Best Dodgeball Reviews 2023

A game of dodgeball can be enjoyed by all ages; from children as young as four and adults up to sixty. The laughter, screams and squeals that rend the air at a dodgeball game, whether at a youth group game, a family gathering or a competition, are usually a welcome sound to the ears, not to mention a sign of the great workout one gets from it. With so many dodgeballs available on the market, we understand how difficult it can be to find quality and durable dodgeballs. This is why we’ve done the bulk of the work and brought you five of the top options from the best dodgeball brands with one product from each. You should note, however, that these are not the only dodgeballs on offer from these brands, so feel free to check out other options if you aren’t satisfied with any of these.
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Outer Info
Inner Info
Pack Size
Our Top Choice
Champion Sports Rhino Skin Dodgeball
Champion Sports prides itself as a maker of first-rate sports, fitness and physical education equipment with over 5 decades’ experience and a wide product range.
This low-bounce, low-density and soft dodgeball is durable and tear-resistant; it doesn’t sting or hurt on contact and can be used by anyone, anywhere.
It compresses with time and use. At 6 inches, it can be somewhat small for adults and squeezing them might detach the skin from the ball.
Rhino skin
6 inches
Single or set of 6
Comes in 10 colors
Best Value
GoSports Elephant Skin Dodgeballs
GoSports is all about integrity and great value as is seen in its vast array of quality sports, fitness and physical education merchandise.
They’re soft with a moderate bounce making them multifunctional. They’re also easy to clean and transport, thanks to the accompanying mesh carry bag.
These balls do not glow in the dark and as such can only be used in a well-lit environment.
Faux elephant skin
6 inches and 7 inches
Set of 6
Comes with mesh bag
S & S Worldwide Gator Skin® Dodgeballs
Delighting its customers while encouraging creativity with fun and hands-on learning products is S&S Worldwide’s specialty.
The balls are safe for children and can be enjoyed by adults too. These brightly colored balls are sting-free and easy to grip.
This set of dodgeballs is pricey and not recommended for outdoor use.
Gator skin
6 inches
Set of 6
Super lightweight
Franklin Sports SuperSkin Dodgeballs
Franklin Sports, a leading sports good brand with global renown, brings innovative ideas, great value and products to all levels of sports enthusiasts.
Its super soft foam material is durable and can be cleaned and disinfected. Inflation isn’t required with these and they compress easily for a good grip.
Its thin outer coating demands extra caution to avoid puncture.
6 inches
Set of 6
Easy to clean and disinfect
Mikasa Official Rubber Dodgeball
Mikasa passionately combines inspiration with technology to create balls as close to perfection as possible..
It’s soft and so is easily gripped; quite sturdy and durable. It’s multifunctional as it can serve as a kickball too!
This dodgeball can get into an oblong shape at times, reducing its bounciness.
Non-latex rubber
8.5 inches
Official ball for dodgeball

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What is the Best Dodgeball?

For dodgeballs to give great value for money, they should be made of soft, flexible yet durable material. And with the information we’ve provided in the buying guide, you should know what to look for when reading through the individual product reviews below.
Our Top Choice
The Champion Sports Rhino Skin Dodgeball goes fast and hits without stinging. A tear-resistant skin gives you a good grip on this durable, lightweight ball. What’s more, it glows under black light. The Champion Sports Rhino Skin Playground Ball with an 8.5” diameter and a soft inflatable foam core comes in a set of 6. If you’re interested in a ball with a larger diameter, check this out.

Champion Sports 6 Inch Rhino Skin Dodgeball – Available in 10 Colors & in a 6 Pack

Champion Sports is a family owned company that was founded in The Bronx, NY by its originators, Bernard and Dolores Meller in 1961. It has since grown out of its first address, the founders’ apartment building’s basement, into a 150,000 square ft. facility from where it creates and supplies top-of-the-line sports and fitness merchandise for its ever-growing customer base.

The Champion Sports’ Rhino Skin Dodgeball (Selling for $17.45 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) has a 6-inch diameter and a low-bounce foam-filled core with a soft exterior. It’s lightweight and easy to throw, and since it doesn’t hurt when it hits, it evens the playing field when adults and children play.
Some other features of this dodgeball include:
  • A glow under black light feature so it can be used for blacklight dodgeball as well
  • Covered in its trademark, tear-resistant Rhino Skin
  • It flies fast so you can enjoy your game
  • Durable so you get the most out of your ball
This dodgeball can be used for a variety of games.
Best Value
GoSports Elephant Skin Dodgeballs, a set of 6 brightly colored dodgeballs includes a mesh carry bag. Soft with a sting-free surface, they’re made from an easy to grip, long-lasting PU material. If you’re looking for something different, GoSports Playground Ball is another set of 6 balls but with an 8.5” or 10” diameter. It includes a mesh bag and a pump; we suggest you check it out.

GoSports Elephant Skin Dodgeball Set with Mesh Carry Bag (6 Set) – Available in 2 Sizes

GoSports has worked hard on its brand and products to secure its place in the frontline of sports and fitness equipment manufacturing. With product offerings that cater to all ages and budgets, it has won the confidence of its numerous customers. This company stands behind its products with a promise to replace or refund its customers in the rare case of an unsatisfied purchase.

The Elephant Skin Dodgeballs, made from resilient 'elephant skin' material (a durable rubber material, no elephants were harmed to bring you these), promises not to tear or rip. It comes in a mesh bag that’s big enough to hold six more dodgeballs, your basketball or football. This dodgeball set offers great value for money as the balls are durable, soft and sting-free despite it having a good fly. Here are some other features of these balls:
  • Brightly colored so they’re easily identifiable
  • A 6.25 diameter that children can grip
  • Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can confidently make your purchase
  • Self-inflating; it returns to full size no matter how squished
  • Denser than most dodgeballs of same quality; it has a moderate bounce and can be used for more PE activities
These balls are great for both indoor and outdoor play.
S & S Worldwide Gator Skin Dodgeballs is a set of 6 high-quality, PU-coated balls. These durable, sting-free 6” balls are lightweight, child friendly and easy to grip and throw. For an all adult game, the 8.5” Gator Skin Official Adult Dodgeball is another quality dodgeball by this company. If this interests you, we suggest you also have a look at it.

S & S Worldwide Set of 6 Gator Skin® Dodgeballs in a Variety of Colors

S&S® Worldwide was established in 1906 and has since carved a niche for itself as a national distributor of arts, crafts and sporting goods merchandise for education, recreation, and health care professionals. With its headquarters in Colchester, this company lives out its century and a decade old mission of improving the social fabric by helping people play and learn.

The Gator Skin Dodgeballs is a set of 6 brightly colored, 6-inch polyurethane coated balls which helps you say goodbye to the days of red marks caused by vinyl-coated and rubber balls. The tangible, non-sting coating is virtually tear-proof and durable even with almost daily indoor use. These balls are easy for kindergarten children to use and enjoy.
Franklin Sports’ SuperSkin Dodgeballs are durable. Soft and tear/rip resistant, it returns to its original shape after compression. It’s sting-free, great for all ages and be used indoors and out. If you’re into hockey, this 2 in1 Franklin NHL Indoor Sport Set for both street and knee hockey by Franklin Sports might interest you. Please feel free to check it out.

Franklin Sports Super Skin Dodge Balls in Assorted Colors

Franklin Sports began as a regional brand of sporting goods merchandise in 1946. It was founded by brothers Irvin H. and Sydney Franklin. The duo has had their products and brand endorsed over the years by world-renowned athletes like Joe Namath, Sugar Ray Leonard and more. To ensure constant upward growth, Franklin Sports has formed strong partnerships with other major brands that bring energy and strength to its products.

Franklin Sports’ SuperSkin Dodgeballs feature its manufacturer’s trademark SuperSkin design which makes its durable and sting-free. Sold in a pack of 6 balls, these 6-inch dodgeballs are suitable for indoor and outdoor play. It always retains its original shape after it’s been kicked, stepped on, squeezed or thrown. It has small hole through which air is let in and out of the ball, a cleanable surface so your balls stay clean and is well-inflated so you don’t worry about deflation.
The Mikasa Official Rubber Dodgeball is a latex-free, 8.5-inch dodgeball with premium rubber cover that’s durable and flexible. It’s soft, doesn’t hurt when it hits and is pre-inflated. The Mikasa Playground Ball is a soft, durable high quality 5-inch playground ball. Its rubber composition is latex-free with durable 2-ply bladder. We recommend it for children’s use.

Mikasa Sports USA Mikasa 8.5" Official Rubber Dodgeball

Mikasa Sports based in Brea, CA is a sporting goods firm in the USA that is dedicated to producing the finest quality athletic balls for any budget. Founded in 1973, it understands that passion and motivation are required to be an athlete at any level. This understanding has led it to produce the best athletic balls for basketball, football, volleyball, water polo, soccer, rugby and for the playground.

The Mikasa Official Rubber Dodgeball is a model of the official Dodgeball. It’s made of rubber and affords better gripping and durability, plus it can be aimed more accurately. It’s a latex-free ball, which is also safe and sting-free. This dodgeball can be enjoyed by adults and children in a variety of ways and can also be ordered deflated to be inflated by you at your convenience.

How Do I Choose the Best Dodgeball?

A high school gym teacher has been having a particular problem. Every gym class, he has forty students at once in only a one-hour period. This is a problem because there is never enough time for all the students to participate in a sport. He needs a sport that everyone can have a turn at within his one-hour period. A sport where all the students will have fun, without anyone being left out. He has tried basketball and kickball, but the students don’t all get enough time to play. He’s tried football, but he’s only one coach and can’t supervise it all by himself.

Finally, he hit on the idea of dodgeball. He takes the students and divides them into four teams of ten, and conducts games between two teams for twenty minutes each. This gives every student ample time to play and enough time for him to talk to them between games. Most importantly, it is incredibly fun for everybody.

Students, and people in general, have fun with dodgeball because it is quite simply a fun game, with a set of rules that consists of, basically, just hitting people with a ball and not getting hit in return. It is a sport that brings simplicity and the fun of an action movie to every game. Even when a person is hit, good dodgeballs are made to be so soft and light that they barely cause any discomfort, and if it does it quickly fades away. It is also an awesome workout, because of all the muscle activity that happens when people run, jump, dodge and throw.

Dodgeball can be fun for people of all ages. In order to ensure this fun though, it is important to ensure you have great dodgeballs on hand. In this guide, we have set out the factors that will ensure you have the best dodgeballs for the best games.
Dodgeball prices are usually determined by factors such as the brand, the pack size, and the materials used. We found that a good dodgeball can be purchased for around $10 to $75 and above. The more quality you want, the more you should be ready to pay.

When considering what model of dodgeball to buy, quality is always very important. If you are on a budget, our range provides good, inexpensive ones. However, be sure to avoid cheap dodgeballs because, whatever gains you think you will make by saving a few extra bucks, you will lose in the quality of your purchase.
There are a few factors that should be considered before choosing a dodgeball. These factors, when considered, will help you find the dodgeball that is best for you. They include:
  • Skin - (The outer layer of the ball)
  • Inner Layer
  • Size
  • Pack Size
  • Color
  • Inflation
  • Latex
  • Additional Items
Construction and Design
The skin is the outer layer of the dodgeball, the part of the dodgeball that the people playing will come in contact with, and it is usually made of rubber or cloth. With this in mind, some dodgeball manufacturers make this part as durable as possible with the type of skin they use. They also try to make sure this exterior is as soft as possible to avoid hurting players when they are hit.

The inner part of the dodgeball is also critical. It will determine how much the dodgeball hurts when a player is hit. In order to make the dodgeball as sting-free as possible, the inner layer is usually padded with foam. The inner part of the dodgeball will also determine the dodgeball’s weight and how much it bounces during use, both of which can influence play.

A dodgeball can be four, six, eight, or more inches in diameter. This size should be considered in relation to the size of the players. For small children, a small dodgeball is obviously best. If the dodgeball is too big, the players will not be able to properly lift it, and this won’t be fun for them.

Dodgeball, as a sport, is usually played by multiple players at a time, using multiple balls. Part of the fun is throwing the dodgeball, and going in search of another. Accordingly, dodgeballs are sold in packs. These packs contain multiple dodgeballs. It is important that you note the number of people on average that will be playing, and buy an appropriate pack.
Performance and Ease of Use
Dodgeballs come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Dodgeballs with vibrant colors can add more excitement to a game, especially one played casually. You can sometimes choose the colors you want your dodgeballs to be. Also, some dodgeball packs will have dodgeballs of different colors.

Dodgeballs, like other balls, will need to be inflated before play. This can be done easily by using a pump. However, you can order some dodgeballs pre-inflated. This saves you the hassle of having to do it yourself, and means you can start having fun as soon as the dodgeballs arrive.

There are many people out there who are allergic to latex products. If you are one or have friends or family in this category, you can make the game extra safe by going for latex-free dodgeballs. These dodgeballs are made without latex so that you can all have fun without the fear of any nasty repercussions.

Dodgeball packs can sometimes come with some additional items. These items are meant to make life easier for you while you engage in this sport, and can include a mesh bag for easy storage and transportation, a pump for inflating the balls, and more.

Get the Best Dodgeball of 2023!

Now that you’ve gone through this review, we believe you’re better informed as to which dodgeball works for you. If that is the case, go ahead and place that order right away.

Our Top Choice
Champion Sports Rhino Skin Dodgeball
Best Value
GoSports Elephant Skin Dodgeballs
S & S Worldwide Gator Skin® Dodgeballs
Franklin Sports SuperSkin Dodgeballs
Mikasa Official Rubber Dodgeball