Best Dog DNA Test Reviews 2023

Dogs are man’s best friend and we do all that we can to give them the best lives possible; but sometimes there’s something missing. That’s where a dog DNA test comes in. It lets us know more about our dogs than ever before; why they look and act the way they do. A dog DNA test can give you the knowledge to take care of your dog like you never thought possible. Take a look at these great dog DNA test kits to see which one you’d like to use. We also threw in a quick health check up kit – a great complement to the information about potential conditions that you learn with DNA testing.
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Result Time
Our Top Choice
Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel 3.0 Canine DNA Test
Mars Veterinary has only been around for close to two decades, but has taken the world of dog DNA testing to new heights and continues to do so every day.
It includes weight prediction along with free MDR1 drug sensitivity screening. Sampling is easy and it uses the world’s largest DNA test database.
Some users think it’s too costly.
DNA test
Over 250 breeds
2-3 weeks
Cheek swab
MDR1 drug sensitivity screening
Best Value
DNA My Dog Breed ID Test Kit
DNA My Dog may have started less than a decade ago, but during that time this company has changed the lives of thousands of dogs and dog owners across North America.
You receive a custom, frameable photo certificate along with a genetic breakdown, personality report, and health report along with your breed report.
A smaller database than other brands.
DNA Test
83 breeds
2 weeks
Cheek swab
Custom photo certificate
Embark Dog DNA Test
Embark was built by two men who loved dogs and spent a decade learning everything they could about them. Their knowledge and experience has all gone into making Embark what it is today.
Embark tests more of your dog’s genes than other brands, and also offers information on your dog’s ancestry as well as over 160 genetic canine diseases.
Considered costly by many, but a great investment nonetheless.
DNA Test
Over 150 breeds
6-8 weeks
Cheek swab
160 health results
Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test
Wisdom Panel is a Mars Veterinary brand and gives you access to the largest dog DNA database in the world.
When you get your dog’s DNA results you also get information on its weight prediction, and nutritional and fitness guides tailored to your dog’s genetics.
Not the latest Wisdom Panel DNA test.
DNA test
Over 250 breeds
3 weeks
Cheek swab
Ancestry report
Coastline Global CheckUp at Home Wellness Test for Dogs
Coastline Global is a trusted brand by both veterinarians and pet owners alike. Its products are lab tested and vet approved, making them perfectly safe for your pets.
Use to test your dogs current health status. It’s easy to use, safe, quick, and noninvasive. On top of that, it checks for the most common conditions that affect dogs around the globe.
Only covers four conditions. Not a DNA test – tests immediate conditions.
Health checkup
Not applicable
60 seconds
Urine sample
Convenient home test

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What is the Best Dog DNA Test?

Since we’ve covered just what you need to know before picking your dog DNA test, let’s jump into our list of the top dog DNA tests on the market.
Our Top Choice
The Mars Veterinary Canine DNA Test Kit is a highly advanced dog DNA test kit that covers over 250 types, varieties, and breeds of dogs. Another great product from Mars Veterinary is the Mixed Breed DNA Test Kit which is a great tool to have when planning for your dog.

Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel 3.0 Breed Identification DNA Test Kit

Mars Veterinary is a part of Mars Petcare, which is currently the largest pet care provider in the world. Mars has spent close to 20 years researching canine genetics and it all started with their part in the Canine Genomics project in 1999. Since being started in 2005, the Mars Veterinary team has been working tirelessly to improve canine DNA technology. To date, Mars Veterinary has the largest database of breed signatures, with more than 12,000 samples. It covers over 250 breeds, and it’s growing each year.

On top of that, Mars also has the exclusive global license on the breed detection analysis process, developed by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Institute. As time goes by, Mars Veterinary continues to work to improve their database and technology so that they can help you provide the best possible care for your dog.

Our featured Mars Veterinary product is the 3.0 Canine DNA Test Kit which uses the world’s largest breed database. It’s the only officially licensed canine DNA test in the United States which offers the possibly life-saving MDR1 drug sensitivity screening for free. It also includes weight prediction, which you’ll find a great help when working on getting your furry friend the right balance of nutrition and exercise.

The shipping is pre-paid and after you’ve submitted your sample, results are ready in 2-3 weeks after it’s reached the lab. You can get a sample with a simple cheek swab and that alone will give new insight into your dog’s behavior, nutritional needs, appearance, and more.
Best Value
The DNA My Dog ID Test Kit allows you to sample your dog’s DNA with a simple cheek swab which gives you results on your dog’s behavior, health, and more. Results are back in just 2 weeks.

DNA My Dog Canine Breed Identification Test

Started in 2008, DNA My Dog is a Toronto-based company which offers at-home dog DNA tests for both those furry friends that have lived with you and those that have passed on. DNA My Dog has its own database that tests all dogs with 99.997% accuracy of all breeds within the database.

The DNA My Dog test offers a custom frameable gold embossed photo certificate of your dog’s distinct DNA number. You also receive a percentage breakdown of those breeds found in your dog’s DNA, along with a personality report, dominant breeds chart, history, and health concerns that all the breeds in your dog’s DNA are predisposed to which could affect your dog. This information is great for training your dog and can help you provide your dog with the diet, training program, and other guides tailored to his/her needs.
The Embark Dog DNA Test tests 20x more of your dog’s genetics than other brands; it’s the most accurate dog DNA test out there. If you’re looking to purchase more than one Embark Dog DNA Test then get the Embark 3-Pack Dog DNA Test and save, rather than spend more on 3 separate packs.

Embark Veterinary Dog DNA Test · Breed Identification, 160 Health Results, 200K Genetic Markers

Embark was founded by Ryan and Adam Bokyo, two scientists and dog lovers who spent 10 years learning everything they could about man’s best friend. One of their discoveries was the origin of the domestic dog close to Central Asia over 15,000 years ago. After their time in the field and in the lab, Adam and Ryan collaborated with the US’s top school in veterinary medicine, Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine and Spencer Wells, a top consumer genetics company, to create Embark so they could distribute their findings to you. Embark is more than just one product, it’s a commitment to your dog and the life you’ll share with it.

The Embark Dog DNA Test is considered the most accurate dog DNA test around. This is because it tests 20x more of your dog’s genes than other DNA tests. It couples breed identification with ancestry so it can give you information all the way to your dog’s great-grandparents. There’s also screening for over 160 genetic diseases that could affect your dog such as MDR1 sensitivity, PRA blindness, dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), exercise-induced collapse (EIC), and degenerative myelopathy.

Embark is accepted by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and is trusted by dog breeds and vets around the globe. You can use Embark to provide your dog with personalized care and the best life possible.
The Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test allows you to test purebred, designer, and mixed-breed dogs with just a simple cheek swab. You also get an official ancestry report with your results. Another great Dog DNA test kit from Wisdom Panel is the Wisdom Panel Insights 1 Pack Test Case.

Wisdom Panel 2.0 Breed Identification DNA Test Kit

Wisdom Panel is a Mars Veterinary brand. Mars Veterinary was started in 2005 and has the largest DNA database in the world, which contains more than 250 different breeds of dogs. This was created using over 12,000 samples to deliver to you the most expansive canine DNA database around which continues to grow each year.

The 3.0 version testing kit hit our top spot, but when we did our research, we saw that the older version has a lot to offer as well. Our featured Wisdom Panel DNA kit is the Wisdom Panel 2.0 Genetic Breed Identification DNA Test kit. It’s simple to use; all it takes is for you to get a cheek swab from your dog to learn practically everything about him/her from behavior and appearance, to nutritional and physical needs. It also features an adult weight range prediction to help you better nourish your dog with the proper food suited to his/her physiology.

There’s a breed insights guide that will help you better train your dog and understand why he/she does the things he/she does. You also receive an official ancestry report and you can use the Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test to test a designer dog, purebred, or mixed-breed dog.
The Coastline Global Dog Wellness Test is an easy and noninvasive way for you to check on your dog’s health. You receive the results in just 60 seconds, too. If you’re more of a cat lover, then check out the Coastline Global’s Cat Wellness Kit which detects the four most common conditions affecting cats, and has hydrophobic sand which cats love.

Coastline Global CheckUp Kit At Home Wellness Test for Dogs - Urine Collection, Detects Diabetes, Kidney Conditions, and More

Dogs are known as man’s best friend and Coastline Global knows that man’s best friend needs to be taken care of. That’s why they’ve developed at-home checkup kits that you can use to test if anything is wrong with your furry friend. Coastline Global’s products are lab tested and vet-approved, making them perfectly safe for the furry members of your family.

While this is not a DNA test, we came across this product when we did our research and thought it was something dog lovers would want to know about. For our list, we’re featuring the Coastline Global Dog Wellness Test which is an easy and quick general home wellness test kit for your dog. Whereas a DNA kit can tell you about your dogs potential for health conditions, this kit will tell you about his or her health in the here and now.

You can use it to detect the four most common ailments which affect dogs: high glucose, UTI, blood in the urine, and kidney conditions. You receive four test results in a minute and the collection method is fast and clean. It’s noninvasive and an easy way for you to ensure your dog is in tip-top shape.

How Do I Choose the Best Dog DNA Test?

Times have changed and so have the ways people take care of their dogs. Many people don’t let their dogs sleep on the floor; instead they get a comfortable dog bed for them. Others don’t even let their dogs go outside without dressing them up in a cute little dog sweater. On top of that, dog toys now come in so many different shapes, colors, and sizes that you could have 10 different ones for your furry friend and none of them would even be remotely similar. But it’s all worth it because for many, a dog is not just man’s best friend; a dog is a part of the family.

But while you and your human family share the same blood and ancestry, you and your dog do not. And in some cases, knowing about a dog’s ancestry can not only help you not only take better care of them, but also let you know beforehand any genetic diseases which could develop. This is where a dog DNA test can make a huge difference in your life and the life of your dog. To help you choose a great dog DNA test kit, we’ve put together a buying guide to get you started.
Testing your dogs DNA is an investment and if you’ve come across a super cheap dog DNA test then it’s more than likely not worth your money. But they aren’t ridiculously expensive either. A good quality test kit can run you between $70 and $200. You’re probably wondering what makes the difference between these test kits.

Well, first off the company; see, each company has access to a different database and each of them uses a different testing method to analyze your dog’s genetic material. This leads to some results being more in-depth than others. Also, some brands provide you with information on the dog’s health and risk of genetic diseases too, which is invaluable information for any pet owner. Plus, you get information on your dog’s ancestry from some brands. Ultimately, the cost of the test depends on what’s tested for and how detailed the results are.
Dog DNA tests ultimately come down to the results. While the collection method is similar for all tests, the results are where you get your money’s worth. When you submit a DNA sample for your dog, you’ll receive results on the breeds found in your dog’s DNA, which will give you further understanding of your pet, its behavior patterns, nutritional requirements, and more. On top of that, some brands provide you with an official ancestry report on your dog, which in some cases can trace back to your dog’s great-grandparents. Others also offer testing for genetic diseases which your dog may be predisposed to. One brand even gives you a frameable custom photo certificate.
Construction and Design
Even though the testing done by each brand is different, the structure of the DNA testing kit is similar. Each kit contains one or multiple cheek swabs that you can use to swab the inside of your dog’s cheek to get a sample, package, then send back to the lab for testing. There’s also a form in the kit with instructions for you to follow if this is your first time getting a DNA sample from your dog.
Performance and Ease of Use
Using a dog DNA test is simple. All you need to do is swab the inside of your dog’s cheek, package the sample, and send it back to the lab for analysis. The waiting time, however, differs as some companies take 2 weeks, others take 3, and some take up to 8 weeks. As mentioned in the price section, this all comes down to how detailed the results you’ll receive will be.

Get the Best Dog DNA Test of 2023!

Thanks for reading our dog DNA test review. Whether you’re the owner of a new pup or a fully-grown dog, it’s never too late to get them tested. It could make a huge difference in their lives and yours.

Our Top Choice
Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel 3.0 Canine DNA Test
Best Value
DNA My Dog Breed ID Test Kit
Embark Dog DNA Test
Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test
Coastline Global CheckUp at Home Wellness Test for Dogs