Best DVD Duplicator Reviews 2023

Gone are the days when you had to sit for hours or a whole day to burn audio or video files to multiple DVDs. DVD duplicators can help you make two or more copies at a go and at incredible speeds. If you want to enjoy the convenience of this godsend machine, take a look at our choices for the top 5 models – all from some of the best dvd duplicator brands in the industry.
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Copy Number
Write Speed
Hard Disc
Our Top Choice
Tascam DVW/D17A DVD Duplicator
Tascam has had many years of experience producing equipment. With its variety of award-winning products to choose from, Tascam has become the yardstick of the duplication industry.
Continuous copying without cool-down periods. Provides the convenience of a standalone. High-speed duplication.
A bit expensive, but offers excellent performance.
Standard DVD duplicator
23” x 25” x 15”/3 lbs
Best Value
Copystars Blu-Ray DVD Duplicator
Copystars offers great service to its clients. The brand has some of the best duplicator designs, thanks to its effort in research and development.
Capable of supporting a wide variety of media formats. Designed to stay cool even after intense use. Latest Blu-Ray burner drives.
A bit slower, especially when burning Blu-Ray discs.
Blu-Ray DVD duplicator
No hard disc
15” x 13” x 8”/15 lbs
BestDuplicator Blu-Ray Smart Duplicator
BestDuplicator is known for professionally advanced duplication technology. Most of its products are enjoyed by a variety of clients due to their high reliability.
Easy to use thanks to the LCD interface. Features 11 targets for fast duplication. Supports Blu-Ray discs.
High price, but worth it because of the boosted performance.
Blu-Ray DVD duplicator
No hard disc
27” x 21” x 11”/39.8 lbs
Produplicator CD DVD Duplicator/Copier
Produplicator works with the needs of consumers in mind. The duplicators it offers are innovative and versatile, making them useful tools for both professionals and novice users.
Complete standalone. Incredibly fast burning speed. Equipped with an automatic copy pre-scan and compare function.
Doesn’t support Blu-Ray discs.
Standard DVD duplicator
No hard disc
16” x 7” x 22”/46.2 lbs
EZ Dupe CD/DVD Duplicator
EZ Dupe focuses on innovative manufacturing and customer satisfaction. It's this commitment to consumers that makes EZ-Dupe products enjoy massive popularity and good ratings.
Has a user-friendly interface. Affordable price tag. Can be upgraded via firmware. No cool-down between the runs.
A bit slower (X8).
Standard DVD duplicator
1 X 3
No hard disc
19” x 14” x 11”/27 lbs

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What is the Best DVD Duplicator?

Do a search on Google for the “best DVD duplicators” and you will be met with tens if not hundreds of models. To choose the right one is not easy, especially considering that these work tools can cost a pretty penny if you get one with all the bells and whistles. But don’t worry, because that’s why we are here. Our team has spent hours researching top brands in the DVD duplicator industry and selected 5 great models from each to ensure you get the right fit.
Our Top Choice
The Tascam DVW/D17A DVD Duplicator is a stand-alone duplicator capable of making seven copies. It’s a unique model that comes with a 160GB hard disc in case you want to store your files. If you want a model that burns only three copies, you could get the Tascam 1X3 DVD Duplicator and save a few bucks.

Tascam 1X7 DVD Duplicator with 160G HDD

For over three decades, Tascam has stayed consistent in developing great sound and music equipment. It makes a wide variety of high-quality and professional instruments. Its products are widely used by both professionals and novices.

The Tascam DVW/D17A DVD Duplicator is a one-of-a-kind machine that makes it to the top of the list for its massive 160GB hard disc capacity. This DVD duplicator is a standalone machine that needs no connection to a PC. Its seamless functionality is aided by its intelligent detection mechanism that makes duplication fast and easy.

This DVD duplicator currently retails at just $617.99 and is nothing short of convenient. Here are some of the features that make the Tascam DVW/D17A DVD Duplicator an incredible pick:
  • High-performance duplication capacity
  • Maximum system capabilities with multiple sub-functions
  • Continuous copying capacity with zero cooling needed
  • Intelligent auto detection system that is compatible with DVD+/-R and the DVD+/-RW for better convenience
Best Value
The Copystars Blu-Ray DVD Duplicator is a unique model, as it comes with Blu-Ray burners and can operate as a standalone or as an external player for your PC. It comes with 1-5 targets, but there are different capacities on Amazon. Not interested in the Blu-Ray support feature? Save a few bucks and get the Copystars DVD Duplicator 1 to 2 Target. It offers 1-2 targets incredibly fast!

Copystars Blu-Ray CD DVD Duplicator Burner Tower & USB – Available in 3 Sizes

Ask tech enthusiasts about the best brands in the copy industry, and they will mention Copystars. Devotion to research and development is the company's main agenda. With over 12 years of industry experience, it has been able to distribute and manufacture top-quality Blu-Ray and DVD duplicators.

The Copystars Blu-Ray DVD Duplicator includes all the features that professionals love in a standalone DVD duplicator. With this DVD duplicator, you get to enjoy a design that is built for intelligent disc reorganization, giving you seamless functionality. This machine can operate as a standalone or as an external DVD burner for your PC. The package comes with software as well for easy operation.

The Copystars Blu-Ray DVD Duplicator offers affordability and excellent performance and retails at just $586. Here’s what to expect:
  • Capable of supporting a variety of media formats, including DVD+/-R, CD-R, CD-RW and even BD-R, BD-re
  • Built to be stylish with familiar control buttons that have tactile feedback for easy operation
  • Upgradable firmware that comes with the package for easy maintenance
  • Password protection mode that helps you protect your machine from unauthorized persons
  • Hard drive partition feature and image editing capacity for better performance

If you're looking for a different capacity DVD duplicator, be sure to check out the 1 target and 3 target versions along with the featured one.
The BestDuplicator Blu-Ray Smart Duplicator offers an incredible 11 targets and supports even Blu-Ray discs. It incorporates intelligent design to automatically recognize the format of the disc source. If you don’t intend to use the Blu-Ray feature but want a model with as many targets, you will do fine with the BestDuplicator DVD Duplicator 24x Burner.

BestDuplicator Blu-Ray Duplicator with Smart USB Connection – Available in 6 Sizes

BestDuplicator is a well-known pioneer of fiber optic data networks, and a hard drive and USB2 supplier. It's also famous for advancing duplication systems by making top-quality technology, something that shows in the high rankings its products get from consumers.

For those going for the best in terms of professionalism and efficiency, the BestDuplicator Blu-Ray Smart Duplicator is a great choice. It features up to 11 targets that allow you the convenience of burning 11 discs at the same time. You can trust the quality of its duplication, as it comes with a 128MB buffer memory. All the duplicators are built with a 16x Blu-Ray burner that tops the industry's finest duplicator.

It will only cost you $1299.99 to get your hands on this DVD duplicator and enjoy the following features:
  • User-friendly LCD screen that makes control much faster and easier
  • Supports multiple media formats with up to 11 targets for fast duplication
  • Intelligent automatic design that recognizes DVD formats for better performance
  • Allows you to adjust the burning speeds for easy convenience
  • Doesn’t need an external device to operate, making it more efficient for professionals
  • Capable of copying every burn cycle with optimal burning speeds for quality output
You can check out other sizes of the BestDuplicator BD-BR-11T on Amazon to get the one that fits your needs.
The Produplicator CD DVD Duplicator/Copier offers a reliable and professional solution for multiple duplication. It has 1X9 targets and burns at an incredible speed of X24. If you are looking for a model with the same speed but just 1 target, you will love the Produplicator Samsung 24X 1 to 1 CD DVD Duplicator.

Produplicator 24X CD DVD Duplicator with Nero Essentials CD/DVD Burning Software – Available in 7 Sizes

Produplicator is a leading retailer and manufacturer of professional duplication equipment. Since 1997, the company has risen in the industry, starting from very humble beginnings as a retailer of portable hard drives and optical disc burners. Over time the brand developed a more focused approach and specialized in making equipment for duplication and media publishing.

The Produplicator CD DVD Duplicator/Copier is a pro when it comes to duplication of multiple DVDs and CDs. This machine is designed for simplicity and performance, with no requirements for any kind of software or computer. You do not have to worry about stopping your duplication process for a cool-down.

This DVD duplicator goes for a retail price of just $520, which is, without a doubt, a total bargain considering the power that it offers. There are more features that make the Produplicator CD DVD Duplicator/Copier an excellent companion for professionals. Let’s see what more there is in store for you:
  • Burns up to nine discs simultaneously, giving you faster performance
  • Built for continuous disc burning, with a well-organized interior for better air flow inside the case
  • Stylish and solid construction that is designed to withstand years of continuous usage
  • User-friendly LCD display that makes it easy to control
  • Intelligent design that automatically detects CD and DVD formats for better functionality
  • Upgradable firmware that can easily be upgraded via a CD for a future-proof machine
Amazon offers several types of the Produplicator CD DVD Duplicator/Copier. Be sure to check out the different capacities to get the one that fits your needs.
The EZ Dupe CD/DVD Duplicator is an affordable duplicator with three copiers. It offers a speed of 8X, which is sufficient for home users. If you are looking for a duplicator for your own personal needs, perhaps one with just a single target, we bet you will love the EZ DUPE 1-Bay DVD\/CD 24X Duplicator. It’s even more affordable and burns really fast!

EZ Dupe 3 Copy DVD/CD Duplicator in Black

EZ Dupe is committed to offering great products that are reliable and highly functional. With inventions that exceed consumer expectations, EZ Dupe is establishing its name in the industry. Its level of expertise has risen to new heights with every product it releases to the market.

The EZ Dupe CD/DVD Duplicator is a simple DVD duplicator that comes with three target DVD duplication drives. This machine comes with the same guarantee of rigorous and careful testing that EZ Dupe offers on all its Gold Series products. It also comes with an easy-to-use interface that is user-friendly, including an LCD screen for easy control.

The EZ Dupe CD/DVD Duplicator is currently retailing at $349.36, which is an affordable price tag for a duplicator of its caliber. Here are more reasons to love this machine:
  • Automatic self-diagnostic that runs upon boot-up for better maintenance
  • Capable of supporting multiple media formats for more convenience
  • Three-year warranty on the parts and the labor for repair
  • Upgradable firmware for future-proof performance
  • Verify test and copy feature for more convenience
  • Built for fast and continuous burning of discs with a no-cool-down-period feature

How Do I Choose the Best DVD Duplicator?

Have you ever burned audio or video files to a DVD on your computer? How long did it take? 20 minutes? 30 minutes? Longer? Now imagine doing this 40 or 50 times if you want to get many copies to distribute to your employees, family friends or church members. You would literally spend a day or two before the process is done, if you are lucky enough to have your machine still in operation. DVD duplicators are the answer to your problems. These machines are made to handle multiple DVDs, copying data from the original DVD to the rest at incredible speeds. You can literally make ten copies of your wedding video in less than an hour!

DVD duplicators come in three different kinds to suit different users, which is why you have to do some homework before you shop for one. These include:
  • Stand-Alone Duplicators - These are the kind of duplicators that operate without the use of a PC. They are independent and only need a source DVD, blank discs and power to do the copying. You can use it anywhere and move it from one room to another, just like a portable DVD player.
  • Computer-Connected - These come with software and can only be controlled from a PC or laptop. If you want to go with a model that operates with a host computer, ensure that your machine can handle it and it won’t choke during the process.
  • Automatic/Robotic Duplicators - These machines just require you to add your discs, configure the settings, push a button and voila! The entire job is done without your supervision. They are great time savers and tend to be quite expensive but if you need to do a LOT of duplicating, they are most likely what you will want to get.
That’s not all when it comes to DVD duplicators. You will find that some models can burn blu ray discs to be played by blu ray DVD players, and others that can only burn standard discs to be played by regular DVD players (non-blu ray). Depending on your needs and the type of discs you want to burn, ensure that you go for the right model to avoid regrets later on.

Before we get to our top choices, let’s take a closer look at things to consider when purchasing a new DVD duplicator.
DVD duplicators can be quite expensive, especially if you are looking for one with multiple drives. You can expect to pay anywhere between $200 and $1,300 for a good model. Generally, a player with around 11 drives will cost more than one that comes with just two or three drives. Apart from this factor, the price ranges are greatly dependent on the type of the duplicator (manual or automatic). A manual one is obviously less expensive than its automatic counterpart.

You will also find that DVD duplicators that support blu ray discs will cost more compared to those that can only burn standard discs. And yes, you might miss the extra feature of an added hard disc if you are looking to go with a cheap DVD duplicator. As a general rule of thumb, do not go for the really cheap models as they might not incorporate essential features, not to mention burn at annoyingly slow speeds.
If you’re looking to take on duplication matters, there are a couple of features to look out for when shopping for a good DVD duplicator. Start by knowing whether you need a stand-alone model that allows you to fill in the discs and push a button, or a computer operated one that is operated from your PC, and then proceed to the number of discs you intend to duplicate per task. You can find models that can copy from one disc to around 11 of them.

Apart from these crucial features, here are a few more you may want to look for to help keep you on the right track:
  • Drive Speed - How fast can the duplicator burn DVDs? A drive that’s able to burn discs at 8x speed is obviously slower than its 20x speed counterpart.
  • DVD and CD Formats - There are various disc formats, but the most common are CD/DVD+R and CD/DVD-R. Some drives will support these two formats, while others might support just one.
  • Manual or Automatic - With manual models, you have to physically remove discs after copying and insert new blanks, which might seem a bit of work. Automatic duplicators, on the other hand, come with a disc hopper that allows the machine to insert a new disc ever time copying is completed
Construction and Design
When it comes to the design, it’s really about the size of the machine. You will find that duplicators with more drives tend to be taller than those with fewer drives. If you need a bigger duplicator, ensure that you have ample space for it. The stand-alone models will come with a power port, while its computer-operated cousins will feature a USB cable to connect to the PC.

Most models also come with an LCD screen that displays information about the burning speed, time expected, as well as other controls. They also have buttons on the front side that allow you to pause and play to continue with duplication.
Performance and Ease of Use
Just as mentioned above, you can either get a stand-alone DVD duplicator or a computer-operated one for that matter. The stand-alone model is easier to use as it doesn’t require any software. The computer operated one is dependent on a PC and can only work when operated via the computer. There are also automatic models that just require you to add your discs, configure the settings, push a button and voila! The entire job is done without your supervision.

When looking at different models, there are some questions you will want to ask. How flexible is the DVD duplicator? Does it allow you to make changes such as tweaking edits or adjusting the burning speed or the disc menu at the last minute? Can you pause the duplication and continue later? Some models will allow you to make quick simple changes, either through the computer or the control system on the machine. Better yet, there are some models that come with a password protection feature, helping you protect the machine from unauthorized usage.

Yes, it’s true that DVD duplicators can cut the duplication time significantly, allowing you to finish the job within an hour or less. But you will find that some models are faster than others. This is mainly determined by the drives and their burning speed. CDs will burn faster than DVDs and blu ray discs slower.

Get the Best DVD Duplicator of 2023!

Whether your business requires you to have many copies of DVD for training, or you just want to make copies of your wedding to share with friends and family, you are at the right place. We hope our review came in handy in your decision making!

Our Top Choice
Tascam DVW/D17A DVD Duplicator
Best Value
Copystars Blu-Ray DVD Duplicator
BestDuplicator Blu-Ray Smart Duplicator
Produplicator CD DVD Duplicator/Copier
EZ Dupe CD/DVD Duplicator