12 and up, and makes a befitting gift to your young one.

Other interesting Disney puzzles from BePuzzled include:
  • The BePuzzled Original 3D Crystal Puzzle - Deluxe Pirate Ship Black: A fun, level 3 difficulty puzzle set for ages 12 and up; rekindles the pirate and adventure spirit in children and adults, and the 3D finished set is a joy to behold when displayed
  • The BePuzzled CYLINDER Hanayama Cast Metal Brain Teaser Puzzle: Comes with no clue to the solution…can you fix it back up when you separate the cylinder into its component parts?
  • The Bepuzzled NUTCASE Hanayama Cast Metal Brain Teaser Puzzle: With a difficulty level of 6, considered strictly for the professional puzzle-solver. With its deceptively simple-looking nuts and bolts model, you first must figure out how to disassemble the unit, which is just the beginning of the challenge
  • The BePuzzled Original 3D Crystal Puzzle - Panda: Has a difficulty level of 1 and is considered suitable for children 12 and older. It consists of 41 translucent, crystalline pieces that, when completed, form a heartwarming and beautiful panda figure good enough for display
The Disney Frozen Floor Puzzle has 46 jigsaw pieces that are made from sturdy cardboard and large enough for young children to manipulate, especially as the difficulty level is convenient for them. Are you looking for a Disney puzzle with large foam pieces for kids 3 and up? Try the Disney Minnie 25-Piece Floor Foam Puzzle Mat.

Disney 46-Piece Frozen Floor Puzzle 24" x 36" for Ages 4+

Disney has an undisputed leadership position in entertainment and information, with a range of distinguishing brands and divisions in virtually all aspects of these industries. Its mission is to develop the most profitable and creative entertainment experiences for people all over the world. It achieves this by employing its many brands to set apart its consumer products, contents, and services from the rest. Its management and development teams use the latest technology to create dynamic content and forge further expansion into new global and emerging markets. Its business interests include resorts and parks, interactive media, media networks, studio entertainment, and consumer products and services.

Now you can get the beloved characters from the hit Disney movie Frozen in the Disney Frozen Floor Puzzle by carefully putting together this 46-piece puzzle. This puzzle comes with full color graphic representations of favorite characters and scenes from the Frozen movie. When completed, it looks like it’s taken straight from a HD screen.

Its style makes it extremely suitable for young kids and easy to work with, so they don’t get frustrated or easily bored with it. The large pieces mean children between two to four years of age can actually handle and try to fix the puzzle by themselves (especially since Frozen seems to be a major hit with kids that age). You can set up and have a field day with this puzzle right on your floor, so you don’t have to worry about having enough table space for it. It’s made from sturdy and durable cardboard with printed images and colors on it, and comes in varying styles.

Some other notable Disney puzzles that you might find interesting are:
  • The Disney Girls 4 Pack Wood Puzzles: For hours of fun and eye-hand coordination practice, with several interesting and favorite Disney cartoon characters
  • Disney Frozen 5 Wood Puzzles in Wooden Storage Box: Comes with vividly colored wooden pieces that depict your favorite characters and help kids develop fine motor skills and critical thinking at an early stage. Comes in a wooden box that can be used as a storage box
  • The Little Disney Junior Minnie Mouse Jigsaw Puzzle - Mini 24-Piece Puzzle in Collectible Travel Tin: 24-piece puzzle in a unique tin design, with a difficulty level of 1 (suitable for small children)
  • Disney Parks Exclusive Thomas Kinkade Pirates of Caribbean 27"x20" 1000 Pc. Puzzle: A great family bonding puzzle that is fun to complete with loved ones, with the full reference image on the back of the box so you can have a handy guide while working out the puzzle

How Do I Choose the Best Disney Puzzle?

There are so many ways to develop a child’s mental capacity, even when the child is not of school age. Nowadays, many toy brands work hand in hand with child psychologists to research and develop fun and interactive toys that not only keep children distracted and occupied, but also help in molding and honing their motor skills. A child’s playroom or station should have an equal measure of traditional toys, such as train sets and tables, and educational toys that help prepare the child for life and school. If you’re looking for such an interactive and educational game for kids, something more engaging than baby books, then the Disney puzzle is your best bet.

A Disney puzzle is a kid-friendly version of a full-blown adult or family puzzle, designed to help improve the eye-hand coordination in kids. It’s a fun way to stimulate children's minds and engage them in problem solving at an early age, as early as one year old. The best part is that Disney puzzles, although designed primarily for children and teens, are one of the few games that children can grow and continue with for the rest of their lives. It’s a great opportunity for kids to bond with their parents as they help them complete the puzzle set, or form lasting friendships with other kids as they work on the puzzle together.

When traveling or on a road trip with the family, a Disney puzzle is a great travel game companion for children, as they are kept busy and deeply immersed in trying to solve the current puzzle placed before them. This way, you can concentrate on your driving without unnecessary distractions. Even as an adult, you can rediscover your youthful side with the many varied challenge themes provided by Disney puzzles. You may be surprised at how much fun you can derive from completing a set of puzzles.

To ensure maximum enjoyment from a Disney puzzle, you have to take note of some factors to consider before shopping for one. Children get bored easily, especially when faced with a challenge that seems way above their intellect, and this can be the case if you buy the wrong puzzle set for a child. With this in mind, consider the type of Disney puzzle, puzzle theme, puzzle difficulty, and the age of the child. Also of equal importance is the price tag on the Disney puzzle set.
Disney puzzles are quite affordable, and come in different price ranges usually determined by the number of pieces in the puzzle set. A 1000-piece puzzle set is likely to cost more than a 40-piece puzzle set, and since the number of pieces is directly proportional to the difficulty level of the set, you’ll have to pay close attention to it. There’s no point in getting a low-priced 40-piece Disney puzzle set when you need a set with 1000 puzzle pieces.

Most Disney puzzles are in the price range of $9 to $50, which is largely determined by the number of pieces in the set. Our featured products cover different brands that fall within this price range, so you can make your choice according to what you need.

While researching, we came across some cheap Disney puzzles that may not pose enough challenges or hold one’s interest in the game. Since we’re all about value for money, we decided to ignore them and bring only the best to you. Sit back and read as we unveil them to you.
Picking a great Disney puzzle set is all about finding one that is just right for the age and experience of the puzzle solver. You need one that won’t bore easily, but that's challenging enough to hold the puzzler’s attention for a long while. Here are some factors to consider so as to make the right choice:
  • Puzzle type or style
  • Theme
  • Difficulty
  • Age of the puzzle solver
Construction and Design
Disney puzzles come in a variety of forms all designed to help improve cognitive and motor skills, manual dexterity, and coordination. They come in different types and styles.

There are written puzzles such as spot-the-difference, anagrams, connect-the-dots, crosswords, and Sudoku. There are jigsaw puzzles that involve assembling several interlocking parts or pieces. There are also mechanical puzzles, which are intertwined mechanical pieces, and shape-sorting puzzles for young kids developing rudimentary problem solving skills.

In terms of styles, Disney puzzles can come as floor puzzles, magnetic puzzles, peg puzzles, frame puzzles, nesting puzzles (such as nesting blocks), and wooden puzzles, a child’s best first puzzle set. All these styles are suited for children of particular age brackets, and getting an unsuitable one will be frustrating for the child.

Most Disney puzzles are made from flat, standard cardboard cutouts, with sides designed to interlock with corresponding pieces. But in the case of a 3D puzzle, the pieces are made from durable and lightweight foam materials that can be used to create scaled 3D models of famous buildings, landmarks, or even cartoon and animal themes.

Disney puzzles come in a wide variety of subject matters or themes designed to attract both young and adult solvers. There’s no gainsaying the fact that for Disney puzzles to be interesting, the image should be a theme that children are familiar with and enjoy. If the puzzle is for a child, getting one with a popular cartoon or animal theme will be an instant hit, while a puzzle with ancient Egyptian images and history may be as uninteresting as dull wallpaper to the child.
Performance and Ease of Use
Working out a puzzle is meant to be challenging and thought-provoking, even for young children, but not so difficult that it makes the puzzler abandon the project. This often happens when you get a Disney puzzle far more advanced than the age of the child. A small child, for instance, will do extremely well with a three- to four-piece wooden puzzle set that requires fewer calculative moves. After age three, children develop finer motor skills and will require puzzles with more pieces, such as peg or nesting puzzles, but they’ll still require puzzles with corresponding images to match with.

Slightly older kids can be introduced to the deeper concept of Disney puzzles with interlocking pieces. This is best done with frame puzzles that have a guiding frame, so the child can be more successful. These Disney frame puzzles can have anywhere from 13 big pieces to around 100 smaller pieces. Children in this age bracket also love magnetic puzzles.

For children six years and up, the jigsaw puzzle with 100 or more pieces come into play. This type of puzzle can take hours to solve, but be sure to place the puzzle box with the image nearby. It will help the child to complete the puzzle faster.

If you do not own a large table, or you lack the space required for a Disney jigsaw puzzle set, you can go for the floor puzzles, which come with larger pieces and can be completed on a hard and flat floor surface.

As a general rule of thumb, the more the number of pieces in a Disney puzzle, the more difficult it gets. Pay close attention to the number of pieces that come in the puzzle set you want to buy, so you don’t end up buying one that will be impossible for your child to deal with. For children up to two years of age, a puzzle need not have more than 10 to 15 pieces, while children up to age five can deal with puzzle pieces up to 80. As they grow older, completing puzzles with more pieces becomes easier for them. It’s advisable to follow the rule accordingly, unless you have an exceptionally gifted puzzler.

You might also want to consider Disney puzzles with pieces that have fewer contrasting and evenly spaced colors, as opposed to puzzles with multicolored and confusing colors. The former is easier to complete than the latter, unless you want a more challenging Disney puzzle.

Get the Best Disney Puzzle of 2022!

Thanks for reading to the end. If you’ve made your choice, why not go right ahead and place the order so your kid can start solving the puzzle?

Our Top Choice
Ravensburger Disney-Pixar Movies Puzzle
Best Value
Ceaco Thomas Kinkade Aladdin Puzzle
Tenyo Disney Stained Art Jigsaw Puzzle
BePuzzled Tinker Bell Crystal Puzzle
Disney Frozen Floor Puzzle