Best Earplug Reviews 2023

Whether you work on a construction site, in a stadium or simply like to blast your music extra loud, earplugs are a fantastic way to protect your ears in even the noisiest surroundings. To help you choose the perfect earplugs for your lug-holes we’ve picked the best earplug brands on the market today, reviewing a product from each to give you a better feel for the variety of earplug designs available to you!
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Our Top Choice
SureFire Sonic Defenders Reusable Earplugs
SureFire is an American brand that sources all its materials and designs directly from the U.S, providing high-quality at a great price.
These earplugs are reusable and available in three different colors. They also include filter caps for safe sound levels as well as a triple-flanged system for comfort.
Some customers found the earplugs a little small.
1 pound - Small, medium or large
Black, orange or clear
Best Value
Etymotic Hearing Protection Earplugs
Founded in 1983, Etymotic Research are an engineering-driven brand that develop and manufacture ‘true-to-ear’ products.
These earplugs not only reduce noise to safe listening levels but preserve speech clarity too for crystal-clear sound.
Earplugs cut out too much sound to have conversations at normal volume.
4.6” x 1” x 6.4”; 0.5 pound
Clear, purple, red, blue, frosted
3M Classic Uncorded Classic Earplugs
American brand 3M specializes in creating product for those with poor or damaged hearing due to noisy environments and professions.
They have a classic disposable design that comes in some pretty impressive quantities. They are also sweat and humidity resistant.
They aren’t reusable.
One size fits all
Howard Leight Laser Light Earplugs
With over 30 years of history and innovation behind it, Howard Leight is an in-ear hearing protection brand that takes comfort and protection to new heights.
They have high-visibility to improve compliance checks as well as sleep-sensitive technology that allows the user to wear the earplugs while they sleep.
They require some getting used to.
9.9” x 8.3” x 8”; 1.9 pounds
Yellow and Pink
Mack’s Pillow Soft Silicone Earplugs
Founded in 1962, Mack’s is an earplug brand that specializes in creating easy-to-use, noise reducing products made from comfortable materials.
They’re made from a durable silicone material that mold comfortably to the contours of any ear; they’re suitable for swimming.
They tend to fall out of certain ears.
3.9” x 1” x 5.3”; 0.5 pound

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What is the Best Earplug?

We’re hoping that after reading our handy little buying guide you now have a better understanding about what type of earplugs are most suitable for you as well as the different features that are most important to you too! This will make it a whole lot easier when it comes to narrowing down your options and selecting the best earplugs for work or play. So, let’s not waste any time and get nosing through our top 5 picks!
Our Top Choice
SureFire’s Reusable Earplugs are ideal for those working on building sights or in loud environments due to the fact that hats, ear-muffs and masks can fit easily over the product. If, however, you’re after a more comfortable set of earplugs, then don’t forget to check out SureFire’s Sonic Defenders Earplugs, which come with soft memory foam Canal Comply Tips!

SureFire Sonic Defenders Filtered Reusable Earplugs - Available in 3 Colors and 3 Sizes

SureFire is a U.S brand that creates a variety of products which include sound suppressors, protective ear-plugs, rifle magazines, batteries and pens. All of SureFire’s products are designed by American engineers in the brand’s headquarters in California. Surefire’s materials are also sourced from the U.S for high-quality at a great price.

We decided to feature SureFire’s Reusable Earplugs due to their reusable design and the fact they come in three different colors too! These 24dB noise reduction earplugs come with filter caps for safe sound levels. Their soft, adjustable design will make you feel like you aren’t wearing earplugs at all, with triple-flanged stems for all day comfort. These earplugs are also designed with a low-profile design that allows you to wear masks, helmets, hats or ear muffs at the same time, making them ideal for work environments. Made from hypoallergenic, medical-grade polymer, these earplugs are long lasting, durable AND soft.
Best Value
The Etymotic Research Protection Earplugs are ideal for a variety of situations and professions and include a handy case and cord to prevent loss. If, however, you’re after a pair of headphones that are specifically designed to fit snugly into your ear with the stem protruding as little as possible, then have a look at the Etymotic Research ER20XS Earplugs!

Etymotic Research Hearing Protection Earplugs - Available in 5 Sizes and 6 Colors

Etymotic Research is an engineering-driven brand that focuses on developing and manufacturing ‘true-to-ear’ products. Founded in 1983, Etymotic Research creates products that preserve hearing as well as improving the lives of those suffering with poor hearing by enhancing their listening experience.

We’re big fans of the Etymotic Research Protection Earplugs due to their high-fidelity design and the fact they have multiple buying options. Etymotic’s earplugs are the world’s highest-definition earplugs, reducing noise to safe listening levels whilst preserving speech and sound clarity. These earplugs are specifically designed to replicate the natural response of the ear canal to offer the same clear sound at a reduced noise level. As well as this, these earplugs have a 3-flange fit that seals the ears with a long-lasting, reusable design. They also include a detachable cord to prevent loss as well as a handy storage case.
These earplugs have plenty of features that not only block out noisy environments but provide comfort and stability too. If, however, you prefer reusable earplugs then don’t forget to check out 3M’s corded Peltor Sport Reusable Earplugs!

3M 6 Pack Classic Uncorded dCzhj Classic Earplugs in Pillow Pack

3M is an American brand that’s passionate about making lives better, easier and more complete. The brand sells a huge range of noise reducing products to help its customers live every day to the fullest. If you suffer from poor hearing or ear damage due to noisy environments and working conditions, then look no further than 3M!

We decided to feature 3M’s Classic Uncorded Earplugs due to the brands overall popularity and the product’s classic, disposable design. These earplugs from 3M reduce ear-canal pressure due to their foam design, creating comfort throughout the day. Not only this, these earplugs are sweat and humidity resistant, meaning they’re suitable for a variety of weather conditions and environments. These earplugs are also designed to stay in place due to their soft foam design that seals the ear canal for both comfort and effective noise reduction.
Howard Leight’s Laser Light Earplugs are an effective and affordable way to protect your ears at work, festivals and a variety of other loud environments. If, however, you prefer an earplug with a band design then check out Howard Leight’s Quiet Band Ear Plug!

Howard Leight Laser Lite High Visibility Disposable Foam Earplugs - Available in 3 Sizes

Howard Leight is an in-ear hearing protection brand that’s currently the leader in innovation, development and design. The brand’s materials and technologies take protection and comfort to new heights with over 30 years of history behind them. Howard Leight’s hearing protection solutions prevent the loss of hearing through its high-performance, progressive technologies that are guaranteed to make the lives of its customers that little bit easier.

We LOVE Howard Leight’s Laser Light Earplugs due to their high-visibility and sleep-sensitive technology. These uncorded earplugs are made from low-pressure polyurethane that gently expands in the ear-canal for long-term, comfortable wear. The products T-shape design has easy-handling as well as high-visibility to improve compliance checks. Not only this, these earplugs have a soil-resistant closed cell-foam skin that prevents dirt build up for hygienic use.
Mack’s Silicone Earplugs are perfect for sleeping, music events, travel and much more! If, however, you prefer earplugs made from rubber then don’t forget to check out Mack’s Rubber Earplugs instead!

Mack's Pillow Soft Silicone Earplugs Value Pack - Available in 5 Quantity Options

Founded in 1962 by Raymond Benner, Mack’s specializes in creating ear-plug products made from easy-to use, comfortable materials. Benner himself was a musician and understood how important protecting your ears in loud environments was. Benner’s aim was to create wearable products made from malleable substances that would also seal out water making them suitable during swimming too. Today, Mack’s is one of the most popular and successful earplug brands in the world.

We wanted to feature Mack’s Silicone Earplugs due to the brand’s overall popularity and the fact they can be used by swimmers too. This value pack of earplugs are America’s No. 1 selling silicone earplugs and mold comfortably to the contours of any ear. Not only this, these doctor-approved earplugs reduce noise at 22dB and are suitable for swimming, studying, travel, flying and loud events too! They’re also made from non-toxic, non-allergenic materials and even come with a carry case as well!

How Do I Choose the Best Earplug?

Ears are important little things (or not so little in some cases), and with everything we put them through, it’s crucial we protect them whenever we can. Whether its headphones, powerful speakers or a building site, loud noises can damage your ears and leave you with poor hearing later on in life. If you work in a loud environment or are partial to the odd rock concert or two then you may have considered investing in some hearing protection. Many people, however, don’t find standard hearing protection such as earmuffs comfortable (or discreet for that matter), so this is where earplugs come in!

Earplugs are a fantastic way to protect your ears safely, comfortably and discreetly, and they aren’t just for loud environments either; earplugs are perfect for hunters, swimmers, wives of snoring husbands, and transcontinental flyers too! When choosing the best earplugs for you it’s important to select a pair that fit properly to ensure effectiveness and comfort. Selecting earplugs that are of poor fit can actually cause more damage than good so make sure you have an idea of the size you need before making a purchase. Earplugs are available in a variety of sizes so you should have no problems finding the perfect pair for you!

Another thing you may want to consider is the level of protection you need in your new earplugs. The effectiveness of earplugs is specified by the Noise Reduction Rating and is measured through decibels. Most earplug protection ranges from 15-35 decibels - the higher the decibel then the higher the level of protection. If you work on a loud construction site then you may want a higher level of protection than those who need earplugs to drown out the noise of a snoring spouse. Or maybe not if you have a particularly noisy partner…

There are two main types of earplugs available for you to choose from, disposable and non-disposable. Here’s a bit more information about both to help you choose the best earplugs for you!

  • Disposable - Disposable earplugs tend to be made from a foam material and therefore mold perfectly to the inside of your ear. Their soft design is also more sensitive and tend to come in large quantities too. If you’re a swimmer or using earplugs for sleep or flight purposes then these may be the best product for you.
  • Moldable/ Reusable - Unlike disposable earplugs, moldable earplugs are designed for repeated use. This means they’re normally made from more expensive materials such as polyurethane. Moldable earplugs also tend to have more features and include a cord or box to prevent loss. Due to their higher-end design, moldable earplugs tend to be more expensive and are more suited to those working in loud environments such as stadiums or construction sites.
When it comes to the cost of your new earplugs, this is going to depend on a variety of factors. Firstly, the type of earplug you choose is going to have a dramatic effect on price. Moldable or reusable earplugs tend to be more costly as they’re made from higher-end materials and include more features. Disposable earplugs can range from $15-$55 depending on how many features the product contains.

Disposable earplugs are often cheaper than reusable products due to the fact they’re made of cheaper materials such as foam. Some disposable earplugs, however, are only available in large quantities and therefore can seem more costly. You can expect to pay anywhere between $5 and $200 for disposable earplugs depending on how many earplugs each set contains. More expensive disposable earplug sets can include over 200 pairs, therefore larger sets can end up costing you less in the long term. Cheap earplugs are available ($3 or less for disposable and $10 or less for reusable) but be aware that these products may not be as effective or made from high-quality materials.
The earplugs you eventually choose are going to come town to your own personal preferences as well as what you’ll be using the earplugs for. There are a few features, however, that we recommend keeping an eye out for to ensure you choose the best possible product for you!

Here are some important features to look out for:
  • Cord/ box (reusable only)
  • Low-profile design
  • High-Visibility (disposable only)
  • Flange-Design
Construction and Design
When it comes to reusable earplugs, we recommend selecting a product that includes either a cord or a box. This will prevent you from losing the earplugs and keep them clean too. This will also prevent the likelihood or ear-infection and will allow you to travel with your earplugs easily.

Another feature we suggest keeping an eye out for is a product with a low-profile design. This is more relevant to reusable products and means that you can wear ear-muffs, masks and hard hats over the earplugs without effecting their quality. Earplugs with a low-profile design are also specifically designed to be comfortable under other nose reducing products too, making them ideal for construction sites.

If you’re a fan of disposable earplugs then we suggest looking for a product with high-visibility. This means that the product’s bright in color (usually pink or yellow) and makes it apparent to those around you that you’re wearing earplugs. This prevents people from thinking you’re just being rude, meaning they’re ideal for flights or other social situations.

Finally, we recommend choosing a product with a flanged-design. This is only relevant in reusable earplugs and means that the product molds to the inner shape of your ear for comfort and ultimate sound control. These earplugs are perfect for those working in stadiums and on construction sites due to their ability to block out louder noises.
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to caring for your new earplugs this is going to depend on the type of product you’ve chosen. For those who prefer reusable products, these earplugs should be replaced every 4-6 months to ensure they work correctly and won’t damage your ears. After use we recommend giving the earplugs a quick wipe over to prevent any infections from occurring. For ultimate ease-of-use we suggest selecting a reusable earplug product with a cord or box to prevent loss and to keep the product clean.

If, however, you prefer a disposable earplug product then caring for your product isn’t really much of an issue; simply throw the product away after use, easy! Just ensure you keep the pack of earplugs in a clean, dry area to prevent infection or damage.

If you’re after a particularly high-end product then we suggest choosing a reusable earplug that’s made from polyurethane or similar materials. These types of earplugs are healthier for your sensitive little ears, are hypo-allergenic and work brilliantly too!

Get the Best Earplug of 2023!

Fingers crossed, by now you’ve found your ideal earplugs and are now blasting your heavy metal whilst protecting those important little ears of yours! If, however, this isn’t the case then don’t panic, we have you covered! We have purposely selected brands that not only sell the best earplugs around but sell a variety of them too! Simply browse through their other products to find the best earplugs for you!

Our Top Choice
SureFire Sonic Defenders Reusable Earplugs
Best Value
Etymotic Hearing Protection Earplugs
3M Classic Uncorded Classic Earplugs
Howard Leight Laser Light Earplugs
Mack’s Pillow Soft Silicone Earplugs