Best Doll House Reviews 2023

Kids can be pretty curious and are usually active. They might turn things upside down and break things, but they are only trying to have a good time. For every parent, watching your baby play around and enjoy some busy moments can be satisfactory. However, having a dollhouse would provide a way for your kids to entertain themselves without bouncing off the walls all the time. Although choosing from the dizzying array of options can be a challenge, we combed the market to bring you some of the best dollhouse brands available. Enjoy!
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Age Range
Our Top Choice
KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse
KidKraft encourages imagination and play in children through its extensive line of high-quality toys.
Eight rooms, 34 furniture pieces, a moving elevator and tons of accessories keep kids entertained for hours.
It may, however, require several hours of assembly time.
3 – 7 years
Composite wood
4 floors, 8 rooms, plus garage
34 pieces of furniture
62 lbs., 52 x 14 x 53.5 inches
Best Value
Fisher-Price Little People® Dollhouse
Fisher-Price is an iconic American toy company that aims to stimulate imagination in babies and toddlers through creative play.
This interactive doll house plays 4 songs, more than 50 different sounds and lights up!
Some accessories and dolls must be purchased separately, which adds to the cost.
Up to 5 years
2 floors, 5 rooms
Family pieces/ built-in furniture
1.1 lbs., 24.2 x 5 x 15.8 inches
Barbie Dreamhouse™
Mattel’s Barbie is a world-famous brand offering a diverse selection of products for all ages.
Three floors, 7 rooms and interactive “smart” accessories keep children entertained for hours.
Batteries are not included and dolls are sold separately.
3 – 7 years
3 floor,7 rooms,garage,pool,patio
70+ accessories
25 lbs., 8.5 x 34.5 x 30 inches
Hape Kid's Wooden Doll House
The largest manufacturer of kids’ toys in the world, Hape prides itself in high-quality, sustainable products.
Not only is this doll house non-toxic and child-safe, it includes furniture for 4 rooms.
This product may arrive missing pieces, but the manufacturer will replace them.
3 – 8 years
Wood, water-based paint
3 floors, 6 rooms
Furniture for all rooms
14 lbs., 60 x 30 x 73.4 inches
Melissa & Doug Wooden Doorbell House
Melissa & Doug encourages children to think creatively with a huge range of safe, educational toys.
Children learn for to unlock 4 separate locks while also playing with this product’s 4 built-in doorbells.
This doll house is smaller than the others we’ve reviewed.
3 – 5 years
Wood, metal
1 floor, 1 room
Includes 4 dolls
2.2 lbs., 9 x 6.8 x 6.8 inches

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What is the Best Doll House?

A dollhouse is a purchase that most parents only make once, so it’s especially important that you choose the right one the first time. We are sure from the wealth of information we have provided in the guide, we have made the decision process much easier for you. Now let’s take a look at our review.
Our Top Choice
The KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse is the best-selling doll house on the market, equipped with four composite wood floors of delightful play space to entertain children of all ages. If this doll house is too costly, or if the child you’re purchasing it for really loves Disney (don’t we all?), the KidKraft Belle Enchanted Dollhouse may be a better pick.

KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse with 8 Rooms

KidKraft is a renowned American toy brand that is available in 90 different countries worldwide. The company, which got its start more than 50 years ago, is renowned for its creative, durable and aesthetically-pleasing line of children’s toys and décor, which ranges from bookshelves and bedroom sets to doll houses, train sets, play kitchens and everything in-between.

The KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse retails for $189.99. It’s four-and-a-half feet tall, making it ideal for children of all ages – if you’ve got the room for it! Mostly made of wood, it’s extremely sturdy and relatively easy to assemble. Plus, it includes a ton of awesome furniture and accessories.

Check out these cool features:
  • Eight rooms, including a bedroom, kitchen and family room
  • Includes 34 pieces of furniture and accessories
  • An elevator that moves between the second and third floors
  • Opening and closing garage doors
  • Large windows let in plenty of light and make play time even more fun
  • Ideal for dolls up to 12” tall
  • Large enough for multiple children to use simultaneously
  • Durable composite wood construction
Best Value
The Fisher-Price Little People® Dollhouse is a durable, plastic, 2-story doll house that any child under the age of 5 would love. If you’re looking for a larger doll house for your toddler, or want to spend a bit more, take a look at the Fisher-Price My First Dollhouse.

Fisher-Price Little People® Surprise & Sounds Home

If you grew up in the US, then you’re probably familiar with Fisher-Price. This famous brand is known for their creative, durable toys designed for infancy through age 3, though some products may be enjoyed by children up to the age of 5. Most of their toys feature large, colorful pieces that are perfect for small children developing fine and gross motor skills. They have a huge range of products through their Laugh & Play®, Little People®, Everything Baby®, Imaginext® and Thomas & Friends® lines.

Retailing for about $35, the Fisher-Price Little People® Dollhouse is a relatively affordable option in this category and a natural choice for our Best Value section. We think the price range makes it perfect for toddlers since this isn’t the type of doll house that will grow with your child. The doll house and all of its components are made from a durable plastic material that is easy to clean. All of the pieces are also large, which reduces the risk of choking and other hazards.

The Fisher-Price Little People® Dollhouse includes:
  • 2-stories of play space and 5 rooms, including a living room, bathroom, kitchen and bedrooms for both the children and parents
  • Little People® Mom, Dad and Emma dolls and built-in furniture for each room
  • Interactive components, such as a toilet that makes a flushing sound, and pieces that slide to reveal hidden surprises
  • The oven and refrigerator lights turn on
  • Built-in music player plays 4 songs
  • Doll house closes, fitting all pieces within
  • Plays more than 50 different sounds
  • Has a handle so ideal for grab-and-go play
Little girls can make their dreams come to life with the Barbie Dreamhouse™, which includes more than 70 fun accessories. Looking for a princess castle for your little princess? Take a look at the Barbie Rainbow Cove Princess Castle Playset.

Barbie® Dreamhouse®

Mattel has been making dreams come true for more than 55 years with its world-famous Barbie brand. The concept was developed by Ruth Handler, who was inspired by her daughter, Barbara, who loved to play with paper dolls. Over the years, Barbie has evolved into a sprawling empire featuring more than 180 career options, dozens of “friends”, Barbie’s siblings (Skipper, Stacie, Todd, Chelsea, Kelly and Krissy) and hundreds of accessories and playsets.

Whether your child is the master of everything Barbie or just beginning to take an interest in this classic line, the Barbie Dreamhouse™ is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a doll house that has all the bells and whistles (and then some!). This beautiful, colorful doll house retails for $199.99. We love this doll house because it has everything you could ever imagine in a doll house, including a functioning elevator! Please note, it is recommended for ages 3 and up because it includes small pieces that pose a choking hazard.

It features 3 floors, 7 rooms, a garage, balcony and small pool area. The rooms are as follows: Kitchen, bathroom, pet room, dining room, bedroom, walk-in closet and den/living room. It also boasts an easy-to-operate elevator that is perfect for children’s small hands.

It also includes these awesome features:
  • 3-stories of play space and 7 rooms, including a kitchen, bathroom, pet room, dining room, bedroom, walk-in closet and den/living room
  • More than 70 accessories>
  • ”Smart” features, such as working lights, an aquarium with swimming fish and sound features
  • A full-size garage that fits any Barbie vehicle
  • Flat screen TV that holds smartphones (not included)
  • Doll house closes, fitting all pieces within
  • A fold-down pool
The Hape Kid's Wooden Doll House is a stunning doll house featuring 3 floors, 6 rooms and made from 100% wood. If you’re looking for a doll house that is smaller or more economical, try the Hape Geometrics Kid's Wooden Doll House.

Hape All Seasons Kid's Wooden Doll House Furnished with Accessories

Hape is an environmentally friendly brand whose history of producing high-quality wooden toys has helped it become the world’s largest wooden toy manufacturer. Not only are its products developed using renewable bamboo, they’re also manufactured sustainably to minimize water and energy consumption. We think that the Hape Kid's Wooden Doll House is a fabulous option for parents that want to teach their children about protecting the environment while also encouraging creative thinking.

The Hape Kid's Wooden Doll House retails for $199.99. It is the only entirely wooden doll house we chose to review, and we think that its durability and the fact that it’s made from non-toxic materials makes it a great value. It is designed for children 3 – 8 years, so you know it can grow with your child and that it’s durable enough to withstand years of use.

It includes some other unique features, such as:
  • 3 stories and 6 rooms, including a kitchen, bathroom, living/media room, master bedroom, children’s room and nursery
  • Furniture for the master bedroom, bathroom, media room and kitchen>
  • Moveable staircase
  • Reversible roof with solar-panel design and winter/summer themes
  • Detailed instructions for easy assembly
Playing and learning are one and the same with the Melissa & Doug Wooden Doorbell House, which features 4 different locks. We love it because it’s easy to travel with, but if you’re looking for a larger doll house, check out the Melissa & Doug Classic Heirloom Victorian Wooden Dollhouse.

Melissa & Doug Take-Along Wooden Doorbell Dollhouse - Doorbell Sounds, Keys, 4 Poseable Wooden Dolls

Melissa & Doug is an up-and-coming brand founded by Melissa and Doug, the proud parents of six children. Melissa and Doug founded their company with the mission to “Take Back Childhood”. Their products are made from the finest environmentally friendly materials, built with safety in mind and designed to inspire imaginative play and creative thought processes in children of all ages.

The Melissa & Doug Wooden Doorbell House is a great starter or travel-size doll house for children ages 3 – 5. For about $29.99, you’ll include a 1-room wood dollhouse and 4 dolls.

Check out these neat features:
  • 1 story, 1 room doll house containing 4 wood dolls
  • Made from wood
  • 4 locks and keys teach children how to unlock doors
  • Plays distinct doorbell sounds
  • Compact size, great for traveling
  • Built-in handle makes transport a cinch

How Do I Choose the Best Doll House?

Finding something to help your little one venture the world of fun is one of the best things you can do for her. But making the best choice may not always be the most comfortable task to take on. The options come in a wide range from the well-preserved older models to the polished new ones. Therefore, as you set out to shop for this little but pretty dollhouse structure, you need to check several essential facts.

One of the most important facts to take into consideration is size. These houses usually come in various sizes, but finding the right one can crack the code in keeping your kid interested in the game. If the house is too tiny, kids will most likely lose curiosity quite fast. On the other hand, an ideal house size could be easy to put toys in, but an oversized one could prove difficult to use.

You can go for a dollhouse fit for only one child or a type that can be useful for several kids at once. If you wish to get the one for group play, then an option with several openings in more than two sections can be preferable. Alternatively, you can go for the one featuring enough space to cater to several kids. Just as you would do with a baby gym, the design of any house plays a significant role in selecting a suitable dollhouse.

The theme of any dollhouse you go for may as well make all the difference in decision making. These dollhouses come in different types, from traditional colonial models to townhouse models. The dolls you have for your child can help in choosing the right dollhouse. These can range from dolls for young adults, older teens, or family dolls.

Make sure to check out several crucial dollhouse features before you make your selection. Most dollhouses cater to ages three and up. If you’re looking for something to entertain smaller children as well, check out our drum sets. We promise you won’t be disappointed.
As you can see, dollhouses can be a really fun gift to give to your child. These pieces often come at fair prices; they range from about $20 to $250.

What you need to keep in mind is the fact that other factors like the material a dollhouse is made of and its features will affect the price too. Any of these options built from a durable material like solid plastic or wood will cost you more than most other options. Similarly, if you want a house with lights and sounds or any other impressive features, you will have to pay a little more. Above all, going for the brand everyone in the market is looking for will mean you get high quality, but this comes at a higher price too.

Most importantly, you need to keep an eye on the dollhouse you want. Most cheap dollhouses on the market can be enticing with pocket-friendly prices, but these can be a total waste of your money and time. Many low-cost options out there lack essential features like the ideal material or accessories that you would otherwise find to be very handy.
Selecting the ideal dollhouse for your child may prove to be quite a task, but things can be simple if you know what to look for. Well, the features are among the essential aspects to pay attention to, and these houses come with a wide variety of functions.

Here are some of the features to be keen on:
  • Age – The age of a child is one of the most crucial things to take into consideration. These dollhouses come in a wide range of options for different age sets. Your choice will largely depend on the age of your kid.
  • Material – Since you need to be sure of the durability of the dollhouse you are investing in, it is crucial that you look at the material used in making it. Some of these houses feature plastic, composite wood, wood, and metal. All you need to do is make sure you select the house with the right material if you want it to last a while.
  • Layout – Another aspect you should be concerned about is the layout. Some options feature one floor and one room design and others have two floors with up to five rooms. Still others have three floors and up to six rooms. You can also find houses with four floors and eight rooms or three floors and seven rooms. The options are almost endless; all you need to do is decide whether you want one for one kid or a perfect opportunity for group play.
  • Accessories – The accessories in most dollhouses out there are something more to be reckoned with as well. Some of these houses have up to 34 pieces of furniture and others have up to over 70 accessories. Others feature accessories like family pieces. There are some with inbuilt furniture and several options too that come with four dolls, among other accessories.
  • Size/Weight –The dimensions and weight in most dollhouses can vary significantly. Some of the options in our selection weigh over 60 lbs and are spacious with sufficient measurements to offer ample space to fit accessories and dolls. These houses can vary significantly on the sizes as well as the weight, so you can always select the one that best fits your needs and is the ideal weight for your liking.
Construction and Design
The construction and design of any dollhouse are among the things you cannot afford to get wrong when shopping for the ideal option for your kid. The good news is that most of these houses come in various types so you can always choose what best suits your needs. The following are some of the things to check out.


The size of your preferred dollhouse is among the things you need to take into consideration when shopping out there. Kids can lose interest fast if the dollhouse is too small, but a big one that cannot fit in hard-to-reach places and corners can prove a challenge to them also. It is thus necessary that you look for a house that is just the right size to bring the fun home without losing its hold on your kid’s curiosity too fast. But there is a catch, as these houses come in a wide variety of sizes, you can always find the right one for your kids if you have the measurements of where you want to use it.


Thinking about how you want to use the dollhouse goes a long way in helping find the right one for your kids. The decision depends on whether one child will use the house or it will be ideal for group play. Some of these houses have several open sections to cater to several kids playing with it at a particular time. And the best part is that you can also find several other options that are perfect to be used by one kid as well. All you need to do is select the one that you are sure will get the job done according to your needs.

Variety of Themes

From the traditional colonial times to the modern townhouse types, dollhouses come in a wide range of options. Contemplating the way in which your child will play with any of these houses is what matters in making the right choice. And this comes down to whether your child will be using dolls meant for young adults or family dolls. Whichever way, these dollhouses will always offer an ideal way to cater to your needs.

Old or New Houses

The other exciting thing about dollhouses is that you can choose from a variety of new or old types. Since people tend to take good care of these items, you can always count on the used but budget-friendly types. Perhaps the best part is that you can get a good one at a lower cost if you prefer the older ones, but, if you prefer trying out a new one, you can always give that a go as well.


Some of these types of houses come with an extensive range of accessories that you can find handy in adding fun to your kid’s playtime. Some of them will feature inbuilt furniture, others come with several dolls, and others have several other accessories you will definitely come to love. This may not make much difference, but accessories in a dollhouse can be a game changing aspect to try out.
Performance and Ease of Use
Apparently, the motive behind purchasing a dollhouse is to give your kids a great time and keep them entertained while you go about running errands in the house. Thus, it is important to find a house that can offer the best, and this comes down to several factors.


Most dollhouses on the market are designed to offer lasting service. If you are looking for one that you can use for years, then you will most likely find that preferred option out there. All you need to do is be keen not to select some low-cost offers in the market that may not last you as long. But the quality material used in making most of these houses and the combination of artisanship offers lasting options that can be used for generations.

Lights and Sounds

These features may not be as essential, nor will you find every dollhouse out there fitted with lights and sounds. But, in cases where a house has these aspects, then you can be sure to count on the fun such features can bring on board. Pressing doorbells and watching flicking lights in the house are some of the things that can keep your kids glued to their house all day. Such realistic effects make the play more enjoyable than playing with a gloomy and silent house that adds no fun to the playtime. These may require the use of batteries, and you might need several for a month.

Diversity of Ages

The other thing you cannot afford to overlook when it comes to dollhouses is the broad range of options for different ages. Most of these essential playtime pieces can be used for a long time, which means your kid can grow along with his or her house. Others are better used for a particular age, so you need to make sure you select the ideal one out there when shopping for the right dollhouse for your kid.


It is obvious that your kid will like to experiment with different types of dolls in his games. But this does not mean you have to get a different dollhouse for every type of toy your kids have, so finding a house that can be used with a wide variety of dolls can be the way to go. Lucky for you, most dollhouses are tailored in such a way that different types of dolls can fit easily. It is also worth noting that some dollhouse furniture can dwarf the kids’ dolls, causing a bit of frustration. The designers have this necessity in mind, so you can always find one that works best with several dolls that your kids are using.

Get the Best Doll House of 2023!

Having read our extensive review on five of the best dollhouse options on the market, we believe you can now hit the mark with confidence and select the right one for your kid. If you are yet to find that particular one you were looking for, no need to worry, you can always pay a visit to our recommended brands, and you will be amazed at the full range of options they have for you. Give your kids every reason to have a great time.

Our Top Choice
KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse
Best Value
Fisher-Price Little People® Dollhouse
Barbie Dreamhouse™
Hape Kid's Wooden Doll House
Melissa & Doug Wooden Doorbell House