Best Dry Erase Marker Reviews 2023

Whether it’s a lecture, a brainstorming session, personal study, or even a chore list at home, one tool is central to the effectiveness of them all: the dry erase marker. It goes without saying that there are tons of them out there and the best dry erase marker won’t come falling from the sky and into your lap just because you want it to. But all the same, to make your wishes come true, our genies have put together a comprehensive review featuring some of the best dry erase marker brands. While you’re at it, feel free to check out our reviews for the best markers, permanent markers, sharpie markers, and highlighters, if you like. Yeah! We really do have it all at Top Products!
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Our Top Choice
ZenZoi Dry Erase Marker Set
ZenZoi is a global, earth-friendly, customer-centric brand that focuses on creating visually stunning art and office products that stand out with unique and bold concepts.
Safe and non-toxic. 13 different rich colors. Works on white, dry erase boards and glass alike. Chisel tip for fine, broad, and medium lines. Non-dry lock ventilation system.
Wiping off can be a little difficult.
Chisel tip
Fine, medium & bold points
13 pieces
13 colors available
Xylen- and toluene-free
Best Value
Expo Low-Odor Dry Erase Markers
Expo believes that effective communication is heavily dependent on how you say what you say, and therefore makes its products to help you pass your message effortlessly.
Assortment of bold colors. Low-odor. Chisel tip for broad and fine writing. High-quality felt tip that stays under pressure. Usable on glass. Quick to dry. Easy to wipe off.
Does not come with yellow color.
Chisel tips
Fine; ultra-fine points
Available in 9 pack sizes
12 colors available
Alcohol-based ink
BIC Great Erase Dry Erase Marker
BIC is a world-famous brand made popular by its culture of providing high-quality, simple, reliable, and inventive products such as stationery and shavers.
Usable on glass and non-porous surfaces. Rubberized grip for comfort and control. Low-odor. Non-toxic. Fine point for detailed writing. Wipes off easily. Ink flows freely.
Not too many “out-of-the-box” colors.
Bullet tip
. Fine point
Available in 4 pack sizes
6 colors available
Quartet EnduraGlide Dry Erase Markers
Quartet is sold out to helping you think, organize, synergize, and communicate effectively, hence it goes all-out to offer you a full line of quality visual communication products.
Liquid EnduraGlide ink for constant colors/smooth lines. 3-chamber design for consistent ink flow. Super-fine tip for small writing spaces. See-through ink gauge. Low-odor.
Ink runs out a little fast.
Pencil tip
Super fine point
4, 12 pack sizes
Green, black, red, blue
Non-toxic liquid ink
Board Dudes Dry Erase Markers
For close to 25 years now, The Board Dudes has creatively designed and introduced an inventive range of branded products suitable for school, home, and office use.
Medium point for detailed work. Large clips for attachment to board or shirt pockets. Comes in 9 assorted colors. Low-odor. Easily wiped off. Easily-removable caps. Affordable.
Do not dry as fast as most would prefer.
Bullet tip
Medium point
1, 2 pack sizes
9 colors available
Non-toxic; low-odor

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What is the Best Dry Erase Marker?

Getting a good dry erase marker shouldn’t be as difficult for you anymore now that you’ve armed yourself with all the info from our buying guide. You can move on to our reviews now and see our selected five dry erase markers.
Our Top Choice
For your health and comfort, and those of others around you, the ZenZoi Dry Erase Marker Pen Set with Chisel Tip is non-toxic, and xylene- and toluene-free making them safe for those with chemical sensitivities. If you want to add dry erase pen set to your kids’ school supplies, we urge you to get the ZenZoi Dry Erase Markers for Kids. It’s easy to wipe off their hands!

ZenZoi Dry Erase Marker Pen Set, 13 Vivid Colors – Available as Chisel Tip or Fine Tip


ZenZoi stands out in many ways from its competitors, especially in its concern towards the earth and our ecosystem. There’s no product from this brand that’s not made with the well-being of our dear planet in mind. Add this to the fact they are forward-thinking, market-oriented, and customer-centric, and you have the tell-tale signs of a company with a future. This family-owned brand is well-known for its stunning, eye-catching products both of art supplies and office products. Plus, because it’s customer-centric, the customer is put first in everything. The belief over here is that customers are the lifeblood of any business, and the brand doesn’t take that for granted.

The ZenZoi Dry Erase Marker Set consists of totally safe markers that are non-toxic and are therefore usable for kids. And for those who are chemical-sensitive, you will love them, as they are xylene- and toluene-free.

Now to your writing itself! This set comes with an assortment of 13 rich colors that are bold and visible even from a distance. So, whether it’s a board room presentation or a lecture in a large hall, everyone will read your writing clearly and with ease. No matter the level of detailing you need done or the thickness you need, the ZenZoi Dry Erase Marker Set, with its chisel tips, delivers on that for you, so you need not worry.

ZenZoi graciously adds an elegant tube holder to allow you to hold your markers in style. And that’s not all! You also get a free e-book on the science of colors with every purchase of this marker pen set!

Best Value
Pass your message clearly, boldly, and attractively with the Expo Low-Odor Dry Erase Markers with Chisel Tip. They come in a pack of 16 bold and vibrant colors to make your board clearly visible from a distance. You might also love the Expo Dry Erase Markers with Ink Indicator that are low-odor, chisel-tipped, and come in a 6-pack.

Expo Low-Odor Dry Erase Markers – Available in 9 Pack Sizes, 2 Styles and 12 Color Assortment Options


Expo has taken it upon itself to supply you with everything you need to make sure you integrate all your important info in one flexible and organized space. A leading manufacturer of whiteboard and dry erase board accessories, it produces products ranging from dry erase markers, wet erase markers, white board cleaners, and erasers, with contemporary designs and colors, and other features. These high-quality products have found wide and extensive use in various offices, homes, and classrooms.

If people are going to understand you, then you need to pass your message across as clearly and as legibly as possible, especially when you’re writing. This is what the Expo Low-Odor Dry Erase Markers help you achieve. They come with an assortment of bold colors that give you a clear writing that’s visible from far distances. The markers also dry pretty quickly, and with nothing more than a dry cloth, you can easily wipe all handwritings off the board. No stress.

Also, did we mention that they can be used on glass? They can! There’s enough drag to keep them from wiggling on glass surfaces. You can choose to go for the 16 count pack sizes or choose between the 9 packaging options available. And yes, these markers are also available in chisel style or bullet style.

The BIC Great Erase Grip Dry Erase Marker with Fine Point is proof! These low-odor, non-toxic markers come with rubberized grips for your most comfortable and in-control writing experience. Would you prefer chisel tips? These also come in a 30-count pack with a rubberized grip and are more affordable. See the BIC Great Erase Grip Dry Erase Marker - Chisel Tip.

BIC Great Erase Grip Dry Erase Marker with Fine Point – Available in 4 Pack Sizes and 2 Color Assortment Options


It’s impossible for you to be a legitimate inhabitant of planet earth and not know the world-famous BIC. This brand is more popular than many presidents, and is a world leader in the various industries where it has built business. For more than 60 years, BIC has stayed true to its mission and that is to provide products that are simple, innovative, dependable, and of a high quality at all times.

The BIC Great Erase Dry Erase Markers come with rubberized grips! That’s really thoughtful if you ask us. They also come with fine points for detailed writing and bold lettering in a relatively small space. To achieve a smooth, uniform writing, the ink is free-flowing. It therefore allows a constant delivery of ink to the tip, meaning that you won’t have to stop mid-writing to shake the marker back to its senses when it suddenly up and stops writing in the middle of a lecture or presentation.

And because it dries so quickly, it’s hardly difficult to wipe off writings with these markers. They wipe easily and without leaving a residue or dust. We can’t forget to mention that these markers come in four pack sizes and two color assortment options.

The Quartet EnduraGlide Dry Erase Markers with Super Fine Tip helps you achieve uniform writing, with its patented EnduraGlide ink, and 3-chamber design for a consistent ink flow and constant color. How about some neon markers that show up on light and dark surfaces, with bullet tips and 4 assorted fluorescent colors? See the Quartet Neon Bullet Tip Dry Erase Markers.

Quartet EnduraGlide Dry Erase Markers with Super Fine Tip – Available in 2 Pack Sizes and 3 Color Assortment Options


Quartet offers to equip you with a full array of visual communication products. They range from whiteboards, to bulletin and chalkboards, and even electronic copy boards, which it introduced way back in 1985. This brand is fully sold out to helping the professional succeed by equipping him/her with products that are easy to work with and are of high quality. This enables them to think, create, and communicate their thoughts effortlessly.

A continuous, free flow of ink can make all the difference between smooth writing and a frustrating one, and the Quartet EnduraGlide Dry Erase Markers are the bomb when it comes to that: continuous, free-flowing ink. They are supplied with a patented EnduraGlide liquid ink, ensuring non-stop flow for the time the marker is writing on the surface.

Also, with a super-fine tip, you will be able to wiggle your way around tiny, personal spaces that don’t accept broad lines. You can get really thin and detailed, yet really visible, lines thanks to its really bold colors in its color assortment.

Wiping off is no issue with these markers either, as they dry in a snap; wiping off is as difficult as running a dry cloth over the surface of your board. Nothing beats that, we tell you. You save time, and there won’t be any ghosts after you’re done.

This marker set comes in a set of four basic colors: black (of course), red, blue, and green. And all give remarkably bold writing! You can also get them in 2 different pack sizes, in case you prefer getting more or less markers.

Do you keep forgetting where you place your pens after writing? Then you need the Board Dudes Dry Erase Markers with Medium Point. They come with handy, large clips for attachment to boards or even your shirt pocket! How about these dry erase markers that come with magnetic caps so you never have to lose them, and are also low-odor and fine point? Here’s the Board Dudes SRX Magnetic Dry Erase Marker?

Board Dudes Dry Erase Markers with Medium Point – Available in 1 Pack or 2 Pack Options


From a shoestring budget to a giant, profitable business, The Board Dudes has come a long way from where it began in 1994. In case you didn’t know, these “dudes” were the very first to introduce a magnetic dry erase board to the market! Aside from its really unique name, this brand boasts other unique qualities which include its knack for introducing fun and innovative products to the market. Its primary product lines include: dry erase boards, cork boards, planner and calendar boards, writing instruments, school and locker products.

The Board Dudes Dry Erase Markers are made with handy, large clips that enable you to keep them almost anywhere, whether on the board or your shirt pocket. And don’t forget that the caps are breezy to take off. For a really detailed work, these markers are tipped with medium-point tips that work well, especially when you have to make a drawing or work with a board that isn’t exactly large enough for large writing.

A set of these markers comes with 9 assorted colors that are bold, bright, and rich. From great distances, they remain visible. And they dry really quickly. As we all know, the faster the marks dry, the easier it is to get them off. So, just to put it out there, they are easy to wipe off; a dry cloth will always do.

How Do I Choose the Best Dry Erase Marker?

We all overlook dry erase markers until we need to make all-important presentations or lectures and half of the people you’re lecturing or presenting to don’t understand a word you’re saying. In other words, you’re speaking gibberish. If only you had a dry erase marker and a white board, friend. If only.

You might wonder what advantage the dry erase marker has, considering all the advantages we’ve had that a drawing tablet and other recent technologies offer us. While that is quite valid, especially for the sophistication, digitalization, and all, you can’t rule out that markers are a million times more flexible, and as long as you get the good ones, won’t bail out on you.

They don’t have to be charged or anything, are practically weightless, and of course, we can’t forget that they are inexpensive. And then there are times when some things just have to be explained by writing or drawing in your own hand and a computer just won’t cut it. A marker, on the other hand, is an inexpensive and always-ready-to-use option.

And kids aren’t left out of this party. Kids love to express themselves in many brilliant ways, and painting ranks almost number one. With dry erase markers, kids can go crazy on the art and even learn to write or spell their names.

You know they could actually review their lessons by teaching them to you with these markers on their own small white board. This way, the lessons stick with them and you get to be a responsible parent that spends time with his/her kids. Thank us for the idea later. *winks*

But even if you know all this about markers and don’t know how to get the right one, you would lose the entire essence of getting a dry erase marker in the first place. So, stick around while we take you around the world of markers so that you can get an absolutely fantastic one that meets your needs.


Like you must have figured by now, dry erase markers aren’t exactly the priciest things you’ll ever come across. Many times, you’ll get a great one for somewhere between $3 and $15. And even the “expensive” ones are those that come in packs. The higher the count, of course the higher the immediate cost will be. Immediate, because when you compare the cost to buying singly, it becomes not-so-expensive anymore in the long run.

Cheap dry erase markers are available for those who love to replace markers every now and then. Also, for those who love pungent marker smells, these kinds of markers exist and abound. But for you who love quality and life, please stay away from those.


Buying a dry erase marker might look like a walk in the park, but there are quite a few features to look out for before labeling any marker as good. Some of them are:

  • Contrast
  • How Quickly it Dries
  • Tip
  • Extras: grip, odor, etc.

Let’s get into the details already!

Construction and Design

First, we will talk about the grip. A lot of people overlook this aspect, but this could make a significant difference between a pleasant writing experience and a really tiring one.

We’ll advise you to go for more slender tubes. Why? Because that way your fingers won’t tire easily.

Fat, bulky tubes require a lot of pressure to grip and because they’re so round, your palms are curved in a position that could get really uncomfortable after an extended period of use.

Moving on, don’t go choosing a marker tip just because it’s fancy; there are different tips for different spaces and work.

Teachers should be most familiar with this fact as they deal with this every school day. You can’t use the same tip to achieve both broad and thin lines at the same time, unless it’s a chisel tip. So, depending on what you need the marker for, there is an appropriate tip for it.

  • Fine Point - These tips are best for when you need to write really small. But the issue with that is that anyone who wants to read what’s on the board would have to stay really close to the board to read anything.
  • Fat tips are more the thing for teachers, professors, or those delivering lectures at, say, TedEx or something. They are visible from pretty far distances and apply more color than fine tips.

So, while the fine tip would work great for your personal study, a chore roster at home, or the itinerary on the fridge, the fat tip would find itself in large lecture halls and possibly board rooms and conference rooms. For the first time, chubby trumps slim. We sure would love to be a fat tip marker right now.

For the best of both worlds, we have the chisel tips. These help you achieve both thick and thin lines, but the issue is that a lot of people have issues maneuvering these kinds of markers. Which begs the question: why? Because really, chisel tips are quite easy to use.

But we understand though, that different strokes are for different folks. So, if it’s still kinda tough for you to manipulate, you can get different-tipped markers for your different needs. What’s important is that they work.

You’ll also want to check the durability of your tip, aside from the shape. You wouldn’t want something that disintegrates under continued pressure, seeing as you’d be using it for quite a while. So, the tips should be made of high-quality materials.

Performance and Ease of Use

The color of the markers is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about their performance. Lighter colors, (for instance, pink or yellow or maybe orange) will stand out better on darker boards. If you have a black erase board, then perfecto! Your lighter colors will show up loud and proud. We’re not saying they won’t show on white boards, but we won’t advise them for large audiences.

Now understand this: the faster a marker dries, the easier it is to wipe. If it dries slowly, then get ready for ghosts.

But then with a quick drying comes a small challenge that you should be already familiar with: you could easily wipe it off with your hands if you lean on it. So, when you’re working with your dry erase markers, don’t try to strike a pose for the camera by leaning on the board; you’d wipe all your hard work for a fleeting moment of selfie pleasure. Not the best we tell you.

Especially since kids are particularly fond of colors and won’t mind playing with anything that helps them color in abundance, you have all the reason to compulsorily get a marker that’s non-toxic. Children will color any surface, and that includes their own skin when they take their creativity to “wonderful” levels.

To prevent telling stories that touch the heart with sadness and sorrow, get non-toxic markers. So when they tattoo themselves with markers as part of their art project for mom and dad, they’ll still be safe. With a good bath, they’ll be as good as new and without disease too.

Another thing you must consider is the odor. Gone are the days when we had to make-do with pungent marker odors. Now we have a choice, and you should be fully ready to express that right. Get a low-odor marker, if not for anything else, at least, you can write in peace without suffering a migraine or nausea or general discomfort from all that smell.

Get the Best Dry Erase Marker of 2023!

And it’s a wrap! From all of us at Top Products, it was fun charting you through the world of markers. Now, we leave you to make that order right away! Remember that there are other options available from these top brands if you’re looking for something a little different.

Our Top Choice
ZenZoi Dry Erase Marker Set
Best Value
Expo Low-Odor Dry Erase Markers
BIC Great Erase Dry Erase Marker
Quartet EnduraGlide Dry Erase Markers
Board Dudes Dry Erase Markers