Best Dog Wheelchair Reviews 2023

Having a dog that’s injured or handicapped due to age or a medical condition can be extremely heartbreaking, both for pets and their owners. Even going to the bathroom outdoors can become a huge issue, especially if you have a large breed. The goods news is, with dog wheelchairs many pets and their owners are able to resume a happy, healthy life. We’ve reviewed five of the best dog wheelchair brands to help you and your pup choose the best option.
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Our Top Choice
K9 Carts Rear Support Wheelchair
All of K9 Carts’ products are made in the USA and tested in an orthopedic veterinary hospital.
This dog wheelchair is available in four different sizes and works on grass and pavement.
But while this sturdy cart is well-constructed, it may still require occasional tightening.
XS, S, M, and L; XS is 5.5 pounds
Aluminum, foam, plastic
Rear support
5-100 pounds, varies by size
Guaranteed to fit, lightweight
Best Value
Newlife Mobility Adjustable Dog Wheelchair
Newlife Mobility specializes in dog wheelchairs that help rehabilitate injured or weak animals.
This fully adjustable rear support wheelchair comes in four lightweight sizes.
On the downside, the maximum weight for this product is 60 pounds, so it won’t work for larger breeds.
4 sizes: 1, 2, 3, 4
Aluminum, plastic wheels
Rear support
1-60 pounds, varies by size
Easy returns
Walkin’ Wheels Large Dog Wheelchair
Since 2001,, a family affiliate of Walkin’ Wheels, has been developing innovative products for senior, injured, and handicapped pets.
This fully adjustable dog wheelchair is designed to grow with your dog – plus it’s available in three fun colors.
However, you should double-check the width of the doorways in your home to ensure this product will fit through.
sizes: Mini, S, M, and L.
Aluminum, foam, plastic
Rear support
2-180 pounds, varies by size
Lifetime warranty, folds flat
Best Friend Mobility XS Dog Wheelchair
Best Friend Mobility believes in improving life for pets and their owners through reliable wheelchairs.
To make things easier for you, its lightweight aluminum frame is easy to adjust.
However, some users reported isolated incidents with the frame bending or fasteners breaking.
6 sizes: XXS to XL. XS is 1 pound
Aluminum, polyurethane, nylon
Rear support
XS is for hip heights 9”-14”
Canine orthopedic surgeon-tested
Huggiecart Size 2 XS Dog Wheelchair
Huggiecart has been helping dogs everywhere live happy, healthy lives since 2009.
This wheelchair is available in 8 sizes, including this version, which is for dogs 9-18 pounds.
But it’s important to note that as with any wheelchair, the adjustment period can be difficult for dogs.
8 sizes: XS to L. XS is 3 pounds
Aluminum, neoprene
Rear support
XS is for 9-18 pounds
Sizes for dogs 3-99 pounds

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What is the Best Dog Wheelchair?

While you may be new to the world of dog wheelchairs, let us tell you now that they’re very commonplace! There are a ton of different manufacturers and styles to choose from, including rear support, front support, and quad support styles. We decided to review five rear support models, but most of the brands we’ve featured also offer front and quad styles. So remember, if the product we chose to highlight isn’t the right match for you, these reputable brands have plenty of other quality dog wheelchairs to choose from.
Our Top Choice
Pelvic support in the K9 Carts Rear Support Wheelchair offers dogs the best in mobility and comfort. If you have a small pooch, the Extra Small K9 Carts Rear Support Wheelchair is available in white or pink.

K9 Carts Rear Lightweight Aluminum Support Wheelchair – Available in 4 Sizes & 2 Colors

K9 Carts is an American company that believes dogs with hip dysplasia, weak legs, and hind-leg injuries shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort for mobility. Its products are designed, manufactured, and tested in an orthopedic veterinary facility to ensure they meet K9 Carts high standards for excellence.

The K9 Carts Rear Support Wheelchair is available in Extra Small, Small, Medium, and Large sizes, all of which can be adjusted in height, length, and width to fit your pet perfectly. The K9 Carts Rear Support Wheelchair is available in four different colors and is specially designed to optimize pelvic support. It features foam-padded cable rings and won’t cause pressure sores. Best of all, it’s compatible with both grass and pavement, so your dog can resume as normal of a lifestyle as possible.

K9 Carts recommends this model for the following conditions:
  • Degenerative Myleopathy
  • Ruptured Disc
  • Spinal Trauma
  • IVDD
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Arthritis
  • Old Age
  • Rear Amputations
  • Post-Surgical Rehab
With benefits like these, it’s easy to see why the K9 Carts Rear Support Wheelchair is one of the best on the market:
  • Lightest wheelchair on the market
  • Rear limb weight bearing can be adjusted for rehabilitation
  • Alleviates stress
  • Aids in spinal decompression
  • Fully adjustable
  • Leg slings include
  • Available in white or pink
  • Unlimited wheelchair fitting support from trained staff
  • Compatible with Front Support Kit
  • Same-day shipping
  • Made in the USA
The K9 Carts Rear Support Wheelchair is guaranteed to fit your pet!
Best Value
For dogs that need help due to rear-leg problems, the Newlife Mobility Adjustable Dog Wheelchair can be a second chance at a normal life. This item comes in four standards sizes for dogs up to 60 pounds. If you have a larger breed, take a look at the Newlife Mobility Adjustable Dog Wheelchair – Large.

Newlife Mobility Adjustable Hind Leg Rehabilitation Dog Cart/Wheelchair – Available in 5 Sizes

Newlife Mobility manufacturers dog wheelchairs for very small to large breeds, meaning you can definitely find a great fit for your pet.

The Newlife Mobility Adjustable Dog Wheelchair comes in five sizes: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.
  • 1is for dogs weighing 0-5 pounds with a hip height of 7”-10”
  • 2is for dogs weighing 5-20 pounds with a hip height of 9”-14”
  • 3is for dogs weighing 20-40 pounds with a hip height of 14”-17”
  • 4is for dogs weighing 40-60 pounds with a hip height of 16”-20”
  • 5 is for dogs weighing 60-100 pounds with a hip height of 20”-26”
You and man’s best friend will appreciate these features:
  • Fully adjustable within designated hip height range
  • Ideal for dogs weighing 1-60 pounds
  • Soft harness for added comfort
  • Lightweight frame
  • Easy for all dogs to use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Aluminum frame
This is a great, lightweight option for any dog with hip or rear-leg problems.
The Walkin’ Wheels Large Dog Wheelchair is an industry-leader because it’s high-quality, lightweight, and designed for dogs 70-180 pounds. We’ve reviewed the large version of this product, but if you have a small dog, take a look at the Walkin’ Wheels Small Dog Wheelchair.

Walkin’ Wheels Large Rear Dog Wheelchair for Dogs – Available in 4 Sizes & 3 Colors

The Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair series is designed, manufactured, and distributed by, a company that specializes in cutting-edge devices for senior, injured, and handicapped animals. The site was launched by Mark C. Robinson in 2001 in honor of his epileptic Keeshond and best friend, Mercedes, who he was forced to put to sleep due to not knowing how to offer her a better quality of living.

First of all, let’s just begin by saying that the Walkin’ Wheels Large Dog Wheelchair is the Rolls Royce of dog wheelchairs. We reviewed the large version, which is designed for dogs 70-180 pounds, but it’s also available in mini, small and medium sizes for dogs 2 - 10 pounds, 8-25 pounds and 26-69 pounds, respectively.

Each order includes 1 frame, 1 set of extenders, 1 connector, 2 foam wheels with struts, 1 front harness with sleeves, 1 set of leg rings with support system, 1 belly belt, 2 stirrups, 1 set of handles for leg rings, tote bag, instruction manual, and DVD. This may sound like a lot of different parts and pieces, but the company provides great support and makes it easy to assemble and fit each wheelchair to its customers’ dogs.

The Walkin’ Wheels Large Dog Wheelchair is different from other dog wheelchairs on the market in several ways. First, uses “The Dog Wheelchair Wizard” tool to help customers determine the right size for their pet.
Some other benefits include:
  • Veterinarian-approved
  • One-time measurement – grows with your dog
  • Overnight and same-day shipping available
  • Folds flat and fits in a tote bag
  • Pneumatic air-filled tires available for $40 extra
  • Large tires for all-terrain use
  • Fully adjustable with the press of a button
  • Lightweight, aluminum frame
  • Rent-to-Own program
  • Lifetime warranty
The particular model we reviews is available in 3 colors; blue, camouflage or pink, but there are other colors and models available as well. offers a ton of products that are compatible with this wheelchair or can be used to improve your dog’s lifestyle. Some other options include custom wheelchairs for extra-small or extra-large dogs, the Walkin’ Lift Harness, Walkin’ Lift Combo Harness, Walkin’ Drag Bag, and Walkin’ Lift Rear Harness, among others.
The Best Friend Mobility XS Dog Wheelchair is a great option for dogs with hip heights 9”-14”, although other sizes are available. If you have a big dog or a very small dog, that’s ok! Best Friend Mobility offers other sizes, such as the Best Friend Mobility XXS Dog Wheelchair.

Best Friend Mobility Extra Small Rear Leg Support Dog Wheelchair

With a name like Best Friend Mobility, it comes as no surprise that this company prioritizes your pet’s comfort and mobility. It believes that injured or disabled pets deserve to be mobile just as much as their human counterparts, and has developed a variety of technologically advanced yet affordable products to make that possible. In addition to having built a reputation for its high-quality, reliable products, Best Friend Mobility also offers a great website with tons of tips and support for owners of handicapped pets.

The Best Friend Mobility XS Dog Wheelchair is designed for dogs with hip heights between 9” and 14”. The company offers this model in XXS, XS, S, M, L, and XL sizes, so don’t worry if your dog is smaller or larger than the guidelines specified for the Best Friend Mobility XS Dog Wheelchair.

Best Friend Mobility recommends this product for the following conditions:
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Arthritis
  • Rehabilitation
  • Neurological problems (osteomyelitis or degenerative myelopathy)
  • Fractured spine or back
  • Rear limb amputation
  • Ligamentous injury (PCL or ACL)
  • Thoracic or Lumbar disc injury
  • Any rear leg pain or weakness
Some other benefits include:
  • Non-corrosive aluminum frame
  • Adjustable height, length, and width via hex wrench
  • Tested by a canine orthopedic specialist
  • Pets can use bathroom while in device
  • All-terrain polyurethane wheels
  • Sealed bearings on wheels
  • Harness clip system makes device easy to use
  • Ideal for rehabilitation
  • Can be used as a walking aid or for full rear support
  • Comfortable neoprene harness
  • Stylish black and gray design
Remember, the Best Friend Mobility XS Dog Wheelchair is for dogs with hip heights between 9” and 14”, but the company has bigger and smaller sizes.
The Huggiecart XS Dog Wheelchair is perfect for dogs with dachshund-like body types. If you have a bigger or smaller dog, Huggicart still has options for you, such as the Huggiecart Dog Wheelchair.

Huggiecart Size 2 Dog Wheelchair for Extra Small Dog - Approximate Weight 9 to 18 Pounds

Huggiecart, whose motto is “A Loving Hug for your Dog,” is known for their wide range of low-cost yet durable pet wheelchairs. Its lightweight, aluminum alloy designs are fully adjustable and easy to use. When purchasing a Huggiecart wheelchair, be sure to measure your dog instead of basing your buying decision solely on weight. To help you, Huggiecart offers a tool called Help-U-Choose that has more information on sizing.

The Huggiecart XS Dog Wheelchair is designed for dogs weighing 9-18 pounds. Huggiecart uses a belly-to-ground measurement to determine the right height for your pet; the Huggiecart XS Dog Wheelchair fits 5” to 10.5”. However, its carts are available in 8 different sizes.

One thing that’s unique about Huggiecart’s lineup is that it offers extended sizes for dogs with long legs. For example, the Small Regular and Small Tall are both for dogs 20-40 pounds, with the tall having a taller frame and vice versa. If in doubt, Huggiecart recommends contacting customer service or choosing the smaller of the two sizes you’re considering.

Take a look at these great features:
  • Aluminum frame is only 3 pounds
  • Length, width, and height are adjustable
  • Extended sizes are available
  • Includes neoprene harness and leg stirrups
  • Polyurethane wheels
  • Wheels are flat-proof for easy rolling
The Huggiecart XS Dog Wheelchair is a relatively low-cost option for any pet owner with an injured or handicapped pooch.

How Do I Choose the Best Dog Wheelchair?

Don’t let your dog’s handicap or injury prevent it from enjoying a high quality of living. When a pet is injured or begins to degenerate due to arthritis or another medical condition, many pet owners turn to dog carriers or even pet strollers to transport their pet from one place to another. If you have a large dog that’s too heavy to carry or want to help your dog with rehabilitation, a dog wheelchair may be the exact solution you’ve been looking for.

The main consideration when purchasing a dog wheelchair is probably the style you need. You can choose from rear support, front support, and quad support styles, though we only included rear support styles in this review to make it easy for you to compare each product and brand. As we mentioned above, most of these highly rated brands also offer front and quad options, so be sure to look at the rest of their offerings if a rear support dog wheelchair isn’t what you’re looking for.

We also recommend that you look for a dog wheelchair that’s fully adjustable in terms of length, width, and height, is lightweight, easy to store and transport, allows your dog to use the bathroom and, of course, is compatible with your dog’s weight and breed. Most come with a built-in dog harness, so you’ll want to ensure that it’s made from a durable material such as neoprene that’ll be comfortable for your dog to wear for extended periods of time.

Dog wheelchairs are relatively expensive ($150 and up), but most are made from non-corrosive aluminum that lasts for years, so it’s definitely worth your while to invest in a high-quality model. The purpose of this review is to help you pick the best dog wheelchair for your pooch; but before we get to our top 5 picks, let’s take a closer look at what factors are important to look for.
You can expect to spend between $140 and $390 for a quality dog wheelchair. If your dog is low-energy or only needs the wheelchair temporarily for rehabilitation, you might be able to get away with a cheap dog wheelchair as they would only use it for a short period of time.

Most dog owners, however, purchase dog wheelchairs for major injuries that require months of rehabilitation, degenerative hip and leg problems, old age, or birth defects such as hip dysplasia. If your dog is going to use the wheelchair daily, and especially if your dog is too heavy for you to lift and carry, we recommend spending a bit more for a sturdier, more reliable model.

The main factors that influence price are the device’s weight, how easy it is to use, and whether or not it has any extra features. Some models, for example, only weigh a few pounds and can be easily folded for easy transport. Top-of-the-line dog wheelchairs also tend to have some very useful bonus features, such as the option to attach a harness for you to manually support your dog, or an extra piece that offers full or partial rear leg support for your pet.
As we mentioned above, dog wheelchairs are usually purchased for two reasons: rehabilitation or medical conditions that leave your pet handicapped. Dog wheelchairs can be used for degenerative myelopathy, a ruptured disc, spinal trauma, IVDD, hip dysplasia, arthritis, old age, rear amputees, and post-surgical rehab for disc, knee, and hip surgery, to name a few.

There are tons of quality dog wheelchairs on the market, but you’ll find that most function very similarly. When shopping for a dog wheelchair, here are some features you should look for:
  • Fully adjustable length, width, and height
  • Made from non-corrosive aluminum
  • Offers full or partial rear support, depending on your pet’s needs
  • Allows dogs to use the bathroom
  • Available in a size that fits your dog’s height, weight, and hip height
  • All-terrain wheels that can move in grass
  • Good customer support to help with fitting
  • Folds flat and is lightweight for easy transport
  • Has a comfortable harness
If your dog is going through a rehabilitation period, you may also want to look for a wheelchair that can be adjusted so that your dog can gradually become accustomed to carrying its own weight again. Let’s take a look at some other important construction and design elements.
Construction and Design
All dog wheelchairs feature some kind of harness system that goes around the chest area, two rods that connect to the wheelchair system, and the wheelchair itself, which looks a lot like a walker. It’s important that the harness is comfortable enough for your dog to wear for extended periods of time. Some owners also opt for models that have front support attachments, depending on the level of support your dog needs.

The most important consideration in terms of construction and design is whether or not the device in question can be adjusted in terms of length, width, and height. Dog wheelchairs usually come in a range of general sizes, from XS to XL. A Medium dog wheelchair may be compatible with dogs 20-40 pounds with a hip height between 9” and 14”, but you’ll need to be able to adjust the device based on your pet’s specific measurements. It’s important to ensure a proper fit because it’ll make it easier to get your dog into the wheelchair, for them to use it, and will make the device more effective overall.

You’ll also want to consider what the dog wheelchair frame is made from and what type of tires it has. Most dog wheelchairs – and all five in our review – are made from aluminum. Aluminum is durable, non-corrosive, and will last for years. It’s also extremely lightweight.

Most dog wheelchairs have plastic wheels; though, for an additional price, you may be able to choose air-filled tires, instead. Either option works well, but air-filled tires are usually better for grass and unpaved surfaces. A lot of pet owners purchase dog wheelchairs so that their dog can easily resume using the bathroom outdoors, so you should definitely take note of what type of tire the device you’re considering uses.

Finally, as we’ve mentioned, a lot of pet owners purchase dog wheelchairs for rehabilitation after surgery or an injury. If this is the case, it’s important that the wheelchair you choose can be adjusted to allow your dog to bear more and more of its own weight during the rehabilitation process. If the machine can’t be adjusted to offer partial support, your dog won’t be able to use it to learn to walk on his or her own again.
Performance and Ease of Use
Looping back to design and construction, almost all dog wheelchairs are fully adjustable by length, width, and height. The only variation is how easy they are to adjust. Some dog wheelchairs can be simply adjusted with the push of a button. Others are more difficult and may require a hex wrench or other tools. The easier it is to adjust, the happier you’ll be with your purchase in the long run!

You should look at each manufacturer’s specifications for fit when purchasing a dog wheelchair because every company has a different standard. There is no universal measurement for weight, height, or dog breed compatibility. Some companies base their sizes on hip height and dog weight, while others use belly height and dog weight. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, so this step is extremely important. A Beagle and Pomeranian, for example, might both fit in the 10 to 20-pound weight category, but a Beagle will be much longer. In this case, most manufacturers recommend going up a size.

In the beginning, using the wheelchair may be frightening for both you and your pet, but don’t get discouraged. Purchasing a high-quality dog wheelchair and ensuring a proper fit are two important steps that will increase your chances of success.

Get the Best Dog Wheelchair of 2023!

A reliable, well-constructed dog wheelchair will change you and your pet’s lives. We’re confident any of the five included in this review will do just that!

Our Top Choice
K9 Carts Rear Support Wheelchair
Best Value
Newlife Mobility Adjustable Dog Wheelchair
Walkin’ Wheels Large Dog Wheelchair
Best Friend Mobility XS Dog Wheelchair
Huggiecart Size 2 XS Dog Wheelchair