Best DVD VCR Combo Reviews 2019

Most of us have a collection of video cassettes from back in the day, which we have a sentimental attachment to. In order to re-live those moments of watching classic movies, you need a good DVD VCR combo that has modern features. Here at Top Products, we have compiled a list of five devices from some of the best DVD VCR combo brands that will help you enjoy your classic movies.
Our Top Choice
Samsung DVD-VR375 DVD and VCR Combo Player
The Samsung name is synonymous with talent and imaginative product designs. The Samsung DVD-VR375 is a product that captures imagination with its multi-format playback function.
One touch recording. High quality images and sound. Full HD conversion.
A bit pricey because of the extra features.
Best Value
Magnavox MDR161V DVD Recorder and VCR Combo
Magnavox focuses on giving the best value for money in its products. The Magnavox DVD Recorder/VCR is a simple but functional device that gives the convenience of 2-way dubbing.
Inexpensive. Easy to use. Full HD conversion.
Offers only 6hrs of recording.
Panasonic DMR-EZ485VK Progressive Scan DVD Recorder and VCR
Panasonic boasts of incredible innovations that improve life’s experience. Their Panasonic DMR –EZ485VK provides more options for media playback with its inbuilt SD card slot.
Compact and stylish. Easy to use. Full HD up-conversion.
Expensive but worth it.
Sanyo Dv220f Dual Deck DVD and VHS Combo
Sanyo is a growing company that continues to produce comprehensive designs and products. The Sanyo Corp. Dv220f Dual Deck DVD is nothing short of affordable and functional.
Easy to operate. Inexpensive. 4 Head VCR.
No HDMI output.
Toshiba DVR620 DVD Recorder/VCR Combo
Toshiba is known for delivering workable solutions with all its electronics. The Toshiba DVR620 is a perfect example of functionality with its capacity for quality recording.
Great quality output. Offers bi-directional dubbing.
Expensive but worth it.

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How Do I Choose the Best DVD VCR Combo?

Hands up if you cried a bucket load when you watched the movie Sarafina? Remember how during your childhood you would spend hours trying to recreate the traps that you watched Kevin McCallister from Home Alone come up with? But, in this era of carrying movies on a USB stick or HD streaming, what should you do with your impressive collection of video cassettes? Well, don’t throw them out yet. You can still sit back and enjoy these golden movies on your sleek curved TV by getting a DVD VCR combo.

Since getting a video cassette player is quite rare, in 1999 manufacturers decided to introduce the market to an appliance that combined a VCR with the more modern DVD playing technology. This innovation is popular among those with an impressive collection of video cassettes who want them converted to meet current trends in the entertainment world. So convenient is this appliance that you can even connect it to a surround sound system for the complete movie experience.

When shopping for the best DVD VCR combo, you need to keep an eye on the conversion features of the device. It’s best when it can convert two ways and give you high-definition images. The player is also better when it can play DVDs that were originally made on a computer. Even better, it should allow for subtitles so you can watch movies that come in a language that you aren’t familiar with. By getting the DVD VCR combo, there’s no reason you shouldn’t grab your popcorn, put your feet up and reminisce on those golden years of classic movies!
Converting your old video cassettes and being able to watch them in DVD version may cost quite an amount, but the experience is worth it. The price range in the market is $250 to around $1,200, depending on a number of factors. For example, features such as multi-format playback and HDMI conversion, which give the device versatility, often drive the price up. A combo that guarantees clear pictures and images may cost you more. It’s worth noting that, in recent times, the supply of these combos has shrunk, and this has made the available ones quite expensive.

Beware of the cheap DVD VCR combos that we found in the course of our research. First and foremost, the majority are imitations made by people out to make a quick buck. Such devices have a poor conversion rate and worse still, give you poor-quality pictures. You will also find that your cassettes will keep getting stuck inside these devices, which is not fair, considering how precious your collection is.
It’s important to know which features to look out for when shopping for a DVD VCR combo. Let’s look at a few pointers listed below:
  • Conversion - Especially for the DVD, it should have an upconversion feature that lets you watch high-definition images.
  • Playbacks - It’s become paramount for these devices to have a rewritable playback for the DVD player and even a CD playback for those that want to listen to audio music on their device.
  • Noise Filtration - To eliminate any background noise, DVD VCR combos are fitted with 4-head hi-fi that ensures even low-quality recordings don’t have any noise.
  • Connectivity Options - Does the device have any connectivity options, such HDMI cabling, s-video feature and even digital tuner.
  • Content Transfer - You need to consider whether it’s possible to transfer your VHS content to a DVD.
Construction and Design
The ability to seamlessly enjoy the dual features of a DVD and VCR player is an important aspect in the design of these appliances. Most DVD players have an upconversion feature of up to 1080p to help convert standard images to high-quality pictures. If your DVD was recorded on a computer, a feature like rewriteable playback will allow you to view these images on your device. Another common feature in the design of a DVD player is a CD player that allows you to listen to music.

VCRs, just like DVD players, are equipped with a 4-head hi-fi, which basically bars any background noise, which was a common occurrence when recording video cassettes. Wondering why you get blurred images when you pause your video? Well, it’s because your device lacks still frame, which helps focus on a particular image. To further help you transfer your VHS material to DVD, the device needs to be designed in such a way to allow 2-way dubbing. Clearly, DVD and VHS have so many features that enhance your entertainment experience. Having all these features combined into one device is amazing.
Performance and Ease of Use
The ability of the DVD VCR combo to effectively record and even play back images is of paramount importance in order for you to get maximum satisfaction from your device. The compatibility of the DVD player with various disc formats is necessary for an enhanced entertainment experience. You may also find devices that give you many connectivity options, such as HDMI and an S-video feature.

In terms of use, manufacturers include a manual in the package with simple instructions on how to get the device working. Dust is an enemy to this device because it causes damage to the internal lens of the machine. Dust results in the device malfunctioning, and a sign of this is your dvds or video cassettes getting stuck inside. You need to take care of your DVD VCR combo – their supply is reducing by the day!

What is the Best DVD VCR Combo?

From the connectivity options to the playback features of a DVD VCR machine, there are numerous factors to consider before deciding on a particular device. Let’s explore more pointers to help you with your purchase.
Our Top Choice
The Samsung DVD-VR375 offers Full HD conversion and 4 head Hi-Fi Stereo to ensure you get the best quality images. Better yet, the machine offers a cool 6hrs of recording. If you want to save a couple of more dollars for a model with Hi-Fi Stereo as well, you wouldn’t go wrong with the Samsung V6700 DVD\/ VHS Player.
Samsung HD Upconversion DVD/VCR - Tunerless DVD Recorder VHS Combo

Samsung DVD/VCR - DVD-VR375A

Samsung is a company that makes quality electronic manufacturing look easy. Their 70 years of experience has equipped them with the necessary know-how for coming up with advanced technologies. Their products are reliable and offer service that is approved by professionals in the industry.

If you are planning to get a machine that is able to allow you to watch your old video cassettes as well as new DVD in HD quality, go for the Samsung DVD-VR375 Tunerless DVD recorder and VHS combo. This device comes with a HD upscale that helps the player display the best quality possible no matter the format. With an industry standard HDMI interface, there is plenty to relish from this stylish DVD VCR combo.

You can get the Samsung DVD-VR375 at a retail price of $229.99 and enjoy the features below.
  • Equipped with a Dolby Digital dts decoder for perfect quality
  • Gives you the convenience of multi format playback ranging from DVD, CD, MP4, to JPEG among other formats
  • Includes an HDMI up-conversion that gives quality 1080p output
  • Live recording with one touch functionality for instant recording
Best Value
The Magnavox DVD Recorder/VCR is a cool player that offers Full HD conversion as well as a total of 6hrs of recording. If you want the same quality but this time a model that guarantees up to 8hrs of recording, then we think you will love the Magnavox ZV420MW8 DVD Recorder\/VCR Combo.
Magnavox long DVD Recorder and 4 Head Hi-Fi Stereo VCR with Line-in Recording - 1080p Up-Conversion

Magnavox DVD/VCR - MDR161V

The revolutionary achievements and consistency of manufacturing by Magnavox has improved and influenced the electronics industry in great folds. Since 1915, the brand has produced innovations such as the color control system, the amplified phonograph, and the universal remote control among other outstanding inventions.

The Magnavox DVD Recorder/VCR MDR161V offers 5-speed recording with over 5 hours of recording. It comes equipped with a progressive scan video output that also includes a HDMI connection for an easy cable connection. The HDMI cable enables full HD content transfer of up to 1080p, giving you the best sound quality with crisp clean pictures.

You can get the Magnavox DVD Recorder for a retail price of $169 and start enjoying its amazing features. Here’s what to expect with this DVD VCR combo.
  • Has a power-off through line to line out function
  • Includes an up conversion capacity with up to 1080p quality
  • Comes with a 2-way dubbing capability for convenience
  • Enables you to record live TV
The Panasonic DMR –EZ485VK introduces progressive scan and full HD up-conversion, which are all that’s needed to enjoy a great quality DVD VCR combo. If it’s too expensive for you, you could save a couple of dollars and get its older model - the Panasonic DMR-ES45VS. No progressive scan, but decent features!
Panasonic Progressive Scan DVD Recorder with Digital Tuner with VCR - Included HDMI Cable, DTV Transition Solution

Panasonic DVD/VCR - DMR-EZ485VK

Panasonic has continued to stay dedicated to improving lives and creating a better experience through its technologies. With over one hundred years of helping people with comprehensive solutions, Panasonic has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers worldwide, with one of the largest patent portfolios globally.

The Panasonic DMR-EZ485VK Progressive Scan DVD Recorder comes with a Digital Tuner and up-conversion capability to turn low quality formats into HD quality. This device also comes with an inbuilt SD card slot to expand its functionality and allow you to use it the way you want.

Currently, the Panasonic DMR-EZ485VK sells at a retail price of $349.00. Here are some more features to look out for on this device.
  • Has a VHS Video Cassette Recorder with progressive scan DVD Recorder capacity
  • Comes with a Digital Tuner for multiple signal recording
  • Includes a 1080p up conversion capability
  • Has a USB terminal for expanded functionality
  • Offers multi format recording and playback
  • Comes with an HDMI cable in the package
The Sanyo Corp. Dv220f Dual Deck DVD guarantees quality images thanks to its 4 Head VCR feature. It allows you to view your movies in still frame or slow motion by just pressing a button. If you are looking for an even more affordable model- one that offers 480p resolution, be sure to check out the Sanyo DVW-7100A.
Sanyo Corp Dv220f Dual Deck DVD and VHS Player - Dolby Digital Stream Out

Sanyo DVD/VCR - FWDV225F

With over 230 affiliates and subsidiaries, Sanyo has surely grown fast for a company that only started in 2009. The company is a serial producer of affordable home electronics and appliances all over the world. Their capacity to meet the needs of millions of customers is amazing, and their talent in producing quality devices is also incredible.

The Sanyo Corp. Dv220f Dual Deck DVD and VHS player comes with a still frame and slow motion function that makes this DVD VCR combo stand out from the rest. It also includes a Dolby digital output that gives nothing but the best sound quality.

For about $190.00, you can grab yourself a Sanyo Corp.Dv220f Dual Deck DVD and VHS player and see it for yourself. Check out some other extra features included with this device.
  • Has a 4 head VCR
  • Capable of line-in recording using cable or satellite box
  • Powers up automatically when tape is inserted
  • Comes with an auto eject function with VHS tapes
The Toshiba DVR620 offers HD quality images and reliable recording function. It allows you to enjoy multi format playback functions, giving you the satisfaction you need. If you are in search for a more affordable model, you could check out the Toshiba SD-V296. It offers VHS media and ColorStream Pro Component out.
Toshiba DVD Recorder/VCR Combo - HDMI Output with 1080p HD Upconversion, Dolby Digital Audio Decoding

Toshiba DVD/VCR - DR620

Over 100 years ago, the founders of Toshiba set out to change the world with innovations that would shape the world’s electronics industry. A century later and the dream is still intact. The Toshiba brand continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and expansion. Toshiba is associated with manufacturing diversity and producing advanced electronics all over the world.

The Toshiba DVR620 DVD Recorder/VCR combo is a convenient package for home entertainment. It comes with a quality 1080p capacity and doubles up as a DVD recorder and a VCR machine. With this device you get endless choices, as you can connect to any A/V source with multi format playback functions. For a price tag of about $259.99, you can enjoy the features that come with this DVD VCR combo and more.

Check out some other extra features that make the Toshiba DVR620 an essential home entertainment unit.
  • Provides outstanding quality with 1080p capacity and a HDMI output
  • Records quality DVD content as well as Video cassette content
  • Has Dolby digital audio decoding
  • Comes with a progressive scan technology
  • Has an auto finalizing capacity which also includes an “undo” function

Get the Best DVD VCR Combo of 2019!

We would like to congratulate you on getting this far in the review and hope that you found the right information to help you get the best DVD VCR combo for your entertainment needs. If not, these expert brands have a lot more electronics in store for you.

Our Top Choice
Samsung DVD-VR375 DVD and VCR Combo Player
Best Value
Magnavox MDR161V DVD Recorder and VCR Combo
Panasonic DMR-EZ485VK Progressive Scan DVD Recorder and VCR
Sanyo Dv220f Dual Deck DVD and VHS Combo
Toshiba DVR620 DVD Recorder/VCR Combo