Best Dog Seat Cover Reviews 2023

You value your car but you love your dog. So, how to do take care of both when you’re traveling? With a dog seat cover, you protect your car seats and at the same time keep your dog comfortable. Dog seat covers come in a variety of styles, sizes and offer different functionalities. To help you choose one, we’ll take you through what you need to know before investing in one. Also, we’ve picked the leading five dog seat cover brands, and featured one model from each. Read through and get the recipe for great travels with your dog.
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Our Top Choice
4Knines Bucket Dog Seat Cover
4Knines is a prestigious brand that designs and manufactures classy and durable dog seat covers that can stand the test of any dog.
Made of waterproof quilted material to deliver utmost comfort to your dog as well as to protect your car seat. For your safety and dogs too, it has no heavy metals.
May not be the best for little dogs.
Bucket Seat
11.4” x 11.1” x 2.7” (packaged)
Universal Fit
Vacuum and Wipe
Best Value
Formosa Covers Deluxe Pet Seat Cover
Founded in 1993, Formosa Covers is one of the largest retailers and importers of outdoor covers.
Generous sizing to fit any dog and any seat. Full coverage design for protection. Folds easily depending on the seat.
Large size makes it bulky.
56” x 94”
Universal Fit
Machine Washing, Vacuum
Padded and Quilted
Plush Paws Waterproof Pet Seat Cover
Founded in 2015, Plush Paws Products is a reputable brand known for designing high quality and affordable automotive pet supplies.
Bonus harnesses and seatbelts come in handy if you have a hyperactive dog. For ultimate protection and comfort, the cover is padded and quilted.
Guide could be more detailed to guide on installation.
Bench Style
65” x 63”
Cars, Trucks & Vehicles
Machine Washable, Vacuum, Hose
Bonus Harness and Seat Belt
NAC&ZAC Hammock Pet Seat Cover
NAC&ZAC is one of the leading sustainable pet products brands. It creates functional and durable seat covers, which come with a lifetime warranty.
Quick release clips, elastic straps, and seat anchors make for easy installation and a snug fit. Machine washable and can be wiped clean.
Not everyone loves the slippery fabric, but it looks great!
63” x 56”
Most Cars and SUVs
Machine Washable, Vacuum
Side Flaps
Barksbar Convertible Pet Seat Cover
Barksbar combines its years of experience and dedicated human resource to make some of the most functional dog seat covers.
Made with heavy duty, waterproof polyester for comfort and durability. Features two pockets where you can put dog toys and grooming accessories.
Isolated complaints of the center zipper coming off, especially when used by heavy dogs.
Hammock & Bench
54” x 58”
Machine Washable
Color-Fast Material, 2 Pockets

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What is the Best Dog Seat Cover?

Because of the numerous dog seat options, not every seat cover will work for you. The best dog seat cover should be the best for your car and dog. Among the key considerations when picking one include, will it provide sufficient seat protection? It is comfortable for your dog, will it fit in your car and how easy is it to clean and maintain it? These things in mind, let’s look at our top picks.
Our Top Choice
With the 4Knines Bucket Dog Seat Cover, you’ll never worry about mud, hair or dirt taking a toll on your car seat, since it’s easy to clean, waterproof and of high quality. If you’re looking for a premium dog seat cover, check out 4Knines Luxury Dog Seat Cover with Hammock, best for SUVs, trucks, and car back seats.

4Knines Front Seat Cover for Dogs with Universal Fit for SUVs, Trucks, and Cars - Available in 3 Colors

Necessity is the mother of invention. That’s the story behind the 4Knines Company, a brand that millions of dog owners hold dear. Maggie and Jim started this company as they were looking for the best way to travel with their Dobermans. Their mission was to design a seat cover that would keep their friend happy, keep the car clean, and protect the car seat – especially with a big, excited dog in it!

The Luxury Bucket Dog Seat Cover stands out for several reasons. First, when Jim and Maggie were making it, they were making it for their friend. Apart from being made by people who love pets, this cover delivers the best combination of protection, functionality, and design.

Here are some other features of the 4Knines Bucket Dog Seat Cover:
  • Made with waterproof material to protect the seat from fluids
  • Installs and removes in minutes, thanks to the Velcro openings and straps
  • Made of high quality and durable materials, which blends seamlessly with your car interior
  • Quilted material and UV coating makes it exceptionally comfortable to the dog especially during long drives
  • As a mark of quality, it comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Keeps the seat odor free and efficiently absorbs dog’s fur and other dirt
  • Remains intact even at high speeds thanks to seat anchors and nonslip rubber backing
  • Easy to clean, either by vacuuming or wiping down using a wet piece of cloth
  • When very dirty, it can be machine washed and air dried for instant use
  • Has universal fit for most car seats
This cover is black in color, but if you’d prefer either gray or tan color, they’re available too.
Best Value
The Formosa Covers Deluxe Pet Seat Cover is for anyone looking for a seat cover that can be used on a back bench seat, front seat or in an SUV/truck, as it is big in size and folds easily. After a smaller size? Try out the padded and quilted Formosa Covers Hammock Seat Cover designed for sedan back seats and bench seats.

Formosa Covers Padded and Quilted Pet Seat Cover - Available in 3 Sizes and Colors

Formosa Covers is a one stop shop for a wide array of outdoor covers. The company retails and imports different covers, including vehicle covers, patio furniture covers, patio umbrellas, and screen houses.

Formosa Covers has a large collection of dog seat covers, but the Deluxe Pet Seat Cover stood out for its functionality and design. When fully spread, the cover fits the back bench seat, the floor, up to the headrest of the front seat. If you want to use it on the front seat, just fold it. It is also usable on trucks when spread flat. If you have several cars with different seat designs, this is our recommendation.

Apart from design, here is a list of other features of this deluxe seat cover.
  • Made of high-quality polyester, which is durable, comfortable and great looking
  • To add to its comfort, the cover is quilted and padded
  • For ease of use and preventing the cover from sliding, there are non-slip mesh strips
  • The cover’s top is water resistant and is completely washable
  • For a snug fit, the adjustable straps have buckles
  • There is Velcro on every corner and elastic straps
  • The safety buckles have two seamless holes for easy installation and removal
In this review, we’ve reviewed the 56”W X 94”L version. If you’d want a different size, there are three size versions available in three different colors.
Plush Paws Waterproof Pet Seat Cover is all you need if you’re looking for a big, toughened cover that provides ultimate comfort to your dog and protects your car upholstery from dirty paws, claws and spillage. Looking for a co-pilot design? Try the budget friendly Plush Paws Pet Bucket Seat Cover for trucks, cars, and vehicles.

Plush Paws Padded and Quilted Dog Seat Cover for SUVs, Trucks and Vehicles - Available in 3 Colors and Sizes

For the last two years, Plush Paws has made it easier and dog-friendly to take a ride in company of your furry friend through their products. The company has a wide range of dog car seats designed for different cars. The one thing we’re almost sure is that Plush Paws have something for everyone.

The Waterproof Pet Seat Cover is designed for full-size SUVs and trucks. It comes with two pairs of seatbelts and harnesses to give you more control of your dog. These additional accessories aren’t just for marketing – they contribute to this being a quality dog seat cover. It even comes with a lifetime warranty.

Let’s now list other features making this seat cover a great deal:
  • Made of premium weatherproof and waterproof materials for added seat protection
  • Impressive absorption and retention of liquids, pet drool and dander
  • Heavy duty material that can withstanding clawing by your friend
  • The cover is padded and quilted to deliver utmost comfort and support to your dog
  • The side flaps and anchors offer extra security and comfort to the dog
  • Adding to driver’s security are the seat belts and harnesses to restrain the dog from jumping into the front seat
  • The non-slip silicon top assures the cover is intact and prevents the dog from sliding
  • It is machine washable. Can also be vacuumed or wiped, when it's not very dirty
  • Usable by kids! It is that safe
The seat cover we have featured in this review is the extra-large size. If you’d prefer the regular size, it’s available. To allow you have a color that complements your car’s interior; the cover is available in black, gray and tan color options.
The NAC&ZAC Hammock Pet Seat Cover is a 3-layer cover designed to deliver 360-degree seat protection. It is water resistant and features side flaps for added seat protection. If you’d prefer a bench seat cover, try out NAC&ZAC Pet Seat Cover for SUVs and Cars, featuring side flaps and seat anchors.

NAC&ZAC Machine Washable Dog Seat Cover with Seat Anchors - Available in 2 Colors and 3 Sizes

Are you looking for a seat cover that doesn’t just make traveling with your furry friend easy and comfortable, but adds to your car’s interior look? Then, NAC&ZAC is one of the brands we can recommend without doubts. Their focus on details and creating products that meet customer needs is evident in their output.

From their seven seat cover models, we picked the Hammock Pet Seat Cover for its design and easy installation. Unlike some seat covers, this one offers 360 degree seat protection. This ensures, even on rainy days or when your dog gets unexpected call of nature, your seat will remain clean.

There is more. Let’s now see what else this hammock seat cover has to offer;
  • Made from heavy duty, durable polyester material
  • There are side flaps to protect the seat when the dog is getting into the car
  • For ease of use and extra protection, there are velcro closures and seat belts
  • It is 100% waterproof
  • It doesn’t smell and is made from pet friendly materials
  • Can be machine washed, vacuumed or wiped using a damp cloth
  • The reinforced headrest straps feature quick release clips for easy installation
  • For added comfort and protection, the cover has 3 layers
In this review, we featured the standard (56” wide) gray version. If you’d prefer a different size, X-Large (66” wide) and small (50” wide), in gray and black color options, are also available.
If you’re looking for a seat cover that you can easily convert from standard bench coverage to hammock style, Barksbar Convertible Pet Seat Cover is our recommendation. Want a front seat cover? We recommend the BarksBar Pet Waterproof Seat Cover designed with a nonslip backing and made with color-fast materials.

Barksbar Bench / Hammock Style Backseat Pet Seat Cover that Fits Standard SUVs, Cars and Trucks - Available in 2 Sizes

With just three dog seat covers, Barksbar has conquered the industry and is today one of the pet seat covers trendsetters. Apart from making seat covers, they also have orthopedic dog beds and a dog door.

Barksbar Convertible Pet Seat Cover stands out from any other seat cover for its design. It can either be used as a standard bench or as a hammock seat cover. This makes it a great option for anyone looking for a versatile seat cover. With this seat cover, you’ll protect the seat from fur, scratches, spills and hair, while delivering maximum support and comfort to the dog.

Let’s now discuss its other features;
  • Made with waterproof polyester material
  • It features built-in Velcro openings making for a snug fit
  • The cover features two pockets where you can put dog accessories, like a grooming kit or a bottle of water
  • Made from color-fast material to prevent fading even after years of continuous use
  • Doesn’t contain heavy metals and AZO dyes which can bring health complications to your dog
  • It can withstand extreme temperatures making it usable during hot and cold seasons
  • Can be machine washed or wiped using a damp piece of cloth
  • For ease of installation, the headrest straps are fully adjustable
This cover is the standard size, if you’d want a larger size, there is an X-Large option for you.

How Do I Choose the Best Dog Seat Cover?

There’s no better fun than traveling with your canine friend, but the cleanup is a lot less fun! Luckily, there are several ways to keep your dog comfortable while protecting and keeping the car seat clean. Unlike dog car seats, dog seat covers give the dog more space and freedom to spread out or play with their favorite toys.

Why not just use a towel, you ask? It’s true a towel can protect the seat and keep your friend comfortable, but how easy is it to keep it intact? Also, imagine when your friend gets an unexpected call of nature, and you can’t stop immediately, or in cases where your dog has motion sickness when traveling in a car? A good pet seat cover is ready for these eventualities.

The best thing with dog seat covers is that they’re made with dogs in mind. Even if your dog is the type to get excited and start chewing or clawing, you’ll let him have his time. Secondly, they are good looking; they can easily blend with your car interior. Dog seat covers have also been recommended as one great way to enhance safety when driving. This is especially critical if your dog is fond of jumping from the back seat to the front seats when you are driving.

A seat cover is not only what you need when driving with your dog; you may need a dog sweater to keep him warm, especially during those cold days. Having looked at what makes a dog seat cover a necessity, let’s now discuss specific features.
How much does a dog seat cover cost? The price range for a functional seat cover falls somewhere between $20 and $70, depending on several factors, including the brand. Seat covers from renowned brands may sometimes be pricier compared with new brands, but you get established quality and service. Apart from brand, price also depends on the style of seat cover, design and the material used. When doing this research, we came across cheap dog seat covers, costing as little as $5. While all these models promise to deliver as well as the premium brands, we don’t think they can withstand the test of time. $70 is not the highest price you can pay for a seat cover, there are models going for up to 100 bucks. Our researchers looked for best value at all times.
Dog seat covers come in various sizes, designs, and styles. When shopping for one, it’s important to understand what each has to offer and then pick one that meets your specific needs.

Here is a highlight of the different features that you should keep your eyes on;
  • Specified car. While there are some universal covers that can be used on any car, there are specific covers for specific cars.
  • Positioning. This determines whether it is for back or front seats
  • Style. The style determines how the cover is installed, ease of use and convertibility
  • Color. Go for a color that won’t look out of place in your car
  • Whether it is waterproof, weather resistant, etc.
  • Material. This is another critical consideration when shopping for a cover. The material should be durable, great looking and resistant to scratching. On top of that, the material should be safe for canine use
  • Cleaning and maintenance. Can it be machine washed, vacuumed or wiped?
  • Warranty
Let’s now discuss in detail construction and performance of seat covers
Construction and Design
As indicated above, dog seat covers are made from several materials including polyester, which is the most popular. Other materials include neoprene, synthetic vinyl, soft microfiber suede, sturdy canvas, and poly cotton. These days, most seat covers have a combination of several materials. Don’t just pick a material because it’s soft; assess how it offers protection and support. The material should be comfortable, durable and strong enough to resist claws and dog bites. For your dog’s safety, the material shouldn’t contain reactive or harmful chemicals, and shouldn’t fade easily.

To offer the best combination of durability and comfort, and to ensure the seat cover looks great in your car, some have several layers. This is where technology and manufacturer expertise comes in. For the best results, look for a cover with a soft top layer, an underlying waterproof layer, and an enhanced base. This ensures comfort for your dog, resistance to biting, and looks great

The top of the cover also matters a lot. To prevent the dog from sliding when turning sharp corners or during emergency braking, a cover with a non-slip silicone, quilted top is better. The material should also be easy to clean and maintain. While color is not a determinant of quality, go for a color that blends well with the car’s interior and camouflages normal dirt.

The construction of seat covers is also influenced by the car the cover is made for. To be on the safe side, pick a unit you can interchange between cars if needed. For example, if a cover is designed for SUVs, they can also be used in cars and trucks. Before picking one, measure your car seats to avoid disappointment. For anyone looking for a customized seat covers, there are brands offering them at a slightly higher price.
Performance and Ease of Use
How do you assess the performance of a dog seat cover? It’s easy – look at the features to see how they’re designed to meet the two basic functions of a seat cover; protecting the seat and providing comfort and support. For example, consider what protection the cover offers? A good cover should protect the seat from dirt, paw prints, hairs and any other mess your furry friend brings along.

Another factor that determines performance is seat style. For example, if you are looking for a seat cover for a bucket seat, go for a bucket seat style. Other popular styles include bench seat covers, irregular seat covers, hammocks, and customized options if you have special requirements. Bucket seat covers are designed for back seats in SUVs, cars, and trucks. They are also usable in front seats or middle row seats in vans. The best thing with this style is that they cover the whole seat, including the back and bottom.

Hammock style hangs between seats. Apart from protecting the seat, these covers prevent dogs from jumping all over the car and keep the dog away from the foot well. One consideration when buying a hammock style seat cover is to ensure it’s strong enough to support your dog. Other features of a strong hammock seat cover include waterproof yet comfortable fabric, double-stitched seams, zippers, and piping on the edges.

For added protection, some covers have side flaps to protect the seat when the dog is getting into the car. Others are extra-large to offer 360-degree seat protection. There are also some enhanced cover designs that are convertible from bench to bucket seat style, adding to their usefulness. Others are designed to cover the seat, foot well and up to the headrest of the seat in front. These provide more space for your dog.

Dog seat covers are easy to install and uninstall. Most of them have strings, straps, headrest buckles, anchors, and zippers or velcro fasteners for a snug fit. When it comes to cleaning, most of them can be machine washed or vacuumed, and when they are not very dirty, they can be wiped using a piece of cloth.

Let’s now get into our reviews of the best dog seat covers on the market.

Get the Best Dog Seat Cover of 2023!

There we have them; the best dog seat covers on the market. We hope you are well equipped with tips to help you pick one according to your needs. Happy travelling!

Our Top Choice
4Knines Bucket Dog Seat Cover
Best Value
Formosa Covers Deluxe Pet Seat Cover
Plush Paws Waterproof Pet Seat Cover
NAC&ZAC Hammock Pet Seat Cover
Barksbar Convertible Pet Seat Cover