Best Drafting Chair Reviews 2023

Drafting chairs come in handy if you work on high tables. Designed for comfort, flexibility, and better productivity, you’ll find drafting chairs in various colors, styles, designs, brands, and a myriad of features to choose from. We have researched five of the best drafting chair brands on the market, showcasing a chair from each to help you find one that best meets your office seating needs.
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Our Top Choice
Safco Products Adjustable Metro Chair
Founded over four decades ago, Safco Products is a leading provider of office, organization, and comfort-enhancing products.
This drafting chair is comfortable, durable, mobile, and has height control features for an ergonomic sitting experience. It also has an appealing design and is easy to install.
Some users had issues raising the chair while seated on it.
26 x 26 x 39" / 30 lbs
23 to 33" / 3 Colors
Aluminum base, acrylic upholstery
250 pounds
360-degree swivel, wheel casters
Best Value
Office Star Deluxe Drafting Chair
Office Star is a popular company known to design high-quality yet affordable office and home furniture ranging from kitchen and living room furniture, to dining furniture.
This drafting chair is affordable, durable, comfortable, and functional. With GREENGUARD certification, it improves the quality of air indoors and supports height adjustability.
Some users reported having issues adjusting the foot ring to match their working height.
23 x 26 x 50.2" / 31 lbs
24 to 34 inches / Black
Polyester, nylon
250 pounds
Adjustable footrest & height
Eurotech Seating Apollo Drafting Chair
Founded in 1979, Eurotech Seating combines design and superior craftsmanship to deliver exceptional and valuable furniture to its customers.
This drafting chair is reasonably priced, durable, comfortable, and of top quality. It’s also easy to set up and features adjustable seat and arm height for use at varied heights.
Some users reported that the backrest of this chair doesn’t recline, hence not ideal for tall people.
27 x 26 x 16" / 55 lbs
24 to 33" / 2 Colors
Mesh fabric, steel
250 pounds
Seat and arm height adjustment
HON Task Stool Drafting Chair
Founded in 1944, HON has grown over the years to become a leading office furniture provider aimed at maximizing work productivity.
This drafting chair is comfortable, durable, ergonomic, and stylish. It’s easy to assemble, mobile, stain-resistant, and features an adjustable height.
Some users reported quality issues as the chair broke after a few months of use.
30 x 27 x 50" / 36 lbs
28 to 34" / 33 Colors
250 pounds
Lifetime warranty, footrest
Boss Office Products Caressoft Drafting Chair
Boss Office Products is a company with a specialty in designing and manufacturing ergonomic office products such as seating furniture.
This drafting chair is easy to assemble, clean, and maintain. It’s cost-effective, durable, comfortable, and adjustable to suit varying heights and users of different sizes.
Some users reported the minimum height to be too high for short users.
25 x 25 x 47" / 31 lbs
28 to 34" / 2 Colors
Caresoft vinyl fabric,
250 pounds
6-year warranty, foot ring

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What is the Best Drafting Chair?

Choose a drafting chair designed for minimal joint, back, and muscle pain, as well as work-related injuries. The best drafting chairs are adjustable, mobile, durable, and support the right seating capacity within your body weight. Find out if one of our recommended drafting chairs is what you need.
Our Top Choice
The Safco Products Metro Chair comes in a functional, comfortable, and durable design for use in design studios, photo studios, warehouses, mailrooms, meeting rooms, or classrooms. The contoured back and seat are cushioned and height extensible. Do you want an office chair in a different color finish and a nylon mesh back for increased comfort and breathability? Opt for the Safco Products Vue Heavy Duty Stool with a larger seating capacity of 350 pounds.

Safco Products Metro Extended Height Chair – Available in 3 Colors

Safco Products has grown over the last fifty years to become a leading manufacturer of office furniture. It boasts over 2,200 products in its portfolio. The company aims at ensuring that you’re comfortable while working by designing comfortable office furniture to support the same. The high-quality products designed by this company exceed value and design expectations to meet consumer demand.

The Safco Products Metro Chair features an adjustable height, contoured back, and cushioned seat for ultra comfort. With its tilt mechanism, pneumatic seat height control, and tilt tension, you’re bound to enjoy an ergonomic sitting experience. The 5-star base is adjustable and chrome-plated for durability. Easily move around your office while sitting on this chair, thanks to the double tone two-wheel carpet casters.

The 100% acrylic fabric upholstery also comes with added comfort. The 360-degree swivel means that you can easily rotate on your chair in all directions without getting off.

Here are a few other Safco Products drafting chairs to consider:
  • Safco Products Extended Height Deluxe Workbench Drafting Chair
  • Safco Products Economy Workbench Drafting Chair
  • Safco Products Trenton Extended Height Drafting Chair
  • Safco Products Economy Extended Height Drafting Chair
This drafting chair is available in black, black vinyl, and gray color finishes to choose from.
Best Value
Designed to help you reach new heights while comfortably seated, the Office Star Deluxe Drafting Chair comes in a mesh back for durability and breathability. Easily switch between tasks, thanks to the chair’s adjustable height. If you prefer a vinyl seat in a different design, opt for the Office Star Pneumatic Drafting Chair with teardrop footrest. Available in two styles, this chair has a chrome finish for durable use and an appealing look.

Office Star Deluxe Mesh Back Drafting Chair – 2 Styles

Office Star has been on the market for years now, serving customers across the globe. The company opened its online store in 2004 to help consumers order their desired furniture for delivery to their doorstep. The high-quality furniture for residential and office use are designed for durability. The firm also prices its products reasonably to meet the needs of its varied client base.

The Office Star Deluxe Drafting Chair features a deluxe breathable mesh for comfort, free flow of air, and durability. You can also cradle your back on the built-in lumbar support during long working hours. The chair’s height and seat depth adjustment makes it ideal for use with a drafting table or standing desk, and the adjustable foot ring supports feet while working on high surfaces.

This chair also supports 360-degree swivel, and its heavy-duty nylon base supports your weight for prolonged use. The dual wheel carpet casters ensure you can move easily while seated on the chair and working.

Here are some other Office Star drafting chairs to look out for:
  • Office Star Sculptured Drafting Chair
  • Office Star Breathable Fabric Seat
  • Office Star Mesh Collection Fabric Drafting Chair
  • Office Star Air Gridback Drafting Chair
This drafting chair is available in a black color finish, two styles, and two assembly options to choose from.
The Eurotech Seating Apollo Drafting Chair is designed with a padded waterfall seat, and matching color-coordinated and breathable mesh back for a combination of comfort, value, quality, and adjustability. Do you prefer a high-end chair in four color variations and with more advanced features? Opt for the Eurotech Seating Ergohuman Drafting Chair with tilt tension control and lock. It supports back angle and seat height adjustment.

Eurotech Seating Apollo Collection Mesh Back Drafting Chair – Available in 2 Colors

Eurotech Seating designs, manufactures, sells, and distributes office furniture to its customers spread across the world. Despite starting as a marketing company, Eurotech Seating manufactures durable, efficient, ergonomic, and excellently designed office furniture. The company also designs customized office solutions to meet the unique needs of its customer base.

The Eurotech Seating Apollo Drafting Chair is GREENGUARD certified and features a waterfall seat for comfortable seating. The adjustability of the arm and seat height supports use at various heights or levels. The ratchet back height adjustment feature ensures that people of varying heights can use the chair. The casters and glides support mobility of the chair while in use.

Here are some other Eurotech Seating drafting chairs to consider:
  • Eurotech Seating Maze Drafting Chair
  • Eurotech Seating Europa Computer Drafting Chair
  • Eurotech Seating Odyssey Drafting Chair
  • Eurotech Seating Ergohuman Ergonomic Drafting Chair
This drafting chair comes in gray and black color finishes and two assembly options to choose from: expert and non-expert assembly.
Featuring large, cushioned, and contoured back and seats, the HON Task Drafting Chair is designed in an upscale style for total comfort. With adjustable seat height, footrest, and arms, this chair supports sit-to-stand use. Are you looking to minimize back pain? Opt for the HON ComforTask Series Drafting Chair with strong lumbar support for minimal back pain. It features adjustable seat height and foot ring to support different users, and oversized cushions for comfort.

HON Volt Task Upholstered Office Stool/Drafting Chair – Available in 33 Colors, 2 Styles & 3 Sizes

HON boasts a team of innovative engineers and award-winning designers behind its range of office products. The company doesn’t just produce comfortable furniture, but ones that are easy to assemble and use. HON’s office furniture products are timeless pieces designed for style and performance. It also uses safe and green approaches to design its furniture for a safe and pollutant-free environment.

The HON Task Drafting Chair features a cushioned back and seat in a geometric design for a sharp modern look. The adjustable foot rest and extended seat-height adjustment supports users of varying heights. The 360-degree swivel supports team collaboration through movements in all directions, and the durable 5-star wheels allow mobility while seated.

Here are a few other HON drafting chairs to look out for:
  • HON Mesh Back Drafting Chair
  • HON Managerial Mid-Back Drafting Chair
  • HON ComfortSelect Drafting Chair
  • HON Volt Mesh Drafting Chair
This drafting chair comes in a black color finish and thirty-two other colors, two styles, and three sizes to choose from.
Designed for increased work productivity and comfort, the Boss Office Products Caressoft Drafting Chair is ideal for use in busy spas, medical offices, dorm rooms, classrooms, or even in your home office. If you want a chair with more color variation styles to choose from, opt for the Boss Office Products Ergonomic Drafting Chair. It has a contoured back and seat to relieve you of back-strain and pain.

Boss Office Products Ergonomic Caressoft Drafting Chair – Available in 2 Colors

Boss Office Products is an Amazon best-seller of affordable office furniture. The popular brand uses top-quality materials to design functional, comfortable, and ergonomic furniture. With a large portfolio of office products, the company strives to meets the needs of its customers not just by designing functional products, but also by using innovative techniques to produce high-quality yet affordable furniture.

The Boss Office Products Caressoft Drafting Chair comes in a slim and stable design for easy storage and maneuvering. Its ergonomic design mimics the natural shape of a human spine for increased productivity and comfort. The seat height adjustment feature supports custom ergonomic fit of different users and desks of varying heights. The chrome foot ring gives it additional comfort.

The 5-star heavy-duty chrome base is attractive and durable. Enjoy quiet, smooth, and easy 360-degree swivels and mobility, thanks to the dual-caster wheels.

Here are a few other Boss Office Products drafting chairs you might like:
  • Boss Office Products Medical Spa Drafting Chair
  • Boss Office Products Heavy-Duty Drafting Chair
  • Boss Office Products Mesh Drafting Chair
  • Boss Office Products Multi-Function Drafting Chair
This drafting chair is available in black and beige colors to choose from.

How Do I Choose the Best Drafting Chair?

Traditionally, engineers and architects used drafting chairs to access drafting tables when making sketches and plans as they needed to sit for several hours. However, the use of drafting chairs has changed over the years to cater to other people who need to sit for prolonged hours when working such as writers, secretaries, designers, data-entry clerks, etc.

The best drafting chairs are ergonomic or human-engineered through biotechnology to support use in the workplace for minimal injuries and improved productivity. Just like office and executive chairs and drafting stools, drafting chairs are a type of office chair. Ranging from traditional to contemporary styles, drafting office chairs support work from various angles and tilt up or down.

Art and craft projects and any other kind of task involving sketching, drawing, or reading make use of high tables, hence the need for drafting chairs. Drafting chairs are designed with adjustable heights to support various users working on high drafting tables, standing desks, etc. They come with arm and back rests for support, and are padded for comfort.

Drafting chairs are also used with high counters and workbenches, or any office that requires receptionists or cashiers to sit at the same eye level as standing customers. Drafting chairs, just like kneeling chairs, support good sitting posture, hence preventing back and neck pain and stress injuries.

Drafting chairs are available in different models, stylish designs, bright and neutral colors, and are made of varying quality materials. Choose a chair that suits your taste, personality, and style. It should elevate the look of your work space and complement your design style, whether it’s traditional, modern, classic, contemporary, or rustic-themed. This guide will help you choose the right drafting chair for your workspace.
Whether you’re buying a drafting chair for your personal use, home office, or for your employees to use in the office, they’re supposed to last. This means that buying drafting chairs is more of an investment. Therefore, you don’t want to waste your hard-earned cash on poor-quality chairs; you’ll be back on the market looking for a new chair once the cheap drafting chair you bought gets damaged beyond repair.

High-quality drafting chairs will definitely come at a price that’s worth all your pennies. With a consideration of the features discussed in this guide, you’ll find premium office chairs that’ll stand years and years of use. Opt for chairs with high weight capacities to ensure that even the heaviest employee in your company can comfortably use his/her chair for many years.

The price of a drafting chair of good quality ranges from $100 to $1500. However, you’ll budget drafting chairs for as low as $50. High-end drafting chairs for executive use can cost as much as $2000 or more. Buy a drafting chair that you can afford within a reasonable budget.
Drafting chairs come with various features to support use at high heights. Whether you’re working on a high desk, drafting table, or a high craft table, you need the right chair for comfortable seating, improved productivity, and minimal injuries. When shopping for a drafting chair, whether you’re a new or return buyer, there are features you need to consider for the best office chair.

Here are important features to look out for in your drafting chair:
  • Ergonomic design for versatile application
  • Adjustable lumbar support for a straight posture
  • Adjustable headrest for neck and back support
  • Fully adjustable arms for suitable arm support
  • Forward tilt to relax body joints such as ankles and waist
  • Tilt limiter to set the maximum angle your body can comfortably tilt
  • Seat slider for moving around or adjusting into a smaller working space
  • Adjustable seat angle for comfort
  • Foot rings for feet or leg support
  • Wheels or castors for easy movement
  • Swivel seat for easy access to your working table without twists or stretches
  • Color to match or contrast your interior color theme
With adjustability, cushioning, and the right seating capacity of your ergonomic drafting chair, you’re guaranteed maximum comfort for your specific body type.
Construction and Design
When shopping for a drafting chair, look for the following features in its construction and design:

Ergonomic design – although a drafting chair might be tagged ‘ergonomic’, it doesn’t necessarily mean it meets ergonomic standards. Therefore, thoroughly examine the chair you intend to buy for conformity to ergonomic standards. Ergonomic drafting chairs have various features to support versatile use.

Adjustable Lumbar Support – ensure that your drafting chair features lumbar support for proper, straight, and healthy sitting posture. This feature needs to be adjustable so you can align your shoulders, ears, and hips for a natural lower spine inward curvature.

Adjustable Headrest – this feature aligns your spine, hence minimizing injuries by supporting your neck and head. Adjust it backwards to take some rest or forward to find a suitable working position.

Adjustable Armrests – raise or lower your armrest to a comfortable height for your body size. Go for a drafting chair with fully adjustable arms for a perfect fit by fine-tuning your arm support, adjusting its width, sliding it back and forth or side to side, and tilting it as you deem fit.

Tilt Limiters & Forward Tilt – set a maximum recline position using the tilt limiter to an angle you find comfortable. Make sure your drafting chair supports forward tilt to relax your knees, waist, and ankles as it supports your spine when your body leans forward.

Adjustable Seat Height – choose a drafting chair with an adjustable seat height to accommodate your body size and the height of your working table. This ensures you can sit comfortably and work for prolonged durations.

Seat Slider – if you’ll be working in a smaller space or there’ll be need to move away or towards your desk while seated, ensure your drafting chair features a seat slider.

Adjustable Seat Angle – this feature supports adjusting your seat angle to a comfortable position.

Castors/Wheels – if there’ll be need to move your chair from one office to another or you’ll need to move around your working space, ensure your chair has wheels or castors for easy movement.

Swivel Seats – this feature supports easy and convenient access of your working table or desk without twisting or stretching.

Padding/Cushioning – soft and firm padding or cushioning offers extra support and comfort.

Seating Capacity – choose a drafting chair that supports your body weight. Drafting chairs are designed to support a maximum seating capacity; pick one that’s more than your body weight.

Foot Rings - foot rings or rests come in handy as you work at raised heights to support your feet, hence improve blood circulation and comfort.
Performance and Ease of Use
Drafting chairs are designed for comfort, flexibility, and ergonomic use. All the features of these chairs are designed for comfort to minimize pain and injuries. Since you’re able to work for long hours, the chairs maximize productivity. They support leg, back, and arm muscles, hence improving blood circulation.

Generally, the drafting chair needs to be adjustable to accommodate your body size. Adjustable armrests prevent the carpal tunnel syndrome. Foot rings support your feet as you work at raised heights. The backs and seats of drafting chairs are cushioned for comfort; they prevent sore muscles on your butt and back that might result from prolonged sitting.

The back of the knees is also cushioned on this kind of office chair to prevent pinching and hampered blood circulation. The seat angle, recline, tilt, and adjustable armrest, headrest, seat height, and lumbar support are all geared towards comfortable seating. Choose durable materials that are easy to clean.

Above all, choose a drafting chair in a color that matches your personality and easily blends into your existing interior décor for an attractive look and feel.

Get the Best Drafting Chair of 2023!

Whichever type of high table you work on, there’s need for an office chair with adjustable height to meet your seating needs. We hope that with our review of five of the top drafting chairs, you’ll be in a position to pick the right chair. In case you need something different, check out our other office chair review.

Our Top Choice
Safco Products Adjustable Metro Chair
Best Value
Office Star Deluxe Drafting Chair
Eurotech Seating Apollo Drafting Chair
HON Task Stool Drafting Chair
Boss Office Products Caressoft Drafting Chair