Best Dog Gate Reviews 2023

Have you ever wanted to quarantine your kitchen because your dog keeps nabbing your food or corral your pregnant Golden Retriever because she’s about to birth a litter of fluffy fur babies? If you’ve ever wished your dogs could read (and understand) a KEEP OUT! sign, then chances are, you’re in desperate need of a dog gate. Luckily, we’ve just come up with our top five reviews of the very best dog gates, and we’ve found some quality products that have lots of funky features and trendy designs. Our featured brands have other top-quality products, so make sure to check them out if the pet gates in this review don’t pique your interest.
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Extra Info
Our Top Choice
Four Paws Décor Expanding Gate
Four Paws has shown its commitment over the decades to the production of high quality pet products. It is a member of many known pet associations.
Locks well without loose ends. Elegant, versatile, flexible and opens to give more or less space as you need.
It is not suitable for larger pets.
Expanding decorative gate
26.2 x 25.5 x 3 inches; 4.5lbs
Confines pets in homes
Free movement to different rooms
Best Value
Kleeger Wooden Pet Gate
Kleeger is known to manufacture quality pet gates that come in elegant designs.
Easy no-tools set up. Multifunctional. Easily adjustable up to 45 inches wide. Folds for storage. Easy to move.
Not suitable for larger pets.
Foldable & Freestanding
47.5 x 0.8 x 19 inches; 7lbs
Multiple use
Indoor home and office use
Richell Elite Pet Gate
When it comes to excellent craftsmanship, attention to detail, innovative products and excellent customer service, Richell is the brand to lookout for.
It is very easy to set up without tools and can serve different purposes. Gates can be locked.
Panels do not have adjustable feet like the gates.
Convertible Elite
197.5 x 0.8 x 31.5 inches; 49.5lbs 
Designed to confine pets safely
Wire top 
Regalo Walk Thru Gate
Regalo product lines are driven by three core components: safety, simplicity and security.
Durable material. Wider play area. Removable panels. Great safety locking design. User friendly.
The gate opening is small for bigger folks
Walk through gate
40 x 2 x 41 inches;12.9lbs
Keeps pets in one part of a home
6-inch extension kit
Carlson Pet Products Lil Tuffy Pet Gate
Carlson prides itself as the originator of pet gates. Its classic designs of various pet gates include durable, non-toxic, all-steel and patented pet doors.
This gate is metallic, built to last, and easy to step over if you need to cross over quickly.
This gate will not hold back larger pets from jumping over.
Expandable gate
42 x 1 x 18 inches; 5lbs
Versatile expandable pet gate
Compact design for light travel

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What is the Best Dog Gate?

We believe our guide has extensively explained all you’ll need to know in order to select a great dog gate. So, without further ado, let’s rush down and see what’s trending among dog gates today. Come with us!
Our Top Choice
The Décor Expanding Gate by Four Paws has a beautiful wood design that will blend easily with your home décor. It is very flexible and versatile; great for small pet households. If this featured gate doesn’t do it for you and you prefer something made of metal, you can check out the Metal Auto Closing Dog Gate.

Four Paws Wood Expanding Decorative Gate - 26-42 x 24"

Four Paws has been in the business of manufacturing high quality pet products since 1970. Furthermore, it is committed to the greater wellbeing of pets and pet owners. Its long list of membership with reputable associations in the industry attests to this. Not just committed to quality products, Four Paws ensures a great customer service and goes the extra mile to test all products for both owner and pet usability.

The Four Paws Décor Expanding Gate is ideal for small pet households. It has a beautiful wood finishing that matches your home furniture and the gate is easy to set up. Following are some of its other features:
  • Versatile as it’s easily expandable from 26 to 42 inches for a wide range of uses
  • Flexible since you can move it move from place to place easily
  • Elegant design that doesn’t have the usual look of other pet gates
  • Easy to set up and does not require tools to assemble
  • Beautiful design that blends with most home décor
  • Locks well without loose ends
Best Value
The Kleeger Wooden Pet Gate covers a wider area because of its long length. It unfolds into a “Z” pattern with one sure goal: limiting the access area of your pets and also keeping them out of trouble. If this wooden pet gate is not what you want, you can check out the Kleeger freestanding pet gates, suitable for smaller, less aggressive pets.

Kleeger Folding and Freestanding Decorative Wooden Dog Gate for Indoor Use

Kleeger is known to manufacture quality pet gates that are simple, elegant and user friendly. If you want a great pet gate that gets the job done without any fuss, then you simply can’t go wrong with Kleeger.

The Kleeger Wooden Pet Gate is designed to unfold quickly in a “Z” pattern. It restricts your pets to a defined area. This wooden pet gate requires no set up and is simple to use. Its extended length ensures that more areas can be covered. Its other features include:
  • It is easy to set up – you don’t need any tools
  • Multifunctional – suitable for blocking a wide range of entrances and restrict pets to particular areas
  • Easily adjustable – fits openings up to 45 inches wide
  • Compact – folds easily for storage when not in use
  • Lightweight – easy to move
This wooden pet gate not only restricts your pets but protects them from harm.
The Elite Pet Gate is a multipurpose unit. It converts to a pen, a freestanding gate or even a room divider to cater for growing pets. Don’t want a multipurpose unit but a simple free standing gate? Check out the Richell Wood Freestanding Gate. It fits well into hallways and allows for easy walk-over.

Richell 3-in-1 Convertible Elite Pet Gate – Available with 4 or 6 Panels

Winners of the “Editor’s Choice Award” for four consecutive years, Richell has distinguished itself as a formidable and reliable manufacturer of quality and innovative pet products. It is focused on a great customer experience and has full time customer support (NOT part timers – that’s the kind of value it places on its customers). Its commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail has no match; little wonder it has landed four awards won back to back.

The Richell Elite Pet Gate is an amazing freestanding gate that has multipurpose uses as it can fold into a pen, block hallways and serve as room dividers. It also comes in three different heights, making it suitable for a wider range of pets. Listed below are some of its other features:
  • It has a 3-in-1 height
  • It has optional panels for various size settings
  • Gate doors can be locked
  • Requires no tools to set up
You will find it serves more purposes than other pet gates.
The Regalo Walk Thru Gate is well-built, strong, allows for quick installation and can also be attached to the wall. If you want a wider play area for your pets, check out The Regalo Extra Walk Thru if this featured one doesn’t do it for you.

Regalo Easy Step Extra Tall Walk Thru Gate

Being a family owned and centered company places Regalo in the best position to understand the concept of safety in its product lines. Regalo designs every-day-use products and strives for both quality and safety. Every product it releases encapsulates its three core values: Safety, Simplicity and Security.

The Regalo Walk Thru Gate allows for a wide play area and can be made into a variety of shapes and sizes to suit various user intents including serving as a blockage to “dangerous” no-go zones in the home. Here are some of its other features:
  • Removable panels, making it easy for you to adjust size for particular uses or spaces
  • Good safety locking design, ensuring that your pets don’t stray from their restricted area
  • Wide coverage area, giving your pets a wider space to express themselves
  • Durable design makes it last long
  • User friendly, it is easy to set up or remove
This product is certified by the Juvenile Products Association.
The Lil Tuffy Pet Gate is versatile and expandable. Its metallic design makes it durable and preferable to other plastic or wooden doors that are not chew-proof. Do you prefer a pet gate with a small door? Check out the Carlson Design Studio Walk Thru Gate that comes with a small pet door.

Carlson Pet Products Lil' Tuffy Expandable Gate with Small Pet Door

You will always find the quote “Carlson Pet Products started when we realized pet gates didn’t exist” any time you look up Carlson’s profile. This is its bragging right in the market, and Carlson shows by its diligence that it won’t lose pride in being a top innovator in the pet care industry. This is further validated by its wide array of durable, all-steel, non-toxic and patented pet doors.

The Lil Tuffy Pet Gate is designed to be chew-proof and non-toxic. It comes with a rubber-padded base that makes it scuff-free on your walls. This gate is expandable and locks securely.
Find below some other amazing features of this gate:
  • Patented pet doors
  • Easy to mount, requires no assembly
  • Sturdy, all steel body
  • Expandable to cover a wider area from 26 to 42 inches
  • Mini door for easy passage of small pets
You don’t need to worry about making holes in your walls when setting up this gate.

How Do I Choose the Best Dog Gate?

If you speak to any pet parent, they’ll be quick to agree that their pets are family. In fact, many individuals feel that their fur babies are their kids! As with children, pets are highly dependent on us for care, provision and protection. But, as animal folk, we love them so much that we’re willing to do anything and everything to make sure they’re happy, healthy and comfortable. Sometimes, with more aggressive dogs, we must be firm, and that means we use a shock collar to minimize any troublesome behavior. Other times, depending on the breed, we’re able to be less severe and keep them safe with an invisible fence. The point is, as owners, we just want to keep them out of harm’s way and protected.

Now, there are times when our beloved pets can transform into pesky pooches. If they’re not running up and down the stairs at a break-neck speed, they’re vaulting off the sofa as though it’s a trampoline. Aside from destroying your precious pull-out couch beyond repair, Mr. Fluffy can find himself equally accidented. As Mr. Fluffy’s owner, you certainly wouldn’t want that.

The truth is, you can’t tie a dog down and expect them not to move around. Animals, particularly dogs, need exercise and fresh air. And so, just like your cat’s innate need to scratch the furniture, you simply mange it. Once you manage your canine’s energy levels, you’ll both feel better!

Actually, all that running, jumping and troublemaking is a sign that your dog is normal and healthy. However, that energy can lead them into questionable situations, so it’s vital to have some form of control. The last thing you want is a visit from your local police to ticket you because Brutus the Bulldog somehow escaped and went in search of that yipping Chihuahua two doors down.

When it comes down to it, pet owners need a dog gate installed in their house for many reasons. Aside from being an inexpensive way to keep your home safe for your pet, it’s also a stylish, painless way to keep them in a designated area. Obviously, you want to purchase a high-quality product, but, oftentimes, it isn’t so straight-forward.

There are door gates for just about any type of situation. Some are available for specific sized breeds while others adapt to households that have several dogs of varying sizes. There are gates designated for outdoor or indoor use while others allow for different living spaces. The great thing is, if you stick with us, then we’ll explain everything you’ll ever need to know about these multipurpose, versatile dog gates. Let’s go!
So, how much will a good dog gate cost? Typically, a quality product will cost you anywhere from $30 to $200, though some models can cost more. Why do they differ so greatly in price? Well, this is mainly due to the type of material, quality of construction, and other added functions. Normally, metal and wood are pricier than plastic and PVC. Plus, if the gate you’re opting for is the multipurpose type, meaning it can also function as a playpen or room divider, for example, then it will definitely cost you more.

Cheap dog gates aren’t the best option even if you don’t have much cash to spare. Instead, you’re better off saving up to invest in a quality dog gate. The major problem with cheap dog gates is their durability. They get destroyed pretty quickly either from impact or exposure to the elements. In the end, you’d have to spend more money on a new dog gate because the last one didn’t hold up. Suddenly, buying cheap doesn’t look so budget-friendly anymore.
We’re going to quickly look at the different features you’ll need to consider before deciding on a dog gate. Check them out:
  • Material and size of the gate
  • Your dog’s size
  • Set up and installation
  • Portability
  • What part of the house do you want cordoned off?
Let’s get into the details already!
Construction and Design
Usually, dog gates are made from four main materials: wood, plastic, PVC, and metal. Although wood is generally sturdier than plastic and PVC, this type of gate must have a finishing coat before it can be utilized, especially if it will stay outdoors. If the wood isn’t properly finished, then it will most certainly deteriorate. So, with prolonged exposure to the elements, your barricade will become completely useless.

Plastic and PVC gates are less expensive, but they’re not ideal for large, muscular dogs. As these materials are very lightweight, big dogs can easily knock them down. Plastic and PVC gates work best indoors for smaller, less aggressive pets. However, the biggest advantage these gates offer is their easy upkeep.

Metal dog gates are similar to wood ones as they are strong and require a surface coating. However, in the case of metal materials, the finishing layer prevents corrosion. As metal is much stronger than wood, it makes for an excellent indoor or outdoor gate and works well for large or aggressive dogs.

When it comes to height, these gates vary somewhere between 2 feet 6 inches tall and 3 feet 6 inches tall. The gate you will purchase depends on the size of your dog. Essentially, the shorter or taller the dog, the shorter or taller the gate.
Performance and Ease of Use
Dog gates are fairly straightforward to set up, though it does depend on the model. Even if you’re not a handy, DIYer, you shouldn’t have an issue assembling or mounting one. But, before purchasing a gate, you’ll have to measure the entrance of the area you wish to block off from your dog.

Some dog gates are spring-mounted while others are wall-mounted. If you’d like a model that’s both easy to install and quick to remove, then you should be looking at spring-mounted gates.
Wall-mounted types, on the other hand, are more permanent fixtures that require hardware for mounting. If you’re not naturally handy, this may present a problem. Yet, because of its sturdier mounting system, this type of gate keeps stronger dogs from knocking them over.

Regardless of the type of mounting system, you’ll need to ensure that your gate is tall enough to keep your dog from jumping over its top edge. Also, to prevent your dog from squeezing through the slats, select a gate with parts that are sure to keep your pet in place.

Now, let’s assess the part of your house that will be cordoned off:

Outdoors: If your dog gate will be used outdoors to keep your dog fenced in or within the boundaries of the patio, then you’ll need a sturdy model that’s durable and weather-resistant.

Indoors: For indoor use, you’ll require a model that sets up easily without necessarily leaving marks and holes that could ruin your walls. There are also many ways to match your gate with your theme décor as gates come with different finishes and designs.
What about the size of your dog?

For small to average sized dogs, you shouldn’t have a problem finding an appropriate gate. On the other hand, finding the right gate for an extra-large breed may pose a bit of a challenge. Although manufacturers do carry dog gates specifically made for bigger sized dogs, the issue is that those sizes simply won’t work for extra-large dog breeds.

Now, depending on the amount of time you’ll need to block off your space and the aggressiveness of your dog, you can choose to go for either a free-standing or a wall-mounted gate. Calm pets might not require a wall-mounted one, but aggressive pooches will most likely need this model. Also, if your gate is going to be up for a while, then consider the wall-mounted type.

Another pertinent question to ask is: what should I do if I have two completely different sized dogs? Should you have both a large and small pet, but would like the smaller pet to be able to roam while the larger one stays put, then go for a gate with a small walk-through access door. This way, you don’t have to keep helping your smaller pooch over the gate every single time he wants to go for a walk around the house, which might be several times a day. In this case, the gate should be wall-mounted to prevent your massive Bernese Mountain Dog from toppling it over when he attempts to follow your teacup Chihuahua through the small access door.

Finally, if your intension is to travel with your pet, then you should consider a lightweight, freestanding dog gate. The great thing about these models are, they’re convenient and portable while being sturdy.

Get the Best Dog Gate of 2023!

Now that you have taken the time to go through these reviews, we hope you have become better informed and can now place that order with confidence.

Our Top Choice
Four Paws Décor Expanding Gate
Best Value
Kleeger Wooden Pet Gate
Richell Elite Pet Gate
Regalo Walk Thru Gate
Carlson Pet Products Lil Tuffy Pet Gate