Best Dog Dryer Reviews 2023

Drying your cute little furkid yourself would be a hard pass for you if it wasn't necessary. But the right dog dryer can make a huge difference between the last drying experience you had and the next one you’re going to have. To assist you, we have reviewed five top makers of the best dog dryers there are. If our featured products don't work for you, then by all means browse the other collections these brands offer.
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Air Volume
Our Top Choice
Metrovac AirForce Commander Pet Dryer
Metrovac lets you enjoy quality drying equipment, thanks to its hard work in manufacturing and service delivery.
6-feet hose for hard-to-reach areas. 12-foot cord. Does not use heating device. Blows high-powered cool air.
Tends to start blowing lukewarm air after motor has warmed up for a while.
With long hose and nozzle
Info not provided
12 x 7 x 7 inches; 6 lbs
Best Value
XPOWER B-3 Groom Force Dog Dryer
By capitalizing on its decades of experience, XPOWER combines cutting-edge technology with skilled personnel to develop an array of mind-blowing equipment.
Two-in-one equipment: dryer and vacuum. Four nozzles for controlling airflow. Silent motor. Adjustable air speed. Six-foot hose and 10-foot cord for convenient use.
Airflow too powerful for some pets even at the lowest setting.
2-speed switch
2 HP
100 CFM
13 x 6 x 9 inches; 8.2 lbs
K-9 III Dog Grooming Dryer/Blower
K-9 keeps improving by thinking ahead and forging relationships that afford it the resources to come up with winning products.
10-foot hose. Two air filters to control airflow. Blower tips that operate with the motors for variable blowing power.
A little heavier than most dryers.
Handheld; mountable
2 blower tips
Info not provided
118 CFM
21 x 15 x 10 inches, 31.8 lbs
Flying Pig Grooming Stand Dog Dryer
With Flying Pig Grooming, you are assured of quality, safe products made to meet your fan-related needs swiftly and efficiently.
Control panels to regulate settings. Stand for convenient placement. 10-foot hose. Durable steel shell.
High velocity might be too much for little pets.
2 nozzles and 1 filter
4 HP
240 CFM
50 x 27.2 x 27.2 inches; 28.7 lbs
B-Air ¼ HP Airmovers Pet Dryer
Every B-Air product is made with painstaking deliberateness at every step of the manufacturing process to deliver a high standard of quality.
Compact. Lightweight for easy portability. No heating element included. Room temperature air prevents pet discomfort.
Requires an additional drying kit for best airflow control (optional though).
Cage dryer
Brushless; no heating element
¼ HP
375 CFM
10 x 10 x 8.5 inches; 11 lbs

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What is the Best Dog Dryer?

Grooming, and consequently, drying your pet is absolutely necessary if you want to keep your house from turning into a dirty water slide, and if you want to keep your pet clean, warm and toasty, especially during the winter. We know that your love for your dog will make you want to know if there’s a type of dryer that’s best for your dog. The best dog dryer for your home depends on your pet's fur type and temperament, so different dogs will do best with different types.
Our Top Choice
Why not increase playtime with your pup by using the Metrovac AirForce Commander Pet Dryer? It has a 4HP motor that gives you a powerful gust of air to dry your dog’s fur in record time. Need a steel dryer, with air speed control and easily replaceable air filters? Then check out the Metrovac AirForce Steel Commander Variable Speed Dog Dryer.

Metrovac AirForce Commander Professional Pet Dryer with Variable Speed Adjustments – Available in Multiple Sizes & Colors

Metrovac was founded in 1939 by vacuum cleaner salesman Israel Stern and his wife, Pearl. It has since grown from selling and refurbishing vacuum cleaners to manufacturing its own line of vacuum cleaners, and AirForce Commander dog dryers. These products have proven to be terrific in both quality and price. With over 80 decades of doing right by its customers, Metrovac has earned its place as a leader in its field.

Are we impressed by the Metrovac AirForce Commander Pet Dryer? Of course we are! This elite pet dryer is just what your pet needs for a fluffy, gorgeous coat. This dryer cuts down drying and grooming time down by two-thirds! Now you and your pup have more time to play. The AirForce Commander boasts a hard-working motor with 4.0 HP. With this motor power, you’re sure of a powerful gush of air that’s effective in drying your pup’s fur faster than you can imagine. Since it doesn't use hot air, it will dry your pet's fur without drying it out.

With the replaceable air filter, you can tremendously improve air flow for faster drying speed. This also contributes to cutting down on your total grooming time. Now your dog can have enough time to be a dog, and a neat one at that!

Although this dryer delivers high power, much like a large commercial dryer, it is easy to operate. It is so compact and lightweight that it can sit comfortably on your table, and your table won’t even budge. Placing it horizontally or vertically works just fine. The six-foot hose gives you room enough to dry every single part of your dog’s coat, hard-to-reach or not.

The 12-foot cord allows you the luxury of plugging in your dryer anywhere at all while you work. Storing is also simple with the Velcro wrap that comes with this dryer.

The Metrovac AirForce Commander Pet Dryer also comes with an air concentrator, an air flare tool, and a grooming rake, to cut down on grooming time and improve the experience for you and your dog.
Best Value
Its XPOWER Force Dog Dryer, with its excellent 2HP motor, produces a powerful airspeed that’s both silent and adjustable at two different speed levels. This gives you total control and puts your pet at ease. Would you prefer a more portable, lightweight option with powerful air pressure and volume at a more affordable price? Have a look at the XPOWER B-55 - 2 HP Portable Home Dog Dryer.

XPOWER B-3 Mobile Groom Force Pet Dryer with 2HP Motor, 6-Foot Hose & 10-Foot Cord – Available in 5 Power Options

XPOWER has a wealth of experience that it has amassed over the past 25 years by doing what it knows how to do best. With its team of highly intelligent engineers, XPOWER has embraced open-mindedness, creativity, and innovation in coming up with the best kinds of integrated motors, fans, and related products. With its customer service team, customers are always assured of first-class treatment while their issues are being addressed comprehensively.

The XPOWER Force Dog Dryer is an 8-amp, 2-in1 device that also doubles as a vacuum to clean up any mess post-grooming. This is a silent dryer, which is great for nervous pets. Many pets feel uneasy with all the hum ‘n’ drum of grooming equipment. But with this dryer, you don't have to worry about that.

The motor produces a powerful airflow that you can control easily. The airflow comes in two speeds, which can be alternated for an optimum drying job. You wouldn’t want to be blasting your furkid’s face with a violent gust of air, would you? This dryer takes care of that. For even better air flow, this dryer comes with four different nozzles that can be easily adjusted at any time you deem fit. This way air flows out the way you and your dog like it.

For convenience, this pet dryer comes with a six-foot hose, which means that no part of your pet will be left undried. You can twist, turn, and bend the hose to do your bidding. And the 2HP motor ensures that all this is done in a snap! (One customer actually said he got his dog dried with this device in slightly under 30 minutes!)

The power cord is long enough to enable this device to be used from anywhere at all. It no longer matters where your power strip is. The 10-foot cord lets you and your pet stay in your favorite place.

With the compactness of the XPOWER Force Dog Dryer, storage isn't a problem, as this equipment will fit just about anywhere. And did we tell you that it is also lightweight?
The K-9 III Dog Dryer gives you the choice of working with either one or two motors for different blowing powers unique to your current drying need. This thing puts you in charge! Would you prefer a dryer with full air control from 0% to 100%, a 10-foot hose, and two nozzles and filters? Consider the K-9 III Variable Speed Dog\/Pet Grooming Dryer.

K-9 III Dog Grooming Dryer/Blower with 2 Motors for Different Blowing Power - Available in Multiple Colors

K-9 is well-known for high-quality fans and fan-related products. It keeps customers and competitors alike guessing as to what line of products it'll come up with next. This is largely due to its keen eye for futuristic tech and trends. By capping all these with affordable pricing and a customer-centric approach to business, K-9 is becoming an industry leader of its time.

A dog dryer that comes with a one- or two-power option is incredible, and the K-9 III Dog Dryer is an incredible device.
With its unique choice of using just one motor (for light duty blowing) or using both (for a powerful airflow), this dryer stands out from the pack. Drying time with this device is drastically reduced if you combine the air pressure and volume produced.

This dryer comes with two blower tips that work together, depending on the nature of drying you’ll be doing at a particular time. There are also two air filters to control the volume of air being let out. With the 10-foot hose, there is literally no place that this dryer cannot reach on your dog. The K-9 III weighs about 30 pounds, but it is quite sturdy and balanced, so the chances of an accidental tip-over are quite small.

This dryer is for heavy-coated dogs, as stated clearly by the manufacturer. The air pressure will (literally) sweep your small dog off its feet.
The Flying Pig Stand Grooming Dryer has a resilient motor that produces high-velocity airflow, so you finish grooming with enough time left to spare for a game of fetch! If you’d prefer a high-velocity dryer that cuts grooming time by 60%, and has two airspeed and two heat settings, get Flying Pig's Flying Simple Dog Cat Pet Force Dryer With Heater.

Flying Pig Grooming Stand Dog and Pet Dryer with Single Motor – Available in Multiple Colors

Flying Pig Grooming has successfully mastered the craft of making grooming equipment, and glowing testimonials from satisfied customers prove this point. It consistently churns out products that reflect its commitment to staying ahead of the trend and bringing the future to its customers. Its fantastic team of professionals also offers quality customer service.

The Flying Pig Stand Grooming Dryer has got everything you’ll ever need in a convenient, swift, and efficient dryer. This product is built to last. It comes with a steel shell, and we all know how steel is impervious to anything. Not only will your dryer stay with you a long time, it will maintain its luster—if you do your part, that is. Because it is made of steel, cleaning will also be a breeze with this device.

At about 28 pounds, this isn’t exactly the lightest machine around, but the manufacturers have thought of everything. The dryer comes with a stand for a secure and convenient placement. You don’t have to worry about your table caving under the weight, because the dryer looks out for itself just fine.

You can check “convenience of use” off your list, because this product features 360-degree rotating nozzles, a tiltable head, and a 10-foot hose! This dryer allows you to effortlessly reach every inch of your doggie with delicious warm air. Because Flying Pig Grooming understands the individuality of dogs and their owners, it has also included a control panel on this machine. Now you can customize settings to suit your dog’s tastes.

This device cuts drying time in half with a really rugged motor that generates air at a high velocity (adjustable at the control panel). Your pooch will get a good drying in record time, and then both of you can head out for some real natural air that isn’t mechanically generated.

If your furkid is a little one, you might want to be careful that they don’t get blown away by all that air. This dryer is a beast! In a nice way, though.
The B-Air Airmovers Pet Dryer reaffirms its commitment to the wellness of your pet by delivering quiet, high-powered air at a soothing room temperature that’s just right for your pup’s coat. To get a more rugged dryer with non-skid feet for a more secure placement, and low amperage, order the B-Air Airmovers Grizzly Dryer.

B-Air ¼ HP Airmovers Pet Dryer without Heating Element – CUB ETL Approved – Available in Multiple Colors

When you need equipment that will control water damage, dry your carpets, blow up your inflatables, or even dry your pets, B-Air is the way to go. At this company, every product comes to life as a result of thorough designing and manufacturing. Hours of care and paying attention to the little things at every step of production means a line of products that are durable, effective, and different. B-Air offers its services to its customers with a finesse that’s made possible by its hard-working and charming customer service team.

The B-Air Airmovers Pet Dryer is a great product that operates maximally, yet really quietly. Your pets do not have to be perturbed by noise, especially since that can make them uneasy and excited, making grooming long and tiring. With the blowing power of this dryer, grooming time is cut, or more like Ninja slashed, in half! The air volume and pressure add up to deliver a high-powered blow that’ll get your dog’s coat shiny and fluffy in no time flat.

It contains no heating element, so there's no risk it could singe your dog’s fur or hurt its coat. The dryer uses room temperature air, so your dog gets dry quickly but painlessly and without any adverse effect.

This amazing device is compact and lightweight, and it won’t take up usable space on your table while you groom your dog. Storing the device is equally easy as it will fit just about anywhere.

You might want to complement your dryer with an optional drying kit, which helps with adjusting airflow. But if your pup loves the tornado, then by all means blow away and don’t bother.

How Do I Choose the Best Dog Dryer?

It's not adorable when your adorable canine marches down the hallway dripping water all over the clean carpet after being washed. When out on a walk, some dogs will even make it a point of duty to find the deepest and dirtiest puddle and splash! They'll track that dirt onto your newly washed car floor mats and every other place that is remotely clean. They'll even have the nerve to guilt trip you with their puppy dog eyes!

Considering the fact that grooming should be done fairly regularly, a dryer should be a familiar item in any pet owner's home. You may be wondering: “Why can’t I just use my hair dryer?” Human hair dryers are too hot for your furkid, and they are painfully slow.

“Well, if I can’t use my dryer, then can’t I just let it air-dry?” Air-drying only works if your pet is not very furry. But that’s not even a solid caveat because come winter, that caveat will turn into a cavern that’ll swallow up your dog in a blanket of coldness if you are not careful. Get a dog dryer instead. It’s a much safer option.

There are other benefits of drying with a dryer besides keeping your dog dry and warm, and keeping your home neat. Drying every other time with a dryer keeps your dog’s fur from developing dry, bald spots. It also keeps away fleas and allergens that can make your dog sick. Don’t forget that having your own dog dryer saves you a ton of money in professional grooming fees!
Contrary to the popular notion that dog dryers are too costly for the average home, there are many affordable ones. True enough, there are high-end ones that cost a lot, but that's if you’re seeking to buy a certain brand name, or some sophisticated machine with a relatively high power motor and one or two other unique features. The price range for good dog dryers is something between $150 (basic dryer) and $400+ (for all the bells and whistles). Don't get a cheap dog dryer. It may burn your dog with all that hot air, and it'll be likely to break down in less than half a year of use.
You'll want to ensure that your dog doesn’t get roasted by any dryer you end up purchasing. Here, we will list and explain a few things to look out for before you make a purchase. Deal? Great! Here goes:
  • Type
  • Durability
  • Storability
  • Air Flow
  • Variable Speed
  • Quality of Hose
  • Motor
  • Filters: ease of cleaning
  • Temperature
  • CFM
Construction and Design
Dryers come in different shapes and sizes, and types, and functions, so you might want to familiarize yourself with the types before making a choice.

Handheld dryers are typically lightweight. They are also pretty mobile, so you can move them into different positions without stress. Don’t expect too much from them by way of performance, though. Low pressure dryers are usually mounted on a stand or placed in a cage. They do not blow air with a large amount of force, so they might be just perfect for anxious pets. Forced-air dryers operate with a gust of wind in every sense of the word. Usually, they come as a handheld nozzle operating from a motor that’s usually on the floor.

Avoid any metallic-based dog dryer. These types of dryers can rust, and the construction can even worsen the sound of the motor with all the irritating rattling. Your pets will not like that at all.

You'll want to have a dryer with a quality hose. If you can, get a dryer that comes with a hose that’s heavy-duty and spiral wound, because those last longer. They can withstand the pressure from the blasting air, and the heat too. If you must save, please do and get those types. Replacing hoses isn’t exactly fun.
Performance and Ease of Use
You'll need a dryer that blows air with enough pressure to get the water molecules off your dog’s coat without adversely affecting its skin. So when you’re shopping, think high pressure, low heat.

You don’t always have to get a variable speed dryer. If you have just one breed of dog, that has one type of fur, a single speed dryer will most likely suffice. If you have dogs of different breeds, you need a variable speed dryer, because you can adjust the speed to fit the type of fur you’re dealing with at each moment.

If you can splurge, though, get a variable speed regardless of the breed you groom. It's usually a much quieter option, and you will always have the advantage of versatility should anything pop up—like love at first sight with a darling stray dog you meet on your way home from work.

You already know that hot air will damage your dog’s skin and coat. As the motor continues to work, it tends to give off its own heat. It is just wise to get a dryer that does not come with a heating element. Cool air is best, but you don't want a dryer that goes higher than room temperature.

While most brands claim that their dryers carry a high horsepower, this doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things. A high horsepower requires a corresponding high amperage of at least 30 amps, but the highest an average dog dryer can boast of is 12 amps. Horsepower does not really affect the efficiency of your dryer.

The CFM, or Cubic Feet per Minute, tells you how fast your dryer will blow and, ultimately, how many hours you’ll spend drying your dog. Check for it in the manufacturer’s description of the product. It can make the difference between a snappy grooming and drudgery.

No dog dryer can be fully silent. But don’t get a dryer with a motor that makes lots of noise. Generally, a dryer with a metal shell will produce more noise than one made of polymer, which has the ability to absorb sound.

Be sure that the filters are easily removable without the use of any tools, for quick and easy cleaning.

Get the Best Dog Dryer of 2023!

Now that finding the right dog dryer appears a lot less daunting, thanks to your patience in studying our buying guide, you can go on to our reviews with the confidence of a savvy shopper!

Our Top Choice
Metrovac AirForce Commander Pet Dryer
Best Value
XPOWER B-3 Groom Force Dog Dryer
K-9 III Dog Grooming Dryer/Blower
Flying Pig Grooming Stand Dog Dryer
B-Air ¼ HP Airmovers Pet Dryer