Best Dog Leash Reviews 2022

Dogs make for great exercise partners. Whether you’re going for a run, a hike, or a simple walk around the park, having your dog with you can make it fun; the time will fly by! But given how unpredictable dogs are, it’s often prudent to have them on a leash. Choosing a leash can be a task in and of itself with these different leashes on the market, especially if you’re buying them online. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and made a review of five awesome dog leashes from five great brands, so you don’t have to do all that work. Check them out!
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Dog Size
Our Top Choice
SportLeash Versatile Hands-Free Sportpack
SportLeash was inspired by a dog with a competitive spirit. The founder created a brand and products that would make that dog, your dog and you happy no matter what you both do.
It’s extremely versatile with multiple storage compartments and is adjustable and detachable. Antimicrobial properties prevent undesirable growths. Moisture wicking technology.
The leash material is prone to fraying.
Waist/Handsfree leash
2.75 – 3.66 feet
Medium to large dogs
DryRun Technology
Best Value
PetSafe Nylon Easy Hook Dog Leash
PetSafe has been a top company in the pet care industry since 1991 and the brand continues to deliver affordable and exceptionally made products.
Available in multiple sizes and colors. It’s affordable and the nylon used to make the product is durable. On top of that, it’s simple with no hassle or fuss.
It’s too light for some dogs.
Hand leash
6 feet
Large dogs
Multiple colors & sizes
Dean & Tyler Noburu Dog Leash
Dean & Tyler is comparable to designer brands when it comes to dog leashes. Its products are intricately designed and feature key accents that are gorgeous as well as functional.
Versatile and brilliantly made. Features top quality hardware and leather. Able to be used for walking two dogs just as well as one
A bit pricey for a few users but a worthy investment.
Hand leash
7 feet
Large dogs
Walk two dogs
PetsAlly Handsfree Waist Dog Leash
PetsAlly may be one of the newer brands in the pet care industry but its high quality and well-designed dog leashes have made it a notable brand for many dog owners.
Reflective belt is durable and adjustable, as is the bungee leash which prevents your dog from choking if he dashes off. There’s a useful waist pouch and bonus eBook.
Some users wished the dog leash was adjustable for a shorter length.
Waist/Handsfree leash
5 – 7.5 feet
Medium to large dogs
Training Ebook
TaoTronics Retractable 16 Feet Dog Leash
TaoTronics is a brand that focuses primarily on electronics but also offers other gems such as their highly rated pet products.
Strong spring for its price. Affordable and a long and sturdy leash. Comes with doggie waste bags and a free night light. Great for different sized dogs and features a strong casing.
Many users thought the bag holder made too much noise when attached to the leash, but it can be removed.
Retractable leash
16 feet
Small to extra-large dogs
Free LED night light

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What is the Best Dog Leash?

Now that we’ve covered what to check for when buying your dog’s leash, let’s look at the five great options we’ve reviewed to make your decision a whole lot easier.
Our Top Choice
The SportLeash Handsfree Sportpack is an incredibly versatile product. It allows you to easily adjust the waist anywhere between 22 and 44-inches and its antimicrobial properties prevent the grown of mold, mildew and more. Another great leash from SportLeash is the 3-in-1 Hands-Free Leash which you can use as a hands-free leash or as a traditional handheld leash. This one might appeal to you if you desire a longer, six foot leash.

SportLeash Versatile Hands-Free Sportspack with Detachable Bungee Dog Leash

SportLeash was inspired by the founder’s dog, Mr. Sledmaster Griffey. He turned every stroll into a training session and he showed up his owner every step of the way. That inspired him to create a waist leash that could allow him to take his dog on hikes and runs that without the unnecessary stress that other leashes caused. SportLeash has since grown to include a wide range of products for you, the everyday athlete, and your four-legged companion. The designs are sleek, sexy and made with the highest quality materials to give you and your dog a product that not only looks good but holds up under rigorous activity as well.

For our number 1 spot, we’re featuring the remarkable SportLeash Handsfree Sportpack. You can use it as a handheld or hands-free leash as the bungee leash connects with ease to the SportPack’s waist attachment. It also swivels from hip to hip, giving it a 160° movement so your dog can be even freer. The bungee leash can be adjusted between 2.75 – 3.66 feet and flexes up to 5-inches for increased control during lunging.

There’s also a built-in short lead system that’s at the base of the leash which gives you increased control. The SportPack was built with DryRun Technology which wicks away moisture from your body 6 times faster than other fabrics. The entire sportpack and leash are coated in environmentally safe and natural antimicrobial properties which prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mildew, mold, and algae.

One final important feature of the SportLeash Handsfree Sportpack is its versatility, seeing as it comes with:
  • A poo-bag holder
  • A built-in phone pocket
  • A pocket for your wallet, treats and keys
  • The waist can also be adjusted from a size 22 to 44-inches
The best of feature of all is that everything was created right here in the United States.
Best Value
The PetSafe Nylon Leash is a simple yet sturdy dog leash which is made from nylon and available in multiple sizes and colors such as black, red and raspberry. Another great PetSafe product is its Gentle Leader Head Collar which you can use to stop excessive leash pulling, jumping and lunging. It’s safe, painless and doesn’t cause choking either.

PetSafe Nylon Easy Hook Dog Leash – Available in 6 Colors & 5 Sizes

PetSafe is the biggest manufacturer of electronic pet training products in the United Stated. Their staff is filled with pet lovers just like yourself who work to deliver exceptional and affordable products to you every day. PetSafe products are available in 52 countries across the globe and this company continues to grow as it provides its customers and their pets with products they can both appreciate.

PetSafe has a wide variety of products but for our dog leash review, the PetSafe Nylon Leash stood out. It’s made of durable yet soft nylon that ensures that you’ll have it for years to come and it won’t be a bother to use. It’s also available in multiple sizes such as 1-inch by 6 feet, ¾-inch by 4 feet, 1-inch by 4 feet and more. It also comes in multiple colors such as deep purple, apple green and our featured color, royal blue. The PetSafe Nylon Leash is simple, colorful, and effective.
The Dean & Tyler Noburu Dog Leash is a multifunctional masterpiece. It’s made from thick rolled leather and can be extended up to 7 feet. But if you’re looking for a short leash, then check out the Dean & Tyler Short Pull Tab Leash, which is just 8-inches in length and features the same solid brass hardware.

Dean & Tyler Multifunctional Noburu Rolled Dog Leash with Handle and Solid Brass Snap Hooks

When you see the name Dean & Tyler and the types of products the company puts out you’d think that Dean and Tyler are the names of the company’s founders, like Dolce & Gabbana. You’d be surprised in that case to find out that Dean and Tyler are the names of two gorgeous dogs. That’s because it’s a “small dog-loving company” where dogs aren’t just seen as pets or man’s best friend, but as a legitimate member of the family. Pet safety and comfort is at the forefront of every Dean & Tyler product, of which there are many. You can get ID badges, dog toys, bite tugs, sleeves, harnesses, leashes and more for your dog from Dean & Tyler.

Our featured Dean & Tyler product is the Noburu Dog Leash. Sounds fancy, right? Well, it is. See, it’s a multifunctional leash that has two clasps, one floating and two stationary rings. You can use it for hands-free walks or to tether your dog. You can even walk two dogs at the same time by simply attaching one dog to each leash snap and then holding the leash in the middle. You can also use it as a choke collar or a shorter 3.5 feet inch leash or even extend it up to 7 feet. The leash itself is made from thick half inch rolled leather and all the hardware is solid brass. Overall, the Dean & Tyler Noburu Dog Leash is a beautifully designed leash that’s useful for nearly any situation.
The PetsAlly Handsfree Dog Leash has a reflective bungee leash which is adjustable from 5 – 7.5 feet. It also has a detachable pouch you can use to hold your phone, dog treats and other things you may take on a walk. If you’re looking for a retractable leash then check out the PetsAlly Retractable Dog Leash which extends up to 16.5 feet. It also has a one button lock and brake system for better control.

PetsAlly Handsfree Waist Dog Leash, Bag Dispenser and Training Ebooks Included

PetsAlly is the new kid on the block. The company was started back in 2016 but don’t let its short time on the market fool you; its products have come to compete with the veterans in the pet care industry. It specializes in making durable, and well-crafted dog leashes that are affordable and simply great.

Our featured PetsAlly product is the Handsfree Dog Leash. While walking with your dog is great, sometimes having to hold the leash can be a bit of an issue especially when you consider all the other things you’ve got to use your hands for. The PetsAlly Handsfree dog leash works great for that because it allows you to walk your dog using a comfortable 1.5-inch reflective belt that’s adjustable from 29 – 49-inches and eases the force you feel when being pulled by your dog.

It also comes equipped with a detachable waist pouch that you can easily slide on and off the belt. It’s large enough to hold dog treats, your keys, pop bags and other little things you’d need to take with you either on a walk or morning run. The reflective bungee leash ranges from 5 – 7.5 feet and is an inch wide. It has dual handles are reinforced at key stress points so you can use it as a regular leash too plus the bungee is strong and absorbs most the energy if your dog makes a sudden dash which prevents choking and gives both of you some room.

It’s backed by a lifetime guarantee by PetsAlly and there’s also a bonus dog care training eBook in case you’re new to this dog owner thing.
The TaoTronics Retractable Dog Leash features a durable ABS plastic casing which houses a powerful spring that’s used to control the durable 16-foot nylon leash. If you’re interested in getting a handsfree leash then check out the retractable TaoTronics Handsfree Dog Leash. It’s great for dogs up to 150-lbs and the belt can stretch up to 63-inches to fit any sized dog.

TaoTronics Retractable 16 Feet Tangle Free Dog Leash, Dog Waste Dispenser and Bags Included

TaoTronics is primarily a consumer electronics brand that distributes its products around the world. While the company specializes in electronics, it also offers other great products that fall under other categories such as pet supplies and outdoor gear such as bicycle mounts. TaoTronics’ diverse range of products means you can get loads of its great products for great prices.

Our featured TaoTronics product is the TaoTronics 16ft Retractable Dog Leash. It has a 16-foot durable, fray-proof nylon tape that has a powerful weather-proof spring so you can easily retract the leash. Its ABS plastic casing is built with an ergonomic grip and anti-slip handle which fits your hand perfectly; all of this is locked up neatly with an anti-corrosive metal bolt for added durability. It also features a one-hand braking, release and recoiling system that allows you to effortlessly adjust the leash’s length.

A few additions to make this leash even better is the complimentary clip-on LED night light that you can use for night time walks. Plus, it comes with a free roll of plastic bags and a bone-shaped cone waste dispenser so you can clean up after your dog does his business without any fuss.

How Do I Choose the Best Dog Leash?

Dogs are great for cuddles, playing fetch and providing emotional support when you need it. That’s why we treat our dogs not just as pets but as members of our family. We bathe them with the best dog shampoos, get them toys that they can chew on to their hearts’ content and even get them their own little houses so they have their own space.

But at the end of the day, dogs are animals - which isn’t a bad thing; it just means that there are certain things you need for your dog to ensure his/her safety. Leashes are a great way for you to take your dog out and have them under control without worrying that they’ll run off or bite someone while on the road.

Nothing beats having your dog come with you on your morning run, that hike you’ve been talking about taking or just a simple walk in the park. It’s a great way to bond with your furry best friend and get some exercise in which does the body worlds of good. There are loads of leashes out there, far more than a new dog owner would think, and it can be sort of overwhelming when trying to find a leash for your dog. You’ve got to consider the type of leash, material, size and more. But no worries, we’re here to help you pick the best possible leash for your pup.
Dog leashes vary a lot from the type to the size, to the materials and what comes with it. It all affects the price of the leash you’re looking to buy, which can range anywhere between $10 and say $100. That’s how big of a difference there is. And while $10 may seem like not very much, there are cheap dog leashes which are even less than that, but trust us when we say that they aren’t worth it. It’s best to stick with our range and choose one that works for you and your dog.
As far as features go, there are quite a few when it comes to a dog leash. That’s really the beauty of them, you’ve got so many options, even if it’s also a major hindrance because it makes it sort of difficult to pick the right one when so many seem so good.

When you’re looking get a new dog leash, you want to look out for:
  • Strength – dogs are very active and when you’re walking or running, they can sometimes literally drag you so you want a leash that’s strong and can hold up when this happens.
  • Durability – when you buy anything, you want to make sure you get your money’s worth so look to get a leash that will do just that.
  • Length – some leashes are retractable and some are standard with one fixed length; only you know which length is best but it’s safe to say get a shorter leash for less trained dogs and more obedient ones can work well with longer ones.
  • Width – the width of the leash goes with the size of the dog. If your dog is big, you need a wider leash but if he’s a cute little dumpling then a thinner leash will work just fine.
  • Clip – no matter if the leash is made from some revolutionary reinforced steel, if the clip isn’t good then it’s irrelevant. Get a leash with a secure clip that will hold and keep your leash connected to your dog.
  • Comfort – dogs have feelings, we all know this, so it’s important that your dog is comfortable with the leash you’ve got for him/her. It’ll save you both a lot of trouble down the road.
  • Decorations – it may be best to avoid these as they can be taken off your dog and cause choking, which is the last thing anyone wants.
Construction and Design
As we’ve mentioned before, dog leashes vary a lot and one of the reasons for this is that there are several different types of dog leashes out there.

Each type of leash carries with it its own benefit over the others and while none are inherently better than the other, ultimately the type you choose is up to you.

Here are the different types of dog leashes:
  • Standard - this is the most common type of dog leash and is great for basic training and everyday use. They usually measure anywhere between 4 and 8 feet. These types of leashes are great for training puppies
  • Retractable - these types of leashes work like tape measures. You can control the length of and most times the leash itself, or what’s known as the tape, is made from nylon. These can measure up to 26 feet and have a plastic casing. They’re recommended for dogs that are well-trained and know how to walk using a standard leash.
  • Handsfree/waist - these leashes come with a waist belt that you can attach them to so you don’t have to hold the actual leash. These are great for running or hiking and typically use a nylon band for the leash itself. These leashes are also adjustable and can be used without the waist belt too.
  • Martingale leads - these have the collar and leash as one unit and is ideal for smaller breeds. This is because the collar part of the leash can slip over the dog’s head when the owner pulls the lead. Even though larger ones are made for bigger dogs, it’s recommended that martingale leads are used for smaller breeds.
But the type of leash isn’t the only thing that matters and differs among dog leashes. There are also different materials which are used as well.

Chain leashes are often used for larger dogs, however they aren’t as popular now as they once were. In fact, many experts advise not to use them because they can actually harm dogs more than anything else.

Nylon is a commonly used material which is inexpensive, strong and doesn’t constrict when it becomes wet. The only disadvantage is that it can wear on your hand and cut into the dog’s neck, but manufacturers often make amendments to the leashes design to prevent this.

Cloth is another material used for dog leashes, but again they aren’t as popular now as they used to be. This is because, while they’re soft and cost about the same as nylon, they fray much more easily which reduces longevity. So, most dog owners just stick to nylon.

Leather leashes are a costlier option but definitely a worthwhile investment. Leather’s durable, strong, and practically impervious to chewing, which will surely happen. Leather also doesn’t fray and with different manufacturers adding cool designs and colors, leather leashes are more popular now than ever. Plus, treated leather is much softer on both skin and fur, which is always appreciated by your pup.

Reflective dog leashes are best for nighttime walks and runs. They use materials that reflect in the dark and are embedded into another material such as leather or nylon.
Performance and Ease of Use
The performance of your leash is dependent on how you use it. For example, if you use a retractable leash for a dog that isn’t fully trained, then it won’t perform as well as a standard leash which is built for dogs that are still being trained.

The materials also play a huge role in this as well. The leather leashes are undoubtedly the best option; however, for many dog owners, they are too costly. In which case, nylon is a great alternative. Cloth leashes are fading in popularity along with chain leashes, and for good reason too. Reflective leashes are also great for nighttime walks even though they work well for daytime walks as well.

Ultimately the performance of your dog leash is dependent on you and your dog, but there’s a leash out there that’s just the right fit for you, your dog and whatever you two enjoy doing.

Get the Best Dog Leash of 2022!

Thanks for reading our review of the best dog leashes on the market today. If you’ve got a top two or three and still haven’t decided yet then go ahead and look at them one last time before making your choice. We hope we helped you find the perfect leash to take your dog out.

Our Top Choice
SportLeash Versatile Hands-Free Sportpack
Best Value
PetSafe Nylon Easy Hook Dog Leash
Dean & Tyler Noburu Dog Leash
PetsAlly Handsfree Waist Dog Leash
TaoTronics Retractable 16 Feet Dog Leash