Best Document Camera Reviews 2018

Our minds are wired to respond almost immediately to visual stimuli. Next to sound, visuals are a powerful determiner for how we perceive our immediate environment. In your day to day life, there are moments where you have to present or see the bigger picture. Document cameras are the ideal technology to take that information and put it up on a bigger playing field. When that presentation or lesson really matters, document cameras are just what you need to make the best impression.
Image quality
Our Top Choice
Elmo TT-12iD
Elmo TT-12iD is an easy-to-use document camera that lives up to the Elmo legacy with excellent imagery and excellent zoom.
External memory support. 12x optical zoom.
USB version could be faster.
HD image quality
Windows/MAC support
30fps/Color Filter/1080p
Best Value
Hovercam T3
The Hovercam T3 is a simplistic device that packs a bunch of great features perfectly suited for interactive sessions.
Quick Scan. Zoom and Pan. OCR recognition. Easy set up.
Poor scanning picture quality. Abode Air software. Dim LED lights.
HD imaging
Windows/MAC support
16x zoom/OCR/Built in mic/10fps
Epson DC-11
Epson DC-11 is exactly what high-end and high-definition should be.
Multiple resolution capabilities. Remote control. Security bar.
Steep price.
HD-image quality
Windows/MAC support
10x zoom/30fps/Built-in mic
Lumens DC120
The Lumens DC120 is Lumens simple but efficient presentation sidekick. A functional design and decent picture quality make this presenter the perfect addition to your desk.
Free annotation software. High-speed USB 2.0. 5.5x zoom
High Price.
HD image quality
Windows/MAC support
Ipevo P2V
The Ipevo P2V docucam is an extremely affordable camera that makes your classes much easier.
Great depth of field. Screenshot and review.
No video capture.
HD image quality
Windows/MAC support
One-click autofocus/Macro mode

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How Do I Choose the Best Document Camera?

Unlike a few years ago when quality presentations were limited to overhead projectors, today, advances in technology have paved the way for the construction of a plethora of presentation devices like document cameras.

Document cameras, also known as visualizers or digital overheads, are the newest electronic imaging gadgets revolutionizing the way classes and presentations are conducted. Typically small objects, documents, or images that are required for the presentation are placed on the view area and scanned, magnified, and then displayed through either a mini projector, computer monitor, or TV screen.

Just like digital cameras, visual presenters not only deliver high-resolution presentations but also make them informative, accurate, and clear. These devices help the instructor reach out to a bigger audience easily without much hassle. So, whether you’re a student, a doctor, a businessperson, a teacher, or even an instructor, you may find a document camera a helpful tool.

It’s also worth mentioning that document cameras come with an adjustable arm that allows you to swivel the head and have a wider coverage, making your work pretty quick and easy. Thus, if you need a device that can help you deliver quality and precise presentations, we recommend you get the best document camera out there.

However, before you rush into placing your order, you have to take several things into consideration such as the features, prices, construction and design, and performance and ease of use. As there are thousands of different visualizer makes and models, you need to check out this guide to help you find the best document camera the market has to offer.
From our extensive research, we’ve found most of the best document cameras with price tags ranging from $60 to $400. Why choose the expensive model over the less-costly? Well, you might expect to pay more for a document camera that comes with multiple connectivity options and supports many devices, a split screen feature, a high megapixel sensor, and other advanced features that improve the quality of the image produced.

Less-expensive document cameras might also give you value for your money as they also boast some incredible features found in premium models such as portability, flexible arm for capturing different angles, and allowing you to deliver seamless presentations. But watch out for document cameras with really low price tags – these cheap products probably won’t offer you much in terms of convenience of longevity.
What features does a good document camera include? To help you answer this question, we’ve listed some of the most important features to look out for when you’re out shopping for the best one:
Image quality: As one of the leading aspects of a document camera, you need to take into consideration the quality of the image displayed by your device.
Portability: Whether you're a teacher or a business person, you should consider getting a portable document camera based on its size and weight.
Compatibility: You should also ensure that your visualizer is compatible with different devices such as Windows and Mac operating systems.

Connections: Get a device that offers you numerous connectivity options such as HDMI, USB, or VGA ports.
Ease of use: It’s crucial that you choose a device that doesn’t require much technical skill to operate.
Extras: You may also consider checking out some advanced features such as the resolution, recording capabilities, built-in microphones, the zoom mechanism, FPS, and so on.

A document camera with these features will tend to look more professional and versatile, helping you deliver your presentations without a hitch.
Construction and Design
Our featured document cameras are automatic image enhancing devices that help you deliver high-resolution image quality. The built-in lighting produces enough light necessary for displaying your presentations more clearly.

These visualizers are designed with multiple connectivity options, allowing you to easily connect your device to the existing monitor, LCD television screens, or even a projector.

Some of the cameras are designed and constructed with durable components, which make them flexible enough for storage and travel purposes. Since these devices are portable, you can easily fold your document camera and carry it in your jacket pocket whether you’re traveling or shifting classes.
Performance and Ease of Use
Before buying a document camera, ensure it includes easy-to-use features to get the best solution for your unique office or school work. Document cameras for school should be plug-n-play, so you have more time for teaching rather than wasting valuable time setting up projectors and computers. Get a document camera designed to simplify the key steps of operation like powering up, getting connected, and shutting down.

Some of the sought-after features include multi-point control, auto focus, and a flexible gooseneck for quick and easy setup. Remote control features also makes them easy to be operated even by children of varying ages and abilities.

Other visualizers are designed with unique features such as SEN-switch for easy use by students with special needs. You may also appreciate a document camera with a built-in microphone and 3.5mm output jack that allows for easy connection to external speakers, helping you reach everyone in the room without needing to raise your voice.

What is the Best Document Camera?

It's not easy to appeal to everyone’s visual tastes. When looking for a document camera, you may have to check some important qualities. The ideal document camera can deliver better than average image quality, is compatible with a range of devices, and is portable. Choosing the best document camera is heavily dependent on which features you consider a must-have. This review opens up five very appealing cameras for your consideration.
Our Top Choice
The Elmo TT-21i is a cutting edge visual tool that brings information to life with amazing clarity. Its portability, however, may be limiting. Fortunately, there is a lighter, more space efficient camera with a lower price tag, the Elmo MO-1 Visual Presenter.
Elmo 1341 model TT-12i Interactive Document Camera w/ Multiple Output options

Elmo 1341 model TT-12i Interactive Document Camera

90 years is a long time to be in business. 90 years is how long Elmo has been advancing their technology within in their field.With amazing zoom technology and exceptional final image delivery, this document camera is worth a look.

Here are some more features that make this powerful machine a must have in your class or boardroom.
  • Multi Output support. Deliver images in high resolutions for stunning clarity
  • 30FPS - never experience a lag in your presentation, giving you flawless picture delivery
  • 12x optical zoom allowing you to bring your document into crystal clear focus
  • 44.1khz audio output combines the effectiveness of both great visual and great audio
  • Built-in video and audio storage
  • 3 user settings allow you to tailor operations for three different occasions, enabling effortless switching
  • Analog RGB resolution - experience color as it was intended to be seen
Best Value
A HoverCam T3 is an essential tool for those times you would like your class to get the bigger picture. With its exciting array of features, it is worth every cent. However, if you would like better picture quality with 1080p resolution and 3D scanning, the HoverCam Solo 5x is available for about $400 more.
Hovercam T3 Document Camera (HC-T3) w/ copy and Quick Scan

Hovercam HC-T3

When Ji Shen thought of developing a product that would make learning and video conferences easier, he knew the idea would shake up the market. HoverCam is a company of firsts that strives to bring stunning imagery to all your sessions.

The HoverCam T3 is a convenient document camera that gives you full coverage of all your documents.
This strategically designed product includes:
  • Small footprint, takes an almost negligible amount of space
  • Built-in Microphone so you can take voice notes with the easy to operate one touch recording
  • Copy and scan your documents with the 3mp 200dpi scanner, producing high-resolution copies.
  • SmoothZoom Technology for a high-speed precision zoom by simply manipulating the mouse wheel
  • USB connection for real-time projection by connecting to the video source
Epson DC-11 is a combination of exceptional technology and the best in document imagery. It is an amazing tool to have for the fast paced office environment. The price tag, however, might not be friendly for everyone. You can get the more pocket-friendly, Epson DC-10s. It has 1280 resolution 5x digital zoom and VGA output.
Epson DC-11 Document Camera with SXGA resolution, Microphone, Internal Memory and USB Connectivity

Epson # V12H377020

Before 1994, Seiko Epson had already made a name for itself in imagery technology. In 1994, Espon took the imagery game to a new level with the projector. 2008 saw Epson get into the document camera space and earn the trust of corporate leaders.

The Epson DC-11 is a high power document camera that brings sharper image and no-lag video to every conference room.

Take a closer look at why offices are making the most of the Epson DC-11.
  • 5mp sensor, complimented by 3 different resolutions for better picture
  • SD card storage lets you save your audio and video files in the DC-11’s card slot
  • 90 degree camera rotation to capture diversely angled shots and give clearer interpretation of your presentation
  • Remote control the camera from anywhere in the room using the complimentary remote
  • Split screen feature enables you to present your data against reference points during those sensitive status meetings
  • Built-In LED light to make your visual experience clearer
  • A/V capture, saving both audio and video footage in memory for more concise data referencing
The Lumens 120 is an excellent workstation addition with functional image quality. For a higher price, though, you can up the ante on quality. Full HD resolution and better zoom can be found in the Lumens DC192.
Lumens DC120 Ladibug with free annotation software

Lumens DC120

Lumens has been inventing and improving their visual products. Their line of document cameras is a collection of compact high-quality viewers and their accessories.

The Lumens DC120 should be a basic essential you can take anywhere.

Here are a few of the features that make the Lumens DC120 so appealing.
  • Jointless Gooseneck - point the document camera in any direction with the 360 degree coverage design
  • Ladibug annotation lets you add points when you need to clarify something
  • Plug and Play allows you to simply connect via USB and automatically start operating
  • 4x digital zoom to bring the information closer without losing picture clarity
  • Direct to computer recording to capture clear audio and video which can be immediately stored to your computer
  • Kensington lock slot available
  • Multiple output capability - see your videos in the most convenient resolution for you
Ipevo takes the most basic of features and makes them affordable with the P2V docucam. However, you might opt for more megapixels, more continuous zoom and HD image, the Ipevo Ziggi-HD Plus High-Definition USB Document Camera will cost you $40 more.
Ipevo P2V USB Camera w/ Snapshot and Review

Ipevo CDVU-03IP

When it comes to making classroom technology affordable yet sturdy, Ipevo takes the cake. They have made their operation about providing teachers and students with innovation that works but with regards to the cost.

The Ipevo P2V epitomizes the principle of Ipevo as a brand – affordable access to cutting edge features. It is a functional machine to which more and more teachers are making the big leap.

These are some of the features that earn the Ipevo P2V its 5-star billing.
  • Continuous autofocus gives the clearest images every time either via single click focus or continuous focus
  • Macro Mode enables you to capture images as close as 5 centimeters away without having to lose clarity or focus
  • 6x digital zoom gets you up close with one touch zoom
  • 4.9ft cable connects your devices and still gives excellent wiggle room with about 150cm of cable length
  • One button snapshot feature lets you take screengrabs and review them immediately for best picture quality
  • Triple joint swing arm so you don’t have to keep moving the docucam around, get the best angle by adjusting any of the three joints on the swing arm

Get the Best Document Camera of 2018!

Document cameras are bound to make learning or presentations more appealing. While making a final selection might be a tough task with all these great options at your disposal, this review looks at all 5 of them using common features so you can make an informed choice on natural grounds. If these five aren’t what you’re looking for, our featured brands have more options available to you.

Our Top Choice
Elmo TT-12iD
Best Value
Hovercam T3
Epson DC-11
Lumens DC120
Ipevo P2V