Best Dog Chew Reviews 2022

If a dog’s gotta chew, a dog's gotta chew. Help your pet own this instinct by getting some dog chews. Finding good dog chews can be a major task, considering the varieties on the market. But relax, that work is done. What you have here is a review of five top makers of some of the best dog chews ever. Go through them and select “the one” for your doggie. If these chews fail to get the “woof!” outta your dog, have a look at the other products from these brands and select a more suitable choice. We’ve also got reviews on the best healthy dog treats and bully sticks if you want to check those out for more options.
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Pack Weight
Our Top Choice
GREENIES Dog Dental Treats
With a seal of confidence from the Veterinary Oral Health Council, Greenies confirms its claim to be committed to dogs and their health.
Has dried blueberries that dogs love. Natural ingredients are safe for your dog’s system. Balanced nutrition for healthy growth.
Not enough chews in a box.
Brushing chews
12 oz., 27 oz.
Plant extracts
8, 17
All dogs
Best Value
Pawstruck Himalayan Yak Dog Chew
Pawstruck seeks to make you and your dog members of the pack with its amazing dog chews made from natural ingredients that any dog will love.
Safe, natural ingredients. Large, thick, durable, and long-lasting. Easily digestible. Suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes.
A bit too pricey relative to unit quantity.
Milk sticks
6-7 oz.
Yak & cow milk
1, 5, 10, 25, 50
Large dogs
Lucky Premium Treats Rawhide Dog Treats
Lucky Premium Treats makes tasty, farm-fresh, natural dog treats that are healthy enough for your dog’s well-being, and your peace of mind.
Made the same week it’s delivered. Fat-free treat. 100% natural. No gluten, grain or artificial ingredients. Resealable packaging.
Not quite affordable for some.
Info not available
Chicken breasts/rawhide
25, 50, 100, 150, 250
Small dogs; for training
Best Bully Sticks USA Pig Ears
Best Bully Sticks provides dogs with terrific, affordable single-ingredient dog chews, treats, and sticks, as many happy customers can testify.
Made of pig ears alone. No additives. No foul odor. Won't stain carpet. No adverse effects on your dog’s digestive system.
Not long-lasting.
Bully sticks
16 oz.
Natural pig ears
8, 20
Medium, large, X-large dogs
Milk-Bone Brushing Chews Dog Treats
Milk-Bone is a big fan of canines, seeking to do more for them with great products and services.
Chicken flavor that dogs love. 12 vitamins and minerals, including calcium. Effective against tartar and plaque buildup.
A little too soft and does not last long.
Brushing chews
28.3 oz.
Chicken by-product meal
All dogs over 6 months & 50 lbs

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What is the Best Dog Chew?

Dog chews can be easy to get wrong. With this buying guide, you can find the best dog chews for your dog. The best chew will vary, because dogs are individuals, and what’s sauce for the Chi might not be sauce for the Rot. All of the dog chews featured in the reviews you will be looking at shortly are 101% safe for your pet.
Our Top Choice
The GREENIES Dog Dental Treats offer your dog a tasty yet healthy snack that confers all-round protection from plaque and tartar. They also trade that yucky dog breath for fresher breath. If your dog would like chicken-flavored pill pocket dog treats, check out the GREENIES Pill Pocket Chicken Flavor Treats for Dogs.

GREENIES Flavors Dog Dental Treats – Available in 2 Sizes, 2 Flavors & 4 Dog Sizes

Dr. Joe and Judy Roetheli had a certain dog: Ivan. Ivan had a big issue: bad breath. Playtime with their doggie became more irritating, and the couple knew that something had to be done. In 1966, they developed the first-ever Greenies in the basement of their house. Days later, a human dentist came to help out with the treats, enhancing them, and making them orally benefitting for dogs. Thus, the Greenies franchise was born. Greenies has received many commendations, approvals from professional bodies, testimonials from customers, and “woof!”s from dogs all over. Its affordable pricing, eye for quality, and winning customer service have helped this brand go far.

GREENIES Dog Dental Treats are the top recommended dog chew by vets. These chews are a nutritious treat that you should get for a pup that you love. Although they're packed full of nutrients, the chews are still delicious enough to be a dog’s favorite. With these treats, you can comfortably engage your dog and channel chewing tendencies away from your children’s toys and other household items, to something that actually holds benefits (and something that will be less heartbreaking to find destroyed).

These chews get down to the gum line of your dog’s teeth and fight plaque and tartar that form from buildup of bacteria. Brushing your dog’s teeth is a great way to ward off these bacteria, but we all know how dogs “love” that. Now you can give your dog something tasty that will help with dental health too.

Unlike most sugary treats, which tend to leave residues that bacteria eventually turn into a theme park, these treats contain natural ingredients that are easy for your dog to digest. This ends up giving your dog fresher breath, as there are no undigested food particles left for bacteria to “gang-eat.”

GREENIES Dog Dental Treats make an overall healthy snack for your pooch. They contain nutrients, including dried blueberries, that aren’t just useful for dogs' teeth, but that also aid their growth and development.
Best Value
:: The Pawstruck MONSTER Himalayan Yak Dog Chew is thick, durable, and will keep your dog chewing for a good while. Does your dog fancy some equally long-lasting cow hooves dripping with peanut butter? Then have a look at the Pawstruck Natural Cow Hooves Dog Chew.

Pawstruck Monster Himalayan Yak All Natural Dog Chew – Available in 10 Pack

When Kyle and Tyson (her dog) founded Pawstruck, it was because of something many people overlooked. They could not understand the gibberish written on the back of many dog chew packs! There were so many artificial ingredients in them! For that reason, they decided to make their own. Now, many years later, many dogs are the better for that singular decision. Pawstruck makes many healthy, natural products for the dog populace, employing the best quality control measures possible. With its fair prices and a great many other perks, you can’t help but shop with Pawstruck.

One limitation of many dog chews is that they're not thick enough, or long-lasting enough. Pawstruck decided to do some back-breaking work and produce the MONSTER Himalayan Yak Dog Chew, which has a shelf-life of three to four years.

The name came as a result of the history of this dog chew. Local people in the Himalayas made this chew using an ancient recipe of yak milk, cow milk, lime juice, and a teeny bit of salt (just enough to taste). Because Pawstruck wants your dog to get the best, it doesn't try to reproduce this chew in some lab. These chews are still prepared in those mountains by the locals. Who best to do a more original and trustworthy job of making Himalayan chews than the Himalayans themselves? Some things cannot just be taught.

Since the chews are still made by the Himalayan natives, this ultimately means no added preservatives or grain, and no gluten either! And don’t expect to read “Hydrogen Tet-what-the-huh??” as part of the ingredients on the pack. There are no artificial ingredients in this chew. The manufacture of these treats adheres strictly to quality assurance standards, and they are tested in the US and Nepal independently to be double sure.

The structural integrity of your dog’s teeth is also factored into the making of this chew. It will totally annihilate any plaque or tartar in its path, so your dog’s pearly whites remain white, not white-ish. This treat also helps with your dog’s breath.
If there's some chew left over, simply microwave it for 45 seconds and serve your dog the rest later.
Lucky Premium Treats Chicken Wrapped Rawhide Dog Treats keep things interesting by wrapping delicious chicken around tough rawhide bones, producing delicious treats that last long enough for dogs to chew to their satisfaction. Need something without rawhide? You can get an equally amazing chicken dog treat at eight ounces. Try the Natural Chicken Jerky Straw Dog Treats by Lucky Premium Treats.

Lucky Premium Treats Chicken Wrapped Rawhide Dog Treats – Available in 5 Pack Sizes

Since it's staffed by dog owners, Lucky Premium Treats knows the demand for dog treats that are chemical-free and safe for their pets. It began seeking solutions to this problem about ten years ago, when its owner began making some DIY dog treats in his own kitchen. After quite a few experiments (thankfully the kitchen didn’t blow up), he finally came up with an all-natural treat that his dog Lucky loved. Since that day, Lucky Premium Treats has shared its irresistible dog treats with everyone who has ever looked for healthy, safe, and affordable pet treats and chews.

A dog without the natural inclination to chew doesn't exist. To deal with this, you may have tried to get your pup the best chews, and sometimes settled for “not too healthy” options when no quality ones are available. To settle this problem, Lucky Premium Treats presents its Chicken Wrapped Rawhide Dog Treats.

You may be saying: “But I don’t want my dog getting fat.” Solid point. Too much fat never helped anybody. The rawhide in these treats is wrapped in chicken breast, but it doesn’t contain fat. The chicken breast is 98% fat-free. (Dogs actually need a little bit of fat in their diets, so don't worry about the extra 2%.)

These chews are always made within the same week that they are delivered. They are never mass-produced! You can be doubly assured of freshness every time you make a purchase. These chews are also gluten-free and grain-free. For the health of your dog, no artificial ingredients go into the preparation of this treat.

An average Lucky chew measures about 50 inches in length and 0.25 inches in diameter to make for a substantial, long-lasting chew. Your dogs should count themselves lucky to have these chews.
Bully sticks all the time can be so dull. Why not break the “sticks-monotony” and spice things up with the high-protein, non-smelly Best Bully Sticks USA Pig Ears? Your dog will definitely appreciate the savory change! Would you prefer an equally natural cow chew with the same deliciousness and digestibility? Get the Best Bully Sticks Natural Thick-Cut Cow Ear Dog Chews.

Best Bully Sticks USA Pig Ear All Natural Dog Treats – Available in an 8 or 20-Pack

Best Bully Sticks was founded by Avrum Elmakis and his wife in 2008. Its focus was to produce natural, single-ingredient dog chews, treats, and sticks that were tasty and safe enough for pets. This led Best Bully Sticks to come up with different unique dog chews, including whole pig ears and cow ears. These products, made with the highest standards of quality, and the highest level of love for all things canine, are sold across the world on online platforms and at physical stores. Almost every purchase has been validated by customers and dogs alike, who cannot seem to get enough of the product.

Are you bored with giving your dogs sticks? You’ve probably received a less than enthusiastic “woof!”, an outright rejection, or an angry bark from your dog. If this happens to you, it’s time for a change. The Best Bully Sticks USA Pig Ears might just be the thing for you.

These treats are made in the United States, so you can swear on these chews. The quality is top-notch. They're cooked slowly to lock in all the deliciousness of savory pork. Plus, these ears stand whole! No cuts! So you can catch those precious moments when your little darlings show off the manners you’ve been trying to teach them for so long—sharing. This treat might even mend fences between those two sworn enemy pets you have.

Since you are a responsible pet parent and won’t purchase a product just because it’s delicious and smells like heaven, we thought you might like to know that these chews contain a single ingredient: pig ears! No additives. Nothing. These chews are just packed full of protein that's good for your dog.

For all you neatniks, and not-so-neatniks, these chews won't smell funny if your dog brings them into your house. They will also not stain your carpet with any yucky stuff. Even when they’ve been chewed and are coated with dog saliva, your rugs are safe.
The Milk-Bone Brushing Chews Fresh Breath Dog Treats contain nubs and ridges that act like brush bristles, cleaning your dog’s mouth down to the difficult back teeth and gum line. Is your dog a small to medium-sized dog? The Milk-Bone Brushing Chews Dental Dog Treats for Small\/Medium Dogs might be a better option. Check them out!

Milk-Bone Brushing Chews Fresh Breath Daily Dental Treats – Available for 3 Dog Sizes & Multiple Pack Sizes

Milk-Bone has been around for over a century. This huge bank of rock-solid experience means this brand has clearly set itself apart from the competition. Its unique products are always made with your dog’s well-being in mind. The stamp of approval by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) on its products is therefore justifiably earned. With canine assistant-partnerships to provide wholesome treats for service dogs, and a constantly growing production base, Milk Bone has definitely left a footprint in the industry in which it serves as one of the foremost leaders.

No matter how cute your little pooch is, you cannot deny that dog breath can be disgusting. The Milk Bone Brushing Chews Fresh Breath Dog Treats have been approved by vets to be really effective against plaque and tartar.

When you look at a typical Milk-Bone Brushing Chew, you'll see that it comes with nubs and ridges. Those nubs and ridges work like a toothbrush. Remember the last time you had to brush your dog’s teeth? Think about how hard it was to reach the back teeth—just before you gave up, that is. With these chews, that problem is solved. The chews reach there easily and perform powerful cleaning action.

The twist design enables the chews to reach different parts of your dog’s mouth for a total cleaning action. Invariably, the whole mouth gets clean and fresh. These chicken-flavored chews also contain a whopping 12 vitamins and minerals, with calcium the top one. This translates to stronger teeth and bones for your dog.

Your dog will love these treats, no doubt, but you still have to be a responsible parent/owner. The manufacturers recommend that you give your dog only one chew per day, regardless of any disgusted stink eye or manipulative sad face. Only give these chews to dogs of about 50 pounds or six months of age.

These chews are an excellent choice for your dog. They are just like a delicious, edible toothbrush. Now what dog (or owner) wouldn’t want that?

How Do I Choose the Best Dog Chew?

No dog can fight the urge to chew. Although it seems like they are doing it deliberately to get to you, they aren’t. They are just being dogs. Chewing is one way your dogs channel frustrations, boredom, and anxieties to other quarters when you push them to the edge with your annoying, human tendencies.

You may be saying: “But my dog destroyed the Universal TV remote. And it’s all covered in smelly dog slime!” Dogs do not want to chew your stuff. They just want to chew! Two quite different things. Dog chews can save you all the heartbreak and devastation of seeing your expensive property in the garrison of your dog’s mouth, under lock and teeth. So while you’re treating your pooch to a lavish house and cute sweater, add a chew to the list.

Dog chews also perform a whole lot of other functions, such as oral hygiene. We know you hate your dog’s stinky breath. The good news is that most of these chews help to fight bad breath and even infections like plaque and tartar too.

There are many other uses you—or put more correctly, your dog—can derive from a dog chew. We will give you the full low-down in the following sections. Keep reading!
This review does not cover cheap dog chews for many reasons. Dog chews are products that should be selected with caution because they go into your dog’s system. Bad dog chews can cause hazardous situations such as serious infections, illnesses, or even death. Do not purchase any dog chew that's not quality. A healthy, hygienic chew, with all or most of the benefits your dog needs, will normally average between $10 and $40. Things like size and quantity of chews will definitely affect price, as will the kind of chew it is. For instance, a bully stick is usually more expensive than any other chew.
To get a healthy, hygienic dog chew packed full with benefits, what are the features you should look for? Quite a few actually, and we list them right here:
  • Type
  • Function
  • Quantity
  • How long-lasting is it?
  • Manufacturer’s feeding suggestion
  • Durability
Let's look at some of these more closely.
Construction and Design
There are a lot of dog chews available. Whatever your dog favors, there are dog chews to match that craving, and we’re going to see some of them now. They include:

Rawhide: By far the most popular, and by far the most unsafe. For dogs that love to gulp everything that’s small enough, rawhide can be potentially dangerous. It could get stuck in animals' intestinal tracts and require surgery to remove. A rawhide a day may keep the vet too close for comfort.

Pork Chomps: An amazing option if you hate rawhide. It is far more easily digestible and far more affordable too.

Raw Bones: They are usually stronger than cooked bones. People generally avoid giving dogs bones because they are afraid that bones will break their dog’s teeth. This claim is not backed up though, so the fuss might just be that: a fuss.

Bleached Bones: They are pretty much like raw bones, but much cleaner and neater for your floors.

Marrow Bones: Dogs seem to dig the meaty middle (marrow) of marrow bones. However, they may understandably get bored once they’ve declared a bone marrowless and therefore, no longer worth their salivary worship.

Antlers: Antlers are softer than bones, but still long-lasting. The inner part of the antler also presents an interesting bit to the antler that dogs enjoy.

Bully Sticks: These are made from the private parts of a bull (can we be the first to say eew!?). They stink a lot (no surprise), especially with continuous chewing. The chewed part usually gets soft and hardens after exposure to air for a while. Bully sticks are offered in various lengths and thickness depending on brands.

Pig/Cow/Buffalo Ears: Ears are usually whole, uncut, and large chews that are neither too hard nor too soft. And dogs enjoy them just fine too. They are usually quite large.

Yakmilk Chews: These ones are usually hardened chews made of yak milk. They also come in a variety of sizes. If these chews seem too hard to interest your dog, just microwave them. They'll become crunchy in no time.
Performance and Ease of Use
There are many different kinds of dog chews formulated with different functions in mind. We will quickly look at some of the functions that a dog chew can offer:

Pain Relief: Some chews contain Cannabidio. This is a part of the cannabis plant that has been clinically proven to relieve severe pain and emotional tension in pets. Don't picture your dog staggering like a junkie. These chews are non-psychoactive.

Dental Hygiene: Many chews are excellent for helping with oral hygiene in many ways, such as breath freshening, teeth whitening and strengthening, and fighting infections. This is, thankfully, a common feature of many dog chews.

Joint Health: Some chews contain glucosamine and chondroitin, which help keep your dog’s bones and joints kicking.

Calming: Chamomile contains a chemical that has a calming, soothing, lulling effect on animals and humans alike. Many dog chews contain it too. You might want to particularly look for this component in a chew should your dog be depressed, constantly anxious, or an insomniac. Stray dogs in a new home are classic examples. Adjusting may be difficult for some dogs, so you might want to give these chews a try.

Although these chews contain ingredients that are good for your dog, they are only required in certain quantities at a time. Your dog's size is closely tied to the manufacturer’s feeding suggestion, as the suggestion is always relative to size. Get your dogs chews in the flavors they love, or else the purpose is defeated. It doesn’t matter whether or not your chew is packed with 101 minerals. You can read that and we can read that it too, but your dog can’t.

Quantity and size are another set of important factors. If you get a package that doesn’t contain many pieces, then fill up your gas tank, because you’ll definitely be making a lot of road-trips. On the bright side, that might be added time to bond with your dog. On the not-so-bright side, it burns some pricey gas. Weigh your options carefully.

Know how durable and long-lasting your chew is. If the chews are too soft and get downed in one chew, you’re in for it. This is because most manufacturers advise one chew per day.

Consider your carpet, and the smell of your house. You won’t want a chew that’s messy or smelly. Read the manufacturer’s commentary on the product and ask around so you can be double-sure.

Get the Best Dog Chew of 2022!

Thanks for all the time you took to read up this review. We hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you. Go ahead and get those dog chews for your pet!

Our Top Choice
GREENIES Dog Dental Treats
Best Value
Pawstruck Himalayan Yak Dog Chew
Lucky Premium Treats Rawhide Dog Treats
Best Bully Sticks USA Pig Ears
Milk-Bone Brushing Chews Dog Treats