Best Dog Harness Reviews 2022

Dog harnesses are an excellent dog-walking accessory that ensures you and your beloved dog have a delightful walk. They provide great comfort for canine companions, and most adjust to them with ease. With so many reasons to purchase a dog harness, how do you pick the right one? There’s tons of different options on the market, so selecting the ideal one can be a daunting process. After researching lots of brands, we’ve brought you the top five brands with the best dog harnesses. These brands have other great products apart from those featured here and we suggest you look at them too.
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Best for
Our Top Choice
Gooby Trekking Harness
Gooby is a unique brand that was founded in 2005, and has created amazing harnesses from its inception that look great and work right. It specializes in small breeds and their needs.
It is easy to wear, sporty and comfortable with adequately padded memory foam support that is adjustable.
It comes in small sizes, making a perfect fit for big dogs difficult to find.
Trekking harness
Memory foam body/nylon strap
3-prong snap
5 8 × 8.5 × 1 inches; 0.12lbs
Pullers and cold weather
Best Value
PetSafe Easy Walk® Harness
PetSafe has become a role model in leadership, training and lifestyle solutions. It gives pet owners great moments with their pet by providing products that bring pets and their owners closer.
It neutralizes leash pulling, is simple to fit and use and takes pressure off your dog. It teaches your dog how to walk nicely on a leash.
There have been complaints of loose fittings in adjustment points.
Easy walk harness
Nylon strap
Quick-snap buckles
0.4 × 5.1 × 9.5 inches; 0.62lbs
Leash walking
Ruffwear Front Range™ Harness
Ruffwear is a 2014 bestseller and has lived up to its reputation ever since. It is known for its active outdoor dog gear and aims at delivering products that are innovative for dogs everywhere.
It is high quality, durable, adjustable and functional.
It has a tiny ID label in front, which is almost invisible.
Front range harness
Info NOT provided
Aluminum V-ring
15.3 × 11.6 × 0.2 inches; 0.4lbs
Info NOT provided
OneTigris Tactical Service Dog Vest
OneTigris is specialized in the design and manufacture of quality tactical vests and harnesses that bring joy to its teeming customers.
Top-mounted handle for easy control. Adjustable front chest strap and girth. Easy to put on and off. Padded vest with removable patches.
It does not fit well on small or slender dogs.
Tactical harness
1000D nylon
4 quick-release buckles
17 × 13 × 1.5 inches; 0.8lbs
Adventures/military patrol
Expawlorer No Pull Harness
Expawlorer is committed to providing the highest standard of customer service and its dog harnesses resonate well with its customers.
It has an easy-grab handle to help you control excited pets and durable shell with padded interior for comfort.
The adjustable band around the neck chest slips and constant tightening is required
Reflective big dog harness
Reflective strap
Info not provided
8.7 × 8.6 × 3.4 inches; 0.85lbs
Info not provided

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What is the Best Dog Harness?

With our information-packed guide, you now have a clearer picture about dog harnesses. Luckily, settling on one shouldn’t be so difficult anymore. In that case, are you ready to meet our top five? Surely, you must be, so let’s go find us a dog harness!
Our Top Choice
The Trekking Harness is very easy to use, strong, sporty and comfortable. It provides adequate support to your dog’s neck and comes with padded memory foam technology. The Gooby Perfect Synthetic Lambskin Dog Harness is another harness with synthetic lambskin strap that is very soft, with edges made with suede to reduce friction on sensitive skin. Check it out.

Gooby Trekking Memory Foam Harness & Comfort for Dogs – Available in 5 Sizes & 5 Colors

Gooby started in 2005, and as of today it has designed many great products that have left its customers very satisfied. Gooby, which is short for “Good Boy”, specializes in creating products that look beautiful and work great to give customers and their pets easy solutions.

The Gooby Trekking Harness combines memory foam technology with a choke-free step-in harness. It is machine washable (air dry recommended), adjustable for perfect fit and very comfortable. Some of its other features include:
  • Four adjustable synthetic lambskin straps, which are less abrasive than nylon straps
  • Fleece inside the harness gives your dog a comfortable and soft experience
  • High strength plastic ring
  • Straps eliminate choking when pulled
  • Micro suede trimming
This trekking harness has different sizes with its largest being around 30lbs. It also comes in different patterns, styles and colors.
Best Value
The Easy Walk Harness gently discourages dogs from leash pulling. This harness is very easy to fit, comfortable to wear and constructed with soft nylon webbing and fleece material. PetSafe EasySport Harness is another good product of PetSafe that is fully adjustable with padded harness and great for everyday use. It has a strong handle for easy control.

PetSafe Easy Walk® Harness – Available in 7 Colors & 8 Sizes

PetSafe has distinguished itself in leadership, training and lifestyle solutions. It has made walking with your dog easy without you feeling that your arm is being pulled out of its socket. This type of thoughtfulness is what customers have come to expect from this company.

The Easy Walk Harness mildly but surely discourages your dog from pulling on the leash. It’s very easy to put on and off and also comfortable. The front chest leash attachment helps you direct your dog to the side and bring his focus towards you. It makes walking stress-free by giving you the lead. It never causes coughing, gagging or choking for your dog because the pressure rests low across the breast bone and not the delicate trachea area. Following are some of its other features:
  • A quick snap buckle on both shoulder and belly straps
  • Soft but strong nylon and four adjustment points for perfect fit
  • Fleece material making it softer and safer
  • Constructed with a soft nylon with sturdy metal connectors
The Front Range Harness has been described as an “all day adventure harness”. It is easy to use and comfortable with an aluminum v-ring and reinforced webbing to make walking enjoyable. Ruffwear Reflective Multi-use Harness for dogs is another great product from this brand which has an anatomical design built for steering and helping dogs up and over obstacles.

Ruffwear Front Range All-Day Adventure Harness for Dogs – Available in 5 Sizes & 10 Colors

Ruffwear has frequently been praised for its fantastic harnesses. It has helped in serious road walks or rehabilitation with its customizable features, fit, fantastic color, size and competitive prices. Its aim is to deliver products that are innovative and functional for dogs everywhere.

The Ruffwear Front Range Harness is designed to help give you additional control whether walking or training your dog. A fantastic, high quality product that is perfect for town and street walks, it is durable and strong enough to take off-road for something more daring. It comes in various sizes and colors based on your dog’s girth and your taste.

Some of its other features include:
  • Comfortable for dogs to wear
  • 2 leash attachment points
  • Aluminum v-ring centered on the dog’s back
  • Reinforced webbing at the dog’s chest for training and support
The OneTigris Military Patrol K9 Dog Harness is generally a must have for service dogs owners. It is made of very strong and high quality military standard material. Want a harness that’s great for training? Check out the Tactical Training Harness. It is durable, padded and adjustable with a MOLLE system as well as Velcro straps to easily attach ID panels.

OneTigris Waterproof Comfortable Military Patrol K9 Dog Harness with Handle – Available in 2 Sizes & 3 Colors

OneTigris has consistently delivered outdoor products and wares that are often used by the military. OneTigris products are made with top class military-grade materials and are ideal for emergencies and other training purposes.

The OneTigris Military Patrol K9 Harness is made with strong, lightweight and waterproof nylon with soft padded lining for your dog’s comfort. It is durable and fits your dog well. It can be used anywhere and anytime. Following are some of its other features:
  • Adjustable front chest strap and girth
  • Handle on the top harness helps control when handling the dog
  • Four quick buckles release which make it easy to put on and off
  • MOLLE straps to easily attach any of the Velcro patches or ID panels to this harness
  • Vest is padded and has removable patches
It is available in 3 colors and 2 sizes.
The Big Dog Soft Reflective No Pull Pink Harness is in a class of its own; it is strong and easy to use. It comes in different colors and styles, which gives it an attractive look. You may like the Checkered Frills Fashion Puppy Harness with ribbon. It is made of 100% polyester which reduces tugging and pulling on your dog’s neck, keeping it safe and comfortable.

Expawlorer Big Dog Soft Reflective No Pull Pink Harness – Available in 3 Sizes & 6 Colors

Expawlorer has given great product satisfaction to its customers over the years with its highly functional dog harnesses. Dogs are more comfortable and their owners find walking with them more fun because of Expawlorer's dedication to designing products that keep dogs both safe and comfortable.

The Big Dog Soft Reflective No Pull Pink Harness with front chest size can be adjusted to protect your dog’s respiratory organs. There are three sizes for pets’ girth and it comes in 6 colors. Some of its other features include:
  • Heavy duty metal D-ring
  • Reflective strap makes your pet safe
  • Padded with extra handle for easy control
  • Durable shell that has a padded interior for comfort

How Do I Choose the Best Dog Harness?

Every doggie parent understands the absolute importance of walking with their furry pal. Aside from the fact that it allows you both time to bond, go on adventures, and just enjoy nature, walking is also the key to exercise. Throw in a backpack, and you’re all set to conquer the world together!

If there’s one thing that gets your dog’s attention, it is the leash. Needless to say, it’s impossible to walk a dog without one. But, if that leash is hurting your teensy, weeny toy dog’s neck or can’t handle your massive Mastiff’s aggressive tendencies, what’s an owner to do?

In those cases, it’s time to think about a harness.

The good thing about harnesses is, they fasten around your dog’s body and the leash simply attaches to it. In essence, you’re adding a protective accessory that grants you an easier method of controlling your dog that doesn’t cause pulling of the neck or choking. So, when you block the leash, the pull is no longer on the neck region but rather the shoulder area.

If a dog offers physical support to the disabled or blind, then it is incredibly important that he gets a harness rather than a leash. He’d have to pull really hard to direct the individual they are aiding, so it’s best that all that pressure is taken off his neck. Instead, with a dog harness, the pull can be redirected towards his shoulders, making it a more comfortable walking experience. This way, he could even build some muscle too.

On the market nowadays, there are various kinds of harnesses for lots of different situations. For instance, there are sled harnesses, weight-pulling harnesses and even some that can help you secure your pet to his seat while on your road trip.

Now that you want to get your dog a harness, it’s important that you know the features that are available. It’s a good thing you’re here though as we have gathered all the info you need to pick a fantastic harness that works for your little pooch. Keep reading to find out.
A good dog harness will usually go for $15 to $60, if not more. There are a few factors that contribute to the pricing of a harness. Those that come padded generally cost more than those without padding. Plus, if you’re going for a nylon harness, you’ll be spending far less than someone going for leather.

But whatever you choose, please try and stay within the price range we have given you. If the price of a harness appears too good to be true, then it just might be. Understand that cheap dog harnesses are really risky ventures that are not worth the trouble. Imagine walking your dog, you know, that enormous, aggressive Rottweiler that scares the neighbors. He suddenly takes off, and the force of it destroys the so-called dog harness. The fact is, you risk putting your dog in danger of getting lost or running headlong into an oncoming traffic. Instead, it’s best to save money and invest in a quality dog harness at the end of the day. No accidents, no heartbreaks, no guilt trips.
We are going to quickly look into the different features you must consider before deciding to go for any one particular harness. Check them out:
  • Material
  • Size and fit
  • Front clip or back clip
  • Adjustability
  • Colors
Let’s get into the details already!
Construction and Design
When it comes to materials for a dog harness, most pet parents go for nylon or other kinds of synthetic materials. Why is this? Harnesses made of synthetic materials are about the most inexpensive kinds you can find, and you know we all would love anything that would be a little less traumatic to our wallets.

There are also leather harnesses too, and of course, these kinds are more expensive. Now, if you have a large breed, aggressive or excitable dog, then you’d need a leather harness. That’s because it’s a lot sturdier than nylon and can withstand intense abuse.

Whether or not harness padding is necessary is heavily dependent on your dog. If he has short hair or a thin coat, the harness might rub his skin and become a little annoying. In that case, you may want to get something padded to make the harness more comfortable.

Make it a point to ensure that whatever material you go for is breathable though, especially if your dog is prone to skin allergies. For these kinds of dogs, a cotton harness might be your best bet. But either way, be sure to consult your vet first.

Here’s an important question: should you go for a front-clip or a back-clip? Let’s look at each briefly:

Front-clip: With a front-clip, you get more control since the dog can’t easily pull on the leash. It’s the harness of choice for jumpy dogs or dogs with poor leash manners. But then, it has its drawbacks. If a dog has serious issues with aggression, it might not help. Plus, it could even get all tangled up with your dog’s front legs if there’s too much slack.

Back-clip: Most dogs find back leashes really comfortable and adjust to them easily. If your dog is of the small variety that tends to develop a sore neck from the collar, then you might want to get a back-clip harness. Also, if your dog is trained, then you’d enjoy using a back-clip harness.

But, if your dog isn’t well-trained and you use a back-clip harness, then picture Santa’s sled. Basically, you’ll be the sled. Nuff said.

Then finally, a note on size…

Measure your dog before picking any sized harness. Why? Because a harness that’s too tight will hurt your dog and one that’s too loose will slip off and end up on the ground. Measuring your dog properly is the key to avoiding either problematic situation.

So, how do you measure a dog for a harness?

Firstly, you’ll need to measure their girth which is the circumference of the area just behind his front limbs. You should measure around the point where his chest is deepest.

Secondly, measure his length from the end of his neck to the base of his tail.

Next, you want to measure his height, and that’s quite easy. You just measure from the floor to his shoulders.

Finally, you’ll need to measure from his sternum to his shoulder. That is from his sternum at the point where it angles up beside his neck down to the top of his back in between his shoulder blades.

Your dog’s breed, sex, and age are also other factors that equally affect the sizing of a harness.
Performance and Ease of Use
The adjustability of your chosen harness is crucial to determine how long you’ll be using it. For instance, if you have a dog that’s still growing or one that’s losing some weight, you’d need to get an adjustable harness. The last thing you want to do is buy a new one every week. Regardless of the type of dog, it’s still wisest to go for an adjustable harness. This way, whether your dog gains muscle or loses weight, the harness will always fit.

If you’ll be taking your dogs for walks in the woods or late-night strolls, consider getting a harness that’s brightly colored or reflective. This way, if you lose sight of him for a second, you’ll have an easier time spotting him.

Plus, in a situation where he nears traffic, drivers would clearly notice the brightly colored harness thus avoiding a heart-breaking scenario.

Finally, check out your weather since there are different kinds of harnesses for varying climates. Some are cold-resistant while others are breathable for the hotter temperatures. In the end, you want to place your pup’s comfort and security above all else when choosing the ideal dog harness.

Get the Best Dog Harness of 2022!

Since you’ve read through this review, we’re thinking that you now know exactly which dog harness you want for your furry pal. The great thing is, now you can place that order with confidence!

Our Top Choice
Gooby Trekking Harness
Best Value
PetSafe Easy Walk® Harness
Ruffwear Front Range™ Harness
OneTigris Tactical Service Dog Vest
Expawlorer No Pull Harness