Best Dual Monitor Stand Reviews 2023

Dual monitor stands come in a variety of designs and sizes, which can make it difficult to choose one. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you by analyzing the market and picking some of the best dual monitor brands. These models are a mix of price, design and style to ensure that we have something for everyone. Read through, pick one and transform your workstation.
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Monitor Size
Max Weight
Max Width
Max Tilt
Our Top Choice
Loctek Dual Arm Monitor Stand
Founded in 1999, Loctek is a leading designer and manufacturer of a wide range of height adjustable desks, sit-stand desk risers, and dual monitor mounts.
Simple adjustment. Tilt and swivel function. Gas spring for smooth movement. Easy to install. .
Can only be set up on a desk
10-27 inches
11 pounds per arm
15.55 inches
-85, -15 degrees
Aircraft-grade aluminum
Best Value
DoubleSight Displays Free Standing Dual Monitor Stand
DoubleSight has grown into a market leader by providing products that enhance accuracy, productivity and personal health.
Pre-assembled. No tool installation. Usable at any workstation.
Monitors won’t sit flush when stacked vertically.
27 inches or less
20 pounds per arm
15 inches
+/-45 degrees
Ergotron WorkFit-S Dual Monitor Sit-Stand Workstation
Ergotron is an award-winning brand known for designing and manufacturing innovative products that enhance and expand the functionality of computer monitors.
Keyboard tray; mouse tray; full control over workstation set-up
Need hinged bow accessory to move screens vertically
22 inches or less
14 pounds per arm
23 inches
No tilt
Mount-It! Vertical Free Standing Dual Monitor Stand
Mount-it! is one of the fastest growing companies in the US, renowned for their wide range of mounting products.
V-shaped base for stability; holds up to 66 lbs.; heavy metal construction
Metal base has no padding
27 inches or less
33 pounds per arm
29.4 inches
+/-30 degrees
Steel and aluminum alloy
VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount
The US-based company VIVO is a decorated designer and manufacturer of unique TV, monitor and projector mounting solutions.
Detachable VESA brackets; tilt +/-15 degrees; 360-degree swivel & rotation; heavy duty “C” clamp; height adjustable
Rotation is a little shaky
13-27 inches
22 pounds per arm
29.9 inches
+/-15 degrees
Steel and aluminum

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What is the Best Dual Monitor Stand?

The best dual monitor stand should secure the monitors and give you the best viewing angle. A proper view reduces eye strain, and promotes healthier posture for your neck and back. Dual mounts should also give the user full control of the monitors, create more space on their desk and make the workstation look stylish. In this review, we considered all the different available types so you can pick the one that best complements your personal style. Now that you have an idea of what to consider when choosing these dual monitor stands, let’s kick off our review by looking at our top pick from Loctek!
Our Top Choice
Loctek’s Dual Arm Monitor Stand features two adjustable arms, allowing you to adjust the monitor’s position vertically or horizontally. With this stand, you can place your monitors in landscape or portrait. If you want a more advanced and stronger monitor mount, consider Loctek’s Dual Arms Desk Monitor Mount, which holds monitors up to 19.8 lbs.

Loctek Dual Monitor Mount with Gas Spring Control, Fits 10”-27” Monitors, Vertical and Horizontal Adjustment

Loctek’s mission is to help consumers find quality mounting solutions for their audio-visual equipment. They have a wide range of stands for computers, flat panel TVs, tablets and more. Today, the 16-year old brand boasts numerous inventions, design and utility patents under their name.

From their collection of dual monitor stands, we picked the bestselling Loctek Dual Arm Monitor Stand for its design, construction, and ease of installation. Thanks to the adjustable arms, this mount enables you to ergonomically position your workstation in just a few minutes. If you work in an office and suffer from back, neck and eye pain every day, this monitor stand can help you adjust to a better standing, sitting, and viewing position. You can easily, extend, retract and rotate the monitors, fixing them in either a portrait or landscape mode.

Apart from ease of installation, here’s what else makes Loctek’s Dual Arm Monitor Stand a great deal:
  • Gas spring hovering system makes it super easy to adjust the monitors
  • Arms can freely rotate 360 degrees
  • Scratch-resistant arms are made of aircraft-grade aluminum
  • There are no running wires, thanks to its cable management system
  • Fits most monitors between 10 and 27 inches
  • Each arm has a load capacity of up to 11 lbs
  • Supports both grommet and clamp installation
  • The arms can extend up to 20 inches and raise up to 15 inches.
  • Supports VESA mounting of 100x100 or 75x75
This monitor mount has a single stacking arm, but if you’d prefer one with a dual stacking arm and professional wall mounting services, they’re available.
Best Value
DoubleSight’s Easy Stand Dual Monitor Mount is a free standing, fully adjustable mount that can hold 2 LCD monitors up to 27 inches and 20 lbs. weight. If you’re looking for a more stylish monitor stand, check out the DoubleSight Dual Monitor Executive Series, which adjusts for pivot, swivel, tilt and height.

DoubleSight Displays Easy Stand Dual Monitor Mount, Adjustable Height - Holds up to 5 Monitor Sizes

DoubleSight designs and manufactures different mounting products, which are easy to install and tailored for different environments. Some of their bestselling products include low profile, full motion, extendable TV and digital projection mounts. Other product lines from this brand include portable monitors, multiple monitor solutions and large monitor displays.

DoubleSight’s Free Standing Dual Monitor Stand helps you create a secure, stylish and ergonomic workstation in minutes without tools. With this mount, you’ll eliminate clutter and save your desktop space.

It’s not just the effortless installation that makes this stand a great deal. We also loved…
  • Holds two monitors up to 27 in. in size and 20 lbs. weight
  • Supports all LCD monitors with either 100x100mm or 75x75mm VESA specification
  • VESA brackets have hinges to allow adjustment of the monitor’s viewing angles
  • Supports both portrait and landscape monitor placement
  • Enhanced stability, courtesy of the flex-stand base design
  • Cable management system for neat setup
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
If you want a different size, DoubleSight also offers a dual 24-inch, dual 30-inch, quad-24 Inch and quad 30-inch sizes. This dual monitor stand is also available with expert installation, which costs a little bit more.
Ergotron’s WorkFit-S Dual Monitor Stand is a height-adjustable monitor mount, ideal for anyone wanting to setup an ergonomic sit-stand workstation. If you want a more advanced option, check out Ergotron’s WorkFit-S Dual with Worksurface! With this system, you can fold the keyboard and monitors in when you’re not using them.

Ergotron WorkFit-S Dual Monitor Mount Workstation Holds up to 23” LCD Monitors – Plastic, Steel, Aluminum

Founded in 1982, Ergotron is a renowned manufacturer of office solution products that include stand-up desks, mounts, workstations, mobile carts, charging stations and more!

Ergotron’s WorkFit-S Dual Monitor Stand helps transform any workstation into a healthier working area by reducing complications associated with sitting too long and with straining your neck, eyes and back. With this stand, you have the freedom to sit or stand—just simply adjust the monitors to wherever you need.

Here are some of the features we wanted to highlight!
  • Monitor has smaller tray for your keyboard, mouse and paperwork
  • The height adjusts up to 23 inches, allowing the user to position their monitor and keyboard at their preferred height.
  • Holds LCD monitors up to 22 inches, 14 pounds in weight.
  • Rotates 360 degrees
  • Made of high-grade plastic and aluminum.
  • Attractive and durable powder-coated steel surface
The Mount-It! Free Standing Dual Monitor Stand gives your monitors a whole new level of adjustability. Tilt the monitors up to 30 degrees for a great viewing angel, or stack vertically or horizontally for reducing viewing strain when working. If you want a dual monitor with enhanced tilting, check out the Mount-It! Full Motion Dual Monitor Stand, which can tilt up to 85 degrees.

Mount-It! 2 Monitor Stand for 13 to 27 Inch Monitors, Adjustable Height, 360 Degrees Rotation and Swiveling

Mount-it! provides a wide array of mounting solutions for many applications. Some of their popular product lines include TV mounts, monitor mounts, sit-stand mounts and workstations, footrests, project stands and more.

To showcase what they have to offer in the dual monitor product line, we picked the Mount-It! Free Standing Dual Monitor Stand for its functionality and design. If you need a monitor stand that allows you to place the monitors on top of each other vertically, this one is perfect for you!

Some features we wanted to highlight include…
  • Holds two monitors with a maximum size of 27 inches
  • 360-degree swiveling and rotation functions
  • Supports landscape and portrait placement of the monitor
  • For the best viewing angle, it tilts up and down, up to 30 degrees
  • Durable, strong and sturdy, thanks to its steel construction
  • Adjustable height up to 29.4 inches
  • A V-shaped base for added stability
While we featured the dual monitor stand, we thought to let you know that this product is also available for just a sing monitor. You can also get expert installation for a few more dollars.
VIVO’s Fully Adjustable Dual Monitor Desk Mount lets you fully adjust, mount and display your monitors or televisions in horizontal or vertical views. With its movable cable clips attached to the arms, you can easily bundles your wires for simple organization. If you want a more flexible monitor mount, try the VIVO Dual Monitor Free Standing Desk Mount with a heavy-duty base.

VIVO Heavy Duty Dual Adjustable Monitor Mount, Holds 2, 13 - 27 Inches Monitors – Available as Desk Mount or Tall Desk Mount

VIVO believes that you can get maximum benefit and functionality from any AV product only if it’s properly mounted. That’s why they have a wide collection of mounts, sit-stand work stations, computer cases and network cables—everything you need to get a clean, organized and comfortable workspace.

The VIVO Fully Adjustable Dual Monitor Desk Mount is made of high-grade aluminum and steel. It can mount most monitors between 13 and 27 inches, and it can hold up to 44 pounds in weight. One feature that makes this mount a great deal is that you can individually adjust each VESA plate upwards or downwards up to 5 inches.

We really liked these that VIVO’s mount…
  • Supports grommet and clamping installation.
  • Can tilt between +/-15 degrees up and down.
  • Swiveling and rotating functions go up to 360 degrees.
  • Includes cable management system.
  • Super stable mounting, thanks to the heavy-duty “C” clamp.
  • Monitors can either be in portrait or landscape position.
  • Arms are fully adjustable.
This dual monitor stand is available in desk mount and tall desk mount. If you want some help with the installation, you could also choose that option on Amazon as extra cost.

How Do I Choose the Best Dual Monitor Stand?

Even if you spend most of your time in front of a monitor, you don’t have to be sitting or straining your neck, back and eyes to do your work. With a mounting system, you can stand up, burn more calories and live a less-sedentary lifestyle! A monitor mount can easily convert any workstation into a stylish and more functional space, allowing you to tilt, swivel and rotate your screens for the best viewing angle no matter your position.

Apart from the health benefits associated with ergonomic and sit-stand workstations, monitor mounts have been shown to increase productivity because they allow people to achieve the most comfortable working position. They also consume less space on your desk, leaving you more room for knickknacks and paperwork.

Thanks to the numerous brands on the market, you have a variety of options to choose from when selecting a dual mounting stand. Some mounts clamp to your desk while others are standalone. Some have movable keyboard and mouse trays for getting the perfect sit-stand desk while others allow you to vertically stack your monitors on top of each other. There are tons of features to consider when choosing the right dual mount system.

So how do you pick the best one? In this guide, we discuss all the critical considerations when shopping for one!
With $30-$200, you can get a dual monitor stand from a renowned brand. On the higher end, you could spend up to $500 for a mount that has full articulation (full rotation, tilt and swivel) as well as some additional extras, like increased durability. During our research, we came across cheap dual monitor stands that promised to deliver as much as the premium models do, but we didn’t include these because they aren’t as durable. When you have to spend so much time every week at your workstation, you want it be as frustration-free as possible!

The price of a dual monitor stand is based on its functionality. There are, for example, mounts that are tailored for specific users, like music producers or designers. Newer mounts are built with newer technology, so they’ll cost a little more than your average mounting stand.
Almost every dual monitor stand on the market is different, so you should really consider every feature as you’re shopping. If you know that you may purchase larger monitors in the near future, for example, try to find a mounting system that can support your monitors’ sizes now as well as the monitor size you’ll eventually upgrade to.

Before you buy, here’s a run-down of the most important features you should think about:
  • Monitor Height -Most mounts can only handle a certain size monitor, so make sure your screens will fit. Some mounts are brand-specific for the monitor, so make sure your stand doesn’t have restrictions.
  • Max Weight -Every dual mount has a maximum weight it can support on each arm. The weight tends to be fairly high, but if you have large monitors, you may want to weigh it first.
  • Max Horizontal Height -The maximum horizontal height refers to how high the dual mounting system can go. If you’re trying to create a sit-stand workstation, make sure the maximum height of the mount is tall enough for you to easily see your screens.
  • Mounting -The mounting style of a dual stand determines its stability, how easy it is to install and the best place for it.
  • Material -Monitor mounts are either made of steel or aluminum while others have some plastic parts.
  • Max Tilt -The max tilt refers to how much you can tilt your screens upward and downward. For sit-stand workstations, tilt is a really important aspect to consider.
  • Rotation/Swivel -Rotation and swivel refer to how far you can turn your screens left or right. With some dual mounting stands, you can’t rotate the screens at all.
Let’s talk about how these features impact the overall performance of your stand.
Construction and Design
The design of your stand will affect where you can mount it (desk or wall) while its construction will tell you about its durability and flexibility. In general, we recommend picking a dual monitor stand that suits your immediate needs and can accommodate any future changes, so you can avoid having to replace the mount later when you need to buy a new monitor.

A stand’s flexibility will dictate how much and in which directions you can move your monitors. If possible, lookout for a model that is fully adjustable. If you intend to alternate between sitting and standing at work, go for a unit with good height adjustment. If you’re looking for maximum functionality, pick a mount that allows you to extend, retract, tilt and rotate the monitors from you. You may also want to consider whether or not you require a stand that lets you position your monitors to landscape or portrait modes.

The type of material is another thing to think about because steel, for example, will last a long time, but is heavy and can sometimes scratch or damage soft surfaces. Aluminum is lighter, but tends not to be as sturdy as steel. Depending on your monitors and the setup you’d like to achieve, you may want to consider VESA specifications, ease of installation, and whether a mounting stand has options for installation, such as grommet, C-clamp, wall mounted or desk/tabletop mounted.

Performance and Ease of Use
Monitor mounts are one of the most recommended items in offices because of their performance. A dual mount stand gives you the flexibility to adjust your workspace however you need to throughout the day. Tired of standing? Take a seat and adjust as necessary! Need to show some potential clients something on one screen, but don’t want to ask them to come behind your desk? Just effortlessly swivel one of your monitors around! Did we mention that an added benefit of having dual monitor stands is the ‘ooh and ahh’ factor from non-tech folks?

If your workspace is a tight fit, you may want to get a mount that has foldable parts so you can totally push the system back against your desk or wall when you aren’t using your computer. If you are a sit-and-stand worker, having a dual mounting system with a height-adjustable keyboard tray and mouse tray will help create a more ergonomic sitting and standing space. Folks who share a workspace may want to get a dual mounting system that lets each arm move completely independently of the other.

Most mounting systems aren’t difficult to install, and many of them even come fully assembled or have a no-tool assembly. You can always purchase professional installation, but it’s typically very expensive and, in general, installation is never too difficult.

Get the Best Dual Monitor Stand of 2023!

It’s now your turn! We’ve equipped you with the necessary information to help you pick the best dual monitor mount. If you weren’t able to find something on our list, check out our suggested brands. We know they’ve got something special for you!

Our Top Choice
Loctek Dual Arm Monitor Stand
Best Value
DoubleSight Displays Free Standing Dual Monitor Stand
Ergotron WorkFit-S Dual Monitor Sit-Stand Workstation
Mount-It! Vertical Free Standing Dual Monitor Stand
VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount