Best Drafting Table Reviews 2023

At first glance, there appears to be nothing complicated about choosing a suitable drafting table. Once you know what you need it for, you only need to choose the first available option you come across, right? Wrong! There are many options available to choose from, and it might confuse you. But since you have chosen us, your problem is solved. We have done most of the work and have narrowed the options to five of the best drafting table brands. All you have to do is read our review, while noting that each product reviewed from these brands is only one of the many these companies have on offer.
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Tilt Angle
Our Top Choice
Studio Designs Zenith Drafting Table
With an intense commitment to quality delivery, Studio Designs combines experience and adaptability to provide quality contemporary furniture pieces.
Adjustable. Great design. Comfortable to use.
May be wobbly.
Single top with shelf
0 – 40 degrees
42 x 30 x 38.5 in; 50 pounds
30 x 42 inches
32.5 – 38.5 inches
Best Value
Martin Universal Berkeley Classic 4-PC Studio Combo
Martin Universal has proven its skills by creating top-quality furniture pieces of varying designs for different purposes.
Adjustable height and tilt. Foldable base. Comes with ergonomic chair and lamp. Comfortable to use. Saves space.
You might require help putting it together because of its size and weight.
4-pc combo with chair & tray
0 – 40 degrees
44 x 33 x 10 inches
30 x 42 inches
29 – 53 inches
Safco Products Height-Adjustable Split Level Drafting Table
Safco Products made its name by paying attention to users’ comfort and creating high-end, eco-friendly furniture pieces.
Versatile. Sturdy. Quality materials. Adjustable table height and tabletop. Split tabletop design.
A bit difficult to put together.
Split level top with shelf
0 – 50 degrees
29.8 x 47.2 x 37.2 in; 68 lbs.
31.5 x 19.75 inches
26 – 37.25 inches
Alvin MiniMaster II Drafting Table
Alvin’s decades of experience establishes its credibility as a dependable furniture supplier, and this is proven with its quality and reliable furniture.
Solid construction. Versatile. Easy to assemble. Convenient adjustments. Durable.
The casters aren’t great, but they do serve their purpose.
4-post with shelf
0 – 30 degrees
40 x 5.5 x 24 inches; 44.5 pounds
24 x 40 inches
29 – 41 inches
Coaster Desks Artists Drafting Table
After 40 years of experience, Coaster sets new standards in the furniture industry while offering a broad category of products for different uses.
Tiltable glass top. Attractive design. Has drawers and side trays. Sturdy construction. Comfortable to use.
The cabinet could have been larger.
Table with tool drawers
0 – 60 degrees
42 x 23.75 x 31.5 in; 43 pounds
3 sq. ft.
31.5 inches(not adjustable)

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What is the Best Drafting Table?

When it comes to choosing the best drafting table, different ones are best for different people. For some people, if the drafting table has storage compartments, they are contented. Others consider height adjustability to be a crucial factor. Some are even more particular about the work surface or the construction of the table as a whole. Look at the products we reviewed to choose the one with the combination of features that makes it the best drafting table for you.
Our Top Choice
The Studio Designs Zenith Drafting Table is versatile and provides the kind of flexibility required for creating precision-specific designs. If you want a table with a solid hardwood surface top that can adjust from flat to 90º, go for the Studio Designs Vintage Drafting Table. It has a 24-inch ledge and work surface.

Studio Designs Zenith Drafting Table – Comes in 2 Styles, Bundled Set with Chair and Lamp Available

Studio Designs successfully combines the experience and performance of furniture professionals to create affordable products that suit different tastes and preferences. It is only natural that a company founded in 2007 incorporates contemporary procedures to provide long-lasting value for its clients. Studio Designs produces a wide variety of products using different materials, including metal, glass, and wood. It makes various timeless pieces such as drafting/crafts tables, drafting/craft sets, storage solutions and easels, among others.

The Studio Designs Zenith Drafting Table can be used for various projects, including studying, drawing, and other artistic, personal and office uses. The top surface can be tilted to 40º and can suitably be combined with a chair that has ergonomic features by providing strong support for the lower back, neck and full body weight. Apart from the durability of this drafting table, its other features include:
  • Storage shelf – This can be used to store books, manuals, or other drafting equipment
  • Floor levelers – These balance the table for stability and support, so you can create precision designs
  • Lockable – It has screws that keep your adjustments in place, giving you a stable and rigid surface to work on
  • Great design – Constructed in a style that displays professionalism, making it suitable for both home and office use
  • Swing arm lamp - This provides illumination when working in dark conditions.
  • Flexibility – Adjustable to be comfortable to use regardless of your height
Although we featured the table set style that also includes a chair and a lamp, please bear in mind that this drafting table is also available as a table only.
Best Value
The Martin Universal Berkeley Classic 4-PC Studio Combo is designed with space management in mind. The base of this table is foldable and easily tucked away. If you’d like a table more inclined for artists, get the Martin Ashley Art-Hobby Table with Stool. It has four drawers and a pencil trough.

Martin Universal Berkeley Classic 4-PC Studio Combo With Drafting Height Chair, Side Tray, and Lamp

Martin Universal is set to satisfy your penchant for unique and creative designs by consistently creating valuable furniture products. With over 70 years of experience, Martin knows its onions and proves it with the timeless pieces it produces. It merges experience, creativity, and a commitment to performance in each of its products. You are, therefore, assured of getting the value you have been promised.

The Martin Universal Berkeley Classic 4-PC Studio Combo is a highly flexible drafting table set. It is created to be easily stored, as its base can fold. It comes with a chair that is also ergonomically designed, making it ideal for use for extended work periods. Following are some other features of this product:
  • Fully adjustable – The table’s height can be adjusted for users of varying heights and preferences
  • Tilt range – The tabletop can be tilted to various angles between 0-40 degrees so users can work without bending their necks in awkward positions
  • Side tray – The utility tray has several compartments that can store items and equipment you might need when working
  • Ergonomic chair – Height-adjustable chair with a sturdy base, back rest, and foot rest, making it extra comfy
  • Easy assembly – Quick and easy to put together following the detailed instruction provided in the manual
The Safco Products Height-Adjustable Split Level Drafting Table has tabletops made of neatly finished medium oak, creating a smooth surface. The steel frame makes it sturdy and balanced. If you would prefer a drafting table with a single surface, try the Safco Planmaster Height-Adjustable Drafting Table, which is heavy-duty.

Safco Products Split Level Drafting Table - Height Adjustable with 50 Degree Tilt

Safco Products has dedicated over half a century to making furniture pieces that are comfortable and suitable for everyday use. Because this company pays attention to the essentials, such as customer satisfaction and the environment, it has come up with a series of eco-friendly "Greenguard" furniture pieces. When you have a brand that actively involves itself in making the world a better place, you know you can count on it.

You won’t enjoy what you’re doing if you aren't comfortable, and you definitely won’t do as good a job as you can. There are some projects that require you to shift your attention from the drafting tabletop to a book or a screen. The Safco Products Height-Adjustable Split Level Drafting Table offers an ingenious solution with a tabletop that can be split in two. One side is for your drafting works with all the adjustments you need, and the other smaller side is where you can place a book or a laptop. This design is convenient for digital designers that carry out a lot of their work on a computer.

The table has a steel frame, with rubber studs at the base for stability and balance. It can adjust from 26 inches to a 37¼ -inch height to accommodate different users. The tabletop has a wood grain melamine finish with an exquisite luster. The larger side of this table, which is the main work surface, can tilt up to 500 for the perfect angle on the work surface.

This drafting table also has a floating countertop for holding whatever items you might need while working, so you are not distracted by moving around.
The usefulness of the Alvin MiniMaster II Drafting Table comes from its sturdy and durable construct and the versatility in its usage. For a similar drafting table with a more natural look, see the Alvin MiniMaster II Table With Woodgrain Top. It also has rounded corners and four posts.

Alvin Minimaster II Drafting Table with 4-Post Design - Available in Gray and White and 2 Sizes

Alvin places a huge premium on quality delivery, and it has a permanent dedication to providing furniture items that keep customers happy. The company is notable for importing, manufacturing and distributing furniture in several categories, including graphic arts, fine arts, drafting, crafts and office use. Its commitment to making quality products is a major reason it has lasted this long.

The Alvin MiniMaster II Drafting Table is a dependable choice if you want a table with rigidity and balance. A good drafting table will have a smooth, flat top that's large enough for all the material you need to work with. The cherry wood grain top of this table offers those qualities. Its level of versatility is part of its uniqueness. From drawing to reading, cutting to display, arts and crafts to just being a plain old table, what you use this table for is totally up to you.

This table has a steel frame for more toughness and durability. Another sublime feature of this MiniMaster table is a four-post design, which means the tabletop hinges on the four posts. This gives you the ability to adjust the height of each post independently, and adjust the tilt of the table to what is ideal for you. The ease with which you can make these adjustments is another thing that increases its awesomeness. The adjustment mechanism allows a one-inch increment so you can get that fine-tuning effect.

Underneath the tabletop is a 30 by 8½-inch shelf where you can put books or other items you might need. This spares you the need to get up and fetch things you need for work. Just keep everything within reach and let your creative juices start flowing without further distractions. The base is fitted with casters that make it easy to move this table around, especially on a smooth, solid floor. The five-year manufacturer’s warranty shows how much confidence the brand has in this product.

One more thing: this drafting table is available in white or gray, as well as two sizes to fit different people.
If you want a sturdily constructed drafting table that offers comfort with a touch of artistic elegance, the Coaster Desks Artists Drafting Table is what you need. If you would like an adjustable drafting table that comes in a black finish then we bet you will love the Coaster Adjustable Drafting Desk.

Coaster Desks Artists Drafting Table – Available With Or Without Expert Assembly

For decades, Coaster Home Furnishings has been meeting the changing demands of the furniture industry. Coaster has a reputation to protect, and it does this by ensuring all its products live up to its name. It provides different furniture items for various types of use. It is a highly accessible brand with branches in six states, and its expansion is proof of its growth through excellent performance.

The Coaster Desks Artists Drafting Table is designed to be a no-nonsense, effective work desk. The large tempered glass tabletop can be tilted to several angles to get the one you prefer. If you are a lover of aesthetics, this table will definitely grab your attention. Its design looks like a cross between a bridge and a monument. Perhaps it will end up being the monument of your work space, showing off your sophistication and elegance.

This drafting table is ideal for use in a home, studio, office, or wherever you may need a table you can do some useful work on. The mini compartments on the sides are ideal for storing your work tools and some essential writing materials. The table is held up by a metal frame that keeps it stable. You probably think it will take forever to assemble, but people report having assembled it in 20 minutes, by themselves.

With the amount of comfort you will derive from using this table, combined with the quality (hence the longevity you will get from it), you probably think it will cost a fortune. Though the word "expensive" is relative, the price of this desk compared to the benefits you will get from it makes it a steal. A lot of people who have purchased this table affirm that, which is one of the reasons we considered presenting this work of art to you.

How Do I Choose the Best Drafting Table?

If you are looking for a drafting table that provides full support for your project, you have to do the job properly. Many people’s efforts have been frustrated because they haven’t found the right tools to give full expression to their passion. That doesn’t have to be the case. If you pay enough attention to the features of your choice drafting table, especially the factors that separate it from an office desk, you will choose one that will serve you for a long time with a high degree of value.

It may be a good idea to get a drafting table with a complementing drafting chair, for the best comfort and ergonomics while you work on paper or on a drawing tablet. This guide will show you how to go about choosing the best drafting table, with the hope that it will help you achieve full expression of your talent and go on to much greater things.
Drafting tables have different features that affect how they function. The degree of flexibility, the amount of storage space, the number of levelers and the material used (among other qualities) are responsible for the variations in individual prices. A good drafting table with other pieces such as an ergonomic chair and a lamp can cost about $600, while a simple drafting table without sophisticated features can go for about $105.

The above price range does not include cheap drafting tables that will not provide the functionality, comfort and durability you want in a table. We strongly advise that you strike them off your list.
Your reason for buying a drafting table helps determine the appropriate product for you. Buying a drafting table is an act that requires attention and careful consideration. If you are not so specific in your needs for buying one, you can choose an option that is more suited for general usage. These are the features that are essential to consider:
  • Purpose
  • Available space
  • Construction
  • Design
  • Surface type
  • Material
  • Size
  • Color
Now, let’s check out how these features affect the performance of a drafting table.
Construction and Design
Your reason for getting a drafting table determines the type that will suit your needs. People who need a drafting table for drawing and writing may only be interested in an option with a storage compartment and a broad work surface. Graphic artists and other people who need computers for their work would likely prefer a table that can conveniently accommodate a computer.

It is also important to consider how much space you can spare to accommodate a drafting table. For example, a student who lives in a dorm would want a compact drafting table or one with a foldable base, while an architect or an artist with a lot of room in the studio might opt for a large one.

Some drafting tables have split tops, with the larger side for drafting and the smaller side for holding a book or a laptop. Other tables have adjustable surfaces that can be tilted for the users’ convenience. Some surfaces are made of laminate, and some are wood grain to give the table a more natural feel. Some tables have tempered glass as the tabletop, for a more sophisticated look. Whatever type you get, be sure it will serve its purpose adequately.

Another factor to consider is the dimensions of the drafting table, especially the tabletop and the height. Drafting tables are available in different sizes, so choose one based on your preference and the space you have available. A large tabletop is ideal for drafting or drawing, as you can put the whole paper you’re using on the table.
Performance and Ease of Use
Ease of adjustment is important in a drafting table. Whether you will be standing or sitting at your drafting table, it is essential that the table can be easily adjusted for both orientations. Users come in different sizes, so an adjustable drafting table is ideal if it will be used by more than one person. It’s also great if the tabletop can be tilted to an angle that’s suitable to the user based on the type of work they're doing.

The material of the drafting table determines how long and how well it functions. For example, a solid wood and laminate drafting table top will provide clearer lines and edges, but it wears away more quickly. Such drafting tables are better for occasional or home use. If you will be using your drafting table frequently, consider one with a glass tabletop, especially if it is tempered. Such surfaces provide consistently clear lines, last longer, and are also easy to clean.

Now that you have a good knowledge of drafting tables, we hope you will find it easy to decide on the combination of features you want. This will make it easy to decide on a brand and product that can serve your needs.

Get the Best Drafting Table of 2023!

There is so much to look for when choosing a suitable drafting table, and so much to look forward to in the one you choose. We hope we have provided enough information to guide you well in making your choice.

Our Top Choice
Studio Designs Zenith Drafting Table
Best Value
Martin Universal Berkeley Classic 4-PC Studio Combo
Safco Products Height-Adjustable Split Level Drafting Table
Alvin MiniMaster II Drafting Table
Coaster Desks Artists Drafting Table