Best Dog House Heater Reviews 2023

When it comes to heating your dog kennel, there are so many options available in today’s marketplace. To help you choose a kennel furnace that works for you, we’ve searched far and wide for the best dog house heater brands in the market and settled on 5 of the top manufacturers. We went further and reviewed quality dog house heaters from these trusted brands which we think are worth your consideration.
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Our Top Choice
ClimateRight Outdoor Electric Dog House Heater
The ClimateRight brand is wholly owned by the MWE Sales company and specializes in the manufacturing of quality, innovative HVAC systems.
Doesn’t over heat. Simple and easy to operate controls. Corrosion-resistant. Cord immune to chewing. Auto shutoff safety mechanism.
It’s fixed into place; not portable.
Mounted heater fan
200 watts
13" x 10" x 7"; 5.1 pounds
Up to 82° F
115V AC power supply
Best Value
ASL Solutions Dog House Floor Mat Heater
ASL Solutions specializes in the manufacture of dog housing solutions that highly functional and designed to give customers value for their money.
Compact design that’s easy to install and operate. Available in small and large sizes. Cord is protected from avid chewers. Comes with adjustable thermostat for convenient use.
It’s designed for use by a single pet.
Mat heater
40 watts
18” x 13” x .75”; 3.3 pounds
Up to 100° F
110V AC power supply
AKOMA Hound Heater Deluxe
AKOMA Dog Products, Inc. specializes in providing quality pet house heating solutions that ensure your animals are comfortable during cold seasons.
Dual temperature settings for more efficient operation. Comes in sturdy and durable case. 7-foot power cord comes in metallic cover to prevent chewing through it.
Its installation can be a bit of work as you have to drill some holes on the wall.
Mounted heater
150 watts
10.5” x 10” x 5.25”; 2.7 pounds
Up to 80° F
120V AC power supply
Milliard Outdoor Heated Pet Pad
Milliard prides itself in making top quality products that its workers would be happy to use as well.
Non-toxic, chew-resistant materials. Safe and durable. Easy to maintain. Can be used outdoors and indoors. Saves energy with merely a 40 watt current used to heat entire pad.
ABS plastic can be uncomfortably hard.
Mat heater
40 watts
18” x 13” x 1”; 2.9 pounds
Up to 102° F
120V AC power supply
K&H Manufacturing Thermo-Indoor Pet House Heater
K&H Manufacturing strives to create innovative products of excellent quality geared to improve the lives of pets everywhere.
Warm and cozy. Easy to assemble. Convenient to store or transport. Made with water-resistant 600D nylon and vinyl exteriors. Lined with posh microfleece.
Designed for indoor use only.
Doghouse with heated pad
20 watts
16” x 15” x 14”; 4 pounds
Up to 102° F
120V AC power supply

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What is the Best Dog House Heater?

Armed with top secrets on what to look for in a dog house heater, let’s examine the highlighted qualities of the products featured in this review. See how each of the salient features of these dog house heaters relates to your needs. We hope that, by the time you’re done reading this review, you’ll find a dog kennel heater that suits you.
Our Top Choice
The ClimateRight Outdoor Electric Dog House Heater features a 7.5-watt internal fan with three temperature settings, allowing you to control the amount of heat for your feline friend. Are you a pet owner but suffer from asthma? We recommend the ClimateRight iAirQ450 Three-Stage Portable Air Purifier. It’s ideal for rooms up to 450 square feet.

ClimateRight Wall Mount Dog House Heater for Chicken Coops, Rabbit Houses — Also Available with Air Conditioner

ClimateRight is relatively new to the air heating and cooling industry. However, this hasn’t stopped the brand from competing with highly seasoned manufacturers of HVAC systems. For instance, its animal house heaters have won accolades from consumers for their efficiency and dependability. This has made the brand continue to grow in popularity irrespective of being small and new to the market.

The ClimateRight Outdoor Electric Dog House Heater can be used for heating other animal houses such as chicken coops, rabbit and cat houses during cold spells. It comes with a 7.5-watt internal fan that helps in the effective distribution of heat. It also features a thermostat heat control mechanism with three temperature settings to give you complete control. It also includes an auto shut-off feature for added safety and to make sure that the device doesn’t overheat.

Here are some other features of this heater:
  • Has a manual on/off switch
  • Comes in a powder-coated stainless steel case
  • Comes with a metal-covered power cord for chew protection
  • Has a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty
Best Value
The ASL Solutions Dog House Floor Mat Heater comes with a thermostat temperature control system and is set to heat up to 1000F, keeping your dog warm all the time. Shopping for an entire dog house? Try the ASL Solutions DP Hunter Dog House with Floor Heater. This cozy house comes with EPS Foam insulation on its walls and ceiling to prevent heat loss.

ASL Solutions DP Hunter Dog House Floor Heater — Available in 2 Sizes

ASL Solutions has more than 15 years of experience in designing dog houses for both small and large breeds. One of the reasons why customers love their products is because they’re energy efficient. Their kennels are fully insulated to prevent heat loss during cold seasons. In addition, their heating systems are versatile and built to withstand any weather condition. The company has also embraced the use of solar energy to provide dog house cooling systems which come in handy during hot weather.

The ASL Solutions Dog House Floor Mat Heater comes with a safety fuse that prevents overheating. Its electrical cord is chew proof and is designed to exit at the rear of the dog house to avoid any tripping over it. This heater is water-resistant making it ideal for use even during wet weather. Its design allows you to use it for garage, shelters and general outdoor heating when temperatures fall below 200F. It also comes with a fleece cover that gives your pet added comfort.
The AKOMA Dog Products Hound Heater Dog Furnace Deluxe comes with two temperature settings for a highly flexible and efficient operation. If you prefer a mat heater that’s battery-powered, consider the AKOMA Dog Products Hound Warmer Deluxe. It’s powered by four D-type cells that give you 75 hours of warming time.

AKOMA Dog Products Hound Dog House Heater Furnace Deluxe with Cord Protector and Mounting Template

Akoma Dog Products is the brainchild of Michael Hill, a seasoned dog trainer and breeder. Driven by the passion to give the best to his dogs, Michael strove to provide them with the best environment he could. Unfortunately, he was often disappointed by the products he got from the various dealers. In 2004, these frustrations inspired him to start his own venture that focused on pet house heating and cooling systems. Since he knew the major pain points of a customer, he made products that are designed to meet client needs, the same needs that he himself felt weren’t met by others in the industry.

The AKOMA Dog Products Hound Dog House Heater Deluxe features a 150-watt heating element that’s thermostatically controlled for safe and efficient operation. This thermostat has a 100,000 cycle life for a long lasting operation. Both the heating element and thermostat are replaceable in case they get spoilt, saving you the cost of buying a new heater. This heater has the capacity of heating up to 32 cubic feet, which is suitable for large breed dog houses and small kennels alike.

Here are more features of this dog house warmer:
  • Comes with a seven-foot long cord w/metallic cover that prevents your pet from chewing it
  • Has a thermo sensor for efficient and accurate temperature control
  • Its corners are rounded to prevent your pet from getting hurt in case it bumps against the heater
  • Designed to operate when needed thus helping you save on energy costs
  • Has a built-in heat shield that keeps its lower side safe for your pet to touch without getting burnt
  • Its overhead shield also protects the ceiling of your pet house from excessive heat
  • Comes with a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty
The K&H Manufacturing Thermo-Indoor Pet House Heater is a thermostat-controlled crib for a small dog with water-resistant 600 Denier nylon and vinyl exteriors and is interiorly lined with posh microfleece. If you already have a doghouse, we’d highly recommend the K&H Manufacturing Lectro-Kennel Heated Pad for keeping your pooch warm while in the barn, shed or garage.

K&H Manufacturing Indoor Pet House - Heated Dog House, Also Available in Unheated Option

K&H Manufacturing is a dedicated producer of innovative, quality and safe pet products geared to make our lovely companions comfortable. With its extensive line of innovative pet supplies, K&H makes it easy for consumers around the U.S and beyond to care for and appreciate their pets. Based in Colorado Springs, CO, K&H manufactures products for birds, cats, dogs, fish and other pets, and its collection ranges from beds, beddings, food and water accessories, to heating pet supplies for small, large, healthy or sensitive animals.

This K&H Manufacturing Thermo-Indoor Pet House is easy to assemble and store or transport when need be. Its design features a vinyl backing and 600 Denier nylon top and sides that are joined together with a single zipper. All you need is to unfold the package, reach for the zipper and close it and you’ve got your cute little house ready for your pooch. Close the zipper and it collapses flat for packaging when storing or ferrying. It comes with a thermostatically-controlled pet bed warmer that fits into the zippered floor pad to warm-up your dog when it’s cold to normal body temperatures. It only has to lie on the pad to get warm!

Additionally, these features make this Thermo-Indoor Pet House Heater standout:
  • The bed warmer is MET listed for electrical safety
  • Plush fleece interior lining to keep your small dog cozy
  • The heater can be removed when heating isn’t necessary and stored for future use
  • The power cord is 5.5 feet long thus enabling you to reach various power sources effortlessly
  • Comes with 1-year limited warranty
  • Rated at 4 watts thus warms up your dog perfectly without consuming a lot of electricity
This Pet House model is also available in an unheated version.

How Do I Choose the Best Dog House Heater?

Since their domestication over 14,000 years ago, dogs have displayed unwavering loyalty to their human masters. It doesn’t matter whether its domestic security, fighting wars or pulling sledges in the Arctic, dogs have always risen to the occasion to serve and give man company. To help you make a happy companion out of your dog, it’s wise to make sure you feed it well, provide quality housing and to make sure it’s well-groomed.

Just like humans, dogs are affected by cold weather. Therefore, when heating your home during winter, don’t forget your dog as well. In fact, try to get a dog house heater installed in its kennel in advance in preparation for winter. This will help keep it comfortable and active during the cold season.

Dog house heaters come in different designs such as wall-mount, box, and floor mat heaters. Before buying a pet house heater, you’ll need to know whether it has the features that suit your needs. So, let’s find out what you need to look out for in a great dog house heater.
The price of a dog house heater depends on its type, size, and design features. For example, a simple floor mat dog heater with a single temperature setting can cost about $40. On the other hand, the price of a wall-mount heating and cooling system for pet houses with multiple thermostatic temperature settings can go up to $120.

You’ll also probably come across some dirt cheap pet house heaters in the market, but you need to be careful as they’re likely made of poor quality materials and thus likely to fail within a short period. The good news is that we don’t include such products in our review.
As you shop for a kennel heater, it’s wise to focus on the needs of your pet. To help you achieve this, you’ll need to examine the features and ease of use of your preferred heater.

Below are the key features to look for in a dog house heater:
  • Type — What type of heater is it?
  • Size — What are its dimensions and weight?
  • Temperature — What is its maximum temperature?
  • Power — What is its power source
  • Installation/Set Up Process — Is it easy or difficult to set up
  • Safety — What safety features, such as a chewproof power cord, does it come with?
  • Control Mechanism — What control features does it have?
  • Coverage Area — What is its recommended heating area?
By focusing on the above features, you’ll be able to identify a dog kennel heater that best suits your needs and is within your budget.
Construction and Design
Most dog house heaters are made of powder-coated metal, plastic or ceramic material -- depending upon whether it is an actual heater or a heated floor mat for the dog house. If the heater is designed for outdoor use, it’s likely to be waterproof. On the other hand, if it’s built for garage kennels, especially floor mats/bed warmers, it need not be waterproof. Moreover, kennel heaters are either battery-powered or run on AC power supply. It’s thus important to confirm the recommended voltage of a heater before buying it.

It’s also important to note that most manufacturers fit their dog kennel heater designs with thermostats for efficient and safe temperature control. Moreover, there are designs that are come with a safety auto shut-off feature. The basic floor mat heater designs feature a single temperature setting while more advanced wall-mounted models can have multiple temperature settings and added controls. It’s worth mentioning that quality AC powered heaters come with chewproof, metal-covered cords and cool-touch surfaces. These features help protect your pet from getting hurt.
Performance and Ease of Use
When shopping for a dog house heater, it’s important to focus on its ease of set-up and use, among other benefits. This allows you to pick a heater that’s highly efficient and one that’ll give you great value for the cost. For instance, a dog kennel heater that’s made of corrosion-resistant material will last a lot longer than one that’s not. On the other hand, a heater that’s waterproof gives you the flexibility of using it even when it's raining.

Moreover, dog house heaters that have chewproof cords protect pets from possible electrocution. So, if you’re buying an AC-powered heater, make sure that its cord has a protective cover. A heater that has a thermostatic temperature control prevents it from overheating and consequently harming the pet. In addition, an auto shut-off mechanism comes in handy when the heater overheats of malfunctions to prevent any possible fires. If a heater has multiple temperature controls, it allows you to control it according to the prevailing weather conditions, thus giving you a better performance.

Get the Best Dog House Heater of 2023!

Having gone through our review of some of the best dog house heaters around, it’s our hope that you’ve come across one that tickles your fancy. If you still wish to sample more options from the featured brands, feel free to follow the links on this review page for more details.

Our Top Choice
ClimateRight Outdoor Electric Dog House Heater
Best Value
ASL Solutions Dog House Floor Mat Heater
AKOMA Hound Heater Deluxe
Milliard Outdoor Heated Pet Pad
K&H Manufacturing Thermo-Indoor Pet House Heater