Best Dog Crate Reviews 2023

If you and your little furry friend are inseparable then it is a good idea to get an adequate pet crate, so that you can take your dog or cat with you everywhere you go. During those moments when you are traveling, visiting your friends or on vacations, a dog crate will keep your little pal safe and comfy. For this review, we have chosen 5 great dog crates that come in different price points, have different sizes and are already used by thousands of customers worldwide. Let's take a look at them.
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Our Top Choice
OxGord Metal Dog Crate – Various Sizes
OxGord is one of the largest manufacturers of pet supplies worldwide. This metal dog crate will resist scratches and wear and tear, not to mention that it is foldable and lightweight.
Ideal option for pets of all sizes. Reputable manufacturer. Easy to clean, easy to install. Steel construction, lasts for years.
Few complaints about build quality. Read the instructions manual carefully.
From 20 to 48 inches
2 side doors
Heavy duty solid metal steel
Carry handle, tray and divider
Black electro-coat finish
Best Value
Petnation Port-A-Crate – Various Sizes
Petnation is a brand that crafts numerous pet accessories and dog crates. The Port-A-Crate E2 Dog House is a comfy, warm house for your little furry friend.
Attractive design. Can be set up in seconds. Fully washable. Strong, durable materials. Top door and front door.
Isolated complaints regarding the quality of the zipper.
From 16 to 36 inches
Top door and front door
Weaved mesh fabric + steel frame
Zippers and locks
Brown color
ProSelect Empire Dog Cage w/ Heavy-Duty Welds – 2 Sizes
ProSelect specializes in pet supplies and accessories for cats and dogs. The Empire Dog Cage is perfect for people who have large dogs such as Mastiffs or German shepherds.
Almost indestructible. Removable and washable tray. Wheels for easy transport. Strong door latches. Lifetime usage.
A bit too heavy, but the wheels make it easier to transport your dog around.
Medium and large sizes
1 large front door
Heavy duty steel
Floor grate, steel tray, wheels
High-grade hammertone
MidWest iCrate Folding Metal Dog Crate – Various Sizes
MidWest has crafted pet crates for decades and it has a lot of experience in this field. The iCrate Metal Dog Crate is made from high-quality materials making it safe and comfortable.
Easy to pack/unpack. Lightweight and portable. Comes with carry handle. Rock solid construction. Top manufacturer.
Few complaints about build quality.
From 18 to 48 inches
Available with 1 or 2 doors
Metal, plastic
Divider panel, tray, carry handle
Pink or blue colors
Petmate 2-Door Top Load Pet Crate – 2 Sizes
Petmate is a byword for quality craftsmanship when it comes to pet carriers. The 2-Door Pet Crate offers excellent value for money and it is suitable for dogs and cats alike.
Top manufacturer. Reasonably priced. Amazon Best Seller. Sturdy construction. Secure door latch.
Complaints that this crate can't be used in airplanes, but Petmate has other carriers that are airline approved.
Up to 10 lbs or 15 lbs
Top door and front door
Steel and plastic
Carry handle
4 Stylish Designs

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What is the Best Dog Crate?

The "best" dog crate is the one which will keep your canine friend happy and safe. When buying such an accessory, you need to take into account the size of your dog, the materials of the crate and of course, your budget. Let's take a look at the five products we’ve chosen from five of the best brands of dog crates. Maybe you will find the right one for your beloved dog.
Our Top Choice
The Metallic Dog Crate from OxGord comes in various sizes – from 20" to 48" – it is completely washable and it has a foldable design, making it easier for you to store it in your house or garage. If you would like an airline approved model, check out the Pet Carrier with Fleece Bed from OxGord.

OxGord Double-Door Easy Folding Metal Pet Crate, 100% Washable, Space Saving Design

OxGord is a company that specializes in pet supplies and accessories. They create a wide range of pet crates and their products have been well received by the public because they are well-built, features-rich and reasonably priced. For example, OxGord also makes self-warming beds for pets and scratching poles for cats, among many other products.
For this review, we have chosen the 24" OxGord Metal Dog Crate because it is an all-purpose metallic enclosure.

Check out the features of this crate to discover how useful it can actually be.
  • This metallic crate can accommodate pets of all sizes. You can have the crate in sizes ranging from 20 inches to 48 inches with a single/double door and with dividers as well.
  • The crate itself is foldable, so before your dog can say "woof!", you can pack the crate and store it for later use. It even comes with a handle.
  • The construction of this pet cage is metallic, made from steel. Even if your dog is big and strong, it won't be able to get out on its own.
  • Another advantage of this crate consists of its practicality: the cage is completely washable and the tray is easily removable.
  • You can always see what your dog is doing as the metallic wires are strong, but thin. Keeping an eye on your dog will be a piece of cake.
Best Value
The 36 inches Petnation Port-A-Crate E2 Dog House is excellent for larger dogs up to 70 pounds. The mesh fabric gives this crate an eye-catching look and it will keep your dog warm and safe. If your canine friend is smaller, then the 24" dog crate might be more suitable for you.

Petnation Port-A-Crate E2 Pet Cage for Indoor/Outdoor Use, Steel Frame, Completely Foldable

Just as the name implies, Petnation is a prestigious manufacturer of supplies and accessories for pets such as dogs, cats, fish, even reptiles. They have created a whole range of pet carriers which can accommodate dogs or cats of different sizes. For this review, we have chosen the Port-A-Crate E2 model which is a pet cage for both indoor and outdoor use.

Let's discover some of the features of this product and why it occupies our "best value" spot.
  • You can have this crate in different sizes, starting from 16 to 36 inches, depending on your needs.
  • The E2 pet crate is lightweight, portable and foldable. You don’t need any tools to get this thing up and ready for travel.
  • The materials from which this dog house is made are waterproof, resistant to wear and tear and fully washable.
  • The design of the crate incorporates a front door and a top door, industrial strength zippers and door latches. This ensures that your pet is safe and sound during trips.
  • This crate also includes ventilated mesh panels which provide the necessary coolness to your pet during warm summer days.
If you require a heavy-duty, professional, almost indestructible dog crate then the Empire Dog Cage from ProSelect might be suitable for you. It is designed to contain even the largest and strongest dogs out there. However, if you have a cute and inoffensive canine pal then the Crate Appeal dog house might be exactly what you are looking for!

ProSelect Empire Pet Crate w/ Dual Door Latches Hammertone Finish, Steel Tray and Wheels

ProSelect is another company that specializes in dog supplies, crates, carriers and accessories. This brand creates a wide array of products that are designed to make the life of your dog more comfortable and your life as an owner easier. For example, ProSelect successfully sells different types of crates for dogs and cats of all sizes as well as accessories such as dog crate fans, removable trays, crate covers, kennels, wheeled cage bases and more!

For this review, we have chosen the mighty Empire Dog Cage which is more suitable for larger dogs such as German shepherds, bulldogs, Rottweilers, Husky dogs, etc.

Let's take a closer look at the features of this dog house.
  • The Empire pet home is made from stainless steel with heavy-duty welds. Not even a wolf can chew his way out of this cage.
  • The cage is also rust-resistant and durable. You might actually be able to use it for a lifetime.
  • The floor of the crate is grated and underneath you will find a steel tray. The construction also includes 4 locking casters which are removable.
  • You will be thankful for the fact that this crate comes with wheels as it is quite heavy. 2 wheels can be locked, keeping the crate in place.
  • The high-grade hammertone finish is long-lasting and it will resist to repeated scratches.
The MidWest iCrate Folding Metal Dog Crate comes in multiple sizes, it can be folded in seconds and features a sturdy construction. If your budget is larger, then you might be interested in the MidWest Single Door Dog Crate as it provides enhanced security and protection.

MidWest iCrate Folding Metal Pet Home w/ Slide-Bolt Latch, Rubber Feet and 1 Year Warranty

MidWest specializes in pet supplies and accessories since 1921 and this company has already earned a great deal of respect from its customers because the products it makes are well-built and practical. MidWest crafts accessories and pet supplies for dogs, cats, bunnies and even birds. For this review, we have chosen the iCrate Folding Metal dog crate because it provides excellent value for money and it is a convenient, portable option for pet lovers.

Let's take a look at some of the features that make this dog home so special.
  • This pet crate is available in multiple sizes, with one or two doors and you can even buy it together with a pet bed and crate cover.
  • It is purposely built to be folded and carried like a briefcase and you don’t need tools to pack/unpack this dog cage.
  • The corners of the crate are rounded so that neither you or your pet get hurt during regular use.
  • You might be happy to find out that the crate comes with a plastic pan which can be easily removed and washed.
  • The package also includes a divider which will be useful for adjusting the size of the crate as your dog gets bigger and bigger.
The Petmate 2-Door Top Load Pet Crate is excellent for dogs and cats of small sizes and it features a modern design. It comes with a steel wire door and carry handle. If your pet is considerably larger then go for the Sky Kennel from the same manufacturer.

Petmate 2-Door Top Load Dog Cage w/ Carry Handle, Compact and Lightweight, 4 Finishes

We couldn’t end this review without including a product from this prestigious manufacturer of pet supplies – Petmate. This brand specializes in pet accessories and the professionals behind this company have created entire lines of pet carriers for dogs and cats. The 2-Door Top Load Pet Crate we have chosen is ideal for relatively small pets such as cats or Chihuahuas. You might also be happy to know that at the moment of this writing, this dog crate is an Amazon Best Seller, so you won't make a mistake if you choose it.

Let's find out more details about this modern dog carrier.
  • It features a lightweight yet strong construction because materials such as stainless steel and plastic have been used during the manufacturing process.
  • It has a top door and a front door, making this pet cage more convenient and practical for daily use.
  • You can buy this dog crate in 2 sizes (up to 10 lbs or 15 lbs respectively) and 4 design finishes. As this will be your dog's home, maybe you should let him pick his favorite color.
  • The crate is easily washable thanks to its reduced dimensions and it is waterproof as well.
  • Your pet will enjoy plenty of fresh air as this cage comes with multiple holes on its side that allow proper ventilation.

How Do I Choose the Best Dog Crate?

Owning a dog comes with great responsibility. And every responsible dog owner knows that it takes a lot of commitment to be able to provide our furry friends with all the love, care, and protection that they need.

If you are mulling over bringing a dog into your home, you need to remember that caring for a dog is costly. And one of the first things you need to invest in may be a dog crate. A dog crate is an effective, multi-functional tool for transporting and managing your dog. Contrary to what most people may think, it is not a cage nor is it a punishment tool. In fact, you can think of it as your dog’s private den, his own safe haven, which you can fill with his favorite dog toys!

At Top Reviews, we know that you only want the best for your dog. So our team of researchers scoured the web for nifty information on dog crates for your beloved pets. During the course of our research, we found many different types of dog crates – from simple wire crates to the most stylish crates. We even found space-saving cute crates that look especially good when paired with padded kennel beds!

When choosing the dog crate to buy for your pet, you need to determine which one is perfect for your dog. The 5 basic types are wire crates, plastic crates, soft-sided crates, heavy-duty crates, and cute crates.
  • Wire crates – easy-to-clean outdoor/indoor crates that provide the best ventilation for your dogs.
  • Plastic crates – crates made of durable plastic and commonly used for transporting even the most cunning dogs.
  • Soft-sided crates - crates made of lightweight material and perfect for carrying small and trained dogs.
  • Heavy-duty crates – best suited for larger dogs and may come equipped with safety features to keep your dog from bolting.
  • Cute crates – stylish crates, usually made of wood or rattan, that work best with calm dogs.
Most people consider their dog a part of their family and some owners with smaller dogs endeavor to take them everywhere. This can be made possible with a new invention, the dog buggy. Never leave your precious baby at home again; these buggies work just like strollers for kids! (With a few doggy additions of course)

There are factors you need to consider that will help you choose the right crate for your dog. Price, design, features, and performance are just a few things you need to think about. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.
Dog crates can cost somewhere between $25 to $2000 dollars. So you need to decide how much you are willing to shell out for a durable, functional, and easy to use dog crate. You can purchase a simple, fully-assembled, foldable wire crate for $25 or if money is not an object, you can spend more than a thousand dollars on top-rated collapsible dog crates for indoor and outdoor use. When making your decision, consider a dog crate’s design, workmanship, type and special features in relation to its price tag. You have to pay a little extra for quality.

However, do not be daunted by seemingly steep prices when investing in a crate for your dog. Trust us, there’s one that’s perfect for your dog’s needs and fits right into your budget as well.
Dog crates, depending on the type, come with different features. Wire crates provide the best ventilation and are very easy to maintain while cute crates double as fabulous pieces of furniture. Or perhaps you are looking to buy an outdoor crate with a special latch or bolt to keep your large dog from escaping? Well, a good option would be a heavy-duty crate. But if you’re planning to fly or drive with your dog, we believe your best bet would be a sturdy plastic crate.

Here are some features to keep an eye out for when selecting a the best dog crate for you furry friend -
  • Safety features – if you are worried about the safety of your dog, look for crates with added security.
  • Added Extras – some crates will include bowls or toys.
  • Single or double door?
  • Separator – some dog crates meant for two dogs have a separator to divide the dogs.
  • Collapsible – for easy set-up and ease when transporting the crate.
When deciding on which dog crate to buy among a handful of choices, the most important thing to remember is that the crate not only suits your preferences but it is what your dog needs. Remember, you are buying it to keep your best friend safe, happy, and healthy.
Construction and Design
If you’re thinking that all dog crates are all simple and generic, you couldn’t be more mistaken. When we were doing our research, we came across the most functional and fabulous dog crates that were designed for dogs of different breeds and sizes in mind.

For example, soft-sided dog crates are designed for carrying small and well-trained dogs during trips because non-aggressive dogs are least likely to chew their way out of these portable crates. On the other hand, if your dog tends to be destructive and will chew on nearly everything, you have to think twice before investing in anything less sturdy than a plastic crate for transport or a heavy-duty crate for indoor or outdoor use. And if you live in a humid place or in a tropical country, a wire crate would be the most suitable as it provides the best ventilation.

Furthermore, what’s great about today’s dog crates is that many now offer a seamless blend of beauty and functionality. Cute crates, for instance, may function as a nightstand, coffee table, or an end table while keeping your pet safe and secure. You can even choose from many different colors available to ensure that your dog’s perfect corner matches your home’s color scheme.

Size, too, is a very important factor to consider. You would want to choose a dog crate that’s just right for your dog’s size. What do we mean by that? You do not want a crate that’s too small or too big for your dog. A dog crate’s that’s cramped will be unhealthy for your dog and one that’s too big will encourage the dog to use it for potty breaks. The best dog crate provides ample space so that your dog can stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably. If you have decided on getting a full-sized crate for your puppy, be sure to ask for one that comes with a divider.
Performance and Ease of Use
When we talk about performance and ease of use in dog crates, what actually comes to mind are longevity, convenience, and safety. Before making a purchase, you need to ask yourself if the dog crate you have chosen offers the best bang for your buck - does it serve the purpose?

If you’re buying a plastic crate to transport your pet for your vacation across the Atlantic, is it airline-approved? Or will the plastic crate that you have set your sights on keep your puppy from destroying your furniture while you are away for the day?

The ideal dog crate is durable, safe, and easy to use. If you find one that’s easy to assemble, clean and stow, then that’s definitely a major plus.

Get the Best Dog Crate of 2023!

Whether your dog is a fierce German shepherd, a cute little Chihuahua or a faithful Labrador, the crates we have picked are designed to keep him safe wherever you go. Now all that you have to do is to pick your favorite one, go to Amazon and buy the right crate in the right size for your little friend!

Our Top Choice
OxGord Metal Dog Crate – Various Sizes
Best Value
Petnation Port-A-Crate – Various Sizes
ProSelect Empire Dog Cage w/ Heavy-Duty Welds – 2 Sizes
MidWest iCrate Folding Metal Dog Crate – Various Sizes
Petmate 2-Door Top Load Pet Crate – 2 Sizes