Best Dog Grooming Table Reviews 2022

If you’ve ever groomed a wiggly pup by yourself, then you probably know that not all dogs like it. Even worse, when they have grown stronger, handling them along with grooming equipment can be both difficult and risky. This shouldn’t hold you back, especially with some of the best dog grooming table brands in the market by your side. So, if your pup turns around when you’re trying to wash her back, it’s time to outsmart her!
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Our Top Choice
Go Pet Club Pet Grooming Table
Go Pet Club is the leader in a variety of pet furniture products, and its great prices have brought it to the top in its industry.
Nonslip for proper traction and control. Has adjustable arm. Easy to clean. Loop to keep pet in place.
It will need a few knots on the loop for small dogs.
Folds up
31 x 24 x 36 inches
Adjustable up to 40 inches
Non-slip, static free, rustproof
Best Value
Master Equipment Pet Grooming Table
Master Equipment has held onto its commitment to offer leading pet supplies in the market. This has seen it on the frontline as one of the largest pet care suppliers.
Circular base. Rotates for easy access. Loop and arm. Versatile for use in different places.
When transporting it will need ample space due to its size.
Rotates as you work
18.8 x 18.5 x 4.8 inches
¾-inch square-tube grooming arm
Non-slip, easy-clean
Flying Pig Heavy Duty Grooming Table
Flying Pig Grooming produces quality pet-related products, some of which include grooming dryers, grooming tables, bath tubs, and professional cages.
Comfortable, non-slip bone shape. Easy to set up and fold. Has a removable arm. Rustproof outer rim.
Needs regular checks on the screws.
38 x 22 x 31.5 inches
Foldable and adjustable
Non-slip, hard rubber table top
BestPet Adjustable Dog Grooming Table
BestPet is among the most innovative pet product suppliers in the industry, traced to the company’s 15 years’ experience in retail market and design development in pet supplies.
Solid steel frame. Easy to fold. Universal clamp. Fairly versatile.
Not great for very big dogs, and can’t handle a lot of strain.
Folds down
32 x 24 x 30 inches
Adjustable up to 30 inches
Static-free, ribbed rubber
Pingkay Dog Show Fold Grooming Table
Pingkay has been keen on ensuring a wide range of quality products for customers, which has been essential to its top position in the market.
Non-stick top for easy cleaning. Deluxe edging for stability. Foldable legs for mobile use. Basket included.
Basket might take up space for your legs. .
Folding legs
36 x 24 x 27 inches
Adjustable up to 28 inches
Anti-slip rubber table surface

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What is the Best Dog Grooming Table?

What makes a dog grooming table the best? It’s the construction, size, and level of comfort it will offer your pet. You don’t want to get a grooming table that will immediately put your dog off. It’s the reason we have a list of five of the best dog grooming tables that are out there; each offers you a unique feature and style. Now that you’re aware of the features to look out for, you can easily identify one that will agree with your décor and budget, and accommodate your fur friend.
Our Top Choice
The Go Pet Club Pet Grooming Table is nonslip for the needed traction and control, enhancing safety for both you and your furry friend when grooming. If you’re looking for a dog grooming table that can rotate 360 degrees for better control, then check out the Go Pet Club 22 In. Diameter Dog Grooming Table with Arm.

Go Pet Club Black Pet Dog Grooming Table with Arm — Available in 4 Sizes

Go Pet Club has seen advances in the market due to its passion for customer service. This has to do with advice about products and assistance on business matters, too. Its products are also unique, thanks to its devotion to consistent designing and production of new items. If you’re in need of anything for your beloved pet, this is a brand you won’t regret going to.

Something that stands out about this Go Pet Club Pet Grooming Table is that you can use it virtually anywhere around the house, thanks to the rubber-capped feet that keep the table in place. This isn’t all it has to offer, as it comes with an array of other impressive qualities that you cannot afford to miss out on.

Here are some of these features:
  • At 36 inches, this grooming table is large enough to create room for your pet, which also goes a long way in enhancing his safety.
  • More impressive is the arm too; it’s pretty sturdy and adjustable. This gives you the room to set it right for your convenience.
  • The table is also portable, with quick folding. Along with its light weight, this feature makes its transportation easy.
  • Its adjustable loop means the size of your dog’s neck won’t be a reason to worry; you only need to do some adjusting to get the job done.
If the 36-inch isn’t a good fit for your dog, not to worry; the dog grooming table comes in four sizes from 30 to 48 inches.
Best Value
The Master Equipment Pet Grooming Table rests on a circular (and colorful!) base, and is held in place by rubber feet for safety and ease of use. If you’re a professional groomer looking for an arm that will secure the dog while grooming, then check out the Master Equipment Zinc Plated Overhead Pet Grooming Arm.

Master Equipment Pet Grooming Table for Pets – Available in 3 Colors

Master Equipment focuses on offering better customer service and more innovation to enhance creativity in the pet products industry—all this to rise to the top. The company boasts over six decades of success from its long-lasting partnerships with others in the industry; and now finding new strategies for profit and growth potential is its next line of action.

The Master Equipment Pet Grooming Table’s nonslip surface is one of the best features when it comes to safety, so you don’t have to worry about risks involved with your pet’s instability on the tabletop. What’s more, this grooming table comes with other exciting features you should check out as well.

Some of the features that make this table unique include the following:
  • This table comes with rubber feet, making it easier to place the table at different locations without worrying about it slipping and injuring your dog when you’re not looking.
  • Another thing you cannot afford to miss out on is the loop that helps keep your pup in position during her grooming. With this little motivation, her behavior can be put under check (it even matches the table’s color!).
  • This table also features an arm to keep your dog from wiggling around and falling off. You don’t want to miss this if your pet is quite naughty.
  • It features the ability to rotate, so that you can always have easier access to your dog during grooming.
  • This table is easy to clean, and can also be used anywhere you have access to a flat surface.
If purple didn’t tickle your fancy, how about getting the dog grooming table in either blue or black?
The Flying Pig Grooming Heavy Duty Grooming Table showcases a nonslip bone-shaped texture, is available in three colors, and its outer rim is rustproof. If you’re looking for a small grooming table that can support up to 50 pounds, then check out the Flying Pig Grooming Mini Size Portable Dog Grooming Table.

Flying Pig Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Bone Pattern Grooming Table with Arm/Noose – Available in 3 Sizes & 3 Colors

Flying Pig Grooming has been in the leading line when it comes to offering perfect customer service and commitment to providing the best value at the most reasonable prices. This has been not only ideal for pet product retailers, but also for customers seeking to save money with the purchase of these items.

If you care about the safety of both you and your pet, then this table’s solid non-slippery top will give you just that, even when your dog’s paws are a bit wet. And it’s far from over; this Flying Pig Grooming Heavy Duty Grooming Table comes with rather impressive features that you need to see.

For one, this table offers ample room for your dog, so she can lay down while you’re grooming her. Following, it’s good to know that it also features a good deal of heft, making it stable enough to withstand medium and large dogs. This stability comes from its stainless-steel frame, which also doubles as a way to keep your table rust-free.

But even a durable table has little advantage over a grooming-time-hating dog; that’s where this table’s loop and nonslip rubber surface come into play, keeping him both in place and less likely to fall off. An additional safety and comfort feature this table possesses is a strong and durable arm—basically a must-have if you have a fussy pet! The dog grooming table comes in orange, black, or blue, and in three different sizes so there’s something just for you and your pooch.

Why not give this feature-loaded table a try?
The BestPet Large Adjustable Dog Grooming Table with Arm/Noose has a sheer sturdiness and solid steel frame, making it ideal for both light and medium-sized pets. Also get the BestPet Heavy Duty Pet Playpen; you can easily set it up outdoors or indoors to keep your dog clean after grooming, while letting it exercise.

BestPet New Large Adjustable Pet Grooming Table with Arm/Noose

Creativity and innovation have been at the heart of the brand’s success, and this has been clear in its pet toy and accessory lines. Besides, the devotion to giving customers what they want and retailers what they need has also been one of the company’s priorities. It offers some of the most reasonable prices and latest styles and products.

The BestPet Large Adjustable Dog Grooming Table with Arm/Noose’s surface is built with a heavy-duty, rust-resistant material, and this offers durability to serve your pets for generations. The best part is, there’s a lot more to this table, and the features are what you need to keep an eye on.

One such feature is its adjustable arm which goes up to 30 inches; you can set it depending on your needs. Further, like most of the tables reviewed thus far, this table has a loop made of nylon to ensure your dog is well-secured no matter the surface you’re working on. Not that it should be too much of a problem anyway, considering this table’s rubber-ribbed, nonslip top that’s designed for the sole purpose of keeping your dog from harm—that means no more freaking every time your pet wiggles on the tabletop. Lastly, this tabletop is super easy to clean, thanks to its convenient material.

Grooming your pup can’t get better than this.
The Pingkay 3 Size Dog Show Fold Grooming Table’s non-stick top ensures hair and debris aren’t trapped on the surface. Pair your purchase with the Pinkay 45-inch Portable Soft Pet Playpen to keep your pet safe and clean after their grooming session.

Pingkay 3 Size Dog Show Fold Grooming Table - Available in 3 Sizes

Pingkay’s business philosophy is founded on making the customers its top priority. And with the lowest price guarantee, friendly service, and convenience, it has kept its promise and retained its reputation in the market.

The Pingkay 3 Size Dog Show Fold Grooming Table has been designed with stainless-steel legs that can persist for long without rusting, giving your table lasting stability for more extended service. What’s more, this table comes with other enticing features that you should check out.

Here are some of the best features you’ll find in this grooming table:
  • The tabletop has ample space for grooming medium-sized dogs.
  • Its loop is high-quality, which caters for both calm and wiggling dogs.
  • Moreover, reinforced goal post-style legs have an additional rubber capping for stability, so you no longer have to worry about where you place your grooming table.
  • This table’s adjustable arm comes in two lengths so you can set it according to your preferences.
  • The top also features a 7-layer seal to ensure prevention of water from entering the plywood, thus offering lasting and less messy use.
  • The surface design makes it easier to clean and wipe down.
If the midsize isn’t a perfect fit for your pet, not to worry as the grooming table also comes in small or large sizes.

How Do I Choose the Best Dog Grooming Table?

Pets react differently to grooming, but most of them don’t like it in the least. Grooming can be one of those tasks you put off for several weeks, as it might not be an easy task, especially if you’re doing it all by yourself. The most difficult part here is when you have to clip your dog’s nails with one hand while holding him with the other.

Any pet owner would want to keep their furry friend’s coat clean by using the best shampoo, trimming the nails, and other general grooming tasks, whether you’re prepping her for a show or simply brushing her shaggy coat. But unfortunately, most of them can be squirmy and a handful at times.

If your pet is difficult to handle, you might have to consider going for something that will make things faster, easier, and safe for both of you. This is where a dog grooming table comes in.

It offers a wide range of features to keep your pup comfortable and calm. Remember how easy it used to be when he was small? He would relax in the bathtub and let you do your work (we hope!). This is also possible on the grooming table with the help of a loop, a dog arm, plus a spacious surface. These are among the things you’ll need to get the job done smoothly.

We have a detailed review of some of the best grooming tables around, but here are several features you need to check out first.
When it comes to dog grooming tables, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good one. At a price range between $20 and $100, you can get a quality table with appealing features. But you can also spend a little more for a high-end product, depending on your budget.

It’s also possible that you’ll find several cheap dog grooming tables around. These may be enticing, but they’re not the best to go for. Most of them lack essential features that make the grooming process easier, such as non-slip surfaces, underneath baskets for equipment storage, or easy folding.
Before deciding on which grooming table will be ideal for you, you should understand the aspects that differentiate the best ones from the rest.

Here are some of the features you need to consider before that final move:
  • Type – Most grooming tables feature folding legs for easier storage and transportation, so if you’re a mobile groomer, one with this feature may be the way to go.
  • Capacity – The weight of the table itself or the material used for the legs determines its ability to accommodate different pets. If you have a large dog, don’t risk having the table fall apart when you’re grooming your pet; a sturdier one will get the job done.
  • Size – They come in different sizes and shapes; your choice depends on the size of your dog and what you prefer. But you should also consider the ease of transportation and storage when purchasing the table.
  • Arm – Different grooming tables come with different arm sizes; the adjustable ones are usually an ideal option, or you can get one with an arm that stretches for several inches for easier use. And if you want to make things easier, you can opt for a table with a loop to keep your pet in place.
  • Surface – With a wide variety of brands available, you have different choices to go for; but the ones with smooth surfaces and smooth corners are ideal for convenience and lasting service. Others are coated for rust resistance and have soft non-slip rubber tops; it all depends on what you want for your pet.
Construction and Design
Many of these tables are also built with a wide top to accommodate for large dogs or pups. This feature goes a long way in making the table fun for the dog as she has enough space throughout the process. But you should also consider the aspect of portability of the grooming table you hope to purchase.

Most dog grooming tables have impressive folds; they will either fold up or down for easier storage. And if you get one with a great color, it can add to your interior décor too.
Performance and Ease of Use
Most dog grooming tables have an underneath shelf or basket for keeping your combs, towels, and other grooming tools for easy retrieval. Usually, these baskets are slotted to prevent collecting water during use, which makes cleaning easier and prevents rusting.

The arm is a crucial feature too, helping add a little encouragement to keep your dog calm during grooming. It’s even better if the arm is adjustable, as you can set it according to the size of your pup.

The surface also comes in handy when considering the longevity of service and use of the table. Some surfaces prevent trapping of water, which can destroy the table. Other surfaces have non-stick qualities to prevent trapping of hair and debris, hence easier to clean. And still others have rubber for safety to prevent your pup from slipping off the top of the table.

Get the Best Dog Grooming Table of 2022!

This is one fantastic list, offering a variety of models with various styles and features. We hope we’ve helped you pick the best dog grooming table for you and your pet. But, if the list doesn’t tickle your fancy, don’t hesitate to check out other dog grooming table options by these reputable brands.

Our Top Choice
Go Pet Club Pet Grooming Table
Best Value
Master Equipment Pet Grooming Table
Flying Pig Heavy Duty Grooming Table
BestPet Adjustable Dog Grooming Table
Pingkay Dog Show Fold Grooming Table