Best Duty Belt Reviews 2022

Our efficiency and productivity at work can sometimes depend on seemingly small factors like the carriage and arrangement of the tools of our trades. This is especially true for law enforcement, security personnel, hunters, and gun enthusiasts in general. A duty belt provides a practical means of carrying guns and gear so they’re kept safe and accessible. There’s a big market for duty belts, and choosing the best one for you might become a chore. We took the time to research and selected some of the best duty belt brands, with one featured belt from each. So make sure to check the others out if these do not meet your specifications.
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Our Top Choice
BLACKHAWK! Reinforced 2" Duty Belt
The Blackhawk brand is proudly focused on creating efficient and reliable gear that neither fails nor disappoints.
This is a strong belt that won't release unless you squeeze and push the button on the buckle at the same time. It’s cleanable and comfortable, as it lacks the weight of leather.
It’s quite stiff when new, so getting it correctly sized might be a bit tedious..
2 inches
No attachment
Best Value
5.11 Double Duty TDU Belt
5.11 prides itself on being an innovative brand that creates purpose-built gear for the most taxing of missions, with a reputation for innovation and authenticity.
This is a strong, versatile belt with a durable, non-metallic, micro-adjustable buckle that doesn’t set off detectors. It doesn’t sag under the heavy weight of firearms or tools.
Although its buckle is cool, it might take a little while to get the hang of tightening it efficiently, and some might find it somewhat small.
100% leather
1.75 inches
No attachment
Relentless Tactical Concealed Carry Gun Belt
Relentless Tactical is a proudly American brand that specializes in gun handling and carriage.
This duty belt is hand-made with high-quality US leather. It’s a one-piece with no layers to unravel, and has a sturdy roller buckle.
It may sag with time and use, and it might squeak with a plastic holster.
1.5 inches
Stainless steel
Gun holster
34 – 52 inches
AGPtek Police Security Duty Belt
AGPtek is a popular brand focused on manufacturing durable duty belts, tactical set pouches and holsters.
This versatile belt has holsters for your gun, magazine, radio, and flashlight. It’s a professional belt with a sturdy construction and can serve as a starter belt.
One might find the plastic buckle less supportive past 46 inches on the belt.
2 inches
3-prong buckle
All holsters
Adjustable; 28 – 55 inches
Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement Duty Belt
With decades of precise crafting of gun and gear carrying merchandise, Uncle Mike's has established itself as the go-to brand.
This duty belt is thick, strong and sturdy, yet flexible and very comfortable. It’s easy to adjust and the Velcro keeps the two belts together well.
The buckle on one end of the belt may have to be removed each time the belt is inserted or removed, since the buckle may not fit through the loops.
Nylon/interior polymer stiffener
Pro-3 Triple Retention Buckle
No attachment
Small to X large

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What is the Best Duty Belt?

Staying with us through this buying guide confirms that you are in need of only the best duty belt(s) — a rarity nowadays, since many people think a belt is just a belt. Following this guide is a thorough review of the best brands with the best duty belts. You’ll find the perfect fit, and if you need something different, the brands offer a plethora of other options.
Our Top Choice
Blackhawk’s Reinforced 2" Duty Belt combines nylon and CORDURA for a professional and tough belt. This nylon-constructed, versatile belt is comfortable and can be disinfected. For strong performance at a budget price, you can check out the Black Web Duty Belt with hook and loop closure, triple-retention buckle and molded keepers, also by Blackhawk.

BLACKHAWK! Black Reinforced 2-Inch Web Duty Belt with Loop Inner - Large

For nearly thirty years, Blackhawk, a part of Vista Outdoor LLC, has honored its founder’s vow to make gear the right way. In order to ensure that its countless customers are not let down, it continues to research, refine and perfect every detail to create reliable gear in its North Carolina, Montana and Idaho US manufacturing facilities, including this Reinforced 2” Duty belt.

The Reinforced 2” Duty Belt ($30.45 - $52.95 – Manufacturer’s Recommended Retail Price) with inner loop is made with Blackhawk’s own five-layer laminate, with the integral polymer core for durable service life. Its combination of nylon and CORDURA gives you a tough and professional-looking duty belt. Thanks to its nylon component, this belt is lightweight, promises high performance and can be disinfected of blood-borne pathogens. Its other features include:
  • Inner Velcro fastening for use with inner belt
  • Adjustable to fit different waist sizes
  • Polymer core for durability
  • Comes in black which complements any color
Its extra-button release mechanism works flawlessly on the belt buckle to keep this belt secured around your waist.
Best Value
5.11’s Tactical Adult's Double Duty TDU Belt has a reversible two-layer design with two color options and a detector-friendly buckle. It is made with durable nylon and stitched in five rows along its length for added stability. If you’re looking for a duty belt in a kit, we recommend 5.11's Tactical Sierra Bravo Duty Belt Kit, with a main belt, an inner belt and four individual keepers.

5.11 Tactical Adult's Double Duty TDU Belt 1.75-Inch – Available in 2 Colors & 7 Sizes

5.11 Tactical is a forward-looking brand that seeks to enhance the safety, accuracy, speed, and performance of first responders and tactical enthusiasts around the world. It achieves this by working directly with its customers through its team of designers, developers and testers in its offices around the globe. It has become the premier choice for duty-driven professionals seeking first-rate tactical apparel and products.

The 5.11 Tactical Adult's Double Duty TDU Belt ($22.99 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) features a dual-layer reversible design that offers a Coyote tan color on one side and a black color on its other side. It has a body of fray-resistant nylon and a non-metallic buckle that lets you go through metal detectors uneventfully. In addition to these, it has an easy thread belt tip that ensures a quick on and off. Here are some other features of this duty belt:
  • Comes in S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL and 4XL for different waist sizes
  • Stiff belt tip for ease of threading through the buckle
  • Double-layer nylon body makes it thick and durable
  • For maximum stability, it’s sewn in five rows along its length
  • When properly fastened, will carry heavy firearms and tools
With this belt, sizes run small; it is recommended that you order one size up.
Relentless Tactical’s Concealed Carry Gun Belt, made with full-grain US leather with stainless steel buckle, promises to carry arms and/or tools without stretching, bending or sagging. The Colossal Concealed Carry CCW Leather Gun Belt is an equally good product from this company. If you prefer a smaller-width belt, we suggest you check it out.

Relentless Tactical The Ultimate Concealed Carry CCW Leather Gun Belt – Available in 4 Colors & 10 Sizes

Relentless Tactical provides top-notch services to gun enthusiasts in the areas of gun handling, care and carriage. It's a no-nonsense, hardcore tactical brand for the top-class gun enthusiast, and its wide collection of gun belts and holsters validates this.

Relentless Tactical’s Ultimate Concealed Carry CCW Leather Gun Belt ($59.99 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is a high-quality 14oz black leather belt with silver buckle. This duty belt works well with IWB/OWB holsters and sub-compact hand guns. The silver buckle is attached to the belt by two Chicago screws and fasteners. With this company’s innovative sizing chart, getting the right fit is easy, but in case the wrong fit is ordered, its responsive customer support can send an exchange. Some other features of this belt include:
  • Removable buckle that allows for adjustment of belt length
  • Heavy leather construction for extra rigidity
  • Belts come in even sizes to make sizing easy
  • Strong enough to carry both gun and extra ammo
  • It’s stylish enough for discreet everyday wear
This belt comes in black and brown colors.
The AGPtek Police Security Duty Belt is a complete tactical set with a sturdy nylon construction, an adjustable length and removable pouches and holsters. Once strapped, it stays secured. AGPtek’s Police Security Tactical Nylon Duty Belt has strong metal stoppers and holes for H- or Y-shaped suspenders. We suggest you check it out if you want something different.

AGPtek Versatile Police Security Tactical Modular Equipment System Molded Duty Belt Set for Law Enforcement

AGPtek is a popular brand with a lot of great products to its credit. It has made a name for itself in the gun industry with a focus on durable duty belts, tactical set pouches and holsters. If you need a tactical duty belt for your guns and more, you can’t go wrong with AGPtek.

The AGPtek Police Security Duty Belt ($29.99 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is a molded, heavy-duty nylon constructed belt with removable holsters and pouches that include a Colt 1911 holster, silent key holster, dual magazine holster, and walkie-talkie holster. It’s an adjustable belt for up to 55” waists and can be used by both males and females.
This duty belt also comes with pager/cellphone holsters, mace, expandable baton and flashlight holsters. It comes in the color black. It requires keepers and an inner belt, which are sold separately.
Uncle Mike's Law Enforcement Web Ultra Duty Belt is a two-layer nylon belt with internal polymer for support. It’s flexible with padded edges for comfort. It’s strong enough to carry gear and has a triple lock buckle. Uncle Mike's Law Enforcement Mirage Plain Ultra Duty Belt is another equally good duty belt that works well with slide-on pouches and holsters.

Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement Web Ultra Duty Belt with Hook and Loop Lining – Available in 7 Sizes

Uncle Mike's Law Enforcement was founded in 1947. It has established itself as a leader in shooting accessories and as a maker of top-quality gun and gear carrying merchandise. This American brand makes holsters, ammo holders, swivels, slings and gun cases with precision, resulting in tough and yet classic shooting accessories.

Uncle Mike's Law Enforcement Web Ultra Duty Belt ($26.60 - $153.88 at Amazon) features sturdy nylon webbing with interior polymer stiffener, which adds support while reducing bulk. Its hook and loop lining integrates with ultra and loop-back inner duty belts (each sold separately). Its double-layer body features a smooth nylon finish to prevent digging, and the belt is lightweight so you don’t experience any pain while you’re using it.

One of its great features is the Uncle Mike’s patented Pro-3 Triple Retention Buckle, which ensures your belt is extra-secured around your waist. This duty belt also features two injection molded belt stays, and a two-inch width with sizes from as small as 26 inches to 66 inches. This duty belt is packed with efficient, practical features at an affordable price.

How Do I Choose the Best Duty Belt?

With the enormous and crucial weight of the safety of millions of lives weighing on the shoulders of the police and other security personnel, it begs the question: “Who thinks of these superheroes?” Just because they do not wear capes and fly about with their underwear worn on top instead of underneath doesn’t mean that they aren’t superheroes in their own right.

There are about 7 billion people in the world, but we bet that if we were to make a list of ways to make the law enforcement personnel more efficient, the number of people who would put a duty belt in the top hundred would be dangerously close to negative.

Now, let’s take a case of a person working in the construction industry or just a home improvement enthusiast. A good tool belt can make all the difference between whether or not they get seriously hurt or even killed on the job. Well, this is the same case for those in the law enforcement, security personal and hunters. Without a good duty belt, their job or hobby would be a rather difficult one.

Most duty belts are made of tough nylon, making them water-resistant and durable. These belts come in two parts: the inner belt and the main belt held in place by ‘keepers”. The more keepers, the better. Other attachments to the belt depend largely on desired accessories (guns, ammunition, hunting knives, survival knives etc.). They range from magazine pouches to holsters and can be detachable in some belts.
Surely if it were possible to give these belts out freely to every single law enforcement or security personnel, everyone would agree, but that’s unfortunately not possible. On a positive note, these belts offer high quality for relatively affordable prices. Just hold your $20 to $50 dollars at the most, and get yourself a belt to be proud of. Major factors that affect the price of a belt will include the materials used and conveniences it offers (number of keepers, number of attachments and whether they are detachable or not). If you want to enjoy good features and durability, we suggest that you keep away from cheap duty belts. You will thank us later!
Every brand promises that its belt is the best but with a mastery of the features listed below, you can sift through the endless sea of promises and pick out the best duty belt for you:
  • Material
  • Keepers
  • Buckle
  • Attachments
  • Size
  • Personal proclivities e.g. color
Keep reading; we discuss the details shortly.
Construction and Design
Different strokes for different folks — different materials for different belts. Usually, you will find belts coming in mostly nylon, but sometimes using leather or weave material. Nylon is more common because it’s water-resistant and flexible. Leather, on the other hand, can be prone to peeling or cracking, but it’s preferred because of its toughness and longevity.

With keepers, more is better, but typically, you won’t need more than four. Those that offer four keepers usually have a slimmer buckle because it will invariably make more room. Slimmer buckles also work for all waist sizes.

Attachments like holsters and magazine pouches may accompany your belt. If you’d prefer a belt with attachments, simply put your money where your preference is.
Performance and Ease of Use
Whether you go for a belt with a triple-lock or a single-lock is entirely personal preference. While the former might be more secure, the latter is easier to detach. A single-lock is also easier to lock than a triple-lock.

With the lock system comes that of the buckle. Normally, they are 2.5 – 3 inches wide, but some are as slim as 1.75. The advantage of a slimmer buckle is that you can use more keepers and that way you can get your game on without fearing a disengagement of the main and inner belts. It gives you some peace of mind.

Maintaining your belt is fairly straightforward. If the belt is made of nylon, then you’re good to go. There’s little or nothing to do. Just store properly as the belt demands. If it is leather, avoid rolling the belt after use to avoid cracking or weakening of the leather. Hang the belt instead.

The purpose of the belt should also determine the kind of belt purchased. Although we focused on law enforcement personnel in this guide, there may be other people, such as hunters, gun enthusiasts, or handy men who might need to purchase a duty belt.

For ease of use, some manufacturers have made attachments detachable; that way you can adjust your belt to fit the occasion. Most duty belts also come in darker colors. Simply choose the one that blends with the color of your uniform.

Get the Best Duty Belt of 2022!

Superheroes no longer wear capes; they wear the right belts! So you say you’re ready to make that purchase? Then by all means, shoot (if you haven’t done so already)!

Our Top Choice
BLACKHAWK! Reinforced 2" Duty Belt
Best Value
5.11 Double Duty TDU Belt
Relentless Tactical Concealed Carry Gun Belt
AGPtek Police Security Duty Belt
Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement Duty Belt