Best Double End Bag Reviews 2023

Does your day often get so hectic and crazy that you feel like punching walls? Well, why not try boxing instead of letting your stress out in painful and unhealthy ways? To turn your punches into nice blows, you need a double end bag that you can mount in your home and punch your stress away with. Join us as we take you through a number of products from some of the best double end bag brands out there.
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Our Top Choice
Title Boxing Double End Bag
Title Boxing was established in 1998 with the aim of being a force to reckon with in the boxing industry through provision of quality equipment.
Tough leather shell. Triple-stitched using nylon. Extra-long straps for attachment. Reinforced seams. Withstands heavy punches.
Isolated complaints of the bladder leaking.
Round-shaped single
Extra-long straps
All leather
3 colors
All levels
Best Value
RDX Maya Hide Leather Double End B-Ball
RDX started in 1999 to help transform people into champions by bringing out the athlete in each consumer.
Durable. Made of superior-quality Mayahide leather. V-gravity technology for stability. Heavy-duty strap. Strong string for attachment.
Requires regular pumping due to slow leakage.
Egg-shaped single
Adjustable bungee cord
Mayahide leather
2 colors
Endurance training
Ringside Cleto Reyes Double Double End Bag
For the last 30 years, Ringside has provided boxing enthusiasts with gear and quality equipment at reasonable prices.
Compact size. Lightweight. Precise punching. Two rubber cables for each bag. Easy to mount.
A bit pricey since it’s a 2-in-1 product.
Mexican-style double
2 rubber cables
2 colors
Head/body combo training
Ring To Cage Mexican Double End Bag
Ring to Cage aims at providing modern fighting gear of good quality at an affordable price, and does so with pride and excellence.
Completely leather-constructed. Riveted strap. Two rubber bladders. Adequate height.
Doesn’t include mounting cables.
Mexican-style double
Leather straps
All leather
Orange with black
Head/body combo training
Everlast Double End Striking Bag
For over a century, Everlast has led the industry in designing, manufacturing, and even marketing fight gear and apparel.
Superior-quality leather. Durable construction. Large attachment loops on both ends. Sizeable diameter of 8 inches.
Requires a lot of effort to get air into the bladder.
Round-shaped single
Nylon rope
Synthetic leather
Professional level

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What is the Best Double End Bag?

By now you know that the quality of construction and the nature of attachment are important considerations when buying a double end bag, along with other features. Let’s continue on to our reviews of the best double end bags, so that you can make an ideal pick.
Our Top Choice
The Title Boxing Double End Bag has a tough leather shell that’s triple-stitched with nylon to bring out the professional boxing skills in you. How about a pair of quality gloves to shield your hands as you punch on this double end bag? You’ll love the Title Gel Rush Bag Gloves that come with a GEL-infused palm.

Title Boxing Top-Grade Double End Bag – Available in 3 Colors & 3 Sizes

You want to be on top of your game, and Title Boxing wants to be on top of the industry. Since 1998, the brand has made it its mission to provide boxing equipment of superior quality at an affordable price. Its goal is to win the trust of all its potential customers. Through its products you will experience the empowerment that comes with wearing a boxing glove and start punching. The brand also ventured into Mixed Martial Arts and continues to dominate in the field of kick-boxing and other types of martial arts. All said and done, Title Boxing is a dependable brand that will help bring out the champion in you.

True to its promise of providing dependable products, the Title Boxing Double End Bag is what you need to punch, counter-punch, and even reflex train. Its tough shell is made of leather so you can be sure that it’ll withstand a heavy bout of intense punching. The shell is also triple-stitched using nylon to ensure that no air leaks in or out.

What more can you look forward to from this double end bag? Here’s more:
  • Boasts extra-long leather attachment straps of 3.5 inches
  • The seams are leather-welted for strength
  • Chrome rings at the top and bottom for easy hanging
  • Easy to access the bladder through a zipper
  • Includes a nylon-wrapped cable to help in installation
  • Secured by a hook & loop system at the middle
  • Includes a braid strap made of nylon to help you hang the bag
  • Super-fast rebounds which accommodates boxers of all levels
Not digging the red? How about a black one? Too dull? Then add some glamour to your boxing by getting the gold double end bag. Apart from the 7-inch-sized bag, you can also choose between 9 inches and the smaller-sized 6-inch bag.
Best Value
The RDX Maya Hide Leather Double End B-Ball with Floor to Ceiling Rope is a durable bag made using Mayahide leather of superior quality, and boasts V-gravity technology for stability. Do you prefer a durable speed bag instead, to help improve your punching skills? Then you’ll love the RDX Leather Boxing Speed Bag that’s double-layered for durability.

RDX Maya Hide Leather Double End B-Ball with Floor to Ceiling Rope – Available in 2 Colors

Back in 1999, a small company by the name of RDX was started to provide British fighters with dependable and customized gloves for boxing matches. Fast-forward to 18 years later and the brand has remarkably expanded to America, Australia, and other parts of the world. RDX is loved by its customers for providing them with durable and budget-friendly gear and sporting equipment. It’s on a mission to make athletics a way of life rather than some privileged lifestyle. It has quality gear for sports like Mixed Martial Arts, boxing, and even Muay-Thai (a form of tough martial art from South East Asia).

The RDX Maya Hide Leather Double End B-Ball is made using legit Mayahide leather that’s known to be extremely durable, which assures you that this product can fathom serious punching without a scratch. To further build on the durability of this bag, the inside has a dual-textured layer with a thickness of about 0.06 inches. The layer is also strengthened using a split seam.

Here’s more to expect from this double b-ball bag:
  • V-gravity technology that gives it base stability
  • Heavy-duty strap made of nylon that’s easy to mount
  • A bungee cord made of rubber that can be adjusted up to 48 inches
  • Strong Flexstring that makes movement quick and helps retain positions
  • Comes with a sturdy PVC buckle for fixing
  • Has four metallic S-rings to help with floor-to-ceiling mounting
  • Shields your hands from any injuries
  • Ideal for endurance training
In case white isn’t your color, you may opt for the yellow version of this elegant double end bag.
The Ringside Cleto Reyes Double Double End Bag comes in a compact size that’s light in weight so you can practice your precision punching. Is this Mexican-style double end bag too pricey for you? We believe that you’ll love the Ringside Apex Double End Bag, which is much more affordable.

Ringside Lightweight Cleto Reyes Mexican Style Double-Double End Bag – Available in 2 Colors

Ringside has been in the boxing industry for more than 30 years, providing enthusiasts of this beautiful sport with reasonably-priced gear and equipment. Its boxing rings are used in various tournaments around the world and allow fighters of all levels to compete efficiently. One of the many reasons that its products stand out is because they combine modern technology such as Gel Shock and IMF Tech with traditional designs, resulting in functional gear.

The brand’s mission is to get you ready for a boxing session by equipping you with the right gloves, shoes, and apparel for your match. Without the proper training, it’s difficult to perform in the ring. For this reason, it has created dependable punching bags to help you reflex train and improve your kicking techniques.

One such bag is the Cleto Reyes Double Double End Bag that comes in a compact size of 22 inches by 7 inches and is light in weight for efficient training. This Mexican-style double end bag is a set of two bags in one, with each having two separate rubber cords for easy mounting. It’s designed to allow precision punching and improve on your focusing skills. You can choose between red or the Mexican color, depending on your personal preference.
The Ring to Cage Mexican Style Double-Double End Bag is totally covered in quality leather and has adequate height to train you on head-body punching. Do you need some stylish boxing gloves to protect your hands as you punch this double end bag? Check out the Ring to Cage Deluxe MiM-Foam Sparring Boxing Gloves.

Ring To Cage Mexican Style Leather Double-Double End Bag

Ring to Cage is your one-stop-shop for all your fighting gear and equipment. Its products are made using high-quality materials to serve for longer and help you become the champion you were destined to be. The brand has an impressive line of gear for boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, and even Muai Thay. The products sport cool modern designs and are specifically tailored to meet all your needs. Its products are dependable and reasonably priced.

The Ring to Cage Mexican Style Double-Double End Bag has two rubber bladders specially engineered to allow you to combine your head-body training. The bags have an adequate height to help you punch, kick, and try out various boxing techniques. It’s totally covered in quality leather, and its attachment strap is also made of leather and is riveted at the loop. With straight and nicely lined-up welt lines, this is a bag that’s well-made and great for precision. This double end bag comes in a stylish red and black design, reflective of Ring to Cage’s adherence to modern designs.
The Everlast Double End Striking Bag is made using synthetic leather of superior quality, designed to last for a long time and provide you with reliable training. Would you like a pair of punching mitts to help you sharpen your boxing technique? Check out the Everlast Punch Mitts that sport a new, improved design.

Everlast Leather Double End Striking Bag

Everlast has been around for over a century and has risen to become one of the most reputable brands in the fighting industry. Just like the sports it caters to, Everlast treasures dedication, hard work, and passion in everything it does. The brand is proud to be associated with boxing champions such as Jack Dempsey, Randy Couture, and even the undisputed champion in middleweight boxing, Jermain Taylor. The company’s presence is felt in over 75 countries across six continents. By using its products, you’ll get to experience the amazing power that comes with being a champion.

True to its winning reputation, its Double End Striking Bag is a winner in its own right. With a sturdy construction of leather, this bag is built to last and give you an extended service of functional training. Its lengthy attachment straps have closed loops that shield your gloves from any damage as you train, and can be attached on both ends. Its sizeable diameter of eight inches provides you with an adequate punching surface.

Included in the package is a fixture to mount the bag from floor to ceiling, along with a shock cord for position retention. A nylon rope is also included to aid in attachment. This double end bag is designed to accommodate various speedbag platforms.

How Do I Choose the Best Double End Bag?

Ever heard of someone called Muhammad Ali? Of course you have! This great legend is one of the most celebrated sports figures of the century. But what is it about Ali that made him rise to the epitome of such greatness? It’s because he purposed to be a champion in and out of the ring by training hard and taking care of humanity. Just like Ali believed that everyone was born a champion, you can also get your boxing skills to top-notch form by mounting a double end bag in your home.

Whether you’re an amateur, a professional, or just a boxing enthusiast who loves punching, then having a double end bag is a good idea. Boxing is a good way to relieve stress since it requires a lot of focus and precision. To be a great boxer, you require learning how to throw great punches while still balancing your body to avoid falling.

While shopping for the best double end bag, ensure that the material used to construct the bag is of good quality and is durable. The attachment loops are also an important consideration since they should hold the bag firmly and help protect your boxing gloves from any damage. Whether the bag is single-ended or a Mexican-style double end bag, ensure that the rubber bladder is airtight since any leakages can hamper your training. To build on your resilience which will come in handy when boxing, you can also invest in a resistance band, and after a few training sessions you’ll become an unstoppable boxing champion!
Double end bags are quite affordable, and you don’t require a fortune to set one up in your home. The price ranges between $25 and $150 depending on various factors. The costlier bags mostly come in a set of two in a design referred to as Mexican-style, which has two bladders present. Such bags offer you training that allow you to combine your head and body techniques in one session.

We came across some cheap double end bags that are flimsily constructed with bladders that tend to leak easily as you punch. Since perfecting your boxing skills takes a lot of endurance and persistence, don’t get derailed by such cheap products.
Here are the important features to keep in mind when shopping for a double end bag:
  • Type - Double end bags come as a single bag or Mexican-style double-double bag. They can be round-shaped or egg-shaped.
  • Size - The size of the bag depends on the design, but it’s always wise to get a bag that’s light in weight to enable it to bounce back easily after a punch.
  • Material - The most common material used to make the bags is leather, which should be of good quality and made to last for a long time.
  • Use - Is it made for beginners, intermediate, or professional use?
  • Attachment - The nature of the attachment loops matters since it dictates how easy it is to mount your double end bag.
Construction and Design
Double end bags come in two different designs: single bag and Mexican-style double bag. The single bag contains only one bladder that’s often made of rubber which you inflate to punch. The Mexican-style double bag, on the other hand, has two bags each containing a bladder, and is designed to help you combine your head and body training. Both designs can have a round shape or an egg shape to allow easy entry and positioning of the bladder.

Since it’s a double end bag, it often has attachment loops that are made of metal for strength. You may find that the loops are closed to enable maximum grip when the bag is mounted. The top loop is for hanging the bag from above, while the bottom loop is for mounting from the floor.

Some brands have incorporated modern technology into their products, which adds to the base stability. The stitching on the seams is what holds the bag together, and some brands have leather-welted their seams for added strength.
Performance and Ease of Use
The performance of the double end bag depends on the quality of the bladder as well as the ease with which you can punch without hurting your hands. An easily inflatable bladder is ideal since it allows you to put air into it—and even better, the air should stay in without leaking. The ability of the bag to retain its position as you punch also contributes greatly to the performance.

Most double end bags are easy to clean since you just need to wipe them with a cloth. Double end bags are easy to install and require you to pump air into the bladder then mount it to a convenient position that you can punch from. Most also come with a strong string to help in the mounting.

Get the Best Double End Bag of 2023!

Hopefully, you found this review informative and full of helpful tips to help you buy the best double end bag to meet your punching needs. Not there yet? Continue exploring these expert brands that have a wide range of options for you to choose from.

Our Top Choice
Title Boxing Double End Bag
Best Value
RDX Maya Hide Leather Double End B-Ball
Ringside Cleto Reyes Double Double End Bag
Ring To Cage Mexican Double End Bag
Everlast Double End Striking Bag