Best Drywall Stilts Reviews 2022

Drywall stilts are a fantastic way of hammering up some drywall, fitting light fixtures or painting your ceiling safely, easily and stylishly too! To help you choose the perfect drywall stilts for you and your task at hand, we’ve selected the best drywall stilt brands on the market as well as a product to feature from each to give you a better feel for what different brands have to offer, as well as the types of stilts available to you.
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Our Top Choice
SurPro Dual Legs Drywall Stilts
Founded in 1995, SurPro is a high-quality tool brand that brings its customers a wide range of wholesaler and professional drywall tools at an affordable price.
These stilts have a double-sided pole design that improves both balance and support, making them suitable for taller, heavier users too.
Some customers didn’t find the stilts sturdy enough.
Magnesium Drywall Stilts
18 pounds
250 pounds
Lightweight Magnesium
Best Value
Yescom Adjustable Aluminum Drywall Stilts
Founded in 2002, Yescom sell a range of commercial, home, business and retail products that are high-quality and affordable too!
These stilts are available in a variety of colors and have dual action springs for both flexibility and maneuverability.
Some customers found that the feet of the stilts wore out quickly.
Aluminum Drywall Stilts
32.1” x 12.4” x 7.5”; 15.5 pounds
227 pounds
Lightweight Aluminum
Dura-Stilt Deluxe Drywall Stilts
American brand Dura-Stilts creates professional quality drywall stilt products in a variety of styles, weights and materials.
These stilts include a strap on adapter and ‘ankle muscles’ which allow the user to adjust separately for both forward and backward movement.
Only available in one color.
Aluminum Drywall Stilts
30.2” x 12” x 7”; 5 pounds
225 pounds
Heavy Aluminum
GypTool Pro Lightweight Aluminum Drywall Stilts
GypTool are a home improvement brand that focuses on creating tools for both construction and interior design.
These stilts are suitable for a variety of uses and are made from high-grade, lightweight aluminum for easy maneuverability and adjustments.
Some customers found these stilts difficult to set-up.
Aluminum Drywall Stilts
51.5” x 12”x 10.5”; 28.3 pounds
235 pounds
Lightweight Aluminum
Pentagon Tools Professional Drywall Stilts
With over a decade’s worth of experience, Pentagon Tools is the industry leader in everything drywall related, including hoists, stilts, benches and carts.
They come in three colors. They’re ideal for painting, electrics, drop ceilings and more. Their premium-grade aluminum construction adds stability and balance.
The straps may come loose.
Aluminum Drywall Stilts
30” x 8” x 6”; 15.5 pounds
228 pounds
Premium-Grade Aluminum Alloy

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What is the Best Drywall Stilts?

We are hoping that after reading through our buying guide you now have a better understanding about the type of drywall stilts most suitable to your needs as well as the different features that are important to you. This will make it a LOT easier when it comes to narrowing down your options and selecting the best possible drywall stilts for your next DIY job! So, let’s take a browse through our top 5 picks!
Our Top Choice
SurPro’s Dual Legs Drywall Stilts have a wonderful lightweight design that makes them easy to maneuver and adjust. If you aren’t a fan of this product’s magnesium construction, then why not check out SurPro’s Interlok Aluminum Drywall Stilts instead?

SurPro Dual Legs Support Magnesium 24 - 40” Drywall Stilts

Established in 1995, SurPro is a brand dedicated to delivering high-quality tools at the lowest possible cost, meeting the demands of the ever-growing marketplace. SurPro provides its customers with a wide range of wholesaler hand tools as well as professional drywall tools, offering the best drywall stilts on the market today. Working with its highly skilled engineers, SurPro brings its customers innovative, affordable and high-quality products that make getting the job done easier, safer and more profitable.

We wanted to feature SurPro’s Dual Legs Drywall Stilts due to their great reviews online at Amazon and the brand’s popularity as a whole. Their double side-pole design not only improves the balance of the stilts but makes them suitable for taller, heavier users too. The wrap around leg band on the product offer superior support as well as comfort, meaning the user can wear the stilts for longer. The dual-leg design in these stilts won’t interfere with the users walking; it actually improves your maneuvering ability. Relieving stress on both the knees and the back, these stilts offer more stability than other single sided stilt models. Their unique design won’t push on your calves and enables the user to secure vertical adjustments for easy use. They’re also made from a lightweight, magnesium material which makes the stilts easier to use as a whole.
Best Value
Yescom’s Adjustable Drywall Stilts are perfect for a range of painting, electrical and building purposes. If you’re a fan of Yescom’s products then don’t forget to check out its HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun too!

Yescom Adjustable Aluminum Drywall Stilts – Available in 4 Colors

Launched in 2002, Yescom is an American brand that started its journey as an e-retailer of cell phone accessories. As the Yescom business expanded so did its products and today the brand sells a range of products for commercial, home, business, retail and wholesale customers. Its fantastic selections come at unbeatable prices, providing top-quality products and outstanding customer service.

We’re big fans of Yescom’s Adjustable Drywall Stilts due to their great ratings on amazon and multiple buying options. With a 227-pound capacity, these stilts have dual action springs for flexibility and easy maneuverability. They also include skid resistant rubber soles for the most slippery floors and the clumsiest users! These stilts have an impressive 3-position heel bracket that accommodates a variety of foot sizes and are even adjustable from 24” to 40”. Their natural feel creates better balance for a range of painting, electrical and building purposes. Our favorite feature, however, has to be the stilts’ metal buckle straps with heel plates for added safety and security.
Dura-Stilts Deluxe Drywall Stilts are jam packed with patented technology that you won’t find anywhere else. If, however, you prefer fixed height stilts then don’t forget to check out Dura-Stilts’ Fixed Height Stilts instead!

Dura-Stilt 24 - 40 Inch Deluxe Drywall Stilts with 225lbs Weight Capacity

Dura-Stilts is a professional drywall stilt brand that offers a HUGE range of products for all your building, electrical and painting needs. If you’re a high-quality professional looking for incredible products with innovative technology then Dura-Stilts is the brand for you!

We decided to feature Dura-Stilts’ Deluxe Drywall Stilts due to the brand’s overall popularity and the product’s fantastic reviews and ratings on Amazon. Available in three adjustable sizes, these stilts include a strap on adapter with a 225 pound capacity as well as a 24”-40” adjustable height. The patented ‘ankle muscles’ in these stilts allow you to adjust separately for both forward and backward movement. Their non-slip, heavy, aluminum build is fully adjustable for your own weight, height, stride and leg shape requirements. These stilts also feature a comfortable foot harness with heel brackets and semi-flexible side panels for foot positioning and easy foot movement. As well as this, these stilts include a clamshell leg band which opens, closes and buckles to secure or release your legs quickly and safely.
GypTools Pro Drywall Stilts are fully adjustable with high-grade rubber feet for extra safety. If, however, you’re after a smaller pair of stilts then check out the GypTools Pro 15" - 23" Drywall Stilts instead!

GypTool Pro Lightweight Aluminum Black 48” – 64” Drywall Stilts

GypTool is a home improvement brand that focuses on creating tools for construction and interior design. Its passionate team are all experts in their field and truly understand what it is their customers are after. GypTool’s products enhance and improve its customer’s lives; its consistent hard work in doing so means that this is a brand you can trust.

We are BIG fans of GypTools Pro Drywall Stilts due to the brand’s overall popularity and impressive reviews on Amazon. These stilts are suitable for drywall construction, painting, wiring and any other DIY around the home. Made from high-grade, lightweight aluminum, these stilts require no tools whatsoever to adjust their height, with braces to suit every user. These adjustable stilts have high-grade rubber feet for stability and safety and won’t damage or mark your floors either.
The Pentagon Tools Professional Drywall Stilts are ideal for both commercial and professional use due to their lightweight design and impressive features. If, however, you’re looking for some longer drywall stilts then check out Pentagon Tools’ 24-40” Mag Pros Drywall Stilts instead!

Pentagon Tools Professional 18"-30" Drywall Stilts - Available in 3 Colors

Founded in 2006, Pentagon Tools is the industry leader in all drywall tools and accessories. Its high-quality drywall hoists, stilts, benches and carts have gained the brand a strong reputation in the industry, providing quality tools at a great price.

We wanted to feature Pentagon Tools’ Professional Drywall Stilts due to the fact they’re a #1 Best Seller on Amazon and the product’s multiple color options! These drywall stilts are ideal for painting, electrics, drop ceilings and much, much more. Constructed from premium-grade aluminum alloy, these stilts have a wing-bolt design that offers both flexibility and versatility. These stilts also include a new and improved nylon leg adjustment with dual spring action that prevents your legs from sliding. The stilts rubber soles prevent you from slipping, with heel plates and foot straps for added security.

How Do I Choose the Best Drywall Stilts?

When you think of stilts it’s very easy to start conjuring up images of circus performers, jugglers and a flying trapeze. In recent years, however, stilts have become so much more than simply making you look taller. Today, many people use stilts for DIY, painting and electrical purposes. These handy little products are called drywall stilts.

The clue is in the name with this one, with drywall stilts mainly used for hanging up drywall (clever eh?). For those of you that are familiar with the drywall process you’ll know it’s no easy job, especially hanging ceiling sheetrock. When you’re working in a large space it can be difficult to reach ceilings easily, making the whole process messy, stressful and, sometimes, incomplete. Back in the day, many people used scaffolding or scissor lifts to hang drywall but as times have moved on, more and more people are relying on drywall stilts instead. Unlike pole or circus stilts, drywall stilts are only meant to add a few feet of extra height, ranging from 18” to 40”. Drywall stilts also have a larger footprint or sole to offer the user more stability. Drywall stilts are usually made from heavy duty materials such as aluminum or magnesium alloy, and contain plenty of features to ensure easy movement and safety such as footholds, leather straps and treaded feet.

When choosing the best drywall stilts for you it’s important to select a product that’s not only lightweight but easily adjustable too. Comfort is another significant factor as it’ll allow the user to move more freely and use the stilts more efficiently. Today, many drywall stilts come with extra padding as well as buckles and foot straps, which means the user can wear the stilts for longer periods of time and get their DIY jobs done more quickly, win, win! Drywall stilts can also be used for a variety of other projects due to their safe and secure design such as commercial and residential construction, installing light fixtures, painting ceilings and odd jobs around the home. The drywall stilts you choose will come down to a variety of factors such as height and the task they’ll be used for. We recommend measuring the height of the room the stilts will be used for beforehand to ensure you choose the best possible product for the job. Drywall stilts also have a maximum capacity so you may want to weigh yourself as well in order to choose the right size of stilt for your build.
When it comes to the cost of your new drywall stilts it’s going to depend on a variety of factors. Drywall stilts tend to vary quite dramatically in price and can range anywhere from $80 to $350. Products at the higher end of this scale usually have more safety features and are for professional use only. This is because the products have to be worn for longer periods of time so they often include more padding and support. Another factor that’ll make drywall stilts more costly is their height range. Stilts that can reach 40” and above tend to be nearer the $200 mark. One particular feature that appears in pricier stilts is a double sided pole design or dual legs. This feature means the stilts can be used for taller or heavier users. Cheap drywall stilts are available ($75 or lower) but be aware that these stilts are for more commercial use and may not be as safe, secure or comfortable and should only be worn for short periods of time.
The drywall stilts you eventually choose will come down to your own personal preference, weight, height and the job at hand. There are a few factors, however, that we recommend keeping an eye out for to ensure you choose the best possible drywall stilts for the job!

Here are some important features to look out for:
  • Solid feet with heavy treads
  • Adjustable
  • Leather/ Strong leg straps
  • Lightweight Design
Construction and Design
A feature we recommend keeping an eye out for in your new drywall stilts is solid feet with a heavy tread. This basically means that the bottom area of the stilts (the feet) have a sturdy, thick sole that will be able to support your weight. Soles made from a rubber material are usually the most popular as they won’t scuff your floor and often have ridges that add extra grip. Drywall stilts with solid feet also make it easier to maneuver around and will give you more confidence when using the stilts in general.

Another thing we suggest looking for in your new stilts is a product that’s fully adjustable. These days, most drywall stilts have this feature but there are a select few that haven’t yet jumped on the bandwagon. Drywall stilts that are adjustable allow you to set yourself up at different heights with ease and can range from 20” all the way up to 60”! This is a great idea for professional builders, painters and electricians who will be working in different environments.

An important feature in your new drywall stilts will be the use of strong leg straps, usually made from a leather material. This is mainly for safety reasons and to ensure you’re secure in the stilts at all times. Other leg straps made from weaker materials are available on drywall stilts but these products aren’t as safe or comfortable.

Finally, we recommend keeping an eye out for drywall stilts that are made from a lightweight material such as aluminum or magnesium alloy. This will allow you to move around on the stilts easily and gain more confidence when using the product as a whole. Although magnesium and aluminum stilts are lightweight they’re also sturdy enough to support your weight too.
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to caring for your new drywall stilts there really isn’t too much too it. If you’re a builder, painter or electrician it’s a given that your stilts are going to suffer a bit of wear and tear. Just make sure that you give them a wipe down after each use to prevent paint or dust from damaging their safety features. Most drywall stilts will also require some level of installation, but don’t panic! The majority of drywall stilt brands will include a handy ‘how-to’ guide to ensure you set the stilts up effectively and safely. If, however, you have some issues with installation then simply hop on to the brand’s website for some more information!

If you’re looking for a pair of drywall stilts that are that extra bit special, then we highly recommend selecting a product made from lightweight aluminum or magnesium for easy maneuverability. You may also want to choose a product with dual legs as this will offer the user more support and is suitable for heavier weights and taller builds.

Get the Best Drywall Stilts of 2022!

Fingers crossed, by now you’ve perused through our top 5 picks and found the perfect drywall stilts for you and your job. If this isn’t the case, however, then don’t you worry! We’ve purposefully selected brands that aren’t only popular but have a huge variety of products to offer too. Simply browse through the brands’ other collections to find the perfect drywall stilts for you!

Our Top Choice
SurPro Dual Legs Drywall Stilts
Best Value
Yescom Adjustable Aluminum Drywall Stilts
Dura-Stilt Deluxe Drywall Stilts
GypTool Pro Lightweight Aluminum Drywall Stilts
Pentagon Tools Professional Drywall Stilts