Best Double Breast Pump Reviews 2023

Breast milk improves the immune system of your baby, fosters vision and brain development, boosts digestive tract health, and might reduce cases of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). If you need to increase milk stimulation and production or feed your baby exclusively from pumped milk, invest in a double breast pump. We’ve researched five of the best double breast pump brands on the market, showcasing a pump from each to help you find one that best meets your baby’s feeding needs.
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Our Top Choice
Medela Pump In Style Double Breast Pump
Medela is a family-owned business with breastfeeding at heart that was established in 1961 to help moms feed their babies with breast milk even when away.
Portable for use on-the go and comes with a cooler bag to cool expressed milk. BPA-free, and supports daily use and flexible transportation.
The battery pack doesn’t come with the 8 AA batteries it supports, hence you have to buy them separately.
On-the-go use
7 pounds
2-Phase expression
A tote bag, removable cooler bag
Bottle holders, battery pack
Best Value
Philips AVENT Comfort Double Breast Pump
Founded over 30 years ago, Philips AVENT manufactures high-quality baby essentials for infant soothing and bottle or breastfeeding.
BPA-free and cushioned for stimulation of milk flow. Lightweight, dishwasher-safe, compact, and unique in design for easy positioning and comfort.
Some users reported that this breast pump loses suction after a few months of use. It’s also noisy and doesn’t come with an adjustable speed/vacuum.
On-the-go use
4.6 pounds
3-Phase expression
2 bottles & nipples, a travel bag
2-year warranty, BPA-free
Ameda Platinum Double Breast Pump
Ameda is a brand with a focus on helping mom and baby have a smooth start of life’s journey by making sure that the baby feeds only on breast milk.
Supports both single and double pumping, and customizable multi-phase pumping. User-friendly, portable, and DEHP and BPA-free.
This double digital breast pump is very expensive, hence not ideal for low-end use at home.
Hospital or home use
13.7 pounds
Multi-phase expression
Grounded power cord
Bottle holders, timer, LCD screen
Spectra S1 Plus Double Breast Pump
Spectra Baby USA designs stylish, efficient, and innovative breast pumps to help moms who want to exclusively breastfeed their young ones.
Reasonably priced, portable, efficient, and high performing in clinical settings. Hygienic and usable either for double or single pumping.
Some users reported that the markings on the bottles that come with the pump wear off easily and aren’t accurate.
Hospital use
3.3 pounds
2-Phase expression
Cooler kit, 2 breast shield set
Timer, night light, super quiet
Bellema Melon Double Electric Breast Pump
Bellema is a reputable and expert brand that designs premium breast pumps and accessories to improve moms’ nursing experiences.
BPA-free, cushioned for comfort, and easy to assemble, clean, and operate. Lightweight, portable, quiet, and supports discreet pumping.
Moms without pumping experience might find it hard to use this double breast pump.
Home or on-the-go use
0.9 pounds
2-Phase expression
2 milk tubings, 2 suction kits
BPA-free, FDA-approved

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What is the Best Double Breast Pump?

Choose the best double breast pump to help you lose pre-baby weight and reduce chances of developing ovarian or breast cancer while increasing milk supply. Select a double breast pump you can afford and consider whether you want to have more kids or not. Find out if one of our recommended double breast pumps is what you need.
Our Top Choice
Designed for daily use, the Medela Pump In Style Double Breast Pump is an electric pump that supports moms with the need to express breast milk at least once a day. With on-the-go tote featuring a built-in pump for convenience, you can pump your breast milk on-the-go and bring it home to nourish your baby. Do you prefer a lighter double breast pump with different features at a lower price? The Medela Pump In Style Starter Set comes in three sizes and is based on the two-phase expression technology, with an adjustable speed and vacuum control at a comfortable setting.

Medela Pump In Style Advanced Double Breast Pump – Available in 2 Styles

Medela has been helping moms feed their babies with breast milk for at least three decades now. With a large product portfolio of breast pumps, authentic spare parts, breastfeeding accessories, breast milk storage and feeding solutions, and breast care products, you can make sure that your baby always has sufficient breast milk in storage even when you’re away. The company ensures that its products are BPA-free and safe for both the mother and baby.

The Medela Pump In Style Double Breast Pump is based on the two-phase expression technology for more milk letdown at the touch of a button; more milk is produced at the expression phase’s maximum comfort vacuum. Whereas the tote bag and backpack have a built-in pump, the metro bag holds a removable pump for portable and discreet breast milk pumping on the go. These bags are stylish and made of microfiber.

This double breast pump also comes with a battery pack for use on-the-go and a single knob for adjusting speed/vacuum. The removable cooler bag holds four bottles and comes with a contoured ice pack to cool milk. A tubing storage pocket for organization and prevention of spills, and bottle holders, are built into the tote bag. You’ll also find mesh storage bags, a working surface, and two customizable breast shields. Better yet, it’s relatively lightweight at 6 pounds!

Here are a few other Medela double breast pumps to consider:
  • Medela Freestyle Double Breast Pump
  • Medela Advanced Personal Double Electric Breast Pump
  • Medela Freestyle Double Breast Pump with Free Accessory Set
  • Medela Pump In Style Advanced Double Breast Pump Backpack
This double breast pump comes in two styles to choose from: on-the-go cooler tote and backpack with a built-in pump.
Best Value
Designed for comfort, the Philips AVENT Double Breast Pump is cushioned to stimulate milk flow, save time, and allow your little one to enjoy the range of benefits that come with feeding on breast milk. With a touch of a button, you can pump your breast milk from both breasts at the same time. Do you prefer an affordable single manual pump? Opt for the Philips AVENT Manual Breast Pump for the same features as our featured product, except that it only supports pumping from one breast.

Philips AVENT Comfort Double Electric Breast Pump with a Cushioned, BPA-free & Unique Design

Philips AVENT is continuously listening and learning about the ever-changing needs of moms and their babies to provide them with viable breastfeeding solutions. Whether you’re looking for breastfeeding essentials, infant soothing, baby monitoring, bottle feeding, or toddler feeding solutions, Philips AVENT has various products to choose from.

The Philips AVENT Double Breast Pump comes in a unique design for comfortable pumping. The cushion gently massages your breasts for faster milk flow. The three (low, medium, and high) expression settings also promote increased milk flow. It comes with a button for simultaneous pumping on both breasts.

Use the travel bag to either store your double breast pump or support easy transportation. For easy care, this pump is dishwasher-safe, easy to clean, and weighs only 4.6 pounds.
Designed for clinical use, the Ameda Platinum Double Breast Pump supports multiple mothers who cannot nurse their newborns directly. The closed-system pump stimulates milk flow during expression for storage. Are you looking for a single manual breast pump at an affordable cost? Opt for the Ameda Single Manual Breast Pump for low need to express milk. It comes with a one-hand breast pump and features a unique silicone diaphragm to protect the pump tubing from milk and moisture.

Ameda Platinum Double Breast Pump with Grounded Power Cord

Ameda is a company dedicated to helping moms who are unable to directly nurse their babies to express milk the infants can feed on. The company designs top-quality breast pumps using safe materials for use in healthcare institutions. The pumps are designed for ease-of-use, anti-bacterial protection, comfort, and rhythmic vibrations for stimulated milk flow. They’re also smart for consistent pumping and results.

The Ameda Platinum Double Breast Pump can be adapted for single or double pumping. Featuring at least 5000 distinct setting combination, this pump comes with accurate independent controls for tailored multi-phase pumping. It’s based on the self-adjusting VacuSense technology for consistent suction levels at different altitudes. The built-in handle supports carrying and you can connect it to an Ameda trolley for safe portable use, as it is a bit heavy at 13.7 pounds.

The two built-in bottle holders are designed to secure your milk bottles in place to prevent spillage. It also features a built-in timer, 3 LCD screens, a message display, auto shut-off after an hour, suction control, and a soft-touch control panel.

Here are a few other Ameda double breast pumps you might like:
  • Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Double Breast Pump
  • Ameda Purely Yours Double Breast Pump
  • Ameda Elite Double Breast Pump
This breast pump is designed for use in clinical settings, but moms can rent it out from a clinic for use at home.
The Spectra Baby USA S1 Plus Double Breast Pump is designed for power, efficiency, portability, and performance in hospital settings. It features a built-in rechargeable battery for use when there’s no power. Looking for a similar, but less expensive double pump in a pink color variation? Opt for the Spectra Baby USA S2 Double Breast Pump. It’s super quiet, made from plastic, hygienic, and features a timer and night light for added functionality.

Spectra Baby USA S1 Plus Double/Single Breast Pump with Rechargeable Battery

Spectra Baby USA boasts a fresh and exciting portfolio of breast pumps and breastfeeding accessories. It designs portable, affordable, and quiet breast pumps to help moms express breast milk for storage. Run by moms and registered nurses, this company develops reliable products that mothers can trust. The company aims at providing for the needs of nursing moms.

The Spectra Baby USA S1 Plus Double Breast Pump is based on a closed system to keep the pump and milk hygienic for you and the baby, and is made of plastic. It comes with a rechargeable battery to keep the pump working even when there’s no power. The powerful and adjustable suction supports custom use to suit your body. It’s also built with a timer, night light, and backflow protectors for added functionality. Better yet, it’s conveniently lightweight at 3.3 pounds.

Here is another Spectra Baby USA double breast pump to consider:
  • Spectra Baby USA Dew 350 Double Electric Breast Pump
The Bellema Melon Double Electric Breast Pump supports 2-phase stimulation and expression pumping. Enjoy comfortable pumping and gentle massages, thanks to the soft silicone cushions. Prefer a closed system with backflow protectors? Opt for the Bellema Pro Double Electric Breast Pump with soft silicone cushions and independent dual control. It’s FDA-approved and supports 2-phase pumping for faster milk flow.

Bellema Melon Comfort Double/Single Electric Breast Pump with 2 Breast Suction Kits & 4 Storage Bottles

Bellema boasts twenty experts in its research and design team who design and develop high-quality breast pumps and accessories for nursing moms. With years of experience, the company has gained the trust of moms to deliver safe and quality products.

The Bellema Melon Double Electric Breast Pump features soft silicone cushions and a memory function to track your preferred settings. It operates quietly and is compatible with standard neck bottles. This breast pump comes with a motor unit, two suction kits, two tubings, one nipple set, four storage bottles, a power adapter, a warranty card, and user manual. It’s also one of the lightest pumps you’ll find on the market at 14.9 ounces.

How Do I Choose the Best Double Breast Pump?

Breast pumps are nursing moms’ close companions. Sometimes, the difference between a robust breast milk supply and a lackluster one, a great breastfeeding experience and a stressful one, is a good breast pump. This explains why you need to carefully consider the breast pump you buy to express milk for your baby.

With many models, brands, features, and types of breast pumps on the market, selecting the pump to buy can be a nightmare. So to start, when do you need a breast pump? Breast pumps are used by both moms who breastfeed exclusively and those who don’t. Milk production, your lifestyle, and the appetite of your little one determine how often you’ll use your breast pump.

Unlike breast pumps, babies latch onto breasts and use their sucking power to stimulate more milk flow and volume. Therefore, milk letdown when a baby breastfeeds can be much more than when you pump breast milk. Milk production and letdown also vary from one mom to another.

Breast pumps can help you soften and reduce the volume of your engorged breasts to enable your newborn to easily latch onto them. They can also come as lifesavers, relieving you of the load when your baby isn’t able to. If experiencing low milk supply, a breast pump can help stimulate milk production to meet the demand-supply curve for your little one.

Keep your milk supply going by using multi-user breast pumps, particularly if your nipples are inverted or your baby is ill or experiencing delayed development and can’t latch onto your breasts. If you’re going away from your baby for a certain period, be it to work, shopping, a gym, etc., you need to invest in a breast pump.

When shopping for double breast pumps, you must first choose the type of breast pump you need by evaluating their pros, cons, and price points. Manual pumps come with flanges and manual levers, which are hand-operated to create suctions on two breasts at a time. Although using manual pumps is labor-intensive and time-consuming, they’re less expensive than electric breast pumps and portable for use on-the-go. They’re also easy to clean and maintain. Opt for this type of pump if your milk supply is already well-established.

Electric pumps, on the other hand, are battery and/or electric-powered. Since these pumps are fast, they’re big time savers. Most electric pumps can also be configured to pump one breast at a time. Double electric breast pumps are perfect if you need to pump often, you’re returning to work, you experience low milk supply and need stimulation, or you simply prefer to exclusively feed your baby breast milk without direct breastfeeding.

Hospital-grade pumps can either be multi-user or single-user. Designed for use by hospitals and lactation consultants, these pumps are available for hire because they’re costly. Many moms can use this type of pump at the same time. Opt for a multi-user pump if you want to feed your baby exclusively on pumped breast milk or you need to establish milk supply.

Electric breast pumps are fast, efficient, provide control over suction strength and speed, increase milk flow, and support hands-free use. Due to health and hygiene and motor lifespan, avoid used single-user breast pumps; they need to be recycled. Also consider various accessories such as tote bags, milk bottles, teats, and bibs as they’re used with double breast pumps and/or when feeding the baby.
Unless you’re planning to take your baby wherever you go, consider investing in a double breast pump for the reasons discussed under the section above. A double electric breast pump is fast, hence saves you time. If you’re expressing at least thrice a day, consider buying a top-grade double pump.

Avoid false economy if you’re planning to pump milk more often, as the pump would break down sooner rather than later. Planning for more children? Invest in a good pump you can use in the future. Maintenance, power supply, and accessories a double breast pump comes with can influence the price of your pump.

The price of new manual breast pumps you can use at home range from $15 to $40. A double electric breast pump costs between $50 and $250, and the price of high-end hospital-grade double breast pumps ranges from $900 to $2500. If you’re not planning to have more kids in the future, consider renting a powerful multi-user pump.

Expression kits also increase the amount you can pay for a breast pump. When you hire a breast pump, it comes with a new expression kit and costs between $44 and $65 for the first couple of weeks.
Double breast pumps come with many features to choose from. There are basic features you need to consider when buying a pump for a wonderful pumping experience. Choose the most relevant and appropriate features to help you express as much breast milk as possible for storage.

Here are some important features to consider:
  • Fitting flanges that don’t rub against your nipples to prevent friction
  • Multi-phase suction for improved milk production
  • Soft silicone cushion for comfortable milk expression
  • Accessories such as bags and coolers for increased function
  • Valves to prevent expressed milk backflow
  • LCD screen and bottle holders for display and securing your milk bottles in place, respectively
  • Tubing and motor for hygiene and performance, respectively
  • Lightweight for use on-the-go
  • Batteries for breast pump use on-the-go
  • Motor warranty for prolonged guaranteed use and protection
With the right features, you can expect your double breast pump to improve letdown and offer hands-free use.
Construction and Design
Fitting Flanges/Breast Shield – since flanges hold your nipples while pumping, they need to fit. The right flanges don’t rub against your nipples as the friction can lead to pain, bleeding, or even infections.

Suction – if you’re looking to improve milk production, consider a multi-phase suction for stimulation and expression.

Soft Silicone Cushions – choose a breast pump with this feature for gentle massages and cushioned comfort.

Accessories – double breast pumps come with various accessories you need to consider such as pump bags, cases, or backpacks for portable use, and storage systems for keeping expressed milk in glass containers or bags.

Freezing Packs and Insulated Coolers - help keep expressed milk cold for future use. Power supply, lids, bottles, and storage bags are other accessories to consider.

Batteries/Adapter – whereas you’ll need the adapters for use with double electric pumps, battery packs support use on-the-go.

Warranty – opt for a breast pump with a warranty to protect you from manufacturing faults.

Weight – a good breast pump is compact, lightweight, and properly sized for portable use.

Memory Indicator - this feature records your preferred pumping pattern.

LCD Screen – these are displays where you can view pump settings.

Bottle Holders – consider breast pumps with built-in bottle holders to secure your milk bottles in place.

Tubing and Motor – these two features support hygiene through anti-bacterial properties and high performance, respectively.

Valves for Backflow Protection – consider bags with backflow protectors to prevent spillages.
Performance and Ease of Use
Double breast pumps are designed for performance, ease of use, and easy installation. Look out for features to support your intended use, whether you’ll be pumping heavily or not. Consider power outlets or battery packs to power your breast pump. Choose a pump that matches your lifestyle, baby needs, milk production, and working budget.

Your choice of a breast pump should be easy to use, comfortable, and portable. Look out for product warranties for protection from manufacturing faults and any accessories the pump comes with.

Get the Best Double Breast Pump of 2023!

Whether you’re returning to work after your maternity leave, need to stimulate milk flow for large volumes, or simply need to relieve your swollen breasts of the load, there’s a double electric or manual breast pump out there to consider. We hope that with our review of five of the top double breast pumps, you’ll be in a position to pick the right pump. In case you need something different, check out our other breast pump review.

Our Top Choice
Medela Pump In Style Double Breast Pump
Best Value
Philips AVENT Comfort Double Breast Pump
Ameda Platinum Double Breast Pump
Spectra S1 Plus Double Breast Pump
Bellema Melon Double Electric Breast Pump