Best Dry Erase Board Reviews 2023

Whether you're planning, tracking goals, presenting, or teaching, dry erase boards are a great way to get your thoughts out in the open. You, your team, or your students will benefit from having a quality white board to share your thoughts and help to visualize your plans. With so many options on the market, it can be quite a task to choose the right one. That’s why we’ve spent hours researching and reviewing some of the best affordable dry erase boards on the market. We’ve also put together a dry erase board buying guide to help you choose the right one.
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Our Top Choice
Lorell Dry Erase/Cork Board Combination
Lorell is a brand with sound manufacturing principles and testing that continues to produce high-quality, eco-friendly products time and time again.
This cork and dry erase board combo is great for office work, as well as setting reminders in class and at home. The cork is self-healing, and there’s a marker tray.
A few users may think it a bit pricey.
Bulletin Board
24” x 36”
Marker Tray
Best Value
Charles Leonard Dry Erase Lapboard
Charles Leonard is known for its high-quality school supplies. Its products are affordable and made from quality materials that give you years of use.
This board is super affordable and the perfect size for young kids and adults to use for personal projects. It’s also available in multiple different styles.
It's only available in one size.
9” x 12”
Lined Version
Quartet Infinity™ Glass Dry-Erase Board
Quartet has been the world's largest whiteboard provider for decades. Its boards are used in offices, conference rooms and classrooms everywhere.
This board fits easily into any environment. It comes in multiple sizes and colors, and all of them are ghost-, stain-, scratch-, and dent-resistant. There’s also a marker tray and a long warranty.
The frosted model isn’t magnetic.
72” x 48”
Tempered Glass
15-Year Warranty
The Board Dudes Dry Erase Calendar
The Board Dudes started out as a local business run by two Southern California guys. Now it’s a renowned North American brand known for its fun designs.
This board comes in multiple sizes and is great for the home, office or classroom. It’s magnetic and comes with a black marker and two magnets.
A few users didn’t like the mounting.
Calendar Dry Erase Board
16” x 20”
1 Dry Erase Marker
U Brands Basics Dry Erase Board
With its focus on creativity and expression, U Brands creates products that inspire you so you can express yourself and create projects meaningful to you.
This board is available in multiple different sizes. It resists ink staining and ghosting and comes with a durable, insulated frame. It’s also easily mounted and great for homes and offices.
It's non-magnetic.
23” x 17”
Rigid Board Insulation

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What is the Best Dry Erase Board?

We’ve covered everything you need to know about how to choose the best dry erase board for you and your office or classroom. Now it’s time for us to delve into our picks from five of the best dry erase board brands around.
Our Top Choice
The Lorell Dry Erase/Cork Board Combination features an aluminum frame with rounded black corners, and self-healing cork that ensures longevity. If you’re looking for a larger, classroom-sized, full dry erase board, check out the Lorell Magnetic 5 x 4 ft. Dry Erase Board.

Lorell Combo Board - 24" x 36" Cork/Dry-Erase Board with Aluminum Frame

Lorell is a conscientious brand that provides a wide variety of high-quality products, made in eco-friendly ways. Lorell has many products that contain recycled materials, but that doesn’t detract from their quality. All Lorell products are tested and certified so they meet or exceed ANSI/BIFMA standards. It also offers Energy Star products, which are energy-efficient and sure to save you some money on your electric bill. Many of Lorell’s products are certified by Greenguard, but all of them are backed by Lorell’s warranty. With these many product tests, it’s no wonder Lorell is among America’s top brands.

The Lorell Dry Erase/Cork Board Combination is a dry erase and cork board hybrid that's perfect for planning and presentations, and can work well for setting reminders. It’s surrounded by an aluminum frame and comes with a marker tray so you can have your markers and other items handy. The cork section is natural, self-healing cork that easily rebounds after use. This combo is versatile and great for the home, classroom, or office.

Lorell also offers numerous other well-built office supplies, such as:
  • Sao Paulo Series – an office suite
  • Lorell Mesh Bulletin Board
  • Lorell Notice Board
  • Vertical Files Filing Cabinets
  • Lorell Essentials Series Conference Tables
Best Value
The Charles Leonard Dry Erase Lapboard is made from melamine and comes in multiple different styles. There’s a white version, a lined version and a dual-sided white and lined version too. If you’re looking for a pack of lapboards, check out the Charles Leonard Class Pack, which has 12 dry erase lapboards.

Charles Leonard Dry Erase Lapboards – Case of 12 9” x 12” Masonite Boards in Choice of White, Lined or Double Sided

Charles Leonard is trusted by schools, not just in the US, but around the globe. It's a well-respected supplier of classroom and office supplies. Whether you’re looking for a sharpener, markers, dry erase boards, clipboards or more, Charles Leonard has it.

The Charles Leonard Dry Erase Lapboard is available in regular white, as well as lined. There’s even a two-sided version, with one side being white and the other being lined. The melamine finish makes it easy to use and clean with no hassle. It’s great for kids and for a general classroom setting.

Charles Leonard offers many great products for kids and the classroom, such as:
  • Reusable Dry Erase Pockets
  • Lapboard Class Packs
  • Dry Erase Markers
  • White Board Erasers
The Quartet Infinity Glass Dry Erase Board is dent-, ghost-, scratch- and stain-resistant. It’s available in black, white, and tempered glass. If you want a more average dry erase board, check out the Quartet Standard Magnetic 8 x 4 ft. Whiteboard. It's also available in other sizes.

Quartet Infinity™ Glass Dry-Erase Board – Frameless Whiteboard Available in Choice of 2 Magnetic Colors or One Non-Magnetic, 5 Sizes

Quartet Manufacturing was founded in 1954. It quickly rose to the top, and ever since then has provided people all around the globe with high-quality products, such as bulletin boards, chalkboards, whiteboards and more. It's now the world's largest whiteboard provider. Whether you need one for the classroom or conference room, Quartet has a board that you can use to brainstorm, teach, collaborate, present and more. But average boards aren’t Quartet’s only productions. Since 1985, when Quartet introduced its first electronic copy board, it has been developing and distributing digital boards too.

Quartet has an extensive catalog of dry erase boards, so it was no easy task to feature one that would do this brand justice. The Quartet Infinity Glass Dry Erase Board is available in multiple sizes, including 6 x 4 feet (the featured size), 8 x 4 feet, and more. It’s also available in multiple colors, such as white, black and the featured color, frosted, which is non-magnetic.

The surface is made from tempered glass that’s guaranteed not to dent, ghost, scratch, or stain. It’s frameless, which allows it to fits effortlessly into any environment. The surface is easy to clean and displays any dry-erase ink vividly. It’s easy to set up and comes with pass-through mounting hardware, a marker tray, and a complementary Quartet dry-erase marker.

Quartet also has other great boards worth checking out, such as:
  • Quartet Standard Magnetic Whiteboards with Aluminum Frame
  • Quartet Magnetic Dry Erase Board with Black Frame
  • Quartet Fusion Nano-Clean Magnetic Whiteboards
The Board Dudes Dry Erase Calendar is perfect for setting reminders, tracking goals and taking notes. We featured the 16” x 20” board, but there are also 11” x 14” and 17” x 23” models available. If you’re looking for a small, clear dry erase board, then The Board Dudes Metalix Magnetic Dry Erase Board is one to check out.

The Board Dudes Aluminum Framed Magnetic Dry-Erase Calendar with Marker and Two Magnets – Available in 3 Sizes

The Board Dudes was started in 1994 by two “dudes” from Southern California who started a little advertising business on a shoestring budget in their area. They also made and sold branded dry erase boards to many different people in the area, from college kids to business owners. In 2000, they shifted their focus to selling their boards, and that’s how they came up with their current name “The Board Dudes." They gave the world its first magnetic dry erase boards. Since then they’ve been creating and distributing innovative products to their customers around North America and the world.

Dry erase boards are diverse, not only in terms of material and size, but also design and purpose. The Board Dudes Dry Erase Calendar is the perfect board to highlight this diversity. While many other dry erase boards are blank for either mind mapping, teaching or presenting, The Board Dudes Dry Erase Calendar is formatted with date blocks perfect for scheduling and taking notes. It comes in multiple sizes such as 11” x 14”, 16” x 20” (featured size) and 17” x 23”. It also comes with a dry erase marker and two magnets.

The Board Dudes have a wide selection of dry erase boards, cork boards, combos, and other accessories you can check out, such as:
  • Plastic Framed Magnetic Dry Erase Board
  • Canvas Style Black Magnetic Dry Erase Tile
  • Wood Style Framed Cork Board
  • Black Framed Woven Cork Board
  • Dry Erase Cork Combo Board
  • Canvas Style Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar
The U Brands Basics Dry Erase Board is made from melamine and resists ghosting and ink staining. It’s also surrounded by an aluminum frame and easily mounted. If you want a smaller, more personal dry erase board, try the U Brands Contempo Magnetic Dry Erase Board, which is available in 8.5” x 11” and 11” x 14”.

U Brands Basics Dry Erase Board – Non-Magnetic Melamine Surface with Silver Aluminum Frame, Available in 5 Sizes

U Brands focuses on bringing out your creativity and drive by making products that will inspire you. Books and pens are everyday objects we’re used to, but U Brands wants to turn that around. It wants its products to give you inspiration when you see them, so you can write that story or letter that’s been swimming around in your head, or collaborate on that idea with your partners using its whiteboards.

The U Brands Basics Dry Erase Board features an aluminum frame that has rigid board insulation. The surface is made from melamine, is non-magnetic and has a silver finish. It’s great for your home, office, or classroom. It’s also easy to write on. Because of its construction, it won’t require much cleaning, and there’s no need to worry about longevity. It resists ghosting and ink staining. It’s easily installed either horizontally or vertically, and everything you need to use it comes with it too.

U Brands also has other great products, such as:
  • Magnetic Chalkboard with White Wood Frame
  • Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar with White Wood Frame
  • U Brands Hanging File Basket made from Copper Wire
  • The Catalina Porous Tip Pen
  • The Monterey Ballpoint Pen

How Do I Choose the Best Dry Erase Board?

We’ve all used a white board before in school and we’ve even used them in our offices. They are a great way to not only teach a class, but also to mind map, plan and present to your colleagues. You can also use them to write down and track goals or even place reminders for the family.

Dry erase boards can be pretty affordable and things such as dry erase markers and erasers are also pocket-friendly, meaning that once you’ve invested in the board, the overall cost of use won’t eat away much of your budget. Whether you’re planning on using them in your office, home office, classroom or to (for) homeschooling your kids, dry erase boards have a lot to offer, and with the right maintenance, will last for years to come.
The price range for a dry erase board is quite wide. This is because dry erase boards come in different sizes, are made using different materials and offer different accessories. For example, a large dry erase board made using glass will cost a lot more than a small one made using melamine. This is because glass is more durable and a high-quality material as compared to melamine. In terms of price range, you can find a great dry erase board for as low as $25 and as much as $500 or even more.

As mentioned, size is a huge determining factor for the price, so if you find a large, cheap dry erase board, it would be best to avoid it because while it may not cost you much up front, it’ll cost you more in the long run. Cracking and ghosting will become a huge problem, prompting you to buy a brand new dry erase board before you’ve even had that one for a year. So, while it’s important to keep your budget in mind, look at this purchase as an investment because chances are you will be using it for years to come.
Dry erase boards are quite straightforward in terms of design and what they have to offer. They don’t have any fancy bells or whistles like a smart board does.

That being said, here are the features you need to consider when shopping for a white board:
  • Size – This is by far the most important. The size of your board should not only fit your needs but also your space.
  • Construction – Dry erase boards are made using different materials which offer different benefits. Each with its own benefits.
  • Maintenance – Some dry erase boards are easier to take care of than others. The one best for you will depend on how often you plan to use it as well as how much time you have to give to taking care of it.
  • Portability – Some dry erase boards are fixed while others are mobile. Each offers something the other does not so consider your frequent use before making your choice.
  • Warranty – Many dry erase boards come with extensive warranties so this is an important thing to take into consideration when investing, especially in higher end dry erase boards.
Construction and Design
We mentioned before that dry erase boards are made using different materials. The differences typically lie on the surface and this is where the differences in the material will have the most impact. White board surfaces are typically made using porcelain, melamine or glass. There are also models with painted on steel or aluminum as the surface.

Melamine dry erase boards are most common ones, the ones you will often find in classrooms. They are the least expensive and the easiest to clean. However, melamine, as well as painted steel dry-erase boards, are prone to scratches, which is something to consider when making your choice. Glass, laminate, and porcelain, on the other hand, are all stain and scratch resistant. but will typically cost you more.

There are also magnetic dry erase boards that are made using either glass or porcelain. These enable you to use magnets to organize your information on your board. They are typically more expensive than melamine dry erase boards and heavier as well, but they are far more durable and are not susceptible to ghosting, which is the marker stain you would typically find on melamine boards.

There are stationary dry erase boards that you mount on a wall and there are portable versions which are on wheels or a stand that you can easily move around. The benefit of stationary white boards is that they offer much more space, while the portable options offer more flexibility and maneuverability.
Performance and Ease of Use
Setting up a white board can be fairly easy depending on its size and material. Because (delete “because”) porcelain and glass dry erase boards weigh more than melamine, so a dry erase board of the same size but a different surface may be heavier and require more people to mount. It’s always important to check when you’re buying a mountable dry erase board that you also get the necessary parts and don’t have buy them separately in order to mount your board.

In terms of cleaning, melamine boards are more susceptible to damage as opposed to porcelain or glass dry erase boards. It’s important that when you’re finished writing on your board that you clean it if you can, especially if it’s a melamine board. Besides using a dry eraser to clean it, you can also purchase dry erase board cleaners which are quite affordable, especially if you buy it by the gallon.

Dry erase boards not only come clear, but there are also models with grip lines or calendar dates to help you keep track of your goals, appointments and schedules. Some white boards also come with cork board parts for sticking reminders and notes or reference material. These especially come in handy if you’re self-employed and need a way to keep track of your immediate reminders.

Dry erase boards work great in multiple settings and offer a lot to hobbyists, professionals, and students alike. A great white board can make a significant difference in your home and your office and we hope you find the perfect one for each.

Get the Best Dry Erase Board of 2023!

Thank you for reading our dry erase board reviews. What do you think about the five white boards we reviewed? Do you see yourself using these to plan and track your goals? Or do you see yourself using it in your presentations? If none of the five we’ve reviewed has peaked your interest, then check out what else these trusted brands have to offer.

Our Top Choice
Lorell Dry Erase/Cork Board Combination
Best Value
Charles Leonard Dry Erase Lapboard
Quartet Infinity™ Glass Dry-Erase Board
The Board Dudes Dry Erase Calendar
U Brands Basics Dry Erase Board