Best Drill Bit Set Reviews 2023

Are you a DIY die-hard? Then you know all too well what it means to have a good drill bit set. In a market that’s full of substandard drill bits, it’s so easy to fall for cheap prices only to end up being disappointed. To help you overcome this challenge, we’ve done a thorough research and identified top 5 drill bit sets from trusted brands in the market which we think are worth your consideration.
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Our Top Choice
Dewalt Pilot Point Titanium Drill Bit Set
Dewalt company has more than 90 years of experience in manufacturing work tools and equipment. It has grown to become a worldwide leader in innovation and product design.
These drill bits, which come in a tough plastic case, have a tapered web design that makes them operate for longer periods without breaking.
On the downside, the performance of the drill bits is drastically reduced once the pilot point is worn out.
21 Pieces
8.8” x 8.8” x 1.4”; 0.9 Pounds
Titanium Coating
Tough Plastic Case
Best Value
Craftsman Drill Bit Accessory Kit
The Craftsman brand is renowned for quality and highly durable work tools that enable builders to deliver excellent results.
This drill bit set is made of hardened steel alloy. It’s convenient to use and easy to handle.
The disadvantage of this drill bit set is that its internal storage compartments are not labeled.
100 Pieces
9” x 9” x 3”; 3.1 Pounds
Hardened Steel Alloy
Black Oxide Finish
Portable Hard Storage Case
Irwin Hanson Screw Extractor & Drill Bit Set
Irwin Tools company is recognized worldwide for its great passion of working with end-users to design highly innovative and efficient work tools.
This drill bit set is made of cobalt, making it durable and immune from rust.
On the downside, this drill bit set isn’t designed for use on harder metal.
35 Pieces
12.1” x 7.8” x 2.3”; 3.5 Pounds
Spiral Flute Extractor Design
Portable Plastic Case
Black & Decker Drilling And Screwdriving Set
Black & Decker company has a rich history of unveiling ground-breaking tool designs. These range from the first cordless drill ever made to the modern gyroscopic screwdriver.
This drill bit set is made of hard steel and comes in a case with plenty of extra space.
Unfortunately, this drill bit set isn’t rust proof. Also, it isn’t designed to drill very hard metals.
109 Pieces
12” x 8.5” x 2.5”; 3 Pounds
Black Finish
Portable Hard Plastic Case
Neiko Titanium Step Drill Bit Set
Neiko Tools USA is renowned for highly efficient and dependable power tools. Its products are widely used by seasoned professionals and individual DIYers.
This drill bit set is made of specially-made steel which offers higher drilling speed.
On the downside, this drill bit set isn’t appropriate for drilling uniform holes on thick materials.
3 Pieces
6” x 4” x 1”; 0.25 Pounds
High Speed Steel & Titanium
Tri-flatted Shank
Stepped Bit Design

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What is the Best Drill Bit Set?

Since now you know what to look for when shopping for the best drill bit set, let’s take a closer look at the features of the selected drill bit sets in our review. Remember to keep in mind what you intend to use the drill bits for and pick the best product for the job.
Our Top Choice
The Dewalt Pilot Point Titanium Drill Bit Set comes with 21 steel and titanium bits for use with all sorts of materials. If you’re looking for a set of screwdrivers, we highly recommend the DEWALT DW2166. It’s highly affordable and comes with 45 screwdrivers of different sizes. They also come in a tough and durable case.

Dewalt 21 Piece Titanium Pilot Point Drill Bit Set

Dewalt company has continued to manufacture award winning work tools such as The FLEXVOLT® Battery. Its devoted team of engineers is passionate about creating tools that inspire absolute confidence in users. It doesn’t matter how tough the job is, Dewalt is sure to provide the right tools to get it done. Some of its popular products include power tool, anchors, hand tools and outdoor equipment.

The Dewalt DW1361 Drill Bit Set comes with 21 drill bits of different sizes ranging from 1/16-inch to 1/2-inch. The surfaces of these drill bits are coated with titanium for increased durability. In addition, each of the drill bits has a pilot point made of titanium for unmatched performance on hard materials. Also, these drill bits have a tapered web design that makes them operate for longer periods without breaking. This drill bit set sells at an affordable price of $22.65 and is designed to be used on different materials such as plastic, wood and metal.

Feel free to buy yourself a cordless drill from Dewalt to use with this drill bit set.
Best Value
The Craftsman Drill Bit Accessory Kit comes with 100 versatile bits, and is specially designed to handle all your metal, wood, plastic and masonry drilling jobs. Looking for heavy duty drilling bits? Try out the Craftsman 9-66020 Black Oxide Drill Bit Set. Its drill bits are specially designed to run cooler and last longer than other drill bits.

Craftsman 100 Piece Drilling and Driving Kit with Phillips, Flat & Torx

Since 1922, the number of Craftsman branded products has steadily grown to over 6,000. These products range from simple hand tool to complex scroll saws. Due to its commitment to delivering quality and reliable products, the Craftsman brand has won the hearts of many customers. This explains why the brand’s popularity continues to grow with each passing year.

The Craftsman ACM1001 Drill Bit Set comes with highly versatile 100 pieces of drilling and driving bits. It’s specially designed to handle all your metal, wood, plastic and masonry drilling jobs. The driving sets in this set come in flat, torx and Phillips designs. This drill bit set is built to last. It saves you money and time by making sure you have all you drilling bits in one place at an affordable price of $14.99. It also comes with a tough storage case that features individual housing compartments for all bits.

Having trouble with your current lawn mower? Take this opportunity to grab a Craftsman lawn mower with built-in smart technology for peace of mind.
The Irwin Hanson Screw Extractor & Drill Bit Set is designed to help professionals remove broken screws without ruining the material they were working on, which is why it comes with multi-spline extractors for increased torque. Are you looking for an economical drill bit set for wood only? We highly recommend the Irwin 3041006 Wood Drill Bit Set. It comes with six pieces of tri-flute drill bits for maximum drilling speed.

Irwin Hanson Screw Extractor And Drill Bit Set, 35 Piece – Available in 2 Styles & 4 Package sizes

For more than 120 years, the Irwin brand has been in the forefront of using ground-breaking innovation in manufacturing highly functional products. The company has a special team of experts that gathers end-user challenges and uses this information to create new product designs. This way, the company is able to stay relevant to emerging market need, thus guaranteeing its place for a long time to come.

The Irwin Drill Bit Set 11135ZR comes with fully labeled drill bits and storage case compartments. This makes it easy for users to locate drill bits easily while on the job. This extractor and drill bit set is designed to help professionals remove broken screws without ruining the material they were working on. It retails at $144.99 and is built to serve you for long.

In addition, here are some more features of this product:
  • Comes with an easy-out design for the spiral flutes
  • Has multi-spline extractors for increased torque
  • Comes in a left-hand design for added grip power
  • Each tool has the sizes of fastener and drill bit etched on it
  • Built to withstand super abrasion from tough metals
If you don’t like this spiral flute designed extractor set, don’t panic; Irwin also has this product in a straight flute design.
The Black & Decker BDA91109 Combination Accessory Set is designed to cater for a wide range of household projects, and can handle drilling into wood, plastic, masonry, and some metals. Looking for a set of fewer drilling bits for general purposes? Have a look at the Black & Decker 15-110 High-Speed Steel Drill Bit Set. It comes in a pack of 10 pieces and is appropriate for use on plastic, wood or metal.

Black & Decker 109 Piece Combination Drill Bit Set – Available in 2 Package Styles

The Black & Decker company was founded in 1910. Since then, the company has led the way in supplying the American market with highly innovative products. The company focuses on producing products that are efficient and easy to use. Besides power tools, the company manufactures household appliances such as coffee makers, food processors, vacuum machines and lawn mowers.

The Black & Decker BDA91109 Drill Bit Set has 109 bit pieces. These include several 1” and 2” screw-driving bits. This drill bit set is designed for general metal, wood, plastic and masonry drilling. It retails at $17.99 and is sure to give you value for money. In addition, its storage case comes with spare space. This drill set is backed by a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty for guaranteed quality.

Your food mixer not working well? Black & Decker company offers high-quality food mixers that may catch your attention.
The Neiko Titanium Step Drill Bit Set is designed for use on a wide range of metals and its bits are coated with titanium for smooth cutting. Looking for drills bits with wider diameters? Get the Neiko 10197A Titanium Step Drill Bit Set. It comes with 5 drill bits and its widest bit can bore up to 1-3/8” thick holes.

Neiko Titanium Step High Speed Steel Drill Bit Set – Available in 2 Styles & 4 Size Packages

Neiko Tools company is based in China, but it manufactures products specifically for the American market under the Neiko Tools USA and Neiko Pro Tools USA labels. These products range from drilling bits to generators. The brand has grown in popularity because of its well-made products that give consumers value for money.

The Neiko 10193A Drill Bit Set has three drill bits. These bits come in a special stepped design and are coated with titanium for smooth cutting. The point tips of the bits are split at 1350. This prevents the bits from shifting and gives stable self-centering. They also have tri-flatted shanks that ensure bits are held securely in power tools and don’t spin during drilling. The two-flute design of the bits allows chips to escape easily for hassle-free drilling. This drill bit set costs $13.95 and is specially designed to last.

Looking for a digital caliper? Get one from Neiko with a large LCD display.

How Do I Choose the Best Drill Bit Set?

If you’re a DIY hobbyist, you’ll likely agree with me that calling a technician to fix broken things in your home is the last thing on your mind. We want to get our hands dirty to fix things in the home and enjoy the feeling of success as they start functioning again! When carrying out projects such as repairing broken hammock frames or mounting your new shower head, remember to use the right drill bits. Just as it’s important to use safety glasses as you do your projects, so is the acquisition of the right drill bit set for your work.

The best drill bit set should be appropriated for use on the material you’re working on. For instance, if you’re just drilling softwood, wall or medium density fiberboard, general purpose twist bits will be appropriate for the job. However, if you’re handling delicate material such as ceramic, glass or harder metals, it’s wise to get specialized drill bits.

When buying a drill bit set, it’s important to know what kinds of materials you’ll be drilling. This enables you to pick a drill bit set that has more bits for your work. You can have a few specialized drill bits to use on your one-off special drilling. Remember to think of buying a drill bit set with bits of different sizes as this gives you the flexibility of working on a wide range of items.

Think outside the box and go for a drill bit that adds value to your daily work. Sets that come screw-driving and extractor bits are more functional and convenient to use. Drill bits and screws do break, so you may need a way of removing them without spoiling your project.

Let’s now take a look at the features you need to look for in a drill bit set.
The price of a drill bit set is highly depended on the features of the drill bits. These include construction material and overall design. Drill bits made with softer metals are cheaper compared to those constructed using harder materials. Additional features such as a coated finish also can increase the cost of drill bits. The number of drill bits in a set determines its overall price as well. Although the market is flooded with cheap drill bits, it’s important to find out their quality and reliability before you decide to pick them. There’s no need to buy a cheap drill bit set only to end up shopping for a replacement days later. Depending on the number of drill bits you want, you can get a quality drill bit set at an affordable price ranging from as low as $4.99 to $144.99.
Drill bit sets offer you unmatched convenience when it comes to keeping your drill bits within reach. You don’t need to stop your project to go looking for a different sized drill bit. Just like any other product, there are certain features that distinguish good drilling bits from poorly performing ones.

Below are the important features to look for when shopping for a god drill bit set:
  • Construction material
  • Bit design
  • Number of bits in a set
  • Design of storage case
  • Bit size
With the knowledge of the material you primarily want to drill, it’s wise to select a drill bit set with features that’ll make your work easier.
Construction and Design
Drilling bits are designed to drill specific materials. For instance, steel drill bits are meant to be used on softer materials such as wood and composite materials. On the other hand, hardened steel can be used on softer metals such as copper and aluminum. When it comes to drilling harder metals, tougher materials such as cobalt are used to manufacture the right drill bits. It’s also common to have drill bits with pilot points made of hard materials such as titanium. This makes it possible to drill harder metals with a relatively softer drill bit.

The task of drilling is in itself tough and primarily involves wear and tear. To slow down this process and make sure that drill bits last longer, manufacturers use materials such high speed steel or aluminum coating. There are numerous designs that are meant to improve the performance of drill bits. These include spiral flute, tapered web, stepped designs and split point tips.
Performance and Ease of Use
The best drill bit sets are built to drill faster and for longer periods without breaking. They’re also designed to allow easy pull-out when you are done with drilling. When it comes to corrosion, these drill bits come with a rust-resistant finish that ensures that the strength of the drill bit isn’t compromised. Good drill bits come with excellent shank designs that keep the bits from spinning.

Moreover, different designs are used to make sure that chips from the material being drilled are removed efficiently. This prevents clogging which encourages breakage of drill bits. Don’t forget how to store your drill bits. Make sure that the storage case is durable and has enough space to fit all your bits. Also, you may want to find a drill bit set whose storage case is well organized for easy identification of individual bits. You don’t want to spend your precious time guessing which drill bit to use!

Get the Best Drill Bit Set of 2023!

Before buying a drill bit set, consider the features that best suit your needs. This will help you get the best drill bit set that suits you. Hopefully by now you have this figured out, and that you have learned something from our review. In case you’re still on the hunt, however, you can always check out all the other drill sets by these brands!

Our Top Choice
Dewalt Pilot Point Titanium Drill Bit Set
Best Value
Craftsman Drill Bit Accessory Kit
Irwin Hanson Screw Extractor & Drill Bit Set
Black & Decker Drilling And Screwdriving Set
Neiko Titanium Step Drill Bit Set