Best Dog House Reviews 2023

A high-quality dog house can provide your furry friend with a cozy home-away-from-home to sleep or play in. The best dog houses may feature cute looks, insulated construction, and durable materials. We've searched through the best dog house brands that are known for well-built, durable products so you can find the best dog house your pup can call home. For each brand that we’ve selected, we have featured one of their products; but they all have many other sizes and designs to choose from.
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Our Top Choice
Pet Zone Cozy Cottage Dog House by Step 2
Pet Zone puts your pet's comfort and safety first with high quality pet products like this double-insulated dog home.
Two-wall insulation. Weather resistant. Fade-resistant. Adjustable vents. Accommodates medium dogs. Made in USA.
No door.
Medium - Dogs Up to 75 pounds.
Brown & White or Blue & White
Double-wall Insulation
Removable Roof
Best Value
Precision Pet Extreme Outback Log Cabin Wooden Dog House
Precision Pet is passionate about making every customer feel like their number one priority. This charming dog house has a rustic look and high quality construction.
Rustic look. Weatherproof. Available in four sizes. Off center door for increased shelter space. Easy assembly.
No door.
Four Sizes - Small to Giant
Black and Light Brown Wood
Raised Floor, Off-Center Entrance
Petmate Indigo Microban Dog House with Door
Petmate specializes in creating the highest quality kennels and dog houses. This dog house features an extended entrance for added shelter as well as antimicrobial construction.
Added shelter against rain. Plenty of space. Antimicrobial microban construction. Fights mold and mildew. Large fits dogs up to 90 pounds, extra large up to 125 pounds.
On the expensive side, but the added cleanliness and space make it worth the price.
Two Sizes - Large and Extra Large
Tan (more colors w/ similar models)
Microban Plastic
Antimicrobial Material
Free Door with Purchase
Boomer & George Wooden Dog House with Balcony and Staircase
Boomer & George makes eye-catching and practical dog houses for pets of all sizes. The dog house with stairs provides comfortable shelter for your beloved canine friend.
Relatively large dog house (even if you go for the medium size). Acts as a playground for your canine friend. Solid wood construction. Moisture resistant.
Some users report construction not as strong as would, but that comes with being a “lower end” wooden dog house. Brand has other models for people willing to spend more.
Two Sizes – Medium and Large
Solid Fir Wood
Safety Slat Rails on Balcony
Raised-Floor Design
Suncast DH250 Dog House Deluxe with Door
Suncast is a brand that's known for quality, yet affordable patio, home and garden products. Their Deluxe Dog House is solidly constructed, easy to clean and has ample room for your pet.
Durable construction. Snap-together assembly. Included letter to personalize with your dog's name. Large fits dogs up to 100 pounds, medium fits up to 70 pounds.
Less insulation that some more expensive dog houses.
Two Sizes – Medium and Large
Med: Brown/Tan; Large: Blue/Grey
Resin with Vinyl Door
Crowned Floor, Durable Material
Snap Together Assembly

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What is the Best Dog House?

Just like us, our canine friends come in different shapes, sizes, personalities, and dispositions. Due to these varying needs, we’ve come up with a selection of five of the best dog houses from five reputable brands that will suit your pup. Given that you know the features to consider when buying a dog house, let’s move on to our selected items, confident that you’ll see one that ticks all your k-9’s boxes.
Our Top Choice
The Pet Zone Cozy Cottage Dog House is comfortable all year long thanks to double-wall insulation and adjustable vents. For larger dogs and tougher climates, check out the Pet Zone Tuff-N-Rugged Dog House featuring a similar design with more space and durability.

Pet Zone Step 2 Cozy Cottage Plastic Dog House With Double-Wall Insulation – Fits Dogs up to 75 lbs, Two Color Choices.

Pet Zone has built its reputation on innovative new pet solutions, always focusing on safety and comfort. Since their founding in 1996, Pet Zone has expanded from their original dog houses to a range of pet products like wild bird feeders and food bowls, pet waste management and of course, pet toys.

This particular cozy cottage is one of the 'flagship' doghouses that Pet Zone proudly offers. Its durable plastic design is lightweight and cozy, even on hot or cold days. Its adjustable ventilation and double-wall insulation gives dogs the comfort they deserve – it is their home after all! The roof lifts off for easy cleaning and the home is fade and weather-resistant so you and your dog and enjoy it for years to come. This doggy cottage easily accommodates medium dogs up to 75 lbs.

Get your dog an all-year playhouse with Pet Zone's Cozy Cottage Dog House, and while you are at it, you may want to check out their many pet toys, feeders and pet cleaning solutions.
Best Value
The Precision Pet "Login Cabin" Dog House adds a rustic charm to any yard while providing a cozy, weatherproof home for your dog. For a true classic look, check out the Precision Pet Red Barn Dog House.

Precision Pet Extreme Log Cabin Dog House With Solid Wood Design & Raised Floor - CARB Compliant, Available in Four Sizes

Precision Pet's team of passionate individuals share a belief that everyone should be able to enjoy the special relationship you can only get from pet ownership. They do their best to make customers feel like their number one priority with high quality materials and attentive customer service. They've been operating since 1985 in Orange County where they've continued growing to this day.

The Precision Pet Extreme Outback Log Cabin is a simple and elegant wooden dog house which makes it easy for anyone to pamper their pet dog. Its low price and durable construction make it a high value purchase you and your dog are sure to love.

Let's take a look at some of the standout features of this rustic doggy home:
  • Assembly is easy, taking only three steps to complete.
  • The entrance to the dog house is off center to allow more sheltered space inside to protect against the hot sun or inclement weather.
  • The floor is raised to insulate and protect against mud and moisture from the ground.
Cherish your pets with the high quality homes and beds you can find at Precision Pet, like this elegant and protective dog house.
The Petmate Indigo Dog House offers ample space and shelter along with antimicrobial materials for safety and cleanliness in the long run. For this review, we linked up to an older model that comes with a free dog door, however Petmate has released other models with the same Microban protection but with a slightly wider opening. The newer Petmate Indigo model is available in three sizes and multiple colors.

Petmate Indigo Igloo Style Dog House - Microban Antimicrobial Construction, Removable Top for Easy Cleaning, Comes in Two Sizes

Petmate was founded over 50 years ago when it created the very first dog kennel in Arlington, Texas. To better serve pet-owning families, they continued to grow with full lines of pet products. Today, many of their products are made in the same factory where that first kennel was created. Petmate works hard to reduce its carbon footprint by purchasing recyclable materials and using eco-friendly manufacturing techniques. They were also presented with the Edison Green Award, for becoming "a leader in globally recognizing, honoring and fostering innovation and innovators to create a positive impact in the world."

So it’s no surprise that this dog house is well worth the price. Its high quality materials are antimicrobial to fight harmful bacteria, mold and mildew and keep your pets happy and healthy for years to come. The included doggy door completes the package for maximum shelter, and the extended doorway provides shelter even without the door.

While we loved the idea of having a dog house made of Microban plastic that can me taken apart for easy cleaning, we also loved the Aspen Pet Ruff Hauz Wood Dog House which would be great for those of you who are looking for unique take on a classic wooden dog house. The roof not only provides a solid base for dogs who like to climb, but it’s hinged to make cleaning convenient for you.
The dog house with staircase and balcony from Boomer & George is an amazing pet accessory for your beloved pet! This dog home is something completely different from what you may have seen before as it comes with safety rails and a porch. It’s available in both large size and one that is perfect for small and medium sized dogs. Actually, depending upon the size of your pets, either could have room enough for two.

Boomer & George Wood Dog House with Staircase, Porch, Rooftop Balcony and Safety Slat Rails – Available in Two Sizes

We wanted to have in our list a product from Boomer & George, a brand that specializes in out-of-the-ordinary dog houses. This company manufactures mini-homes for your dog, complete with staircases, a rooftop balcony, a porch and even a deck. These products are built from top-quality woods and will make your dog feel like a king!

For our list, we have selected a beautiful dog house with a staircase. It comes in two sizes: Large (46W x 30D x 22.4H) and Medium (33W x 25.8D x 28H). The larger size and it can easily accommodate bigger dogs as well as several smaller ones. Here are more details about this wooden dog house:
  • It features a small staircase, a rooftop balcony and safety rails, so that the dog doesn’t accidentally fall from the roof.
  • This dog house is built entirely from solid fir wood and can last for years. It comes with weatherproof leg protectors and it is moisture resistant.
  • Some pet owners use it as a cat shelter and if you have room, you can also place it inside your house if you prefer it that way.
We are happy to report that Boomer & George also manufactures top quality houses for your rabbits as well as dog houses that can accommodate 2 pets at the same time. Analyze their products and pick something that tickles your fancy!
The Suncast Dog House offers a safe and highly durable home for your dog, complete with letters to write your dog's name with and a spacious inside area. For smaller dogs, check out Suncast's model DH250 Dog House for dogs up to 70 pounds, with many of the same great features, other than the fact that this one is brown and tan with slightly different outside design, instead of blue and grey and it doesn’t come with the option to add your pet’s name.

Suncast Deluxe Dog House with Free Doors and Resin Construction – Available in Two Sizes/Colors

Suncast always uses high quality wood and resin construction to create the most durable and attractive structures and tools. First and foremost, Suncast is all about practical home improvement. Secondly, they add unique and useful features to many of their products.

This large Deluxe Dog House from Suncast is both durable and easy to use because of its construction and useful features. Let's take a closer look at some of them:
  • This dog house is large and strong enough to support dogs up to 100 pounds.
  • Included letters let you spell out your dog's name so everyone will know whose house it is.
  • Easily assemble this dog house with simple snap-together parts.
  • Included vinyl doors provide added shelter.

How Do I Choose the Best Dog House?

In all honesty, a dog house is a comical-looking structure, particularly if it houses a massive pooch. This funny side of the dog house was immortalized by Spike’s character in the long-running Tom and Jerry cartoon series. However, that doesn’t take anything away from the fact that a dog house is a necessity. After spending the whole night guarding our homes against burglars, ensuring that our furry friends have a place to rest is the least we can do.

With its weatherproof and durable construction, a dog house will be a lovely addition for your pup. In addition, our selected brands are big on aesthetics and have, therefore, designed structures that will complement your well-manicured lawn in the backyard. While dog houses suit people that have compounds, we are aware that there are dog owners who live in flats. This should not limit your ability to give your furry best friend a comfortable life. For example, instead of letting your pup sleep on an old mat, you can go for a stylish dog bed. Similarly, if you live in a cold and wet area, you can ensure that your favorite tail-wagger is always warm and dry by purchasing a dog house heater for his house and ensuring that he has a dog raincoat whenever you two go for a walk.

At the end of the day, we all want a happy pet. Regardless of the temperament of your furry pal, we’re sure that it will find happiness in the privacy and warmth of a dog house.
Achieving the happiness and pride that comes with being the proud owner of a beautiful dog house should not be limited by price. Our selection includes affordable dog houses for anyone on a budget. However, if you want a product with high-end features, we advise you to go for a more expensive one. That said, do try and avoid cheap dog houses, which are likely to let you and your pooch down in the long run, with poor materials and no extra features.

The price of our selected dog houses ranges from around $60 to $170, with the differences accounted for by the materials used and features. For example, a dog house that’s made with Microban plastic will cost you more than one made with fir wood, as it has antimicrobial properties. Also, a dog house with a door, which is considered to be an extra feature, will cost you more than one without.
The main purpose of a dog house is to offer your pooch some much-needed shelter after an active night or day. Apart from comfort, let’s look at other features that you have to consider when looking for a dog house.
  • Materials - A dog house’s durability is highly dependent on this factor.
  • Size - Larger dog houses are suitable for big dogs, while small ones house smaller dogs.
  • Ease of Assembly - Some dog houses are easy to put together, while others leave you feeling as if you’re putting up a spaceship.
  • Wall Insulation - This feature helps to keep the dog house dry.
  • Door - Some dog houses are fitted with doors to keep them warm during cold weather.
  • Extras - A removable roof, raised floor, and off-center entrance are features that add to the dog house’s quality.
Construction and Design
There are discernable variations in the way our selected dog houses are constructed. The most recognizable difference is the material used. The dog houses are either made of wood, plastic, or resin. Of the three, plastic is of the highest quality due to its durability, resistance to external elements, and ease of cleaning. Microban plastic goes a step further by offering your furry friend protection from pesky microbes.

Since dogs come in different shapes and sizes, the size of the dog house is an important feature to keep in mind when purchasing one. Our selected brands take this feature seriously and have small, medium, and large models that will suit your furry buddy’s size requirements.

Wall insulation is also a crucial feature to consider in a dog house. A structure that’s insulated can withstand the elements that usually bring even the mightiest of houses down over time. It also has heat-keeping properties that will keep your k-9 warm during cold days.

When it comes to design, it’s important to get your furry friend something that will raise its spirits. At the same time, a dog house’s design should be functional. An example of such a design aspect is a raised floor; this feature protects your pup from the moisture in the ground.
Performance and Ease of Use
Keeping your dog house warm for your pup is an instinctive mission as he or she is virtually family. Unfortunately, most traditional dog houses don’t have a door. It is, therefore, perfectly understandable that you may be wary of dog houses altogether, preferring to let your k-9 live in your house. However, this should not be a problem anymore, as some of our selected products have a door.

Among the most important questions that you’ll ask yourself before purchasing a dog house is how well you can put up the structure once the package arrives. While some dog houses come with rather complex manuals, some of our selected options can be assembled in only three simple steps.

Even though it’s highly unglamorous, cleaning your furry friend’s shelter is a must. The easier it is to do, the easier our job becomes. In this regard, some of our options have a removable roof that makes cleaning them a quick chore.

Get the Best Dog House of 2023!

We’re confident that this review has made it easier to find the best dog house that meets the needs of your furry buddy. Keep in mind that we selected the featured brands because they have a reputation for producing high-quality products that yield high customer satisfaction. If it turns out that none of the items we reviewed matched your tail-wagger's preference, kindly look at the other items produced by the brands.

Our Top Choice
Pet Zone Cozy Cottage Dog House by Step 2
Best Value
Precision Pet Extreme Outback Log Cabin Wooden Dog House
Petmate Indigo Microban Dog House with Door
Boomer & George Wooden Dog House with Balcony and Staircase
Suncast DH250 Dog House Deluxe with Door