Best Duffel Bag Reviews 2022

When buying a duffel bag, you need to consider certain factors to get the option that best suits your needs. There are hundreds of options to sift through in the search for what you really want. To help make your search easier, we’ve researched available duffel bags and chosen 5 top choices from leading manufacturers. There’s a mix of gym bags covering different types and prices with details of their salient features.
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Strap Info
Our Top Choice
Under Armour Storm Undeniable II Duffle
Under Armour was established in 1996. The brand has revolutionized the sports gear industry by developing products that focus on maximizing the performance of athletes.
It offers ample space to accommodate both clean and dirty sportswear. Its size makes it convenient to carry when traveling.
Some consumers complain of a small shoe pocket, although this depends on the size of the user’s footwear.
Adjustable, Padded & HeatGear®
3700 Cubic Inches
13" x 25" x 11"
9 Colors
Best Value
Everest Sports Duffel with Pocket
Everest has emerged as a leading manufacturer of highly stylish and trendy bags to suit your everyday needs, from traveling to sporting activities.
It comes in a variety of colors to choose from. Its design is modern and classy.
When a water bottle is in its place, it obstructs the zippers of adjacent side pockets, making it hard to open them.
Adjustable & Padded
1950 Cubic Inches
18” x 11.5” x 10.5”
5 Colors
High Sierra Wheeled Duffel
High Sierra prides itself on delivering quality and classy products, ranging from outdoor apparel to hiking bags, at affordable prices.
The duffel is stylishly designed for a classy look. It is built to last. It gives you the convenience to walk freely or carry luggage as you wheel it along.
The company’s warranty only covers defects in materials and workmanship of the product, excluding the wheeling gear and its handle.
1200 D Duraweave Fabric
Backpack Straps
3007 Cubic Inches
22" x 14" x 9"
Nike Alpha Large Duffel Bag
Nike Inc. is undoubtedly a globally renowned sportswear manufacturing giant. The company continues to thrive courtesy of its vibrant culture of innovation.
The duffel is large enough to hold a good number of clothes and some sports gear. It is built to last.
Its large size makes it inappropriate for daily use if you just need to carry a few items to the gym.
Removable & Adjustable
6000 Cubic Inches
28.5" x 14" x 15"
2 Colors
Adidas Small Duffel Bag
The success story of the Adidas brand started in 1924 in Bavaria, Germany. Over the years, the company has delivered one milestone after another by providing dependable sports gear to consumers.
It is made with highly durable material. The bag is cost-efficient.
This duffel bag does not have a separate compartment for shoes or wet garments.
2035 Cubic Inches
10” x 18.5” x 11”
79 Colors

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What is the Best Duffel Bag?

Now we’ve had a look at best practice in choosing a top-notch duffel bag, let’s examine the qualities of the featured gym bags below. A good bag meets important needs such as capacity, durability and design. But it also has to suit you and your lifestyle, so pick something to suit both your needs and your sense of style.
Our Top Choice
The UA Storm Undeniable II Medium Duffle is a true testament to the ingenuity of this brand. Besides its sleek design, this gym bag comes in a range of attractive colors to choose from. If this bag is too big for you, we highly recommend the small Under Armour Storm Backpack Duffle, for unmatched flexibility.

Under Armour Storm Undeniable II Medium Duffle (One Size Fits All) – Available in 9 Colors

Under Armour's products have won the liking of many athletes. Its much-sought-after sports gear includes the ColdGear® fabric and the AllSeasonGear® sportswear. The company also manufactures highly specialized bags to suit diverse needs of sportsmen and sportswomen alike.

The Under Armour Storm Undeniable II Duffle Bag is undeniably built to meet the needs of a modern time athlete. It retails at only $44.99. This medium-sized bag comes with five pockets to offer you a more organized packaging of your sportswear.

Here are more features that make this duffel an excellent choice:
  • Comes with a grab handle at the top
  • Its base and sides are resistant to abrasion
  • Comes with an additional attachment ring on its front side
  • All pockets are zippered
As you shop for a duffel bag, take the opportunity to treat yourself to the wide assortment of sportswear by Under Armour.
Best Value
The Everest Sports Duffel with Wet Pocket comes with a spacious main compartment to allow you the convenience of carrying your personal effects to the gym. If you’re working on a tight budget, consider the Everest Crossover Duffel. It sells for only $18.99. This gym bag has four zippered compartments and two mesh pockets on both ends.

Everest Sports Gym Bag/Duffel with Wet Pocket – Available in 5 Colors

The history of the Everest brand dates back to 1982. With a mission of building highly functional products, the company has skillfully crafted stylish bags for everyday use. Some of its products include travel bags, backpacks and utility packs.

The Everest Sports Duffel with Wet Pocket is perfectly designed to suit your gym needs. The separate compartments keep your dirty or wet garments away from the dry and clean ones. For only $23.75, you can enjoy the rare comfort and convenience that comes with owning this duffel.

Here are other features that attract many consumers to this duffel:
  • Comes with a water bottle pocket
  • Its grab handles are fitted with Velcro close mechanism
  • Comes with a mesh pocket on its side
  • Limited lifetime warranty
Besides sports duffels, the Everest brand offers a wide range of trendy bag designs that may tickle your fancy.
The High Sierra Wheeled Duffel is one of the brand's most versatile products. Its unique design allows you to use it as an upright-wheeled travel bag, backpack or sports duffel. If you are looking for something smaller and less costly, we highly recommend the packable High Sierra Yoga Duffel. This sports duffel bag has a zippered main storage compartment and a side pocket for your accessories.

High Sierra Wheeled Spinner Duffel with Backpack Straps – Available in 3 Sizes

Since its founding in 1978, High Sierra has been consistent in manufacturing highly durable products that make traveling easy. The company is also dedicated to serving athletes by providing innovative products, such as its winter sports and hydration packs.

The brand’s skill and workmanship are displayed in the High Sierra Wheeled Duffel. Its design features a built-in light foam that keeps the bag in great shape. This duffel retails at $142.79 and is sure to offer you value for money.

Other features of this product you may find interesting include:
  • Retractable handle that can be extended accordingly
  • Both the lower and upper compartments have straps to hold your luggage in place
  • Its top grab handle is built to tuck down when the duffel is in a backpack or wheeler position
  • A divider that can be unzipped and rolled up to have a single compartment
  • Limited five-year warranty
Feel free to explore various apparel by High Sierra as you shop for your duffel.
The Nike Brasilia 6 Duffel Bag is your ideal choice if you are a traveling athlete. Its large size gives you all the space you need to pack your sports attire and personal effects. If you need a smaller option, check out the Nike Gym Club Women's Duffel Bag. This ladies’ gym bag comes in a stylish design to the liking of many.

Nike Brasilia 6 Large Duffel Bag – Available in 2 Colors

In every major athletics competition across the globe, it is almost certain you'll find an athlete in Nike sportswear. Some of its popular products include soccer, running, basketball and skating outfits. The products are further designed to suit consumer gender and age needs.

The Nike Brasilia 6 Duffel Bag is a true asset if you frequently carry a lot of sports gear. This duffel retails at only $30, and comes with two partitions on both ends which can be used to carry shoes or wet clothes.

This gym bag is available in both black and gray colors. Its design allows it to be used by either men or women. This flexibility gives consumers the freedom to use the duffel with more ease.

Nike also offers a wide range of sportswear that might tickle your fancy. Check it out as you shop for your duffel bag.
The Adidas Small Duffel Bag comes with only one sizable compartment. Its small size makes it an ideal choice when you need to carry a few sports items. If you are looking for a larger gym bag with multiple pockets, check out the Adidas Team Issue Duffel. This duffel has a water-resistant base to protect your valuables from wet surfaces.

Adidas Diablo Small Duffel – Available in Multiple Limited Edition Colors

For over 90 years, the Adidas brand has been very visible in the sports world. It makes millions of items used on a daily basis across the globe, ranging from soccer boots to track suits. Consumers continue to trust Adidas products because of their outstanding performance and durability.

The Adidas Diablo Small Duffel Bag is no different. Its compact design comes with dependable workmanship to offer you unmatched service. This gym bag sells at only $21.24, and is sure to offer you value for money.

Its design comes in a wide range of colors to choose from. If you fancy flashy colors, there are plenty of options for you. This medium-sized gym bag also has both shoulder straps and grab handles for flexible carrying options.

Feel free to explore the range of other products the Adidas brand has to offer as you shop for your duffel.

How Do I Choose the Best Duffel Bag?

Duffel bags play a critical role in the lives of athletes and travelers. They are versatile and useful when going to the gym, travelling, or transporting. The first step in choosing the best duffel bag for you is to decide whether you want one with or without wheels, kind of like a rolling backpack. They may be invaluable if you’ll be carrying bulky or heavy loads, but wheeled gym bags are less versatile compared to their counterparts.

You also need to consider what you want the duffel bag for. This will help you decide whether you need a large duffel bag or a small one. For instance, if you are professional athlete who travels a lot, you will need a duffel bag with lots of space to fit your clothes, equipment and personal effects. On the other hand, if you need to carry a few items to the gym, a small sized duffel bag will serve you well.

The number and type of pockets on a duffel bag will affect your choice. This is because different designs have varying pocket sizes. If you’re going to the gym, it’s wise to have a duffel bag with a wet pocket for your towel. There are also bags with pockets designed specially for shoes. The most important thing is to pick a bag that best suits your needs.
The cost of duffel bag depends on a number of factors, including the quality of materials used, size and overall design. Materials that are strong cost a lot more than weak ones but should mean a longer lifespan. If you get a cheap duffel bag, you will compromise on the quality of material used and the variety of pockets available. Also, features like reinforced stitches and seam lines give the bag added strength and thus increase the price. The key is to find a bag within your budget with the best possible collection of features.
When choosing a duffel bag, there are many factors you need to consider. Above all, you will need a bag that is reliable. In addition, the design and materials used to construct a gym bag will affect its price.

Here are key features to look for when shopping for any duffel bag:
  • Adequate capacity
  • Strong, durable materials
  • Strap design to suit you
  • Availability in your preferred color
  • Enough pockets of your required types
These factors will determine the best duffel bag to suit your needs.
Construction and Design
When choosing a duffel bag, you will need to examine its design carefully. This is because some gym bags are designed with the user’s gender in mind. Unisex designs are also available. So, be on the lookout and pick a bag that is gender appropriate.

Consider the strap design of a duffel bag before you buy it. A gym bag can have shoulder and center grab-on straps. You will need to find out whether the shoulder straps are removable and/or adjustable. Also, check whether the straps are padded or not.

Some duffel bags have more pockets than others. However, a good gyms bag should give you the flexibility to separate your personal effects. There are bags that have special compartments for shoes and toiletries while others have inner pockets for valuables. The bottom line is to get a duffel bag that makes you comfortable and serves you well.
Performance and Ease of Use
Before you a buy a duffel bag, it’s important to consider how easy it is to use it. Check out whether it grants easy access to various compartments. Indeed, ensure it actually has all the compartments you require for your intended use.

When it comes to the material, pick one not only strong enough to withstand the weight you intend to carry, but also elegant and appropriate for you.

Make sure the zippers are designed for easy and comfortable operation. Get straps that are padded for added comfort. If you decide to go for a wheeler, make sure it has additional straps for more carrying options, and that the wheels are made of a durable material.

Get the Best Duffel Bag of 2022!

So, is the gym beckoning? Have you ticked another thing off the ‘to-do’ list for your upcoming trip? We hope you have what you need to make an informed decision and end up with the perfect duffel bag. If you’re not taken with our highlighted options, you can rest assured the brands featured offer many other choices. Remember – it’s all about what’s right for you, and having the tools to help you.

Our Top Choice
Under Armour Storm Undeniable II Duffle
Best Value
Everest Sports Duffel with Pocket
High Sierra Wheeled Duffel
Nike Alpha Large Duffel Bag
Adidas Small Duffel Bag